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You were reading a book on animal mating rituals. Were you really expecting kid friendly content?
My Gym Partner's a Monkey is no stranger to the trend of sneaking adult jokes into their show. Gym Partner's reliance on butt jokes, paves the way for what's to expect from their adult oriented comedy. The show has a knack for getting away with all of this, but one notable moment of them getting busted, was when the episode "The Butt of The Jake" was banned from syndication, for the seemingly innocent butt jokes being seen as a bit too "suggestive" for the child's eye. If you wanna know more information about this little incident, it's all here in the manual, so go on ahead and give this list a good read.
  • There's a kid-friendly one in the opening sequence.
    Adam: Bullshark, porcupine, I don't know what. Going to this school's a pain in the-
    Jake: ADAM!
    Adam: What? I was gunna say "neck".
    Jake: Oh, that's okay then.
  • Given the diverse cast of human and animal blending, there's bound to be character romances that allude to bestiality. For example, Ingrid Giraffe's crush on the human Adam Lyon, or Nurse Gazelle dressing like a cute schoolgirl and being portrayed as "attractive", leading to furry fanservice. Sure, it's completely unintentional. It meant nothing at the time, but nowadays with the rise of cartoon furry fetishists going around, these elements of the show are goldmines of inspiration Rule 34 fanart pictures and NSFW bestiality fanfictions.
  • Jake Spidermonkey, a teenage boy, is obsessed with the size of his butt. What does this remind you of?
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  • Slips Python is a stoner. There's just no denying that.
  • In "Chew on This", for a brief moment during Adam's visit to Nurse Gazelle's office, we can see Nurse Gazelle removing a rectal thermometer from Adam's butt. Also in hindsight, Gazelle had no reason to do that, since Adam only saw her because he felt light headed.
    • After all the characters have become morbidly obese, Principal Pixiefrog says "Our medical bills are going to be astronomical." Nurse Gazelle then replies with the aside comment, "That's not the only thing that's astronomical." Cut to a booty shot of Principal Pixiefrog's "astronomical butt", riding on a bicycle.
  • The episode titled "The "A" Word".
    • It's actually "Ape", but the way the word is treated in that episode is sort of, but not really similar to how The N Word is used, with Adam offending Jake by using the word "Ape". It doesn't go all the way, though, since In the end, it turns out "ape" is the nicest compliment one can use in the simian community, and Jake was just jealous Adam used it against someone else and not him.
  • In "Amazon Kevin", Lupe was in fear and exclaimed "It's happened! We've all died and gone to the bad place!"
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  • In "Supplies Party", Adam had to hide his animal friends from his human friends at his birthday, so he quickly came up with an off-the-cuff fake party game, which he called "drag your friends to the closet", which had a concept, that was suspiciously similar to 7 minutes in heaven.
  • In "She's Koala That", The Pack (except Adam) takes a beeline for a specific lunch table, just to get away from Deidre Koala. They all pile up onto one chair. When they do, a visual gag involves Jake clearly shoving himself up Windsor's ass.
  • In "Political Animals", Jake urges Adam to wear a football helmet, for his campaign speech, for safety purposes. Adam refuses to do this, seeing no reason to and Jake negotiates with him. Jake pleads to Adam, that at the very least, he wears a cup. Oh, and they actually show it on screen too, technically allowing showing an intentionally phallic object in a kids show.
    Pixiefrog: Hey, where's your helmet?
    Adam: What?
    Jake: No worries, Principal Pixiefrog, he's sporting a cup.
    Pixiefrog: Ah, very well then.
  • In "Two Tons of Fun", Adam and Jake are curious to learn about animal mating rituals. So, they look into an encyclopedia about it. They apparently see a picture and they both scream and look away in disgust.
    • Mr. Hornbill wanted to woo Mrs. Tusk, by giving her a "Rhino Pie". (In Rhinoceros Culture, giving one's feces to another can be done as a romantic gesture or an invitation to mate). Unsurprisingly, Mrs. Tusk found this disgusting and rejected the box of unseen poop, emitting stink lines. To make things even worse, at the end of the episode, Jake said that what he learned from today's experience, was that whipped cream doesn't make rhino pie taste any better, as he licked some whipped cream off his lips. Yeah, they straight out made it official that Jake had eaten shit.
  • Speaking of coprophagia, a major plot point in "Guano in 60 Seconds" was Jake eating bat guano.
  • In "Up All Night", if one looks closely in the background, during certain scenes. There is a picture on the wall of Adam as a baby, pointing to a visible turd floating in the toilet. The picture is labeled "Baby's First", implying that these are photos of Adam's first time pooping in the toilet. seriously look.
