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Awesome / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree

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Crystal power!
  • The girls showing off their new powers, once they got the hang of it. Rarity and Applejack get some of the more impressive moments, from Rarity throwing a magic shield a la Captain America to save Derpy from falling into the lake to Applejack just casually lifting boulders and massive masts.
  • When faced with yet another powerful magical being, what do the girls decide to do? They decide to save the day, proving once again that these girls are just as heroic as their world-saving pony counterparts.
    Rarity: What are we going to do?
    Rainbow Dash: What we always do! Save the day!
    The girls' eyes met. What else could they do?
  • In the last film, Rainbow Dash got a pretty amazing moment fighting a Giant Carnivore Plant from another dimension, helping save the competition and her friends. In this one, not only does she get another cool moment, but so do the others. When Gaea Everfree arrives at the center of the camp and starts causing trouble, the girls do all they can to save their classmates, and it's quite a sight: Rarity jumps to save Lyra and Sweetie Drops from the falling totem pole with a surprisingly large gemstone shield, ponying up in the process; Rainbow Dash quickly gets them out of the way, and through Gaea's rampage she does her best to help the students that got caught in the vines; Applejack picks up and punches a boulder into the vine barrier; Pinkie Pie effectively uses her explosive sprinkles to save Rainbow when she gets caught; and Fluttershy tries to evacuate her classmates with a tunnel dug by gophers. Too bad their efforts prove unsuccessful.
    • The novelization, as expected, changes up the events a bit: Rarity defends some unspecified students from quite a few raging brambles, Applejack is stated to hurl multiple boulders, Pinkie Pie apparently coated a good chunk of the vine dome with explosive-sprinkles, and Rainbow Dash uses her Super Speed to confuse Gloriosa and kick up a cloud of dust around her. Since the students aren't being trapped in vine-cages, it's mentioned that they, at least, tried to fight back against the vines by the time Sunset and Twilight arrive. Rainbow Dash also, at one point, tries to sneakily take down Gloriosa. Their efforts aren't any more successful in this version, unfortunately.
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  • The fact that, after Flash Sentry spent three movies as a Satellite Love Interest-cum-scrappy, he finally gets some long overdue character development and even a minor subplot involving him getting over Twilight and trying to restart his friendship with Sunset.
  • While the vines are overgrowing the camp, a few of the campers run to hide in the main hall. Then, when Gaea sends an unspecified spell towards them, Celestia immediately plants herself in the doorway with her arms thrown out, clearly ready to pull a Go Through Me to defend the kids. Even if Gaea ignores her and just has vines cover the hall, it's a great moment that proves she's Princess Celestia's counterpart.
    • Better yet? She was shielding not only the students, but also her younger sister.
      • Still even better: although Princess Celestia got somewhat Demoted to Extra in the show, her human counterpart really got to shine here. And note that she doesn't hesitate, and doesn't flinch until the very last second when it's clear Gaea is just trapping them in the mess hall instead of... nastier things. Principal Celestia had no reason to believe Gaea wouldn't hurt or even kill them — if only by accident — and yet, she immediately goes to shield her students and sister. It's pretty amazing, even if it's a very short moment.
      • Also, she does the above without saying a word, in a stark contrast to Gaea, who just happens to be singing "right here, you have me to protect you". It's definitely one of these moments when one deed means more than a thousand words.
      • And probably the best thing about it: all of this happened within seconds. Celestia didn't have any time to think; instead, her instincts kicked in. That's right — the CHS students have a Mama Bear looking out for them.
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    • The novelization lets Luna share some of the awesomeness, as both she and Celestia straight-up try to tackle Gloriosa to the ground when she's distracted. The plan fails and they get captured by vines, unfortunately.
  • Maybe you like him or maybe you don't, but one cannot deny that Timber's attempts at getting to the warped Gloriosa are pretty impressive — he doesn't try to flee from her at any point. He tries, in vain, to cut down Gaea's brambles; like Celestia protecting her students, it's cut short by Gaea herself. And even when he's being held by the vines, he keeps trying to tearfully reason with her. It's pretty obvious Timber loves his sister dearly.
  • Rarity gets a lot of nice moments protecting people with her shields, but the best is when Twilight and Sunset manage to finally arrive at the camp and, once again, she immediately steps to erect a barrier and defend her friends. She also holds her ground against Gaea's vines for a surprisingly long time, even with her shield cracking and it being a very obvious drain on her. There's also a background moment of awesome, as when she collapses in Applejack's arms, she gets up again shortly after. It's easy to miss, since Twilight and Sunset are having a very dramatic moment in the foreground.
  • Alright, it can come across as rather corny, but it is also awesome: Twilight manages to vanquish Midnight Sparkle — and with her, all her insecurities about being a threat to others — with the help of her friends. And then, she defeats Gaea within seconds. That's quite the accomplishment, especially following all her angst early on and that she had never properly ponied up before. Sunset Shimmer also gets an awesome moment here, as not only can she, apparently, bridge her mind with Twilight's and give her well-needed moral support against Midnight Sparkle — but she can also bring her other friends (that's six people) to help. That's one heck of a display of psychic power.
    • Look closely: shortly after ponying up, she immediately takes flight and effortlessly bursts through Rarity's barrier. Impressive as, again, Twilight never ponied up before (naturally, not counting the whole Midnight Sparkle affair), and Rarity's dome shield held up impressively against Gloriosa.
    • It's a bit more impressive in the novelization, if only because Midnight Sparkle is actually trying to seize control of Twilight — she's a literal alternate personality. Twilight even briefly transforms into Midnight Sparkle, but successfully fights back with the help of her friends and takes the reins. It unfortunately gets rid of Sunset's psych power awesomeness (as everything happens in "real life" in real time).
  • After the crisis is averted, Gloriosa is forgiven and everyone — including the Humane Seven — pitch in to help clean up the mess and help with the fundraiser to save Camp Everfree. Cue them showing off their powers again. Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • The fact that Derpy, or rather her human counterpart, got to speak again, even if it was just one sentence, is awesome. In fact, she has as much screentime in this movie than the previous three put together.

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