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Like its predecessor, Cytus II offers a wide variety of tracks. Here are some of the best.

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  • "The Whole Rest" is the game's main theme song, combining the Genre Motifs of every character into one amazing track.
  • "Used to Be", the game's credits theme, is a hard-hitting yet melancholic song about losing one's identity.
  • After Crystal PuNK reaches level 25, the title screen's music is temporarily replaced by a beautiful but melancholic acoustic remix of "Still", which lasts until you enter a character's song list. No surprises, considering the new title screen only appears after the death of Cherry.



    ROBO Head 

  • "Alexandrite" has a strange, eerie beauty to its sound.
  • "Lunar Mare" alternates between epic orchestral music and chaotic electronic sections. The result sounds just like something that would play during the final boss fight of a RPG.
  • SIhanatsuka's "Reset" is a beautiful piece on its own, but becomes a wonderful nostalgia trip once you realize it's a remix of "Halcyon" from the first Cytus.
  • "V." is the followup to "CHAOS", once again mashing up several classic Cytus tracks into a beautiful yet diabolically challenging song. It is also the longest song in the game to date.

     Crystal PuNK 
  • "Chandelier XIII" is one of Crystal PuNK's best songs, featuring haunting opera-style vocals and hard-hitting guitars.
  • Although "Sunshine Duration" is by far the lightest of Crystal PuNK's initial repertoire of songs, being closer to what one might hear in Cherry's solo chapter, it's still a fantastic and catchy rock song.
  • "Darling Staring" brings artcore sensibilities and an undercurrent of sadness to a hard-hitting fast-paced J-rock song that wouldn't be out of place as an anime OP.



  • "Aphasia" combines a strong beat with an addictive piano and synth line.

  • "Still" is a beautiful Tear Jerker of a song that describes Xenon and Cherry's relationship. It's become an even bigger Tear Jerker now that it's associated with Cherry's death.



  • "Eternity" is a sweeping trance track that manages to combine a strong beat with an almost ethereal melody.
  • "Jakarta PROGRESSION" is an energetic track that you'll just want to dance to. It also has the honor of being the first song by an Indonesian artist in Cytus II.


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