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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

Asami will play a very important role in giving Korra the advantage over Amon. Maybe she'll be the one to ultimately take him down
Korra will probably be outmatched as Amon fights dirty. At the very least, she'll probably get her break only by Asami's intervention. Besides even in the last series the only thing that worked against Chi Blockers in close combat is Muggle Martial arts and I mean look at Sokka and Suki. To add to that, she'll probably use the Equalists' own weapons and maybe even a Mecha against them (she has tried the gloves already). It would also be a serious blow to Amon's agenda that he really represents the interests of all non-benders.

Hiroshi will die sooner or later in the series. At the very least he goes to prison for a long long time.
Because Redemption Equals Death is the typical fate of the Avatar-verse's Well-Intentioned Extremist, or in the case of Hama, captured and imprisoned again. For details, I'm guessing that his desire for vengeance will overrule his love for his daughter and he probably will knock her away when she pleads for him to stop. That is, until the Equalists decide to start attacking anyone, including non-benders in their way. He realizes his mistake, possibly with a My God, What Have I Done? moment and dies in the end by Taking the Bullet to save her from the attack of a mecha.

Tearjerker bonus if he dies or goes to prison with a Final Speech telling her he's sorry for all he did and if she'll forgive him. Additional bonus points if he has a Last Request to Mako to take care of Asami for him. Asami's already among the Biggest Woobies as of Episode 7 and what better way to pour more Angst and Tearjerkers into the show?

  • Jossed for how it happens, but in season four confirmed when Hiroshi sacrifices himself shortly after redeeming himself to his daughter.

Asami looks like Lust because...
Someone's evil. Either Asami, 'cause that's obvious, or Mike and Bryan, because seriously, you can't trust that girl when all you're thinking of is poor Havoc...
  • Seconded. As utterly unfair as it is to compare Asami to another 'verse's villain on looks alone, the unintended similarities are so striking for this troper that Asami rings alarm-bells in spite of evidence she's genuinely nice and not, say, evil and planning stab Mako once she loses interest.
  • Jossed - The creators have noted it to be a coincidence, but they have however embraced the similarities between the two. See the Shout-Out entry on the main page. The link to Bryan's tumblr fills out the details.
    • Maybe they embrace it because they're evil.
  • Who is Lust?

Asami is related to June on her mothers side
It may just be me but the two look very similar.
  • I just realized recently that the reason I didn't trust Asami when she first appeared was that, for just a split second when she takes off her goggles, she looks exactly like June.

Hiroshi Sato knew Sokka.
Specifically, Sokka was the one who gave him the loan that helped Hiroshi's satomoblies take off. After all, we know Sokka has a thing for gadgets and inventions and might have even seen a bit of himself in Hiroshi.

Asami having an ulterior motive?
This troper predicts that she only wants the fame of being a probender's lover, and will ditch Mako when he voluntarily leaves probending to help Korra with the Equalists or the Fire Ferrets will lose by a major margin in the finals. Once Mako has no tie to probending, she'll move on to a 'better' probender. Just a theory, but does anyone care to add their two cents?
  • If all she wanted was a pro/trophy boyfriend she probably had better choices other than the hot new guy. If Asami and/or her dad are Equalists she either bribed the referees to save Mako or convinced Amon/her dad to do it. Any further motives hinge on whether Asami knows and cares that she's in a love triangle/rectangle with all three Fire Ferrets.
    • Especially considering that the Fire Ferrets are still kind of a rookie team. If Asami wanted a pro-bender for a "trophy boyfriend", she'd likely go for one with more prestige, such one who has won championships.

Asami paid off the referees in 'And the Winner is...'.
Mako said that someone wants the Fire Ferrets to lose. That isn't necessarily Tahno and the Wolfbats, who may just tend to fight dirty anyway. If Asami has connections to the Equalists (given the Equalists' technology, a connection to Future Industries seems plausible), but does care for Mako or the Ferrets, she might have wanted to ensure that it was the Wolfbats, not the Ferrets, that got unbent by Amon.
  • As of episode seven, it's more likely her father did it. He'd be in a better position to as well.
  • Jossed: it would seem the wolfbats did that on their own.

