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Recap / My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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This is the list of episodes for My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It ran on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2008 for 4 seasons and 94 episodes.

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    Season 1 
  1. Inoculation Day: Vaccination Day comes to the Charles Darwin Middle School, and Adam accidentally receives Jake's.
  2. Animal Testing: Adam is placed in the honors class.
  3. Lyon of Scrimmage: Coach Gills puts Adam and Jake on the football team.
  4. Bad News Bear: When Adam and Jake break a fish tube, Jake is forced to file papers while Adam must guide a panda around.
  5. Chew on This: Principal Pixiefrog replaces the cafeteria food with unhealthy human food and the consequences are heavy.
  6. The “A” Word: Jake is offended by Adam using the term "going ape".
  7. Shark Attack: When Adam punches Bull Sharkoswki in the snout, he is dubbed the new school bully.
  8. Me Adam, You Jake: Adam wants the role that Jake has received for a school play.
  9. The Sheds: When Slips sheds his skin, other students believe he has a disease.
  10. Shiny Thing: Jake discovers a diamond doorknob.
  11. Amazon Kevin: Adam invites a Steve Irwin parody to his school much to the dislike of his classmates note 
  12. Grub Drive: Adam and Jake sell chocolate-covered grubs for the school drive.
  13. Law and Odor: When Adam and Jake are put on hall monitor duty, Adam discovers corruption among the monitors.
  14. Yesterday’s Funny Monkey: Jake's talking butt trick makes him the new class clown.
  15. It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon: Adam discovers the ghost of a human janitor in the school.
  16. My Science Project: Jake plants a robotic arm in his skull to make up for ruining Adam's science fair project.
  17. Two Tons of Fun: Adam and Jake help Mr. Hornbill date Mrs. Tusk.
  18. Docu-Trauma: After a bad start to a morning, Adam is mistaken for an undiscovered species by a documentary maker.
  19. Supplies Party: When Adam's animal friends come to his birthday, he must prevent his human friends from knowing about them.
  20. She's Koala That: Adam befriends a koala named Deidre who has No Sense of Personal Space.
  21. Political Animals: Adam enters the school election against Bull.
  22. Guano in 60 Seconds: When the school is closed due to bat guano contamination, classes are moved to a portable classroom.
  23. Bubble or Nothing: After Adam discovers he is allergic to some students, Principal Pixiefrog puts him in a plastic bubble.
  24. Up All Night: Jake, Windsor, and Slips stay at Adam's house for an uninvited sleepover, preventing Adam from getting any rest.
  25. Kerry to Dance?: Adam wants to invite Kerry to the school dance, but Jake is shocked that Adam won't go with him, and Ingrid thinks Adam wants to go with her.

    Season 2 
  1. Le Switcheroo: Adam and Coach Gills switch places for a day.
  2. I Got a New Aptitude: Adam and Jake are displeased with their aptitude test results.
  3. Cheer Pressure: Adam is asked to join the cheerleading team.
  4. Basic Jake: Adam learns that Jake is a TV star.
  5. The Times, They Are Exchangin': Adam goes back to his old school in an exchange program.
  6. Cool Kids: Adam ends up in the Polar Wing with the "cool kids".
  7. Disregarding Henry: Jake mistakes Henry Armadillo's terrible singing for talent.
  8. Nice Mustache: Jake wakes up with a mustache.
  9. Poop Scoop: Adam and Jake stir up trouble, trying to keep the school paper committee from getting shut down.
  10. Leaf of Absence: Principal Pixiefrog is replaced with Principal Wolverine.
  11. I Fear Pretties: Adam tells Margaret Rhino of her endangered status, she become arrogant, but then Adam has to bring her and her friends on a date.
  12. Magic Fish: Adam finds a supposedly magic fish, but while he finds the story doubtful, his friends want to use it.
  13. Ain't Too Proud to Egg: The class is assigned to take care of eggs, but Jake gives his to Adam.
  14. The Two Jakes: Adam and Jake create clones of themselves, but they cause havoc.
  15. Jake's Day Off: Jake decides to skip classes.
  16. Lupe in Love: Lupe falls in love with a parrot named Orlando.
  17. Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas: In this Christmas Special, Adam tries not to ruin Animas while Coach Gills is not enjoying it at all.
  18. Carny Crazy: A carnival comes to Charles Darwin Middle School.
  19. Up and Adam: Adam is made the school lookout, but his friends use the watchtower to party.
  20. Making the Grade: Principal Pixiefrog changes the grading system with bad results.
  21. One Lump or Tutor: Bull becomes Adam's tutor for the Feeding Frenzy exam.
  22. Pranks for the Memories: Adam finds himself caught in a prank war.
  23. Talking Teddy: Windsor's ventriloquist dummy, Teddy Truman, comes to school, and his classmates mistake it for an animal.
  24. Uniformity: Principal Pixiefrog implements a uniform policy to curb the school's fashion fever.
  25. Pants in Space: Jake wants to join the space program; however, he is required to wear pants (which he dislikes), so Adam helps him out.

