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  • Broken Base: Rayark's DLC practices are heavily contested. Characters and Black Market packs are both priced at around $1 per songs: some players think it's a fair price compared to other games (for example, Rock Band set the standard for rhythm game song DLC at $2 each), especially considering how the base game costs only $1.99, while others feel that it's too expensive since all of the characters and packs together can cost over $100, and much of the game's story is locked behind these paywalls.
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  • Die for Our Ship: Cherry is viewed rather negatively by fans who ship Xenon with either ConneR or Neko. Of course, her actual death was met with a lot more mourning than applause. Interestingly enough, Hayato hasn't been nearly as negatively received despite his Ship Tease with Aroma. Most of the people who shipped Aroma with Neko just accepted that the ship was sunk.
  • Enjoy the Story, Skip the Game: Cytus II has an extensive plot for a rhythm game, let alone a mobile rhythm game. It has at least 8 protagonists and two separate criminal organizations. This game is not for people expecting a "normal" rhythm game, as rhythm games in general tend to have a low or nonexistent Story-to-Gameplay Ratio. Though that isn't to say the gameplay is poor by any means, it is an improvement over its prequel. It's just that the story is so elaborate and in your face that the gameplay feels like a side-deal.
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  • Fandom Heresy: Saying “Cytus II should have less plot.” will make every Cytus II fan hate your guts.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: A lot of fans ship Xenon with ConneR. The ship is only rivaled by fans who ship Neko with PAFF and Ivy with Vanessa. For those interested more in heterosexual ships, Neko and Xenon is also a fairly popular pairing. Rather hilariously, both the Xenon/ConneR and PAFF/Neko pairings are addressed on the iM boards. Evidently, Xenon/ConneR has been an incredibly popular ship in-universe from the beginning, and PAFF and Neko's otherwise divided fanbases end up going full-blown Shipper on Deck after discovering that the two of them had basically been living together.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • A major plot point in Aroma's story is Aroma refusing to perform after collapsing on stage while trying to sing Gravity. Nikki Simmons, who sang a lot of songs for both PAFF and the Aroma DLC and is closely associated with Aroma's character in general within the fandom, would announce on August 5, 2019 that she's taking a break from singing to explore other venues, feeling that she's plateaued as a singer.
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    • Cherry was hit a bit by the Die for Our Ship crowd, with people disliking her character partially for her relationship with Xenon. Come the 2.6 update, they basically got their wish granted.
  • He's Just Hiding!: Fans were very quick to point out ways Cherry could survive despite the 2.6 update very heavily suggesting she died of her wounds. Turns out to be words of denial as she's confirmed dead in the 2.7 update.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Quite a few fans have interpreted ConneR's rather coy interactions with Xenon in an almost flirtatious light. ConneR in general does seem to have a particularly keen interest in Xenon. Though Xenon is less than receptive of ConneR, it could also be seen as Xenon being a Tsundere.
    • There are a number of hints that Neko is into girls. Her first interaction with her friend Linda had Neko come up from behind Linda and hug her by the waist, not to mention she gushes on several occasions about how cute Linda is. The subtext is arguably even more pronounced with her interactions with Aroma. They become close friends incredibly fast after Neko lets her stay in her room. There's also the scene where Neko gets a look at Aroma's figure and says her boobs look amazing. Then there's the scene afterwards where Neko straight-up fondles said boobs.
    • Despite Ivy describing her and Vanessa's relationship as being like sisters, their friendship borders on Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with how devoted they are to each other, Ivy especially considering the sheer planning she went through just to wake Vanessa up.
  • It Was His Sled: Good luck avoiding fan art of Xenon without his helmet or of Ivy and Vanessa together.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • JUST NEKO Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • #InConneRWeTrustExplanation 
    • \PAFF/\PAFF/\PAFF/Explanation 
    • #PrayForPAFF Explanation 
    • Cherry cries Explanation 
    • [X] is AEsir Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Many players completely lost sympathy for Noah after it was revealed that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old Aroma. Even after it was further revealed that he passed out before he could go through with it, the intent was very clear, and his lack of repentance afterwards firmly cements that he attempted to cross the line.
    • Kim already crossed it by performing dangerous experiments on infants, but he proceeds to careen over it even further when he leaves them all in the wastelands to die to The Virus after the experiments were deemed a failure. And he just keeps going after that.
    • Diego was already involved with Human Trafficking, but he proves just how evil he really is when he orchestrates the attack on the Kyuu Hou Kai's facility that leaves a number of the faculty dead as well as causing the power to fail. This in turn leads to life support systems failing and Cherry's death.
  • Shocking Moments: Probably one of the most depressing versions of this occurred in the 2.6 update of Crystal PuNK with the death of Cherry, one of the main characters. Needless to say, everyone was caught off guard.
  • Unexpected Character: While players expected Vocaloid music to show up eventually, it's safe to say they weren't expecting Hatsune Miku to be a full-blown DLC character complete with her own story set in the Cytus II universe.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The game is rated E10+ despite containing a lot of mature subject matter that is both implied and plainly shown, including Human Trafficking (strongly implied to be for sexual purposes), people getting brutally beaten and shot, strong language (some of which, such as "dick" and "retard", being completely uncensored), and offscreen sex scenes, one of which is non-consensual and involving a minor.
  • The Woobie: PAFF (real name Aroma White) is a Shrinking Violet with a traumatic past. On the day she was to make her debut as an Idol Singer, a car crash left her comatose for months and missing most of her memories after waking up. Things didn't get any easier after waking up, as she became subjected to vicious bullying in her own school, with a number of students accusing her of Faking Amnesia for the sake of publicity. She then began to go through an existential crisis as she began experiencing vague memories that contradicted what she was told about herself, leading her to questioning if she was the person she thought she was. As it turns out, she's actually a girl named Kaori Minamiya, who was kidnapped from her home by human traffickers and turned into the real Aroma White's replacement after a failure to resuscitate her from her coma. In the process, Kaori's memories and physical appearance were forcibly overwritten, effectively erasing her personal identity. Then there's the fact that the person responsible for this was her sister's husband, the man she viewed as a surrogate father-figure. Said man is also very heavily implied to have attempted to sexually assault the real Aroma, with the particular traumatic memory now in Kaori's head. Even without that additional twist, Aroma's life as a successful idol was hardly glamorous as she basically lived for her job, having her life and public image heavily controlled by her own sister no-less, who isolated her from her old friends and kept her from making new ones. Because of her sister, Neko ended up getting the wrong idea about Aroma, and proceeded to spend years talking badly about her in front of her infamously toxic fanbase. It's hard not to feel at least some sympathy for Aroma's plight.

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