Asami will eventually join the fight against the Equalists and start wearing spy catsuits.
Because despite her being Spoiled Sweet, a major pro-bending fan, and able to draw out Mako's
Adorkable side, most vocal viewers still think that either she and/or her father will be shown having some connection to the Equalists or she's a Mary Sue. This is way too convenient a theory, and it's probably popular due to four factors none of which are more than loosely if at all relevant to the main plot of the story: the fact that she looks like Lust, The Last Airbender movie's Yue actress being her VA, the threat she presents to Makorra, and the fact that she's rich. Now let's put these all in a different context.

-Looking like Lust? Brychael have publicly embraced that resemblance via Bryan's Tumblr after having it pointed out to them.
-Makorra? Episode five clearly shows Brychael are willing to troll ship warriors, and Korra's handling of her crush on Mako has hardly been portrayed as a positive in the early going (which in itself is an example of the Fridge Brilliance in Korra's immaturity in general — her sheltered upbringing justifies her portrayal as a reflection on the hardliners in her own fanbase).
-The Satos being rich? The orignial series' Five-Man Band included two kids of a chief, a runaway noble, and a banished prince. Clearly their families have established a powerful trust of sorts within the world since that war, what with Aang having a Statue of Liberty in the city, Katara being the reasonable member of the White Lotus, their son a city councilman, and Toph's daughter the chief of metalbending police. Furthermore, the Satos actually contributed something positive to the world to earn their station in life, so why should we assume they'd side with the guys whose idea of equality is to bog everyone down?

The Avatarverse is a world overflowing with tropes, many of which have been either subverted, played atypically, or toyed with and averted. With so many little things playing out in ways that have the fanbase wistfully thinking Asami is Obviously Evil without even looking at her characterization or place in the story that we've seen thus far, she is bound to go in the opposite direction, remain a face, and NOT overtake the story.

  • JOSSED. Her father WAS an Equalist, but she doesn't join him. Instead, she becomes one of the primary members of New Team Avatar, and a good friend of Korra come Book 3/

Asami will become an Air Acolyte or hone herself into being a Badass Normal for the team
She is moving in with Tenzin along with Mako and Bolin, and she likely will find the lifestyle more appealing than the one she had as a Spoiled Sweet girl. Otherwise, she will learn from them to become a true Badass Normal for the Krew against the Equalists, being the much-needed The Team Normal that is unfilled.
  • In addition to that, Asami's going to be eventually be the Wrench Wench / Gadgeteer Genius for the team. Aside from growing up in the lap of luxury, Asami grew up knowing about automobiles and mechanics in general. Hiroshi was probably grooming her to succeed him in heading the company, so she knows a thing or two about machines, which will come in handy against the Equalist Mechas that are made of pure platinum, i.e Metalbenders can't come near them so they have to be taken out another way.
  • What's this "hone" nonsense I hear? As of episode 7, it's pretty clear that she was a Badass Normal all along.

