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My Gym Partner's a Monkey Jokes

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    Season 1 
Inoculation Day
  • Coach Gills claiming that the boy's room gives her the willies, reminding the audience that she's still a girl, just with a hyper-masculine voice.
  • Then when Adam busted into the room, all the teachers ran away. However, Coach Gills instead flushed herself down the toilet.
  • When Adam and Pixiefrog made a King Kong allusion, they could have just made them climb up a generic building or high tower of CDMS, but they went the extra mile and had them climb up Ingrid's neck, just to mock her for her height.
  • The political strawmen group of Animal Rights protesters had tons of funny moments. When Adam crashed into the ground, they freaked out, and made sure he was okay, but when finding out he was a human and not an animal, they completely stopped caring about his well-being.
Animal Testing
  • When The Spiffies made fun of Adam for being stupid, they called him "A-Dumb", and got a good laugh out of each other. But just then, Marvin had to chime in and make himself look stupid, by saying "We should call him Ad-Stupid! (makes an annoying laugh, followed by an awkward pause) ... or not."
  • Adam dissing his own friends at lunch, when asking how he could get himself out of the advanced class.
    Adam: You guys have any ideas how I can get myself out of The Spiffy class?
    (His friends sit in silence and a stupid "Duhhh", sound plays in the background)
    Adam: (gets an idea) That's it! I'll just act like you guys, uh, I mean, I'll put on a "dumb" act.
    • If he seriously just said "I'll act like you guys" and left it at that, nobody would have even known he insulted them.
  • Adam pretending to be stupid and eating chalk.
    Adam: Mmmm, chalky.
  • The back and forth with Jake, driving Mr. Blowhole to madness, when he was asked to spell "Ludicrous".
  • Then, there was also the Stinger about the sloth, taking forever to spell a simple word.
Lyon of Scrimmage
  • Adam tries teaching Jake how to control his amazing throwing skills, but they keep breaking a man's glass house repeatedly until only his tub is left...and then topple that over too. With him in it. He reappears later doing exactly what he said with all the footballs he got; opening a ball shop.
  • Lupe referring to Adam as a "humansapien" just seems mildly amusing.
  • When The Mad Cows are losing 26 to 0, Jake tries cheering up Coach Gills with a little motivational phrase.
    Jake: Hey, zero's better than nothing.
Bad News Bear
  • This episode had loads of laughs. It started the minute Adam and Jake got sent to Principal Pixiefrog's office.
    Pixiefrog: Do you boys know what a delinquent looks like?
    (Adam and Jake point to each other)
  • Every scene, involving Jake slacking off in Principal Pixiefrog's office. Especially, when he was talking on the phone like a bombshell hair salon lady.
Chew on This
  • When the new highly-addictive cafeteria menu causes Jake to become too fat for the school to support his weight and he falls through the floor:
    Adam: Are you okay, Jake?
    Jake: Yes! The tremendous girth of my massive bottom broke my fall! (falls through another floor, sound of a splash is heard) It's okay, the pool broke my fall! (falls through another floor, sound of Pixiefrog groaning is heard) No worries, Principal Pixiefrog broke my fall!
The "A" Word
  • Henry's audition for being Jake's new best friend.
    Henry: So, you can kick me around, or throw me out windows. Oh, and also I have no other friends, AT ALL, so I can devote all my time to you.
    • It got even worse, with Jake's reaction after he left.
    Jake: Sheesh, I thought he'd never leave.
Shark Attack
  • When Mr. Hornbill announces that tomorrow, they'll be learning about stripping and eating the animal carcasses, we cut to a group of goth, vulture students, with the foremost one saying "Awesome".
  • The tale of Chucky Seal was wonderful.
  • When Bull steals Adam's pudding pocket, we get a quick, but funny reference to the iconic poster for Jaws.
  • Jake convinces Adam that Bull would only forget his lunch one or two days in a row, but he was wrong. This is what he had to say about that.
    Jake: (nervously) Heh heh, I guess he remembered to forget again.
