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Crystal Island OCT is a Original Character Tournament on deviantArt.

A wealthy treasure hunter and highly decorated adventurer, Derek Saline, is offering the chance to join his expedition to retrieve a sample of a legendary crystal that is said to grant anything your heart desires.

The only catch? Derek gives an all-knowing smirk when he asserts that there's only enough of this rare specimen for one person to fulfill their dreams. Thus, you will have to compete against other individual agents, who all wish to lay their hands on this crystal.

What are you willing to endure, so that you may have the power to fulfill your heart's desire?

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    General Tropes 

    Audition Tropes 
  • Get on the Boat: Boarding the boat that is meant to take the expedition crew to Crystal Island is one of the prompt requirements for auditions.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Otto's audition ends with, 'What’s the worst thing that could happen on a simple expedition?'

    Round One Tropes 

    Round Two Tropes 
  • Hostile Weather: The main challenge of round two is the hostile weather that can ranges from thunderstorms to unbearable heat.
  • MacGuffin Melee: Several competitors find their assigned crystal at the same time as their opponent, usually resulting in a fight for the crystal.

    Round Three Tropes 
  • Rising Water, Rising Tension: The cave system that the competitors are in begins to flood, causing the next round to start early.
  • Creepy Cave: At the very least, the cave has a deadly eel gargoyle in it.

    Character Tropes 



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