Asami can't be an Equalist by sheer fact that it creates a big, gaping plothole.
Hiroshi Sato had the Avatar, the most powerful Airbender in the world (the only current Airbending master alive, actually), and the chief of metalbending police unconscious. Why would he give that all up just so he can have his daughter hang out with the brothers again? It makes no sense. He had everyone important captured, there was no need for Asami to go undercover. Even if we're to take into account Amon saying he would save Korra for last, there's still no reason for him to let Tenzin and Lin go. Especially since taking them out would further his plan AND hurt Korra. Plus, it would leave everyone on Airbender Island open for attack, where the only known Airbenders being Tenzin's kids. He gave up all that just to make Asami a double agent? No.
  • As a wrestling fan, I have seen TNA pull off way too many of this same kind of asinine Character Derailment Shocking Swerve Face–Heel Turn by guys selling out to some Spotlight-Stealing Big Bad that anyone still on the "Equalist!Asami" bandwagon is basically asking for.
  • Then that begs the question of why they would spend an entire episode, when they only have five left, trying to make her sympathetic just to have it mean nothing? That doesn't really sound like Mike and Bryan. At least when Zuko gave up his chance at redemption, it made sense. I dunno. I am of the simple belief that Asami is Suki 2.0
  • And this is actually my point. Mike and Bryan do not treat the Avatarverse like TNA writers treat TNA. They don't pander to the bizarro equivalent of a smark, and they don't pull constant stupid "shock twists" out of their ass. They don't do things like turning a memetic soldier ready to strike out on his own as a major badass face into a hate-mongering lackey jobber in one night. They don't have an acrofatic physical killer destroy a group for months in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for breaking his arm, have a chance to win a hard fought ladder match to become world heavyweight champion at his fingertips, then literally just stop and give the title to the enemy faction's leader, who he's hated since they met on the roster in the first place, on a silver platter. They actually write stories that make sense.
    If Asami was actually an Equalist spy, there was literally no better time than the moment she took that gauntlet from her father to make The Reveal and join him in his Face–Heel Turn by attacking Mako. It almost literally would've won Amon the war then and there. Instead, she did the opposite, and like you said, it made the entire episode a sympathetic look at her. For this to be a ruse where she later turns out to be Evil All Along, especially with five episodes left in this seasonal arc, IMO would just smack of the same - derailing a character into a jerkass as a means to an end for other characters (in this case shipping). For that to be the road paved to Makorra would stain that ship for many a sane or non-shipper, and even risk putting people off the show depending on how much they liked Asami before or how much Makorra gets shoved down their throats since. This isn't Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara (who thankfully no longer work for the company), this is Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. These gentlemen are not self-deluded idiots.

Hiroshi Sato will have a Heel–Face Turn after the shock of his daughter's clear disapproval truly sinks in.
  • Given what happened to a certain non-bender who wanted to do right in extreme ways, he will likely die as a result.
    • Bonus points if Asami calls the old man out, telling him that her mother would never approve of him helping in ways that would kill/or harm countless innocent people and he realizes that she's right.
      • Well, there was no Heel–Face Turn, at least not in book 1 (though not confirmed dead, he was effectively stopped and he's definitely fallen off the slippery slope). But her calling him out and stating that her mother would hate what he's turned into did occur in the finale. And he seems to be showing remorse for his actions when he reappears in Book 4.
    • Confirmed in the season four finale, Hiroshi sacrifices himself shortly after reconciling with his daughter.

The Satos' dynamic with Hiroshi being for the Equalists and Asami against them will lead to a revelation about the true nature of Amon's end objectives.

Asami and Mako's Crash-Into Hello was a ploy on Asami's part... get into Mako's pants.
  • You say that like it's a bad thing.

Mrs. Sato's death was arranged by Amon.
The man's a criminal mastermind playing the long game. He arranged for a firebending triad to loot the Sato mansion and kill Hiroshi's wife, with the aim of cultivating a useful ally in his crusade against benders. Even if Hiroshi didn't come to blame benders, Amon would still have generated some bad press for firebenders with such a high profile crime.

Hiroshi's involvement will come back to bite the Equalists in the ass
Sure they got away, but they left behind thick walls made out of pure platinum. If Republic City can't find a way to use that to their advantage, it deserves to lose.
  • How?
    • Platinum is a powerful catalyst. Gasoline (or something else readily flammable)+something containing nitrate or nitrite+platinum=great balls of fire, which firebenders can proceed to throw into the cockpit and roast the pilot alive.
      • Mako, brother, meet your new superpowered flare gun.
      • Jossed.