    Season 3 
  1. Sick Day: Adam pretends to be sick to skip school, but Jake misses him badly.
  2. The Cuddlemuffins: Adam finds himself at the wrong end of the toughest kids at Charles Darwin Middle: The Petting Zoo Kids.
  3. The Spiffanos: Adam and Jake must deliver a lunchbox in return for borrowing Phineas Porpoise's pencil.
  4. The Little Mermonkey: A hermit crab makes its home in Adam's locker while Jake searches for the mythical mermonkey.
  5. Diplomatic Insanity: When Lupe is outraged by a toucan who makes the rest of her kind look stupid, Adam suggests a school United Species club (A model UN for animals).
  6. Sidekicked: Adam and Jake argue over who is the sidekick.
  7. Gorilla of My Dreams: Windsor is afraid of having to marry a foreign gorilla student named Deb.
  8. The Prince and the Pooper: Jake trades places with his cousin and pop star's pet, Lord Saucypants.
  9. That Darn Platypus: Everyone but Adam believes a new platypus student is actually an alien (Part of CN's Invaded miniseries).
  10. Pride and Pixiefrog: Principal Pixiefrog's ego swells to new sizes when he win the Principal of the Year award.
  11. The Morning Zoo: Jake fills in when Principal Pixiefrog lose his voice, using shock-jock style announcements.
  12. Flesh Fur Fantasy: Adam gets a gorilla suit, but his friends find it offensive.
  13. Substitute Sweetheart: Jake gains a crush on substitute teacher Mrs. Slenderloris.
  14. Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It: The gang must rescue Slips from night school.
  15. The Citronella Solution: When Jake claims he has "seen the end", Principal Pixiefrog places citronella collars on everyone in the school.
  16. Mongoosed: Slips makes friends with a mongoose named Carl, but when they learn that they're natural enemies things go badly.
  17. Mellow Fellows: Slips decides to become a guidance counselor, bu the school wants Mr. Mandrill to be the only one.
  18. Save the Drama for Your Llama: Ingrid makes friends with a llama named Lola, but Lola starts trying to steal her life.
  19. Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey: Mr. Hornbill comes to school with a Jerkass oxpecker (voiced by Lewis Black) on his horn.
  20. Lie, Cheetah, Steal: A cheetah replaces Coach Gills, but Adam and Jake want the old coach back.
  21. An Inconvenient Goof: The entire school floods when the Polar Wing melts from global warming.
  22. The Frog Principal: Adam's new cologne turns Principal Pixiefrog into a human.
  23. Meet the Spidermonkeys: Adam meets Jake's parents.
  24. The Butt of the Jake: Jake's obsession with looking at his butt goes too far.
  25. Shark Fin Soupy: Bull loses his headphones and they end up in possession of Soupy the basking shark.

