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  • How does animal personification work in this universe? We've got humanized, talking, civilized animals like the ones at Charles Darwin Middle School, existing alongside wild animals, such as bears and rabbits, as seen in "The Big Field Trip". Are animals trained to become functioning, human-like citizens? And if so, what's the difference between raising an animal to talk and act human, and training an animal to be a domesticated pet, like the cats and dogs that have been seen in the show?
  • How exactly did this clerical error, lead to Adam transferring to a different school, and when did this happen? In the theme song, we see the hands of presumably the principal or secretary of Chester Arthur Middle School, typing in Adam's name wrong. What was she doing this for, first of all? The only time she'd be documenting that kind of information would be a week or two before the beginning of the school year, as this would be the most reasonable moment for this incident to take place. However, this had to have happened sometime in the middle of the year, since Adam is mentioned as being 11 years old, and as a middle school student, this places him in 6th grade, on his first year of Middle School. So, Adam didn't even spend a full year at CAMS, before the transfer.
    • This leads to another head scratching question. Adam must have spent just a couple of weeks at CAMS, so why does he experience such melancholy over the loss of the school? Why does he miss it so much and constantly reminisce about it's greatness and how he appreciated his time there? The episode "It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon", showcases Adam being at CDMS, on Halloween, and having been there for a bit of time. School generally starts in September, so at the very most, Adam would have spent two halves to two months at his old school, so it couldn't have left much of an impression on him.
  • If Adam's parents are deathly allergic to animals, as seen in "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?", then obviously he would never be allowed to have a pet right? Wrong, apparently. In "Synch or Swim", Adam mentioned that he used to have a sea simian farm, for a while, before they went belly up. Is he stupid? His parents had to have died or at least gotten seriously sick from that, right?
    • In "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents" or "WITWAAP?", Adam had to delint Jake, Slips, and Windsor, just for entering his house, just to keep the deadly germs away from his parents. However, when they, and other animal friends of his showed up in his house in "Up All Night" and "Don't Noc It, 'Til You Try It", he never did that.
      • It's possible his parents got sick from their germs both of those times, and Adam learned from experience, that he had to delint them. The third time they showed up was in, WITWAAP, so I guess this was when Adam finally learned the problem with this.
  • Do all the students of Charles Darwin Middle School live at the same zoo? If so, it's kind of ridiculous how every school bus goes to the exact same place to pick those kids up and then take them to the same school. Especially considering how one of them takes a slight detour to up Adam and only Adam from his bus stop.
    • In "Leaf of Absence" and "Up All Night", it was prevalent that Principal Pixiefrog lived in a swamp, that was far enough from the Zoo Aquarium, that Jake had to question where he lived. This should mean that some animals, possibly live in other places. Although these would probably be very few, as "A Whole Zoo World" shows (almost) the entire main, recurring, and background cast living in the Zoo Aquarium. Mrs. Warthog did mention there being 3,452 students at CDMS in "Mellow Fellows", making it reasonable that there's a lot more students of CDMS, than there are students that have been shown on screen. As such, it's possible there are other zoos, aquariums, petting zoos, and even living environments in which the school buses go to.
  • If Charles Darwin Middle School doesn't allow bunny rabbits to attend, then why was there a blind jackrabbit on a zamboni in "Oh, Henry?"
    • Maybe, since he was blind, Principal Pixiefrog felt obligated to allow him in. Otherwise, there'd be false accusations of the jackrabbit being denied admission, due to his disability, which would lead straight to a lawsuit, which is a worse problem than anything else for Principal Pixiefrog.
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    • Likewise, "jackrabbits", though lagomorphs, aren't bunnies, they're hares,thus they probably would be allowed to attend, while your standard bunnies wouldn't.
  • What does the entirety of Ingrid look like, anyway? I know it shouldn't be too much of a question, as he know what her top and bottom half look like, as well as tons of neck extending from both ends, but some kind of photoshopped image, putting the two pieces together would still be a satisfying solution to this visual mystery.
  • In "Glazed and Confused", Jake claimed that red was not Adam's natural hair color, and Adam was in shock, hinting that this was true. Well, if not red then ... what color is his hair!?
    • Probably a strawberry/reddish blonde
  • So the episode "The Ivy League" is about Jake transferring to a school for plants. I know it's Played for Laughs (like everything else in this show), but how would such a school even be functional? While it's shown that the plants are indeed sentient and can communicate with each other, they're clearly not anthropomorphic and are still inanimate like normal plants should be, and there's no indication that they can move on their own. Even when one of the students was "comforting" Jake, it's still pretty much obvious that its vine had accidentally fallen on him. So how would a plant school even work or even get built for that matter, and how would they be able to move around the school, get to different classes, or even be able to return home?
  • Is Windsor meant to sound like Butt-Head from Beavis and Butt-Head?

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