An Equalist/Amon helped Hiroshi start up his company
Amon recognized Hiroshi's genius potential and cultivated it, hoping to turn Hiroshi into an ally. He had one of his most loyal followers help Hiroshi and win his trust, and used that trust to influence Hiroshi's opinions against benders. The efforts were largely unsuccessful until the death of Mrs. Sato; Amon's agent took advantage of the tragedy to convince Hiroshi that all benders were evil. The agent also advised Hiroshi not to overtly change his stance on benders to avoid suspicion.
  • Well, at least this version of the "Equalists financed Hiroshi" theory clarifies that Hiroshi wasn't just arbitrarily bought.

Asami will glom on to the sweet ride that Tarrlok tried to bribe Korra with.
And the vehicle will become the team's official ride/getaway car.

Asami will become Bumi's pupil in the same way that Sokka was to Piandao
(See Gaang's Descendants page) Although she likes/knows Satomobiles/machines to be The Smart Guy in that field compared to Mako being one in general leadership, learning under Bumi, who has his own style/tech while giving a better edge than simply "Rest of the Krew cover me while I sabotage this factory/machine's weak spot." Said upgrades will provide a one-off Giant Mecha to counter Hiroshi's Super Mecha-Tank in an emotional battle near the end that chips away at Hiroshi's resolve and makes him what the hell kind of world the Equalists are fighting for if she's not around to live in it.

Zuko and Asami will have a heart to heart about their fathers
At some point, Zuko will visit the island, and he and Asami will bond. He'll give her some advice about turning against family to do what's right, and they'll have tea.
  • For bonus points, they'll go to a local Jade Dragon as a Call-Back to Zuko's relationship with Iroh.

Hiroshi Sato will have a Villainous Breakdown, Azula-style.
First a firebending gangster took his wife. Now, he's going to blame a firebending street rat for taking his daughter from him. He's going to get a whole lot worse before he gets better (assuming he ever does). Confirmed, sort of. In the last episode he tried to kill his daughter in anger, but it wasn't anywhere close to Captain Crazypants Azula's breakdown.

Hiroshi will break the non-benders out of prison using his battle mechas
A bunch of innocent non-benders, including Asami, have been arrested and are being held prisoner by Tarrlok. Hiroshi seems to be sincere in his Equalist views and he probably still cares about Asami even after her betrayal. And he has the necessary machinery and resources to stage a massive prison break.
  • Further prediction: Asami will not accept the rescue, saying that he's escalating the conflict, just like Tarrlok, and that she'd rather be legally released from prison. She also won't leave without Mako and Bolin, and her father refuses to help "the enemy".
    • Jossed.

Hiroshi encouraged the budding Asami/Mako relationship to distract Asami from his Equalist activities
In the first episode, Amon talks about them moving up their plans due to the Avatar's presence. Their plans probably required significant development and manufacturing from Hiroshi. He was still trying to hide his involvement with the Equalists from Asami when the instructions to speed up development came, so he needed some way to hide how much more he was working from her so she wouldn't ask questions. When he found out she had met a guy, he was probably ecstatic, seeing it as the perfect solution. He wasn't quite as pleased when he found out the boy was a firebender, but continued to pretend to give his full support to the pairing, to avoid raising Asami's suspicions.

Asami will become Korra’s Cool Big Sister
Because Korra was sheltered all her life she has little to no experience with so called “wide world”, she is immature and awkward when it comes to any sort of relationship (situation with Mako), she is also a bit naïve and generally is not a people person (Tarrlok’s party). She still shows interest in a romance and being more feminine, she wants to learn. Asami as a daughter of the richest guy in the city probably was on many parties and met many people from the high social circles. She also seems to be a Spoiled Sweet, really wanting to help her friends. I think that at some moment these two will get a bonding moment when Asami will help Korra with her social issues. Their relationship will develop in a similar way as these of Toph and Katara, only not with a “mother substitute” but a Cool Big Sister instead.
  • Confirmed by Book 3. Bring on the Les Yay.
    • Season 4 is for you then.

