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    The New Character 
The new character seen on the Hasbro 2016 Entertainment Plan will play a supporting part in the movie.
Perhaps this new character will help the Equestria Girls.

She appears to be a nymph.
Well, a nymph or a fairy or a sprite...something.

She will be voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent.

She is some kind of protector of the forest who enlists the help of the girls from Canterlot High to save the forest and the camp.
If she is a friend, she will recognize the power that the girls have and have them endure a series of trials in which they prove themselves some kind of Chosen Ones destined to protect the world.

    Loose Ends 
This movie might answer the two big questions that have been left hanging over the movies. First: Where in the World is Human!Sunset Shimmer? And second: What became of the sirens after the Battle of the Bands?
Both of which have been bugging this Troper endlessly.
  • Unlike her pony counterpart, Human Sunset likely would have never been reformed, which could make her a potential antagonist.
  • The Sirens are probably wandering the human world, searching for some way to make the most of their lives without help from magic until Sunset, Sci-Twi, and the Rainbooms stumble upon them and try to help them out.
The ladybug which has appeared in all three movies will be the ultimate evil.
Or the ultimate something at least. You don't have a ladybug lurking around for your entire franchise just to be cute...
  • Furthermore, it may have some kind of connection with Gloriosa, who may have known of the existence of magic from the very start and recognizes its impact on the human world.
  • With the synopsis now revealed, the ladybug might be related to Gaia Everfree, acting perhaps as her eyes and ears to watch Canterlot High since Equestrian magic came into the human world.
Sunset Shimmer will return home.
Assuming the forth instalment will conclude the spin-off series, Sunset's job in the human world would be just about complete by the time the newly-redeemed Sci-Twi effectively establishes her place with the rest of the Mane Six's human counterparts. It may go through a reverse Rainbow Rocks or first movie route, where in the former, Sunset will properly guide Sci-Twi to defeat a new villain or two, whereas in the latter, once Sunset decides that her job is done, she will use the portal to return to Equestria and try to be on better terms with the Celestia from her former homeworld, thus, bringing a conclusion to her arc before the 2017 mo G5.
  • This would also be a good opportunity to utilize the scrapped homesickness subplot from Friendship Games, complete with a song based on the deleted version of What More is Out There?.
Legend of Everfree won't be the last Equestria Girls movie.
Instead, it will set up a possible sequel or even a TV series featuring the Equestria Girls' adventures.
The Shadowbolts from the previous movie will appear.
Appearances by the Crystal Prep Five could provide continuity from Friendship Games, especially in terms of relations between the two schools, which are likely to have changed significantly since then to something more along the lines of a Friendly Rivalry. They could also mention what happened to Principal Cinch and Dean Cadence after the Games, confirming this Troper's belief that Cinch had resigned with Cadence taking over.
Human Sunset will finally appear during The Stinger.
Ever since the first movie, fans have been waiting for the appearance of Human Sunset Shimmer and how Sunset will react to the appearance of her human counterpart.

