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"But Death must claim us all."
Necropolis Prologue, page 2

A webcomic by Jake Wyatt, Necropolis is still in its infancy stage, being only on its third chapter. Thus far it centers on a girl who made an ill-advised deal with devils for a magic for a magic sword to take revenge on the bandits who destroyed her home.

The comic can be read at its tumblr, here. The preview pages can be found here, here, and here.


This series provides examples of:

  • Action Girlfriend: The Conqueror Queen to the Seer King.
  • The Ageless: Implied with the Seer King and the Conqueror Queen, who were stated to have lived long lives while never aging. This left Death sort of pissed off.
  • April Fools' Day: A comic wherein the Third Sword trades back everything she owns and a big horse with a pink bow to the "wizard cat" in exchange for two sandwiches. Comically Small Bribe usually doesn't work...
  • Awesome McCoolname: The Third Sword. The Conqueror Queen ain't bad either.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: The rebels killed the Conqueror Queen's guards and then came for her. She killed their leaders, conscripted the mob, and then brought the entire city back under control.
  • Badass Boast: The original, stand-alone comic from which this comic started had The Third Sword confronted by and defeating a trio of undead skeleton monsters. Upon defeat, the spirits animating them promise to return to take her later when she is unprepared and without her sword.
    The Third Sword: A foolish plan. My sword is only steel in a useful shape. It's me you should fear, you stupid, dead things.
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  • Battle Couple: The Conqueror Queen and Seer King.
  • Bifauxnen: The royal court has plenty of fighting women who could cause a bit of confusion at first glance - Lin, being a heavyset old woman shorter than the rest of them, is pretty much the most obviously female out of all of them until the Third Sword got recruited. By contrast, the Bellicuses have hairstyles and forms of dress which are more stereotypically feminine.
  • Bloodsplattered Warrior: The Conqueror Queen, covered in the blood of rebellious subjects when she never raised her blade against her people before in her long life.
  • Blush Sticker: The Third Sword has them all of the time in the preview pages, but they aren't as much of a constant to her in the actual comic. She has them again for the April Fools' Day comic. This is also always on the Conqueror Queen - most disturbingly when the Seer King has dreamed of her plunging her sword into his chest, or when she is standing armed and armored drenched in blood.
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  • Cassandra Truth: How the Seer King's marriage with the Conqueror Queen first started falling apart. The Seer King had a vision of being killed by his own wife, but the Conqueror Queen didn't believe him as she had faith in their love. The lack of communication, the lies spread by ambitious nobles in their court, and the Seer King's distrust led to him betraying his wife and staging a coup against her while she was gone on state affairs.
  • Clothes Make the Superman: The Third Sword's...well, sword, made her invincible among the hinterlands she lived it, even causing crime to go down in the region from most of the banditry deciding that'd rather not give her a reason to tangle with them. Once the imperial wardens go to find the Third Sword though, it's obvious that against individuals competent in magic or even just unarmed combat, she hasn't a chance.
    Lin: That sword didn't make you strong, girl. It kept you weak.
  • Cute Bruiser: The Third Sword. Wears a skirt, has a pretty silk bow in her hair, fights undead creatures with no fear.
  • Deal with the Devil: The Third Sword offers up "All she has" in return for the magic sword she takes her name from. She is under the impression that she has nothing left to lose, though a mysterious woman knows that she certainly has more than that, lest Ibis would not trade with her.
  • Dem Bones: Several of the dead things the Third Sword encounters within the preview pages. Some engulfed in a sort of spectral flame.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Lin accuses Anise of wanting the Third Sword executed for embarrassing her by managing to hit her with magic (that doesn't do anything more numb her arm a bit due to her clothing's counterhex inlays). Anise counteracts that she waged "a protracted campaign of unsanctioned murder, witchcraft and violence". Fortunately, Lin managed to successfully put forward the idea of recruiting her.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: The Third Sword and her entire family are always barefoot, with her only wearing a simple red anklet early on. When she acquires new clothes, boots go along with them, so it may have been that she and her family were too poor for footwear.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Lin the Second Sword is a relentless trainer. While she and Third Sword travel to the oracle, there are three pages one after the other of the Third Sword enduring her instruction and sharp tongue.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Whatever the "horrors" are on the second preview page, they're most likely this. Yeesh, those are some Giant Spiders, except their faces don't look entirely like how a spider's should...
  • Exact Words: The Third Sword was promised a weapon that while she holds it no steel can harm her. She presumes this means she's invincible, but all it protects her from is other weapons. Against magic users and hand-to-hand combat her sword is no better than any other weapon.
    • A mysterious woman also hoped to turn this trope in the Third Sword's favor due to her deal, but due to promising "everything" she had to Ibis, said woman is certain there is no chance of it happening for her.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Lin wears a headband that also dips down to cover her right eye socket, which is clearly missing a working eye considering the scar going straight down it.