Asami is going to become a Clingy Jealous Girl so Mako will have a reason to leave her and go for Korra
This troper personally perfers Asami/Mako to Makorra, but given the way she was eyeing the two in "When Extremes Meet", it looks like she's on her way to becoming a Green-Eyed Monster.
  • From how she asked Bolin about Mako and Korra in Out of the Past, she does seem jealous, but also sad that Mako pays more attention to Korra than her in the episode. I'm guessing that she'll confront Mako about it in the next episode. I also ship Asami and Mako so I'm really hoping that they don't break them up just to have Makorra.
  • Original poster here, I agree you. If they can bring Makorra around in a believable way I'll accept it but sacrificing a character just for a ship seems stupid. Masami and Borra FTW.
    • Ultimately Jossed Asami averts being clingy and eventually just breaks up with him, with a small revival in season 2, and in subsequent seasons becomes closer to Korra.

Asami's going to end up as Daddy's Little Villain
Well, Love Makes You Evil and after the events of the most recent episodes, Asami does not look very happy about the fact that Mako still seems to have feelings for Korra. She's going to join up with the equalists because she feels that Mako prefers Korra over her because she's a bender, going bit mad in the process because bending seems to have taken away everything she's loved. Her mum was killed by a firebender (along with everyone else's) Her boyfriend prefers a bender over her and her dad went over to the dark side because of the first reason.
  • Highly improbable for the simple fact that we've already had a non-Bender traitor in Hiroshi Sato, and repeating the same basic plotline would be rather weak in show as short as this. It would also undermine the series' goal to give equal treatment to Benders and non-Benders, in moral terms. Turning the only non-Bender of the Team Avatar to a bad guy over petty jealousy would be compareable to Sokka joining the Fire Nation; it just doesn't fly. No doubt there's going to be a confrontation of some sort, and it may well be angry and bitter, but it's not going to turn Asami into a villain.
    • Likely on the way to a prompt Jossing as of episode 10. She knows about the kiss, but the only person she's getting on about it is Mako and she still likes Korra (as a friend).
    • Jossed. She doesn't join her father. Instead, she calls him out for his behavior while fighting him in a mecha tank.

If Asami and Mako break up she'll go for Bolin instead
There isn't any evidence for it but why not?
  • It Asami and Mako have a serious talk in Episode 10, and it ends in Asami leaving Mako, she could rebound to Bolin out of (A) spite, (B) first person she runs into, or (C) Bolin just trying to comfort Asami. Thoughts?
    • Out of those options C seems the most likely and in keeping with Asami and Bolin's characters. Asami doesn't seem like the type to use Bolin out of spite, but you never know, she might show some Hidden Depths.
      • Jossed. She & Bolin never hook up. He becomes interested in Eska in Book 2 and becomes an Offical Couple with Opal in Books 3 & 4. Asami spends the rest of the seasons becoming closer to Korra.

Hiroshi Sato will manipulate the Love Triangle situation to get Asami to turn sides.
  • Possible, but a more likely version is that after the love triangle blows up, Asami will be hurt and angry enough not only to just leave Air Temple Island, but to find and rejoin her father, now with her own motives for fighting benders, or at least getting rid of Mako and Korra.
    • This could also end in Asami pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment in the end, when either Mako, Korra, or maybe even Bolin calls Asami out on the fact she is taking her anger out on all benders because of one failed relationship. It could work, and be really impressive if done properly. Especially if Bolin or Mako is the one to talk Asami out of working with the Equalists.
    • I'd see it far more likely that Asami will call Hiroshi out for assuming that her ideals are so shallow that a failed relationship could screw them up, and then chew up the rest of the Team Avatar for assuming that she'd turn against them. What better Take That! could there be for the fans who assume that the sole non-Bender of the Team is just inches away from becoming an Equalist.