    Season 4 
  1. The Hyena and the Mighty: Adam hurts the feelings of a hyena named Rufus.
  2. Oh, Henry: Henry is planning on moving back to Greenland.
  3. My Feral Lyon: Adam joins an after-school club for feral cats.
  4. A Mid Semester Life's Dream: Adam and his friends help Miss Chameleon overcome stage fright.
  5. The Ivy League: Adam is accidentally transferred to Creeping Broad-Leaf Sedge Middle School, a school for plants.
  6. Robo Frog 3000: The entire faculty is replaced with robots.
  7. The Notorious Windsor Gorilla: Windsor become famous when Adam paints him.
  8. Ingrid Through the Out Door: Ingrid is transferred to high school when she becomes too tall for the school to accommodate.
  9. Glazed and Confused: It's Spring Break and the cast goes to Hawaii while the school accommodates migrating birds.
  10. Hygiene Hijinks: Bull stops being a bully after getting his braces removed.
  11. Mandrill of the House: Windsor becomes uncomfortable with the fact that his mother is dating Mr. Mandrill.
  12. Synch or Swim: Jake joins the school swimming team.
  13. Lyon's Anatomy: Principal Pixiefrog becomes the school nurse.
  14. Human Behavior: Adam can't stop acting wild when all the strain of studying for mid-term exams messes his brain up.
  15. Four Eyed Jake: Adam discovers that Jake has poor eyesight and decides to help him cure it.
  16. Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?: Jake, Windsor, and Slips believe Adam ate his parents.
  17. Mountain Dude: Mr. Mandrill decides to throw some excitement into the kids' lives with a Totally Radical mountain goat, but Jake gets too into this new lifestyle.
  18. A Very Special Boy: Adam tries to get rid of his "special" status.
  19. Knights of the Multiplication Table: Phineas daydreams of being a knight trying to save Mrs. Warthog from Jake Spidermonkey.
  20. Wild Thing: A human girl raised by possums attends Charles Darwin Middle School.
  21. Lonely Lyon: The students try to act more human when they fear Adam might leave the school.
  22. A Whole Zoo World: In the Grand Finale, Adam decides to train to be a zookeeper over the summer, but finds out his friends resent zookeepers.
  23. A Thanksgiving Carol: Adam is visited by three ghosts who want him to understand why his animal friends hate Thanksgiving.

One-hour specials that extend the general 11 or 22 minute format of regular episodes.
  1. The Big Field Trip: In this made-for-TV movie, Adam and his friends are lost in the forest when the field trip bus crashes.
  2. Animal School Musical: In a parody of High School Musical, Jake’s wish to live in a real, live musical comes true after he knocks the wish granting fish, but he soon regrets it.

These shorts aired separately of the episodes.
  1. The Note: Jake tries to pass a note to Adam.
  2. Cafeteria Duty: Adam and Jake are sentenced to cafeteria duty for accidentally lighting an explosive.
  3. Bathroom Break: Adam needs to use the bathroom, but Mr. Hornbill won't let him leave.
  4. I Got Rhythm: When Coach Gills decides to teach dancing, Adam's dance moves are mistaken for a mating ritual by the girls.
  5. Clam-mercial: Dickie Sugarjumper gives out pocket clams to everyone.
  6. Bullroar: Bull and Henry fight for title of best grandson.
  7. Photo Phobia: Picture Day arrives at Charles Darwin Middle.
  8. Lunchtime Blues: When Adam's usual lunch spot is occupied by Bull, he must find a new location.
  9. All-Nighter: Adam and Jake try to stay up all night to pass Hibernation class.
  10. Not So Good Will: In this spoof of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Adam's friends redesign his locker.
  11. Fresh Brewed: Mr. Hornbill starts giving everyone detention when he doesn't get his cup of swamp-muck coffee.
  12. Help Not Wanted: Mr. Mandrill decides to give the students problem when he finds out nobody has any for him to counsel.
  13. Adam’s Penguin Poem: Adam earns the wrath of the swordfish students when he says "The Penguin is mightier than the Swordfish."

Comic segments included in the Cartoon Network Block Party comic book series.
  1. Lame Brain: A rat student, by the name "Test Subject X-43" joins the school, and Adam is suspicions about the metal box in his head.
  2. The Last Whooperding: Adam and Jake make up a fake animal species, to pass a class project, they didn't study for.
  3. Lyon of the Party: Adam is confused and worried, when he finds himself invited to Bull Sharkowski's birthday party.
  4. Cone Alone: Adam gets injured and Nurse Gazelle prescribes him with a Elizabethan Dog Collar.
  5. Go Fetch: Adam and Jake's plans of being on the same team in gym are hindered, when they're both selected as team captains.
  6. Monkey in the Middle: A new transfer student comes to school, and Jake falls head over heels for her.
  7. Idlers of March: Adam and Jake join the school band, but miss the bus on the way to their first performance.
  8. The Color of Monkey: In a sequel comic to "The Notorious Windsor Gorilla", Jake's art makes him famous.
  9. Science Fair to Middling: Jake competes against The Spiffies in the science fair.