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Tear Jerker / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree

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"They musn’t see the midnight in me..."
  • In general, Twilight regularly shows that — as noted by the crew in the DVD commentary — she's not used to having people (besides her family, most likely) whom she can trust and who actually care about her and her feelings. While heartwarming, it's also very sad that the only person she opens up to is Sunset Shimmer.
  • Even after leaving the horrible environment of Crystal Prep, Human Twilight Sparkle still cannot catch a break as she's tormented with nightmares of Midnight Sparkle vaporizing her friends and forcibly taking over her body. And now, a subtle one: when unpacking their stuff at their tent, Sunset mentions that Twilight looked pretty freaked out back in the bus; Spike then mentions that it was probably another of Twilight's nightmares. They're recurring nightmares, and it's not much of an stretch to assume she's been suffering them ever since The Friendship Games.
    • The novelization changed the first nightmare a bit: rather than a separate Midnight appearing in her mirror, she sees herself slowly transform into Midnight Sparkle. There's this single, but fairly tragic line that shows early on that Twilight honestly believes her newfound friends would reject her for being a monster.
    The Equestria Girls backed away from her in fear.
    • Oh, then she has another nightmare that makes her basically try to pull an Screw This, I'm Outta Here!. Sounds funny? It really isn't.
    • Sunset literally has to read her mind in order to find out what's troubling her. That's how tightly she keeps all these negative feelings bottled up.
  • The way Twilight not only lays all the blame about the whole Midnight Sparkle incident on herself, but also how she just dismisses her feelings of guilt and depression with a "what do I have to complain about" since she's been Easily Forgiven. It's fairly heartbreaking, even if Sunset is there to (try) to cheer her up.
    • When the Mane 7 start developing their powers, Twilight immediately believes it's because of her. She stops all interactions with everyone but Sunset and Timber, stays mostly alone at the tent or in the forest and at one point tries to sneak home at night through the forest without a guide. If Sunset and Timber wouldn't have found her, she might have gotten lost or worse.
  • Human Twilight Sparkle again barely acknowledging Flash Sentry when he helps her, though she at least bothered to learn his name. He sadly remarks that he just remembered she doesn't know him and walks away. She asks Sunset Shimmer why he keeps trying to talk to her and she explains how Flash liked Princess Twilight. This means in the time between Friendship Games and this film, Princess Twilight had not visited nor contacted Flash, and Sunset and the others had not bothered to talk to either Human Twilight or Flash about the misunderstanding.
    • It can't be easy for Flash to see a girl who looks exactly like the girl he has a crush showing interest for another guy when she doesn't show any interest for him. It must really be insulting that Human Twilight and Timber Spruce's interactions are, in a way, remarkably similar to Flash and Princess Twilight, yet Human Twilight immediately takes a liking to Timber instead.
    • What's worse is even though Flash knows he shouldn't be jealous since he knows this isn't "his" Twilight, he can't help but feel upset. Then Sunset comes and tells him he needs to get over Twilight completely. Even if Sunset was trying to be nice to Flash, she doesn't come off as being very considerate, nor does she seem to take into account how Princess Twilight feels about Flash.
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    • And when Flash comes and tells Sunset Shimmer she was right to tell him that, and tentatively inquires if she would like start over as friends? She pretty much waves him off (admittedly for a good reason, but he doesn't know this) and leaves with a halfhearted "that's great, gotta go". Fortunately, Derpy is there to comfort him (again).
  • The "The Midnight in Me" song that Twilight sings. She just lays it all out, everything she's been bottling up, and you want to hug her. In particular, the line where she expresses that her new friends "mustn't see the midnight in me". Shortly after the song (following a scene with Sunset wondering where she is), she tries to reassure herself.
    Twilight Sparkle: Keep it together. Deep breaths. You are not a monster.
  • The reveal for Gloriosa's weird behavior through the film and eventual turn to villainy: the camp has fallen behind on bills and is being bought by Filthy Rich to turn into a spa resort. Her livelihood, her home, and her family's land for four generations, is being taken from her. Everything she's done during the film, her use of magic, her workaholic behavior, her forced happiness front, is to try and make the last set of campers she'll ever host have the best time she can give them.
  • Despite the fact that Gaea, a twisted Gloriosa wants to save the camp and is an Anti-Villain, her vines put all the camp facilities in jeopardy. The dining hall, sundial, and gazebo become overgrown, the dock is wrecked, no one can get to the tents, and the totem pole topples and nearly crushes Lyra and Bon Bon. She doesn't even realize she's destroying part of what she wants to protect, just as she doesn't realize the students are terrified of her.
    • Worse, it's implied that she is aware of how scared they are, as at one point she gently sings that "this is for their own good" and tells them not to be afraid, and that "nature is their friend." Gloriosa is so corrupted and twisted by the magic that she honestly believes she is doing the right thing by holding the campers hostage.
  • Timber's attempts to get through to his crazed sister count as this, especially as after the first attempt she ceases to even react to his pleas, as if she doesn't hear him at all. He gets desperate enough that he resorts to tearfully pleading to the entity she has become to let his sister go, again to no effect.
    • Considering how they've been arguing through the movie about how she's been running the camp, what if Gloriosa was ignoring him because she's angry at him for not being supportive?
  • Twilight's fears of turning back into her Superpowered Evil Side get so severe by the end of the film that she tearfully pleads with Sunset Shimmer to just let her not use magic, even if she has to because her friends, love interest and classmates are in danger.
    Sunset Shimmer: [to Twilight] It's up to you. You can use your magic to pull the brambles apart!
    Twilight Sparkle: No. There's too many of them. It would take too much magic. I can't!
    Sunset Shimmer: It's the only way! You have to embrace the magic inside you!
    Twilight Sparkle: What if she takes over? What if instead of saving everyone, I turn into Midnight Sparkle and only make things worse?
    Sunset Shimmer: That won't happen! We won't let it.


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