Asami will remain good throughout the series despite angst over her father and Mako.
She chose her side because she genuinely believes it's right, not because she was siding with her new boyfriend over her father. Even if Mako does break her heart, she won't defect.
  • Comfirmed
    • The poor girl was given just about every reason imaginable reason that is normally given for a betraying Team Avatar. It was just shocking that she stayed the good path.

Asami and Mako will split up and Makorra will become canon for a while but then Mako will go back to Asami.
Heavy Ship Tease indicates that Makorra will become canon soon. But maybe Mako and Korra will find out that while their personalities work well as friends they clash too often as a couple. They're both very strong personalities, which might not work in romance. They will break up mutually, and Mako will become a couple with Asami again.
  • Bonus points if the Makorra breakup happens in episode 1 of Season 2.
  • Let's hope. Mako is already beginning to come off like a prize douche. And if he breaks Asami's heart and doesn't end up regretting it, I'd call that confirmation.
    • I think Mako comes off more as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who is just has Selective Obliviousness
      • No, Mako is definitely bad news.
    • Mako seems to regret breaking Asami's heart in their "goodbye" scene. And he seems to genuinely care for Korra, as well. I chalk the whole "it's complicated" thing up to dorky teenage hormonal angsty-ness, myself.
      • Confirmed, but the love triangle gets rather bumpy in Book 2. By the end of it, Mako has neither Korra nor Asami, who spend the next two seasons getting closer.

Linking to the above WMG...
Korra and Asami will both just grow sick of Mako's indecision and jerkishness and become better friends (with Les Yay subtext) just to spite him.
  • Confirmed, but not out of spite.

The Satos are descended from Lian the Maker or linked to her in some other way.
  • Descended is probably not likely, considering they're Fire Nation and she's Earth Kingdom. However it is a pretty cool theory.
    • Well, Asami has green eyes which hints at Earth Kingdom heritage so...
    • According to the above link, the Future Industries logo resembles Lian's signature mark. The evidence, it is accruing.

Asami will become a Fake Defector
  • Jossed, Asami stays firmly on the side of good.

After all is said and done, Asami will shock Mako
He has been unfaithful and while she understands the heart wants what it wants she'll still be heartbroken. After they break up, she'll turn her glove on Mako and after shocking him she'll say something along the lines of "Now I forgive you"
  • Jossed, Instead she just gets with Korra herself.

Hiroshi will have a Heel–Face Turn
Think about it. Amon and the Equalists have shown no problem with attacking non-benders who he considers Category Traitors such as the non-bending memebers of the police force and Shiro Shinobi. And you get much more Category Traitor than Asami. Equalists will try to attack her but Hiroshi will go all Papa Wolf and pull a Heel–Face Turn.
  • He might well come to his senses if he saw a Bender mother torn from her non-Bender family, like his wife was taken from him and Asami.
  • He does seem close to a My God, What Have I Done? moment in Episode 10.
  • Tentatively Jossed, I suppose. The Equalists are over, and Hiroshi just became worse with the finale, coming to the conclusion that Asami couldn't be 'saved' and trying to kill her. Bolin calls him a horrible father during the following rescue, something that Asami agrees with just before hitting him with a shocking bola.
    • It ain't jossed until he's dead and still unrepentant.
    • Confirmed! He helps Republic City fight back against Kuvira.

Asami is a descendant from June of A:TLA
Think about it. The look VERY similar and they are Badass Normal to their own extent.
  • Plus, they both look of Fire Nation ansestry
    • Wasn't June supposed to be of Earth Kingdom ancestry? This would still point to Asami being descended from her since her green eyes imply that her mother was Earth Kingdom because her father, with his mutton chops and amber eyes, is straight out of the Fire Nation.

Asami will end up marrying Meelo
Come on, that would be HILARIOUS, especially if Meelo grew up to be a very attractive man.

Hiroshi and the Cabbage Corp. Man will eventually reconcile with a hug and become best friends.
Because that would just be really heartwarming.