  • A brief reference to anorexia, involves Adam not eating lunch in days, and revealing he's so starved, his ribcages are showing. Jake mentions that the same thing happened to his uncle, so he became a fashion model.
  • When Adam is now the notorious bully at the school, he says to Slips, "Gimme five". Intimidates, Slips pulls out his wallet and gives him five dollars.
  • Adam tries to make amends with Bull, but Bull keeps perceiving him as a monster.
    Adam: Hey, Bull!
    Bull: Aaaah! Don't hurt me!
    Adam: I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna talk.
    Bull: Words can hurt too.
  • After the heat of Adam being the bully finally dies down, he gives Jake a friendly nudge on the arm and Jake says. "Ow, don't hurt me you bully!" Sure, this doesn't start anything, but that Jake really dared to say that, once the drama finally died down, is just hilarious.
Me Adam, You Jake
  • Henry's audition, annoys Miss Chameleon.
  • Adam and Jake become aspiring actors and Principal Pixiefrog insults them.
    Pixiefrog: Boy, you two sure are good at acting ... acting like fools.
  • Adam and Jake fight over who gets to find Kerry a seat. Jake tells Adam that he couldn't find a seat in a seat factory.
The Sheds
  • Slips falls out of a locker, covered in Truffles Duvall merchandise.
    Jake: Boy, Slips you sure have a lot of Truffles Duvall stuff in your locker.
    Slips: That's your locker, dude.
    Jake: (awkward beat) ... (angry) Slips, what were you doing in my locker?
  • Slips is ostracized by the other students and wishes he could just disappear. Miss Chameleon responds, saying "Too bad you're not me" as she fades to invisibility, using her chameleon powers.
  • The whole "It's Only Natural" film from 1952 was both satirically out-of-date and funny.
Shiny Thing
  • "Pretty pretty, shiny shiny" was a wonderful quote from such a classic episode.
  • Jake's performance in this episode was also fantastic, with all of his voice impressions and pop culture references.
    Jake: Come over to the shiny side kids, all are welcome, all are welcome.
  • A running gag with James Ant getting burned by the light from the glass doorknob happened throughout the episode, and ended with him finally blocking it with a tin foil suit, only to get stepped on by an elephant kid.
    James: I can't win.
  • Slips and Lupe share a funny joke about doing reports on monkey butts for their assignments.
Amazon Kevin
  • Lupe gets some crap past the radar, when she gets scared of Amazon Kevin.
    Lupe: It's happened! We've all died and gone to the bad place!
  • When Adam realizes his animal friends hate Amazon Kevin, Windsor gives him a sarcastic response.
    Adam: I take it you're not to keen on Amazon Kevin?
    Windsor: How perceptive. Have you also noticed that we have fur, and wings, and scales, and such?
  • Jake going ax crazy on Kevin.
    Jake: Hey, Kevin! I've got something I wanna ax you!
Grub Drive
  • Principal Pixiefrog's trying-to-be-hip rap number, teaching da youths about selling boxes.
  • After Adam and Jake get pummeled by the girl scouts, Jake exclaims "Wow! What polite little girls!"
Law and Odor
  • Not much from this episode, though we did get a funny joke with Jake and Adam.
    Jake: Don't day I didn't warn you.
    Adam: But, you didn't warn me!
    Jake: I told you not to say that!
Yesterday's Funny Monkey
  • In the Stinger, Jake's butt blows a kiss to the audience, and as it blows, it releases a little fart.
It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon
  • The monsters made up by Old Joe only got more and more ridiculous as he went along.
My Science Project
  • James Ant's ant farm starts burning down in flames.
  • In the Stinger, Jake sits in the waiting room for surgery. When the previous patient comes out, completely mangled up and deviated from doing the same thing Jake was going to do, Jake simply goes in, when it's his turn, with no hesitation.
Two Tons of FunDocu-Trauma
  • Zira's film about her cat, Tinkas attacking her.
Supplies Party
  • Chad's overuse of the word "Stupid" in this episode.
  • Jake interprets birthdays as "one year closer to extinction" celebrations.