This is actually kind of obvious. It has to do with the woods, it's in the human world, and Hasbro will most certainly be making money off of it. As such, elves. It might be a case of Our Elves Are Different, it might have Human Sunset helping them (probable, if not likely) or it might even include Changelings.Although the writers would probably try to deconstruct this, since they don't like being told what to do.
  • Alternatively: we'll get to see the debut of a G4 version of the Moochick from G1 (who was an elf).
  • Jossed.
Legend of Everfree will be a crossover between Equestria Girls and the mane MLP Verse.
As far as I know, there isn't any incarnation of the Everfree Forest that exists in the Equestria Girls universe. We only know about it from the MLP universe. But this is labeled as an Equestria Girls movie, so that means it's going to have something to do with them. My theory: there is a magic in the Everfree forest that is capable of merging the two worlds together, and ends up putting both at risk, so the Pony Mane 6 (or maybe Pony Mane 7 if Starlight Glimmer comes along) and the Equestria Girls end up meeting and teaming up to save the day.
  • Jossed. See below.
This movie will be near entirely self-contained from Equestria.
The current info is the girls are going to a fashion summer camp. This removes them from both the campus and the portal. This means communication with Twilight is pointless. Sci-Twi will come into her lessons about friendship, the movie will be lowkey, except for the occasional outbursts of friendship magic.
  • It can also be an Hourglass Plot focused almost entirely on the summer camp with maybe perhaps at least one appearance of the school at the beginning as Sunset, Sci-Twi, and the five others prepare to leave for summer break.
  • Confirmed. The only thing implied to have something to do with Equestria are the magical geodes.
Flash Sentry will not appear...
He will not appear at all during the course of the film except for a small cameo at the beginning where he says hello to Human Twilight and is ignored once again. The rest of the Equestria Girls will feel guilty for not telling him that their Twilight is not the Twilight he knows.
  • And for a great Funny Moment, The Stinger will have him discovering that there are two Twilights, making for a rather awkward scene.
    • Or his name will be mentioned and the Equestria Girls will go "Who?" since he's been pushed further and further into the background.
    • Jossed. He's in the trailer.
Human Twilight will not be able to pony up
Until the ending when they face the Big Bad and the other girls cannot defeat them. Human Twilight will feel useless and try to commit a Heroic Sacrifice to save her friends, at which point she'll finally pony up and turn the tables on the villain.
  • Confirmed, more or less.
The Big Bad will have little connection to Equestria
Instead, the Big Bad will be a native of the human world but will still be fascinated by the power of Equestrian Magic and instead of stealing it, will see it as an obstacle to their plans and try to eliminate it.
  • Also, the Big Bad's plans will involve shutting down the camp, tying her plan to eliminate Equestrian magic after catching wind of its existence when the Sunset and the others pony up.
  • Alternately, the villain will have heard about the previous magic-related incidents at Canterlot High and decide that the girls need to be held accountable for their actions...
    • Jossed, sort-of. Filthy Rich indeed tries to shut down the camp but has no involvment whatsoever with the Equestrian magic. He instead acts as a catalyst for the "true" anatagonist, Gloriosa Daisy, also a native of the human world to use Equestria magic that she stumbles upon to save the campy from Filthy Rich.
The girls will have to give up magic in order to save the day
  • Jossed.
The Changelings will return
  • Jossed.
Zecora's human counterpart will appear
Zecora's human counterpart will be the camp counselor or have some connection to the camp.
  • Jossed.
Starlight Glimmer's human counterpart will appear
Starlight's human counterpart will be an antagonist (possibly someone who wants the camp shut down) who will undergo a Heel–Face Turn by the end of the film.
  • Jossed.
Sunset Shimmer will become an Alicorn
While her previous toys have had wings, this line has her with the same kind of wings as Twilight and Rainbow Dash, typically done for those whose counterpart is either a pegasi or an alicorn.
The antagonist, if there is one, will turn out to be non-malicious
They have a deadline to close the camp because it's either poorly funded, managed or maintained.
  • Alternatively, they, or who ever they are working for, want to close the camp due to a lack of campers and wish to use the land for more beneficial purposes for the public.
  • This antagonistic character could be Filthy Rich, as he was revealed in the trailer. While he looks rather sneaky, it's possible he doesn't mean any real harm (at least, won't be a Captain Planet Villain).
  • Confirmed-ish for Filthy Rich - although he is unnecessarily slimey about it, he intends to convert the campsite into a more profitable spa resort as the current owners are already long overdue with their mortgage/rent payment.
  • Also confirmed for Gloriosa Daisy, since she is trying to save the camp from Filthy Rich.

Sci-Twi will pony up in this movie.
Since the plot focuses on Sci-Twi coming to terms with her Superpowered Evil Side and the powers it gave her, it's likely that in the climax, she will pony up. She could even take on a form similar to Midnight Sparkle, albeit a heroic version of that form, perhaps with Midnight's appearance but retaining her original personality.
  • Confirmed
Gaia Everfree is from Earth, but was awoken by magic being introduced into the world.

Gaia Everfree seems to have been there for quite some time, given there's legends about her, so it'd be more logical if she originated from Earth, given unlike the Sirens she seemed to have had her powers on Earth.