Asami will learn a bit of history about her father, about how destitute he really was before his fortune.
We see the Krew get taken in by Gommu and his fellow underground hobos in the season 1 finale teaser. Asami casually drops her last name, and another hobo recognizes it and has some choice words about Mr. Sato. Cue shocking revelation for Asami.

Hiroshi will go to prison, but escape and become the new villain of Season 2.
Hey, Yakone managed to break out and turn his sons into villains using years of abuse. Hiroshi will break out with the help of some remaining Equalists, repair the mechas or upgrade them, or begin to build new weapons nobody knows about. However, thanks to Amon accidentally revealing his true identity, the Equalists will have to hide in the shadows because otherwise they won't be taken seriously. Hiroshi or someone else will also don Amon's mask in an effort to pretend that Amon is neither dead nor a waterbender.
  • Jossed. Unalaq & Vaatu become the villains of Book 2. Hiroshi is still in prison as of Book 4.

Another reason why Asami couldn't be an Equalist.
  • Because two people such as Hiroshi and the Lieutenant would never place themselves in a position to be electrocuted and taken out within in seconds just to hide the identity of one person.

Lust from FMA is Asami's mother
Asami looks like her and Lust was killed by Roy Mustang who is a firebender.

Hiroshi himself is responsible for his wife's death.
No, I'm not suggesting he outright murdered her himself, but rather that he simply caused her death. The Agni Kai raid on the Sato mansion was actually arranged by Hiroshi himself as an insurance scam: Get the triad to mess up the place, pretend some antiques have been stolen, ect, and collect the insurance money. Hiroshi, knowing that his wife and daughter wouldn't approve, doesn't tell them that the raid is just a scam, but instructs the Agni Kais not to hurt them. However, Mrs. Sato attempts to call the authorities and gets burned to death for her trouble. At this point, the fake raid becomes a real one and the Sato mansion is ruined.

In present day, Hiroshi is unable to cope with the knowledge that he himself is to blame, and instead decides to not merely put the blame solely on the Agni Kais, but on all benders in general. He may even have blocked out the memory of arranging the raid himself to avoid facing his guilt.

Asami will arrange a merger between Future Industries and Varrick's unnamed company in Book 2.
She specifically mentions "someone in the Southern Water Tribe" who can help Future Industries with their financial crisis in the SDCC animatic, and given what we know about Verick, he's obviously the one she means. With his own charisma and "captain of industry" status, he'll join forces with Future Industries and help them by getting their finances in order and persuading their customers that Hiroshi's ill intent is well and truly gone.
  • Confirmed near immediately. But it's because Varrick hired the Triads to sabotage Future Industries to the point where Asami signed over the company to him. This scheme ends when Varrick fails to kidnap the President, and although he escapes jail, control over Future Industries returns to Asami.

Asami Sato suffers so much because she's Fire Lord Sozin's reincarnation.
And boy does she have debts to pay.

Think about it. Asami is basically a modern day Prince Sozin. She's the daughter of a hyper-rich plutocrat, modern royalty. She's described as coming from a long line of colonists that trace their ancestry back to the first Fire Nation colonies, and her family's worldwide success represents the embodiment of Sozin's "expand the empire" talk. Future Industries is a global company that transcends borders, a financial empire whose product ("Satomobile") is so ubiquitous as to become the default name for the technology. In fact, having the world's most advanced technology is what makes the Sato empire possible, just as it did with the Fire Nation. Like Sozin, Asami inherits that empire at a young age.

Except it all goes wrong for Asami at every possible stage, because the universe is punishing her for transgressions in a past life. Hiroshi Sato's bid for world conquest flounders, despite his edge in military tech. We know in the next season that Future Industries is collapsing. The Sato fortune is presumably going with it. Asami loses her first romance... to the Avatar. It's like the universe is replaying the Fire Nation's history up to a certain point, and then demolishing it around Asami.

  • Funny to think about considering how Book 4 ended. According to this theory, Sozin repented and not only learned from his mistakes but was rewarded by the universe through by having Asami/Sozin develop a romantic relationship with the Avatar.

