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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Magical Movie Night

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  • Sunset Shimmer's magic color has changed from teal to red. Word of God is that is was deliberate to signify her "redemption & epiphany colour from when she pony-ups in RR". Why is it then that fellow redeemed villains Princess Luna and Starlight Glimmer's magic color remained the same?
    • Sunset's exposure to magic in the human world, which operates in very different manners, has altered it in heretofore unprecedented ways.
    • It's just more evidence that magic color is just for audience convenience and is no more real than the background music.
    • She was wearing her magic crystal when she went to Equestria it but was nowhere to be found when she was a pony; perhaps that had something to do with it.
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    • The wording of that Word of God bit implies that the "Pony-Up" moment played a part in why her magic aura changed color. Luna and Starlight didn't have such a moment.
  • Why are the human worlds version of the "Power Ponies" still called "Ponies"? And why would "Stalwart Stallion" be named as such in a world full of humans?
    • Then again, why is Rocky Balboa called "The Italian Stallion"? In other words, like in the real world a nickname of "stallion" can be used for a man who is known for strength/virility.
    • Maybe the human world's versions of the Power Ponies get their power from magical ponies, hence the nickname. Now, where have I heard that before?
  • Sunset trying and failing to grab with her hooves, then Starlight reminding Sunset of her horn. Last I checked, haven't ponies been shown using their hooves just as well as hands at times?
    • Besides the fact that unicorns would have less need to learn such, Sunset's so out of practice she needed to be reminded to not walk bipedal and that she even had magic. If she forgot that, how to use hooves seems minor in comparison.
  • Why did Sunset not have problems remembering at the start of the first movie, when she would have spent a longer time as a human, without anypony to remind her or causing the same amount of ruckus and drawing attention to herself? Since the portal was originally only open for three days at a time, two of which take place in the human world, giving Sunset a day at most to relearn everything on top of getting up to speed on recent history. Then again, her presence there already has so many issues that we're probably not supposed to question it any further.
    • Once reminded it only took Sunset a matter of seconds to remember how to use her magic and walk on all fours, so she had more than enough time in the first movie to remember/adjust on her own.
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    • Sunset's also fairly distracted here, while in the first movie she's got a clear goal in mind. She would have prepared for the adjustment that time.

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