  • Jossed for Gaia Everfree from Timber's story since she isn't real.
She is actually the woods' guardian, and the attacks she is infamous were either provoked or misinterpreted. She is trying to drive the Wondercolts out of Everfree because she knows what humans can do to nature. Part of her motivation is related to Filthy Rich, and judges the others based on his characterization.
  • Jossed, although she does do evil things for good intentions, they were known even before she turned evil.

The girl's magic...
aren't being strengthened by being at the camp but rather their magic is continuing to evolve to the point they no longer need to pony up or express their element in order to use it.
  • Except Twilight hasn't had her magic for as long, yet is still displaying the same levels as the others.
    • Jossed. Although it isn't the camp that's responsible, it's the mysterious magical geodes that were at the camp.
Twilight is responsible for Gaia Everfree appearance
Twilight can't control her magic and ends up awakening Gaia Everfree with a unpredictable burst of magic.
  • Jossed, it's actually the other way round (sort of).
Gaia Everfree is related to the Everfree Forest in Equestria
She used to be a benevolent forest spirit in Equestria until Discord's magic corrupted her and Starswirl had no choice but to banish her to the human world.
  • Jossed.
The plot will be similar to Rainbow Rocks
Since Twilight is coming to terms with how she acted as Midnight Sparkle, she'll act like Sunset did during Rainbow Rocks. There probably won't be a climatic sing-off between the Rainbooms and the Big Bad but there'll still be a very awesome climatic battle.
  • Confirmed.
Midnight Sparkle will appear
Instead of transforming back into Midnight Sparkle, Twilight's eyes will change to Midnight's and speak with her voice, probably trying to tempt Twilight into using her magic for selfish reasons.
  • Confirmed.
Twilight will give one of her friendship speeches
To Gaia Everfree, if she really is the main antagonist, or to the real Big Bad of the movie when Twilight and her friends are about to blast them with the Elements of Harmony.

There will be subtle nods to other Netflix properties scattered throughout the movie
This is a bit of a stretch, but as soon as Midnight Sparkle appears in this preview, the score adopts a Stranger Things-style synth.

Zecora will fall through the portal and find herself in the form of a Primal Fear for zebras.
  • Jossed.
Timber Spruce will be a villain
He will be the secondary antagonist if Gaia Everfree proves to be the main one.
  • And for added drama, Twilight will be heartbroken when he reveals himself to be on the bad Guy's team.
    • It's also odd the creators poked fun on how hastily, and with little build up they paired Twilight Sparkle with Flash Sentry in the first movie(a decision pretty disliked by a large portion of the fandom) in this movie, but moments latter do exactly the SAME thing with human Twilight Sparkle and Timber Spruce. Timber Spruce being a probably adult camp counselor, so him flirting, and having a relationship with a non-adult camper, seems at least a bit unprofessional, unethical. Such a pairing seems a bit to edgy for an Equestria Girls movie, and somewhat sends girls a wrong message, with Twilight beginning a romantic relationship with an adult who is her guardian in this situation, and behaving so, arguably abuses his power and position. This all may be foreshadowing Timber Spruce, is a bad guy, as otherwise, this whole relationship would possibly have some Unfortunate Implications.
    • Some possible evidence of this is in the randomized text messages in the website, on each character's webpages; most aren't anything odd — except that both Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer have one message each that... Well...
    Sunset Shimmer: "Anyone seen Twilight Sparkle? The last time I saw her she was with Timber Spruce and she's late for campfire s'mores."
    Flash Sentry: "Anyone know anything about some guy named Timber Spruce?"
    • Jossed, he is actually a Red Herring, due to his relation to the real villain.

Timber Spruce is a Teen Genius / ex-Child Prodigy who helps his sister, who also happens to be his guardian, with the camp, which is a family business.
His background makes him come off as an adult but he's actually not much older than the Equestria Girls. Him being a counselor is a mild case of Nepotism on Gloriosa's part.

Gloriosa Daisy is Gaia Everfree
She lures kids to her camp for some nefarious purpose. Timber Spruce is her Dragon.