Asami will design her own Powered Armor
  • Jossed, she does on the other hand design her own type of flying Mecha.

Asami will visit her father in prison
Hiroshi fares better than Amon and (presumably) the Lieutenant, in that he survives the demise of the Equalist uprising, and ends up in prison. Asami visits him at some point to try and talk some sense into him. The teary-eyed Asami we saw in the Season 2 Preview was Asami torn up inside because she failed to do so and he's still lost in his hatred.
  • Confirmed...kind of. When Bolin visits Mako in jail and he asks where Asami is, Bolin uncomfortably says that Asami said she couldn't come because it reminded her of her father. So chances are that she has visited Hiroshi, but it isn't shown on-screen.
    • Turns out that didn't happen — until season 4, where she does go to her father to return his letters, unopened. Fortunately they end up bonding a bit, anyway.

Asami will wind up in jail for selling mecha-tanks to the South.
Probably a Northern Water Tribe jail, but President Raiko is pretty determined to stay out of the civil war and threatens to have Korra arrested for insurrection for going to Iroh behind his back. Selling weapons to one side would undoubtedly piss him off.
  • Unless Republic City has some sort of law against that (and there was nothing made to that indication; the risk Asami noted was more about the seas being dangerous than having to dodge the police who, you know, investigated the shipments going missing), unlikely unless they want to make Raiko a complete Jerkass who bends the law. Its the difference between trying to undermine his authority as Commander-in-Chief as Korra did versus just choosing who to sell equipment to. As far as we know, Republic City has no laws against weapons sales to either side like the US Congress tried to implement during both World Wars before the USA joined properly.
  • Jossed. It doesn't happen.

By the end of the season, Asami will gain bending.

Asami is the only member of Team Avatar without bending, and bending has been shown to pop up in random folks in situations of extreme duress. Both of the people we see or hear about gaining their bending for the very first time gain it in stressful situations (Bumi falls off a cliff, and Da was arguing with his brother heatedly). As a member of Team Avatar against the very dangerous Irregular Benders, she's going to be in a number of stressful and dangerous situations, conditions ripe for her to gain bending. It may not even be airbending, given Asami's extremely graceful style and motions, waterbending might occur, given Kya seems to be sitting this book out.

  • Kya actually features kind of heavily in the Book 3 trailer, shown fighting Big Bad Zaheer. Also, I like that one of the most important and combat-capable protagonists is a non-bender. I'll be disappointed if this turns out to be true.
    • I don't either, we're just supposed to be guessing what happens.
      • Jossed. She's still a nonbender.

Asami will get a space sword
Suyin said she's a collector or meteorites, among her other talents. Either she found Sokka's sword or can forge one for Asami to use later in the series. That, in addition to her electric glove, will mean that Asami will be the closest thing to a Jedi in the series.

The man who killed Hiroshi's wife and Asami's mother was named Roy Mustang
Just for Fun

Hiroshi murdered his wife.
His wife's death wasn't the cause of his hate for bending — Hiroshi has always secretly loathed benders with a passion because he viewed them as having an unfair advantage in seeking employment and fortune compared to him, who had to struggle for everything he had. The death of his wife happened much the same way as Hiroshi's attempted murder of Asami in "Endgame", with Mrs. Sato refusing to comply with some anti-bending conspiracy he was hatching, prompting him to conclude that "there is no chance to save her", and killing her. The Agni Kai raid on the mansion was faked to cover up the murder. Hiroshi in the present has actually convinced himself that his wife really was killed by a firebender, and his increased passionate hatred is in part him projecting his guilt onto the world.

Hiroshi will be killed off in Season 4.
As a Heroic Sacrifice for his daughter. Which will become a real Tear Jerker, since Asami was beginning to forgive him and finally calls him father.
  • Confirmed in the final episode.

Asami is using her newfound relationship with Korra to eventually betray and avenge the Equalists
She's just biding her time to strike, guys. Really!

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