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  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The ancient black dragon intended to kill Varsuuvius' children, and managed to hurt them before V showed up to stop her. She notes that people don't think anything of killing dragon young, such as when V killed her (young adult) son.
    • Also applies in the prequel Start of Darkness when the paladins attack Redcloak's village, emphasizing their brutality. On seeing a teenaged goblin attempting to defend his even younger brother and sister, a paladin on horseback is gleeful at the opportunity to take out three in a row and use her great cleave feat. Redcloak's six-year-old sister is killed while trying to hide, and another mounted paladin chases down his little brother, blinds him in one eye, and attempts to kill him before Redcloak comes to his rescue.
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  • Sidekicks: In his introduction, Pluton was seen choking and killing a little girl, all with an creepily satisfied grin on his face. It's disconcerting to say the least.
  • Mavra Chan in Terinu was shown onscreen beating the life out of the title character (when he couldn't even fight back) and in a flashback having him set upon by bloodsucking animal as part of this Training from Hell.
  • In Strays, after the Stalker with a Crush killed the mother, he blames the child and goes to hurt.
  • In Impure Blood, Roan was only a child when captured for the Gladiator Games.
  • In Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby, Dinosaur Soldier summons two cyborgs to "punch (Uni-Baby) any time she would cry or make a ruckus." The usual implications of this trope are avoided in that Axe Cop and his partner are not evil, and are in fact the heroes of the story. The story was originally written by a 7-year-old who makes no distinction between children and adults, and considers the act of punching someone in the face to be fairly equal-opportunity.
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  • Charby the Vampirate is full of characters willing to murder, torture or eat children, it's how so much of the cast became undead children in the first place though special mention goes to Charby's sire who prefers to eat children over other humans and likes to Mind Rape his victims before drinking their blood and leaving them to die slowly.
  • Kore in Goblins murders a child in the first scene he appears in. The child in question is an orphan who's been Raised by Orcs, and to Kore's twisted perception of good and evil, anyone who potentially has sympathy for the 'monstrous races' is guilty of evil through their passiveness.
  • In Our Little Adventure, Angelika accidentally lights a school on fire while fireballing an Angelo's Kid. The kids flee the school and the Angelo Kid watches, thinking "Mmm, unarmored targets. That's pretty tempting."
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  • In Unsounded the Red Berry Boys, particularly their leader Starfish. They use human bodies as smuggling vessels, and are paid by the body. Starfish realizes they can stretch their product further by using smaller bodies.
  • In Tales of the Questor, the Shaman and his minions would hurt a child, and she had nightmares from it. They really shouldn't have made her cry.
  • In Dragon Mango, it's one thing to seek revenge on Mango, and another to threaten Cherry.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • Bojack, in Chapter 6.
    • The Kaioshin of U1 also had no problem executing Freeza, Coola, and Broly when they were all children. Arguably, it was so that they couldn't threaten the universe, but still... (Besides, the Western Kaioshin killing Broly shows she is not okay AT ALL when doing it)
  • Morris of Domain Tnemrot sucker punched a child in the stomach because she was annoying him. Laser-Guided Karma takes instant affect when the girl's Parental Substitute grabs the back of his head and smashes him face first into a table.
  • In Luminary Children, Korocassia and Citore both even kill one.
  • A fully grown man fights his way through the pack and scores a goal... in a youth league soccer game in this Biter Comics strip.
  • Hector from The Story of Anima has no qualms dropping a little rabbit girl to her doom.
  • In Mias World, Lyer, paranormal spirit and the main antagonist ended up forcing World to murder Mia.
  • Lothar Hex from Exterminatus Now; apparently, he once hid in an orphanage while on the lam, then gouged out the orphans' eyes so they couldn't identify him, and shot the youngest of them to make the rest go quiet.
  • The Other from Girl Genius blasted her way onto the scene years before the start of the comic and killed Agatha's infant brother in the process. She and her followers also have no problem wasping children, which makes them her unknowing sleeper agent like slaves with only the illusion of free will or can turn them into mindless shambling zombie-like reverents.
  • The Big Bad of We Are The Wyrecats has a...way with kids. That way tends to result in them dying, nearly dying, or watching somebody they care about die.
  • Slightly Damned:
    • Both angels and demons are very much guilty of this. Bodies of demon children litter the ground in Hell during the Great War. Denevol attacks and attempts to kill Buwaro simply for being a demon, and tries to kill Kieri for defending him. Lazuli sadistically tortures and brutalizes Kieri during the time she has her captive, and when Kieri defeats her and Talus (with the latter dying), she goes completely batshit and travels all the way to St. Curtis to murder her, despite Iratu's orders not to. Haury, Triska and Abyset were willing to kill the whole Sinclair family to get a very powerful potion set, including a 10-11 year old girl and an infant. Azurai brutally kills Sanjulo (Kazai's boyfriend) and assaults Kieri and Kazai in a blind rage, with full intention to murder them. Angel children are involved in sacrifices to bring demons to Medius, and at least one rogue angel is supporting Hell's army in doing so. This comic does not sugarcoat how utterly merciless both parties are; they can, will, and do hurt and kill children.
    • Subverted with Azurai, who seems somewhat regretful of having "killed a kid" before (presumably Sanjulo). And even he seems disgusted at Moonshade for killing his daughter Rhea... and wanting to do it a second time.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: The votey for 2010-11-19 has God saying he would totally punch a kid, as per another child's prayer.
  • Kaiten Mutenmaru: The poverty-ridden rebels targeted Sick as a child solely for being the son of their aristocratic oppressors, with heavy implications that they would also have killed him if Anne, Sick's girlfriend his age whom one of them thrust away beforehand, hadn't stepped in and been killed in a blind rage.
  • AGENCY: The Nine are perfectly willing to hurt children for the sake of their goals, as shown with them kidnapping Marcus McCloud and D.W. Read. Although to be fair, the latter's kidnapping may be one of the very few examples of this that's not a Kick the Dog moment, considering she's a widely loathed character in her origin series (and not without good reason).


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