Gloriosa and Timber have a Dark Secret that's connected to Gaia Everfree in some way and will be antagonists.
The secret is:
  • Gloriosa turns into Gaia through an uncontrollable curse.
    • Possibly. See above WMG.
  • Maybe they or their ancestors sealed Gaia away in the cave when she tried to kick them off her land, and now they run the camp nearby to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't escape.
  • They and Gaia are both Well-Intentioned Extremist, the siblings think Gaia is a monster who needs to be locked away so she doesn't attack the camp and Gaia thinks they're monsters who are despoiling nature by making a camp in her forest. The girls will have to reconcile the two sides.

Gaia Everfree's backstory/motivation is...
  • She wants to kick the humans out of her woods.
  • Gaia actually can't control her powers well, and it gets worse when she's upset (kinda like Elsa), so everyone around thought she was a monster and that's why they locked her up.
  • She used to live in the Everfree forest in Equestria but ended up in the human world somehow and is searching for a way back.
  • She's the counterpart of a magical being from the Everfree forest in Equestria.
  • She's actually the human counterpart of Zecora and was mistaken for evil much like her zebra self was.
  • She's Sonata Dusk, transformed into a monster after she and the other Sirens stumbled across some dangerous and wild magical source.
    • All jossed, although the second theory is somewhat close.

Midnight Sparkle is Twilight's Shadow
Like in Persona 4, Midnight Sparkle is all of Twilight's darker thoughts and desires that she hides from society and torments her the more she tries to deny that Midnight Sparkle is the same person as Twilight Sparkle. Twilight will only be able to control her magic when she accepts that Midnight Sparkle is a part of her and fuses with her willingly.

Filthy Rich will find out about the existence of Equestrian magic.
Although his daughter was present at each of the different magical occurrences at Canterlot High, he didn't believe her stories about magic. In this movie, however, he discovers that magic is indeed real when the Equestria Girls pony up to save the day. He then tries to make a profit off of the discovery but is instead told to back down because he realizes that if he tries to do so, he will just come off to others as a raving lunatic.
  • Jossed.

Filthy Rich will have a Heel–Face Turn
  • Or like his pony counterpart, turn out to be a nice guy all along and reveal his real motivation for wanting to buy the camp.
    • Related to the above: He wants to buy and refurbish the camp because he loved it so much when he was younger, but thinks admitting this would damage his public image.
    • Or instead of damaging his public career, he's scared of what his wife would think wasting money on a camp.
    • Jossed.

This film will be slightly Darker and Edgier than previous installments
Because, hey, it's Netflix, why not?

Flash Sentry will get some character development.
^ Based on this tweet from Ishi Rudell, there just might be a few scenes that give him more depth as a character.
  • Confirmed.

There will be an after-credits scene to foreshadow the next move or a TV show
  • If this tweet is anything to go by... plus it's happened before.
    • Confirmed-ish. There is an after-credits scene and there does seem to be a Sequel Hook, but the latter occurs before the credits.



The next Equestria Girls...
will be a full TV show released on Netflix where the girls are now Magical Girls dealing with people transformed by magic leaking out of the portal.
  • Jossed. No plans have been announced for a series; however, three more Equestria Girls specials are planned.

Flash Sentry won't like Timber Spruce...
If they ever meet again in future movies, Flash will be passive-aggressive to Timber Spruce because of jealousy.

The geodes/necklaces are actually the Elements of Harmony.
The portal somehow absorbed the magic from the Tree of Harmony and sent their magic to the geodes. Consequently, the Tree and Elements lose their magic, making the Everfree Forest go haywire again, which will lead to the Season 6 finale and will drive the plot of Season 7. Or the Equestria Girls world will get a Netflix series dealing with this problem, as stated above.
  • Semi-jossed. While the Season 6 finale has come and gone without mentioning this (and there will be three more Equestria Girls specials instead of a full-on series for now), we don't know about Season 7.

Why Gloriosa was Easily Forgiven
Because the students have had this happen so often they've decided that all people who go insane/turn evil by magic didn't mean for anything bad to happen. Unless you are-wait for it-the Dazzlings. (DAZZLING MONTAGE)
  • Well the Dazzlings weren't corrupted by anything though, they were the source of the corrupted magic.