  • Fearless Undead: They see the Third Sword chop up their comrades and still go after her. Then after she's done wiping the floor with them, they tell her they'll get her later. Persistent little buggers.
  • Feminist Fantasy: Looks to be headed in this direction. All the prominent characters are female, half of them in high positions of power and authority, half of them capable of combat and magic (Notably, when the Third Sword is brought to the royal court, everyone present is a woman aside from a young prince). Meanwhile, the male characters have supporting roles and are usually either incompetent or villainous.
  • Field of Blades: The Third Sword used a downplayed example - with all of the people she fought and killed in the hinterlands, she took to making a fence for her house by sticking all of the dead men's swords in the ground around it. Unlike the usual example, she probably did it to be intimidating.
  • Flaming Skulls: Actually, the preview comic has flaming entire skeletons!
  • The Grim Reaper: Or at least a personification of Death. He ain't happy with the long lifespans of the Conquerors.
  • Happily Married: One of the things the Seer King is mentioned as doing is "delighting his Queen", not to mention the first page has her touching his arm fairly affectionately. Then it's subverted as it's revealed their relationship slowly fell apart from a combination of lack of communication, ambitious aristocrats feeding them lies, and the Conqueror Queen ignoring a vision the Seer King had (both sides even find solace in other concubines instead and sired numerous bastards). This leads to the Seer King, driven mad and fearing death by his wife's hands, staged a coup in an attempt to overthrow her.
  • Heroic BSoD: The Third Sword undergoes one after she finds out that her own mother let her be arrested by the Queen's wardens because she was scared of what her eldest daughter was becoming.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: The Third Sword's mother let her be arrested by the Queen's wardens for various crimes, seeing her own daughter as beyond her help and too afraid to be around a killer.
  • I Have Your Wife: Prince Lonso is a hostage to guarantee peace between inner and outer Hyberia. His mother is irate at this and encourages him to detest his circumstances, though he appears to have gotten along fine with his guards and in the meantime says he's not going to start a war.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Subverted Trope with the Third Sword - her deep blue eyes stand out frequently among the pages, but the comic doesn't shy from describing her as having become a killer while those eyes still stick out.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: The heroine is even called "the Third Sword"!
  • Lady Legionnaire Wear: The Third Sword dresses something like this.
  • Lady of War: The Third Sword and the Conqueror Queen. Both fairly feminine, both able to kick much ass.
  • Nerves of Steel: The second preview comic has two individuals in a well telling the Third Sword to hide in a well because of the Giant Spiders walking around in eyeshot (judging from their flame-shaped text bubbles that gets used again for the skeletons in the third comic, they may be evil spirits trying to bait her into trouble). She retorts that a hole cannot offer her anything compared to the sun, the grass, and the road she wishes to travel, and walks underneath the giant spiders without fear.
  • Never Learned to Read: Training with the Lin reveals that the Third Sword isn't exactly at a high school-grade reading level...she has trouble pronouncing wood and field!
  • Non-Human Undead: Some of the creatures that the Third Sword fights definitely weren't all human.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The Third Sword, the Conqueror Queen, and the Seer King. Though Word of God says the Third Sword has a real name that she doesn't give out often.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: One page symbolically portrays the violence of the Seer King's rebellion as a sea of blood with dead bodies floating in it, and swords stabbed into it and a corpse.
  • Recruiting the Criminal: The royal court basically does this to the Third Sword as Lin's suggestion (Anise wanted her publicly executed). She wasn't sanctioned to learn magic or kill anyone who tangles with her, you see...
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: The Conqueror Queen and Seer King used their abilities to keep the land that they've claimed safe, well-fed, well-educated, and they also built cities, roads, and aqueducts.
  • Rugged Scar: Ouna, the First Sword, has one on her left eyebrow and two on her left cheek. Lin, the Second Sword has a scar going down her right eye, which is presumed to be blind considering the red headband she always has covering it.
  • Seers: The Seer King.
  • Stripperiffic: The Seer King usually isn't wearing a ton - the most, the first page, has him wearing a skirt and clothing from his right shoulder stretching down to his left waist. In later pages, he's wearing nothing but a Loincloth and some golden accoutrements.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The Conqueror Queen is the Sword who kept the peace in the kingdom she shared with her husband, the Seer King, a Sorcerer who aided his wife with his powerful future visions.
  • Training from Hell: The Third Sword is getting put through this at hands of Lin. There isn't any significant danger to Third Sword herself, but as they travel to answer the oracle's summons, it's implied that she's basically getting trained every waking hour in a variety of skills, such as horse-riding, archery, reading, and campcraft. The mountain climbing with the huge backpacks isn't the safest thing she's ever done though...
  • The Undead: They abound in the test pages.
  • Walking the Earth: What it appears the Third Sword will be doing in the preview pages. She's got a long way to go for doing so in the actual comic, however.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: The Seer King's always got a good bit of his torso hanging out clear as day.

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