    • While the boys acted like girls, throwing a slumber party, Adam quoted after his facial, "I feel fresh as a daisy".
  • In "I Got a New Aptitude", the opening lyric of the episode's musical number was "What's the point of going on?", a common phrase uttered, by those contemplating suicide. This only fits the sad tone of Adam and Jake feeling depressed, under the assumption that their lives are leading up to nothing.
  • In "Poop Scoop", Adam spreads false news, which turns out to be true, about Jake's butt having "cheek implants".
  • In "The Magic Fish", Coach Gills nauseates Adam with going on a tangent about being an early bloomer as a teenager and telling him to imagine how she would've looked at that time.
  • In "Ain't Too Proud to Egg", Mr. Hornbill showed the class an egg and asked if anyone could tell him what it was. Slips guessed "A constant reminder on why to stay in school?" Snakes lay eggs, when giving birth, making this the equivalent of a teen pregnancy joke.
  • Though probably an accidental innuendo, in "Uniformity", Adam and Dickie (note the latter's name), used a Totem Pole Trench to go in disguise as a postal delivery man. With Adam on top, Dickie stuck his head out of the trench coat to talk to him. Given Dickie's short stature, he was located in a very penile region of the duo's false character. Adam would even look down at him and say "Dickie, Get back in there before anyone sees you!"
  • In "The Little Mermonkey", there was an accidental Mondegreen, where Jake intended to say "Adam's got a crab", but due to a voice acting mishap that apparently no one noticed, it sounded like "Adam's gotta crap." The reactions of the rest of the pack made it even more hilarious.
  • In "Sidekicked", Mrs. Warthog informs Slips, Adam, and Ingrid on how every animal species does something different. She then mentions that male seahorses give birth, which cuts to a shocked male seahorse student at the school, fainting. Seems passable enough, but in the episode's Stinger, this same seahorse was seen, pushing a carriage of his baby seahorses, making for another teen pregnancy joke.
  • The entirety of the episode "Flesh Fur Fantasy", seemed to be a metaphor for Blackface comedy.
    • Also, Windsor had students draw nude pics of him in his "human" suit.
  • In "Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It", a bunch of vandalism was spray painted on the wall of the school. One of them read the word "PORK!" in all capital letters. "Pork" is sometimes used as a slang term for "have sex with", in other words "fuck".
    • This can be seen as truth in television, since in real life, it's almost impossible to go to the back alley or bathroom stall of a middle or high school, without seeing some kind of spray-painted shock scenery.
  • In "The Citronella Solution", everyone was getting sprayed with citronella gasses. When Slips got sprayed, he started getting dazed and said "Oh, dude! That's some powerful stuff, man!", something that a stoner like him would say after smoking a batch of some crazy new drug, they all gotta try, man.
  • In "Mellow Fellows", Mr. Mandrill installed a bunch of ridiculous applications to his office. One of which was a flaming pit in the ground, containing a barbaric monster. The name of this place was "Hellgarvadar".
  • In "The Frog Principal", Pixiefrog begins to give Adam and Jake a lecture on the dangers of kissing and misleads them into thinking he's going to give them a little PSA on safe-sex.
    Pixiefrog: Kissing. You guys may think it's harmless, but do you know what kissing can lead to?
    Adam: Uh ... don't we need a permission slip for this conversation to continue?
    Pixiefrog: Warts!
  • In "The Butt of the Jake", (the episode was banned but not for this reason so it still counts), when Jake's butt inflated so big it eclipsed the sun, a Catholic nun was shown on screen as one of its witnesses, exclaiming "Good gracious children! An eclipse!" Usually, religious references are strictly prohibited in non-religious children's programming.
    Guy #2: It's beautiful!
    Guy #3: It's amazing!
    Hipster Blogger: I find it offensive.
    • But I don't think any of us can leave this episode, without mentioning the reason why it was really banned. The network described it as being "Too Butt Filled", but that's normal for a MGPIAM episode, so why'd this one get the boot? Well, the elephant in the room has to be the scene, which makes a reference to anal insertion, when Jake sits on his head at the lunch table and drinks soda through his butt. Butt = Filled, indeed.
  • In "The Ivy League", Mrs. Warthog posted extremely disturbing sexy bikini pictures of herself on the internet.
  • In "The Notorious Windsor Gorilla", one scene parodies Inside the Actors Studio, with Principal Pixiefrog as James Lipton. Naturally, he asks Windsor the "10 Questions" and of course, the one we see is "What is your favorite naughty word?" Windsor responded by pounding his chest and making loud and primal ape noises, which apparently translates to something offensive in gorilla language.