  • When Adam hides his friends in the broom closet, he closes the door on Ingrid's neck, choking her and depriving her of air.
  • When the animals are locked in the broom closet, Jake finds interest in all the fun toys they can play with, cut to tons of poisonous bottles and bottles of bug and rat spray.
She's Koala That
  • The lame excuses to stay away from Deidre.
Political Animals
  • It's shown that even Principal Pixiefrog is a bully victim of Bull Sharkowski.
Guano in 60 Seconds
  • When Adam and Jake fight over who's fault it is that Jake release the parking breaks on the trailer.
    Adam: Jake! You pulled the parking breaks!
    Jake: Yeeaaahhh, but who invented the parking break? Could it have been ... YOU!?"
  • Jake reads off the symptoms of consuming bat guano, he tricks himself into believing he has every one of them. Eventually, the trailer starts falling off a cliff and Jake reads "Sensation of Falling" as one of the symptoms. He then says "Huh, don't seem to have that one."
Bubble or Nothing
  • Nurse Gazelle's solution to everything is giving shots. So, when Adam lied about being allergic to needles, she was of absolutely no use.
  • Slips says Adam's bubble is cool and Windsor says that by property of association, Adam is also cool.
  • Ingrid shows off her own bubble, which matches the color of her sweater and also happens to be strawberry-flavored.
Up All Night
  • Coach Gills teacher health class and everyone is disgusted when she shows them a picture of people kissing, except for Adam, who sighs happily, thinking about Kerry at the time.
  • Slips horribly botches a prank call to Bull.
    Slips: Is your Prince Albert running? I mean do you have a refrigerator in a can? I mean, uh ... this is Principal Pixiefrog and we're having school next week, so make sure you're there. (tries to contain his laughter, assuming he totally nailed it)
  • The guys prank call Ingrid and Lupe on their sleepover and they have an interesting conversation.
    Ingrid: How does this sound, Lupe? Mrs. Ingrid Lyon.
    Lupe: Ew, that's gross! Hmm, Seniora Lupe Spidermonkey.
    (Both Laugh)
    Ingrid: That's weird!
  • Slips, Adam, and Windsor fail to trick anyone with their impressions of Principal Pixiefrog. However, Jake can do a solid impression of him. Stupidly, the person he chooses to call is Principal Pixiefrog, himself. Even more stupidly, Principal Pixiefrog forgets who he is and falls for it.
Kerry to Dance?
  • Jake's misunderstanding of "monkey suits" (a slang term for tuxedos).
  • Ingrid has a flashback montage of all the times Adam practically came out and said he loved her, cutting to a series of clips, where Adam says basic everyday things to Ingrid, such as "Good morning" and "Can I borrow a pencil?"
  • Ingrid gets nervous, when trying to ask out Adam, and spends several minutes, just awkwardly staring it him. Later, Adam does the exact same thing with Kerry.
  • When Adam rejects Jake's offer to go to the dance with him, Jake says he'll just be going stag, cut to a male moose student at the school.
    Stag: What are you a wisenheimer? I'm going by myself.
    Jake: Hey, that's an even better idea! If Adam won't go with me, I'll just go solo.
  • Apparently, the entire school has the entire student handbook memorized perfectly.
    Pixiefrog: Everybody knows there's no addendum to article 72, section G, rule 934.
    All Students: Duh!
    Season 2 
I Got a New Aptitude
  • Jake opens this season with a fourth wall reference, where he outlines what he knows about the show's formula, they use in every episode. He's able to predict when the first plot point is going to happen, although Adam seems to still be fairly unaware of what he's talking about.
  • Mr. Mandrill getting attacked by a lion.
  • When Benny Two Tooth introduces himself, we get a shot of his mouth, with only one tooth in it. Benny then holds up a tooth that's fallen out of his mouth next to it.
  • The Lion PSA in the credits was also pretty funny.
Le Switcheroo
  • Coach Gills acted pretty brutal with Adam.
    Adam: Coach Gills is being completely mean to me! She's not even considering my feelings!
