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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree

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  • Where did Midnight Sparkle's name come from? She's not named in the previous movie (it's mentioned in the novelization, but that has too many discrepancies with the movie to count) and Twilight's avoiding talking about it. Also, none of the other Superpowered Evil Side had new names (Gaia Everfree was taken from an existing legend), so why Midnight?
    • Perhaps it's the Humane Six's way of trying to make Twilight feel better about what happened. By naming the Superpowered Evil Side, it draws a distinction between her and the real Twilight.
    • Maybe it was all in Twilight's mind? Sunset doesn't know it until she read it.
  • Why do people think Gloriosa is evil? She was just possesed.
  • Why are there only two supervising adults for a full bus of students? And why said adults are the Principal Sisters, anyway? Don't they have other responsibilities? Like running the school?
    • DHX, the main production company, is based in Vancouver, and two adults for a busload is actually more than would be usual for a high school field trip in BC.
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    • Also, it's not the whole school. It's probably not so much a school trip than a summer vacation trip, and the Principal Sisters are just their chaperons. They mention raising enough money to make the trip, by the way.
  • Why is Twilight the only Alicorn when Sunset Shimmer did a much better job in getting the girls used to their new powers. Throughout the whole movie, Sunset was trying to get Twilight to embrace her powers, not to run from them. She should be an Alicorn like Twilight or be the only Alicorn. She's a better leader than Twilight.
    • Probably because Human Twilight's pony counterpart is already an alicorn, while Sunset was a regular unicorn when she lived in Equestria.
    • It's kinda uncertain what the criteria for being an alicorn is, and I doubt it's simply 'be awesome'. It certainly seems that Princess Celestia holds an important role, as she was there for both Cadance and Twilight's transformation. Given that her counterpart is a muggle, that's obviously not happening. As for why Human Twilight's costume has both wings and horn, the magic being clearly tied to the elements of harmony suggests that this is in some way connected to her pony self. She's a human after all, the only magic she possesses is borrowed from Equestria.
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    • Most likely, it's just to be consistent with Princess Twilight, and not for any other reason. As for Sunset, despite how far she's come, it still might be that she's not ready or simply can't (not that she seems to care anymore, though). Remember that Twilight's ascension seems to have been the first time that any one of Celestia's students has done so, meaning that Celestia can't just "make alicorns", so it's likely that Sunset was never capable to begin with.
  • On a lighter note – I can totally understand Rarity making a bunch of pretty clothes for her fashion show, but... where did the formal outfits for all students at the camp come from? And why were Celestia and Luna stuck in their standard office clothes, anyway? Didn't Rarity feel the urge to make some nice evening wear for them, regardless of whether they wanted it or not? Or was she afraid of trying it after the "Photo Finish ordeal"?
    • They might have turned her offer down, as two adults getting possibly expensive hand-made gifts from a student could be seen as inappropriate. Even if it wasn't, they could have said no thank you just so she wouldn't have to worry about their outfits on top of it all.
    • You do have a point, but there still is the other question. Namely: where did all the students at the camp get their formal wear? Especially the guys? All that Rarity made for the fashion show were a few dresses, and I highly doubt anyone had come to the camp as Crazy-Prepared as she had.
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    • Rainbow Dash could have picked them up while running around delivering the invitations.
    • Considering all the event costumes she made in a presumably relatively short timeframe in "Friendship Games", I would not be surprised if she had enough fabric in all that luggage to make them(which I assumed is how she had the material to make the original outfits for the fashion show).
  • Why don't the Humane Five directly use their powers against Gloriosa Daisy, instead of attacking her vines?
    • That's still a corrupted human behind that monster, and many of their powers could be dangerous if used offensively. They were probably afraid that they'd hurt her.
    • Gloriosa also doesn't know that they've got magic now, so if they use it on her, she could become more aggressive. Priority one was to get the other students to safety by helping them escape her prison. Once the students are safe, then they can tackle her.
  • Considering that their powers are related to the powers of the Pony counterparts, shouldn't the Geodes give Pinkie Toon Physics-inspired powers, ala The Mask?
    • The meta reason is that it's probably a Story-Breaker Power. Pinkie being able to make sprinkles explode does at least tie into her crazy party planning skills in Equestria.


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