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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

Korra's non-relationship with Mako is meant as character development.

At first, Korra is everything short of spoiled and didn't seem to take other's feelings seriously (Disobeying and not listening to Tenzin, pushily giving herself a spot on the Fire Ferrets' team, ect.). Since The Spirit Of Competition, however, there has been a gradual shift in her behavior (though it's equally possible that it has more to do with her encounter with Amon). Korra is obviously used to getting whatever she wants, but she allows Mako to be with Asami, even after he said that he liked her (Korra) as well as Asami. Korra sees that her advances and the resulting tension left them all unhappy and jeopardized the Fire Ferrets' reputation, and she agrees to be friends with Mako, even though it's not what she wants. Since then, she had quietly and sorrowfully watched Mako and his girlfriend from afar and has been acting more mature than earlier episodes. Korra's realizing that she can't always get what she wants, which is actually a big lesson for her.


Mako will spurn Korra's unwanted advances.
Sure, she kisses him. A body like that, a face like his, that Troubled, but Cute demeanor? What young waterbender girl wouldn't want a boy like that? But does he want her back? Maybe he will, in the future... but imagine that someone you consider as a buddy, or a rival, suddenly up and kissed you... his rejection, and Korra's reaction to it, might be Mike and Bryan's commentary on that particular section of the fandom that didn't get what they wanted, and couldn't understand why. There will be heavy metacommentary from Korra, herself a slightly spoiled, sheltered, immature young lady, used to getting what she wants, unaware of how the real world works, and heavily influenced by media cliches and her own romantic fantasies: "We were supposed to end up together! We made the perfect couple! All the gossip magazines said so!" However, unlike The Ember Island Players, the pairing, and the pain of rejection, will not be played for laughs for long.
  • Korra doesn't seem like an Audience Surrogate. would be an interesting callback to the main series if Korra was simultaneously awkward and aggressive about romance, like Aang was.

Korra will have a non-bending love interest.
A mechanic perhaps?
  • You mean Asami.
  • Confirmed!

Korra will be similar to Katara, and her love interest will be related to Zuko/a firebender
Korra won't be an expy of Katara, but will be similar enough that when her love interest is a firebender, or even related to Zuko, all the Zutara shippers will be able to latch onto them instead.
  • Or a dead-blind earthbender. ..How about she has a female firebender companion that has conflicts with her? Seems more plausible then a male one.
  • It would solve the shipping wars
    • No you wouldn't. Have you actually seen the crazier Avatar shipping arguments? It rivals the Fan Dumb of the Harry Potter shippers. If anything, that'd all just add more fuel to the fire.
      • Not necessarily. I, as a Zutarian, fully support this idea. Especially if it's mixed with the Dating Catwoman idea from the "Korra = Batman" theory.
      • This fellow Zutarian troper seconds the above idea, especially since she is a HUGE fan of shows including Dating Catwoman.
      • This Zutarian also supports the idea and would even forgive such BS as the Lion Turtle if it were implemented. Also, oddly enough, this Zutarian's also seen Kataang shippers latch onto this idea despite many loathing Zutara in any way, shape or form, if that tells you how interesting it is.
      • Sorry, but I've seen way too many idiotic flame wars that sprung from Tenzin being definitely Aang and Katara's son (not to mention the vindictive Zutara really happened and Tenzin was from a one night stand/really a spawn of Zutara Aang just thinks is his son! "theories") to think that even pseudo-Zutara will magically "solve" the shipping wars.
      • It also undercuts the claims that Zutara was not driven primarily by thematics (fire + water = balance) and/or aesthetics (they so hot).
      • Personally, that's exactly why I shipped Zutara, but then shipping has never been srs bisns for me.
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    • Eh? Why copy-and-paste from one generation to the next? It'd be predictable, necessarily repetitive on some (if not all) levels. The end of the series gave so much to play with in terms of character/Nation interaction. Retreading Fire/Water and significant ancestors like that would waste such opportunity and come across as cheap, no matter what fandom or subplots it would satisfy. Not sure why Zutarans would even appreciate that, because it looks like it'd be an insult - 'ha, it didn't work out with the originals, so here are some second-hand versions'.
    • Confirmed. Korra does end up with Mako. However, they break up while showcasing all the problems with Zutara would happen as a couple. Instead the endgame couple is Korra and Asami, whose relationship is much more similar to Kataang. Guess the creators really love sinking Zutara.
    • Well...Asami is of Fire Nation ancestry, although she's not a firebender and no relation to Zuko.