The next movie will be the last...
The girls will find out that the portal is leaking magic in the next movie and will fight monsters from Equestria until Sunset decides to destroy the portal. There's two possible outcomes of this. Either Sunset chooses to stay in the human world with the rest of the Equestria Girls or she goes back to Equestria... and takes all the magic in the human world back with her.
  • Jossed. At least three more Equestria Girls specials are planned.
  • Well, technically confirmed that (so far) this is the last Equestria Girls movie.

We WILL see Human Sunset in the near future, in some capacity
Be it via flashback, or physical appearance, it's got to happen at some point.

Gloriosa's Equestrian Counterpart...
Is an Earth Pony. It just makes so much sense for Gloriosa's pony counterpart to be an Earth Pony, what with the connection to the earth and the fact that Gaia Everfree doesn't have wings or a horn.

The three new 2017 specials will deal with some loose ends from prior films
Such as the fate of the Dazzlings and the state of Crystal Prep after the Friendship Games. Our heroines will be involved somehow, of course.

The human world will be threatened by Discord.
With the twist being The one threatening the human world is the same one from the show. After all, he only promised to not harm Equestria again.

If Sunset ever goes back to Equestria...
She will either find out that she's an alicorn after going through the portal or Princess Celestia will personally ascend her to princess status after seeing how much she's grown. Because honestly, Sunset deserves to have her dream of becoming a princess come true.

About the three new specials...
The NY Toy Fair 2017 has shed some light on future Equestria Girls Minis sets, which may or may not be related to the upcoming three specials. Additionally, leaked pics of future sets are available. In short: there's a movie theater set featuring a new character called Juniper Montage; Daring Do and Starlight Glimmer figures; and some job-themed sets (such as Pinkie working at the Sweet Shoppe or some other restaurant/diner/whatever). So, let's begin with the speculations:
  • Note that the Daring Do figure is (sorta) doing a Captain Morgan Pose on a giant film reel decoration; in the human world, she might be a fictional character from a movie franchise (or Film of the Book). Assuming one of the specials is focused on the movie theater, maybe magic hijinks lead to Daring Do either becoming a Refugee from TV Land or the Equestria Girls ending up inside her movie. This might also be somehow related to the character Juniper Montage — maybe she's the Victim-cum-Monster of the Special and is the cause of said magic disturbances.
  • One of the specials might be much more mundane in nature, and just focus on the girls getting summer jobs. Hilarity — and likely, magic fun — ensues.
  • The human world's Starlight Glimmer will be the antagonist of one of the specials; either by being actively malicious (with goals, if not exactly the same as Pony Starlight's pre-Heel–Face Turn, then somewhat similar if only thematically, tying with a Friendless Background) or more or less accidentally (she runs into magic, and ends being driven to destructive insanity; might still be tied to a tragic past — but Human Starlight didn't go [or hadn't yet gone] down the same dark path as her pony version). Parallels to Sunset Shimmer might be made and actively pointed out, either by other characters or Sunset/Starlight themselves.
  • Alternatively, the toy sets are something of a meta Red Herring, and the specials are completely unrelated or very vaguely related (such as that we see the girls attending a movie theater in, say, the Cold Open, but is not the focus of the story or even the setting it takes place). Cue the sad trombones. This also isn't the first time it has happened: Zecora, Sapphire Shores and Queen Chrysalis have gotten dolls in previous years, but haven't even been hinted at in the films or pretty much any related Equestria Girls media (Chrysalis' appearance in the app when scanned notwithstanding).
Kinda unrelated, but the "normal" dolls haven't been mentioned at all — the only things shown are related to the Equestria Girls Minis. And seeing how Legend of Everfree's toyline suffered from some really severe Invisible Advertising (not even a online-only commercial), with many dolls being online exclusives... It's all but stated that the brushable doll line is dead (or, being more positive, dormant for the time being). This can lend itself to unfortunate implications regarding the future of the Equestria Girls franchise.
  • Or the minis have proved more popular and they just decided to focus on them instead.
The next villain will be a Well-Intentioned Extremist who simply wants magic gone
  • Not everyone can be happy about a yearly, life-threatening attack on their school, no matter if everyone comes out fine by the end of it.


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