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Ammika and Inferno, The two main characters. This was also her previous icon on the site hosting it, Smackjeeves.

"That was for a gag, this comic needs humor. Duh!"

A webcomic that was hosted on Smack Jeeves. And no, it has nothing to do with the word 'apt'.

A "meta" webcomic that's about every game, anime, and whatever the author can think of. The setting is in Comicia, a world in which geography is about as consistant as the comic's title (read as; never the same twice.) There's also some random portals that go to places like alternate/mirror dimensions, Dreamland and Pekopon.

The main character is Ammika Channing (Known by her pen name "PrincesTomboy", which should be read Princess Tomboy), a reality-warping Cat Girl who's also the author of the comic. She tends to be a bit hyper... And she doesn't really have a reason for being here at all. She obviously likes this site.

Her sidekick is Inferno, an Original Character of the Sonic The Hedgehog series who looks nothing like Shadow. He's a cute little boy who is often forced into crossdressing and other things he hates, for Ammika's amusement.

As well as plenty of other characters. In summary, It's chock full of Tropes. The humor is intentionally cutesy and kid-friendly, and it updates every Friday. There are also plenty of "mini strips."

Originally, the comic was planned as a sprite comic using original sprites made by the author herself. It was about Ammika and her frog alien sidekick Kumimi going on adventures. It had 15 comics (3 comics and two panels of which were fillers) but due to computer trouble all the sprites had been deleted and it was left abandoned.

On July 28th 2011, it was restarted as a cartoon. Kumimi was replaced with a hedgehog hybrid named Inferno, though Kumimi does hang around the house.

Not to be confused with Attack Pattern Tuggs, a Star Trek parody comic at the domain

This work includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Theme Naming: The more important characters have earlier alphabet names, so A means they're important (Unless they're from a canon series, that's an unfortunate coincidence.}