Korra will not end up in a love triangle with Mako and Bolin.
Bryke have said that TLOK is going to have "cheesy teen romance", and it's pretty much a given that the main characters are therefore going to be dragged into drama. However, the currently fandom-accepted theory is that there is going to be a love triangle between the Krew. This is not going to happen. Bryke have proven themselves to be major trolls when it comes to shipping. It seems rather... unlike them to hint at a love triangle and then introduce Korra's companions as a pair of brothers when they KNOW this fandom is going to start the shipping immediately, as many fans have. (Despite, y'know, not knowing a damn thing about the characters. Come on, people.) Having Korra choose between the brothers seems too obvious for such master shipper trolls. My money's on the cheesy romance being between Korra and a character with a more minor role, or ONE of the brothers at most.
  • Alternatively, if the relationship is between Korra and Mako, it will NOT be some kind of Zutara expy. Bryke are good at writing realistic relationships between like characters (Katara and Aang are both idealists who want to help people, Sokka and Suki bonded through warrior training and are both good leaders, Mai and Zuko can understand each other's parental issues and emo outlook...) IF Korra and Mako fall in love, it will be because they enjoy spending time with each other and can connect on more levels then "fire + water = awesome" or "omg we're both hot let's make out." Bryke isn't going to slap a steambaby on them to placate fans who think they owe the fandom "a real love story this time."
    • Actually, Mako kind of pings my gaydar.
    • First WMG is Jossed. Korra has a crush on Mako while Bolin is very interested in Korra.

Bolin, with his woman-wooing ways, will see Asami Sato as the ultimate prize.
Shippers, Start your engines!
  • Nah, Mako will get with Asami. Why would a brooding, Troubled, but Cute firebender get with a rich, non bender (who probably gets bored)? Why do Mike and Bryan do anything?To troll the Zutarians. You know it.
    • Signs are pointing towards Makorra being the direction things will go. Bolin puts on the fangirl charmer routine on Korra and it falls flat in "Leaf in The Wind". And later in that episode, Korra gets star-struck by Mako pulling off his hat trick. Next up, Korra trying to impress Mako and Mako playing it aloof (not evidence on its own, but in context it could be). And then the "long gaze across the bay at the air temple/arena" between them at the end makes it even more apparent (I just know that's gotta be a trope... what would it be?)
    • They're lulling you into a false sense of Shipping security.
    • I'm not so sure about that at this point. It's clear Mako see's Korra as a valued friend and teammate, but there's also hints that she has a crush on him. To wit: Her defensive reaction to Jinora's and Ikki's teasing when Mako came to visit, her jealous reaction when she learned he was with Asami, and her concerned reaction when she learned he was hit by a motorcycle. Mako may be Asami now, but I don't think we've seen the last of Korrako.
      • Not to mention their She's Not My Girlfriend/He's Not My Boyfriend moment in "The Revelation", where they wake up leaning on each other and have a textbook reaction.
      • They were as blatantly obvious at declaring the shipping intent as they were with Aang and Katara in "The Fortuneteller". Their creator trolling has been just as blatantly obvious, and this didn't seem like it at all.
    • Watch this trailer, pay attention to the flashing images after 0:20, and reconsider your scepticism.
    • Seen it. After long deliberation and reflecting on the previous page image for Ship Tease, I have this to say. Scepticism. Scepticism. Scepticism.
  • Don't count on it. Bo may be a flirt, but he comes off as far too genuinely sweet (not to mention naïve) to be that predatory.
  • Additionally, while there's a mutual attraction between Korra and Mako, they don't really seem all that compatible.

Mako and Korra will start dating, but will break up before the end of Season 1.
Because Bryke are like "You want a waterbender and a firebender to have a steamy romance? Sure. Here you go. One pseudo-Zutara romance. Only it'll end messily, they'll both come to think of their fling as a mistake, and then they'll both end up dating other people."
  • Hey guys, look what I found.
    • That doesn't confirm or Joss anything yet.
      • The first part is Confirmed, but they got together AT the end of Season 1. However, they might break up in Book 2.
  • A variation on this theory is that Bryke intend for the Mako/Korra relationship to be a Stealth Parody on bad Zutara fanfiction. They're well aware that rabid Zutarians have whined and complained about their preferred ship not being canon, so, through Makorra, Bryke is giving them exactly what they think they want, then sit back and laugh while the fans rip each other apart. In the second season, reality will ensue and Mako and Korra will break up, realizing that a relationship that has cheating and teenage infatuation as its basis won't work in the long run.
    • Oh so very CONFIRMED!

Asami and Korra will get together
No reason, really. People are already shipping them, though.
  • As of Episode 8 of the last season, it's practically canon.
    • Confirmed in the grand finale.