    Coach Gills: Nuh-uh! I sugarcoated my insults! I said you were slower than a slug, not slower than a snail, which coincidentally, YOU ARE!
  • Mr. Mandrill suggests they take Adam and Coach Gills out, meaning "Take them out of gym" and Pixiefrog assumes he means "Take them out, by snuffing them". This is his response.
    Pixiefrog: Oh, but that would be wrong. Not to mention, things could get very messy, plus we'd have to hire some guy and if anyone finds out, we'd have a lawsuit on our hands bigger than ...
  • Jake's stupidity and Coach Gills' anger was just funny.
  • Everyone being dumb enough to buy Coach Gills' Adam disguise.
    Coach Gills: I'm not Adam! I'm Coach Gills!
    Jake: Spot on, Coach Gills impression, Adam. But you're holding back a bit on the anger.
  • In the teacher's lounge, people are throwing a "last day" party, for a very miserable looking fish, who's also crying over the fact that he's leaving and his life is so rotten and miserable. Yet, everybody is cheering and celebrating at his going away party.
Cheer Pressure
  • When Dickie gets injured, Donna shows so much sympathy and pity for him. However, the second that ambulance drives away, she immediately snaps back and goes "Great, now how are we gonna replace that little twerp on such short notice?"
  • Adam makes observations about Jackie, assuming she's clearly just Jake in disguise. He first calls her ugly, which gets him lots of flak from the other cheerleaders. Then, when he says "That girl is Jake!", everyone around him is completely shocked, telling him that was the meanest thing he's said about her, implying that Jake is a horrendous thing you should never compare someone to.
Basic Jake
  • Jake knocking on the door and sing-saying "Oh, Poncherellooooo!" in a high-pitched, falsetto voice.
  • If you listen closely to Bruce Dingo's rambling, you'll realize, every time Pixiefrog's name comes up, he addresses him as "Pixie Dixie."
  • Jake's bout of homicidal rage when he thinks Adam is usurping the limelight on his public access TV show.
    Jake: I'm feeling the need to remind you, Adam, that I AM THE STAR OF THIS SHOW!
The Times, They Are Exchangin'
  • Jake getting annoyed with Adam's incessant raving about how good his old school was.
    Adam: And the floors were-
    Jake: [screaming] Let me guess!? Paved with gold!
  • Jake didn't share Adam's hype, when they went to his new school.
    Jake: The floor is yellow linoleum. I guess that could qualify as gold.
    Adam: I know. Isn't it great?
    Jake: Not particularly.
Cool Kids
  • Ingrid hitting her head on the all icicles of the Arctic Wing.
Disregarding Henry
  • Henry's song, for starters.
  • Jake, when trying to find a protégé for the talent show.
    Jake: I got it! You'll be my protégé.
    Adam: You already asked me that!
    Jake: Oh ... what was your answer?
  • Principal Pixiefrog was the announcer for the school play, but the microphone was way too tall for him, so he had to keep jumping up and down, to make his announcements.
    • Let's also not forget when he said "All of your favorite students...and some others".
  • Miss Chameleon's reaction to Henry's song.
    Chameleon: Henry, you're a very, ... eh, ... "special" boy.
  • Jake grabbing onto Adam and swinging around on him.
  • Jake giving Adam "Da Feet" (Defeat).
  • Adam having to sing Henry's song.
  • Throughout the episode, it was a running gag for people to make hurtful comments about Henry, and follow it with a half-hearted "No offence." Henry, being the delightfully retarded boy he is, would always respond with a confident, unfazed "None, taken". At the end of the episode, Henry did this same thing to Adam, and Adam's reply was a clearly offended and insincere, "None, taken".
Nice Mustache
  • Jake slurping soup off of his mustache.
    Season 3 
Don't Noc It Til You Try It
  • Windsor and Jake end up in a classroom full of owl students and an owl teacher. Windsor keeps explaining people whenever they say 'Who'. Jake facepalms when it gets ridiculous, and leaves Windsor with them when the teacher's only different word is a "What."
    Season 4 
Robo Frog 3000

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