  • In "Glazed and Confused", a one-off joke involves Adam wearing cloth around his head, holding a tombstone in one hand, and Jake's tail (bent into the shape of a cane) in another, made to look like Moses.
    • There's also the scene with Adam being forced to put lotion on Jake's butt, which just seems downright wrong.
    • The audience was also given an unwanted callback to Mrs. Warthog's bikini pictures from "The Ivy League". This time, a bunch of drooling men took interest in them and wanted to meet her in real life, with the intent of "eating her for dinner".
  • Bull's flamboyant, effeminate, fashion loving behavior in "Hygiene Hijinks" is similar to a that of a stereotypical homosexual's.
  • In "Mandrill of the House", Windsor was already traumatized by the idea of Mr. Mandrill dating his mother. However, Mr. Mandrill felt the need to kick him while he was down, while teaching health class and gave him a lesson about "Monkey Love".
  • In "Synch or Swim", Jake butt-bombed into the water, and Coach Gills, dreading the impending big splash he was about to cause, looked up at him in great pain and said "Oh, Carp."
  • In "Lyon's Anatomy", Nurse Gazelle, an at least 20 year old adult had a crush on the 11-12 year old Adam Lyon.
    • Another beautiful bit of dialogue involved Ingrid calling Nurse Gazelle a "homewrecker", when she realized she was trying to "move in on her man".
  • In "Human Behavior", the chalkboard in Mr. Beaver's classroom had "Dam Building Midterm" written on it.
  • In "Animal School Musical" Adam gets hit in his "lower stomach area" when it's pretty clear where the ball actually hit him.
    • Later on, when Ingrid starts forcefully kissing Henry Armadillo dressed as Adam Henry says he's feeling funny in his lower stomach area.
    • Oh, and let's not forget how in the finale song, we got a beautiful shot of Jake Spidermonkey shooting a rainbow out of his ass.
  • The episode "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?" does a plot, where people assumed Adam had killed his parents, already making for an extremely dark concept for a kid show. There's even a scene, where Adam's house is covered in ketchup, and a comedic footstool, with realistic human feet is seen, lying down behind his couch, giving off the impression that Adam really did just murder his parents right there on the spot.
    • Not to mention the episode ended with a one-off gag, involving Adam burping up a human bone. So, revealed Adam was a murderous cannibal and simply passed it off as an end of episode joke.
  • In "Knights of the Multiplication Table", the final boss in the knights' adventure, was "Jake Dragonmonkey", a Medieval villain based off of butt-obsessed character, Jake Spidermonkey. To help commit to the "butt" theme, Dragonmonkey's cave was designed to look like a giant butt. Guess where the entrance was located.
    • Scenes from this episode included Jake Dragonmonkey coming out of the cave, and later Sir Chauncy running in and back out again.
  • As for another religious reference, in "A Thanksgiving Carol", during the Thanksgiving play, teachers were seen praying at the table.
  • In "A Whole Zoo World", Jake shows a crudely drawn nude picture of Principal Pixiefrog, laying down in a leaf, with his butt sticking out. This may have been a somewhat innocent joke at the time, but nowadays, it's eerily reminiscent of a recurring trend in cartoon fanart.
    • Also, anyone else see the innuendo, in this specific scene. Adam Lyon, a 12 year old boy, was standing out by the road, all by himself, with neither parents or any adults in sight. A sketchy looking clown car drives up and out comes a big, burly, unshaven guy in a clown outfit, telling him to get in.
    • Lupe uses the term "Shizzle", using it as a slang term for "Sure". This was accidental, but "Shizzle" is currently accepted by, as an informal term with two definitions. One as slang for "Sure", and the second as a euphemism for "Shit". Can't blame the dialogue writers for not noticing this, though. Not only is "inappropriate slang", completely subjective, but every adult has trouble keeping up with the fancy new words, being tossed around by da yooths.
  • In the short "I Got Rhythm", students have to pair up with partners for dancing. Jake wants to be paired up with Adam, but Adam says that they can't dance together, "Because they're both boys." Jake shames him for his intolerant ways.
    Adam: We can't be partners, Jake. We're both boys.
    Jake: Well, good luck finding a partner with that attitude.
  • In the short, "Clam-Mercial", Windsor uses a pocket clam as a thighmaster. The camera shows a close up of Windsor squeezing a clam open and shut between his legs, making for a rather yonic image.

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