Korra will have vague unacknowledged romantic tension with a morally ambiguous but sympathetic firebender
Which will then be brutally ship-sunk when he turns out to be engaged to his childhood sweetheart, a girl in disguise (not that this would bother some of the fandom), secretly her half-brother, or otherwise unsuitable. Because Bryke like trolling the shippers just that much.
  • Heck, they've already started shipping Makorra. After mercilessly Ship Tease, I'm willing to bet that the ship will sink like a stone.

Tahno will fall in love with Korra
Causing even more shipping confusion and wars.
  • A sequel to "Schooltime Shipping" will have SO much fun with this just like with Katara, possibly parrodying 90210 or any given teen drama on The CW.

Asami is going to find out about Korra kissing Mako at the worst possible time with the group
Similar to the orignal series having high tension when looking for Appa in the desert and being chased for days by Azula in the tank, just when the Krew and especially between Korra and Asami are being at an especially buddy-buddy at the beginning of an ep, something involving the Equalists wearing them out has a moment where either Korra (in frustration) or Bolin (bad-timing with a comparison) accidentally blabs about the kiss with Asami giving a "I thought we were friends/you love me?!" with Mako giving a quiet shame face before admitting it. Asami is especially frustrated that she sided with them against her father even though she's still down for the cause, but things a talk with Tenzin about The Power of Love, forgiveness and/or his own Love Triangle with Pema and Lin and/or Korra explaining about how sheltered life has affected her interactions with people especially romance that Asami can relate to. Things are better for it with the girls being more sisterly and even joking about "keeping an eye out for any ''more'' girls Mako could fall for."
  • Alternately, she realizes that Korra's kept her distance (following a "If you love them, set them free" philosophy), and opts to do the same, letting Mako decide.
  • Her finding out the kiss was confirmed in episode nine, but we have to wait and see how she'll confront Mako about it.

Asami knows that Korra is in love with Mako.

Just so you know, I'm Makorra endgame, I think they're soulmates. HOWEVER, I am also a fair judge and hold no grudge against Asami.

Now, on to the theory: Asami is not stupid and Korra is not subtle.

Asami mentions upon meeting Korra that Mako has told her a lot about her. This probably includes how eager Korra was to befriend and impress him when they first met, which is in sharp contrast to how cold Asami must have noticed Korra was to her when the two girls met. Asami is a very pretty girl and I doubt Mako is her first boyfriend, so she probably knows jealousy when she sees it. Korra is shown to display clear jealousy whenever Mako and Asami get overly cute, which I am sure Asami catches from time to time, as Korra seems to look out more for Mako than Asami.

After Asami went to Mako after Korra asked him out, Korra was visibly depressed at his rejection and I seriously doubt Asami is thick enough to miss something as apparent as that. Asami seems like a good enough person to be concerned and inquire about Korra's mood and Mako probably told her. If this is true, Asami is probably mature enough to understand and accept that with a guy like Mako, of course he'd get attention from other girls. There's no evidence that Asami knows about Korra and Mako's kiss, but that doesn’t seem like the kind of thing Mako would keep from her.

The biggest hint for me is when Asami congratulated Korra on her hat-trick and Korra spoke warmly to her for the first time. If you look at Asami's face, she seems a bit forlorn. Perhaps she feels guilty or that it is unfair that Korra should be forced to admit that Asami helped them because of her father's funding. After the finals (or at least what was supposed to be the finals), Asami seemed eager to try and befriend Korra, maybe in the hopes that things wouldn't be so awkward if they all became friends. Although it appears to have ultimately worked, both girls still hold these secrets from each other (Korra that she is in love with Asami's boyfriend, and Asami that she knows).

I would like to think that if and when Mako and Asami split up for whatever reason, that they can remain friends and that Asami moves on. I like to think that she would eventually become a Shipper on Deck for Mako and Korra and give Korra better advice than jumping into volcanos or brewing freaky little Ikki-imagined love potions.

If she didn't already know, she does as of Episode 8.

  • Seeing as she eyed Mako opening the car door for Korra, this may come up later, but for now things seem to be put aside while everyone in Team Avatar except Korra is arrested. Asami will probably confront Korra about it after things have calmed down.
  • Or Asami and Mako will have a talk while they are still in prison. Not much else to do other than waiting it out.
  • Ultimately jossed.

Most of the relationships fail for a reason.

Each character has a negative characteristic, which affects their relationship. Rather than try to work out their differences or issues, they break the relationship off.

Asami will continue to grow jealous of Mako and Korra's friendship.

And this will put stress on both her friendship with Korra and her relationship with Mako. Now technically living together, Mako and Korra will begin to grow closer as they spend time together and Asami will get jealous when she sees romantic undertones in their interactions. Just for the sake of it, these interactions will include the classic 'stand behind them to help them' tactic. I can see it happening.

  • And one of these moments will happen when Korra is reunited with Asami and the guys, which is sure to be an emotional affair. Asami will probably have a GEM moment when Korra and Mako are particularly happy to see each other.
  • And another Sleep Cute moment.

Bolin will meet his real love interest in prison

He's already in there after the events of Episode 8, and where else is he going to have the relative down-time to run into a romantic interest (outside of Korra). They could meet as Bolin helping protect said love-interest from being harassed by the guards. This would be especially interesting if the love interest had significant Equalist sentiments, leading to more defactors from the Equalist movement, as well as people (bender and non-bender alike) realizing that they are all in this together.

  • Jossed. Lin busts all three imprisoned members of New Team Avatar out of jail after she goes vigilante the very next episode.

Korra will be the first to call out Mako on his behavior.

Upon realizing that Mako's feelings for are getting in the way of his relationship with Asami, she'll call him out on putting Asami through that, then make it clear to Asami that while she is jealous and once did something she's not proud of because of it, she has no intention of stealing her boyfriend.

  • Alternately, Asami could call Mako out on this whole mess first, likely while Korra is recovering. Things would end with Asami ending things with Mako due to the love triangle, and then doing something regrettable.

Mako will end the series single.
Asami and Korra come to the conclusion that Mako shouldn't be making moves on them both at the same time, then abandon ship.
  • I believe this will happen too. And here's how. By the end, Korra will go through a massive personality change after everything she went through; she'll be come serious and jaded, and will believe she cannot be in a relationship. She will tell Mako it is off, and that he can finally be happy with Asami...only for Asami to dump Mako for the secret Korra relationship. Both ships sunk, The End.
    • This could easily be how Book One ends, and then in Book Two they might pick up teh pieces. Which pairing would end up working is up for debate.
  • Mako does in fact end the series single. And Korra and Asami not only abandon 'ship but get together in the finale.

If Asami ends things with Mako, she will rebound temporarily to Bolin.
  • Asami and Mako will likely have a serious talk after the events of Episode 9, ending with Asami walking off in tears and anger. She could run into Bolin, who might try to start comforting her, and end up getting forcefully kissed by Asami.
    • Alternately, the whole love-triangle mess that is in place could end with Asami not only leaving Mako, but also leaving Air Temple Island, or at least trying to leave.
    • They are spending a lot more time together with the Varrick storyline.

General Iroh and Korra.
  • 'Cause maybe Korra's life isn't complicated enough.
    • He's had one line and I'm already on board this ship
    • This troper and her roommate are all on board. We named the ship Irra.
  • Already a major ship since Makorra is kind of.... being shunned.

Korra and Asami will gang up on Mako and tell him to make up his mind already.
Korra's been trying to keep her distance, but Mako keeps gravitating to her. At the same time, we have poor Asami getting increasingly fed up with it. What he's doing is really not fair to either of them. The two gals will talk it out and then confront Mako over his polygamic indecisiveness and force him to make a choice.

The first season will end with a Maybe Ever After for Mako and Korra
And the second season premiere will reveal that they didn't get together/stay together after all.
  • Confirmed in a way.

There will be hints of Mako and Korra, now in a relationship, are now sleeping together.
Bryke got away with a Murder-Suicide ON SCREEN! It's not to far out there to think they feel they could get away with this. At the most we'll probably be seeing some sloppily put on clothes, flushed faces and very messy hair. They might have the radar completely under their thumb, but it's still a daytime Nickelodeon show.
  • They got away with Sokka's Ready for Lovemaking scene, but I don't think Bryke is THAT daring.
    • They got away with that scene because it was Played for Laughs, and most people probably didn't notice that Suki entered the tent after Zuko left. I doubt they'd have pulled that stunt if it were Suki who first entered the tent.
  • Fruit tarts will be involved.

The Love Dodecahedron of Book 1 will affect Mako and Korra's relationship in some way during Book 2.
Other than the Masami's ambiguous breakup and Endgame!Makorra, the show hasn't really touched the consequences of that messy love triangle. Mako and Korra facing and dealing with those consequences will be the stress test to their relationship.

Mai will have passed on too, and Zuko and Katara will find comfort in each other's arms in their old age.
Just to finally satisfy the Zutarans.
  • Or, the ship will be teased, and then sunk once again, mercilessly.
    • ...What? This is Bryke after all. What more could you expect?

I can't believe I'm saying this but . . .
The Masami ship is a parody of Titanic (1997). Here's the evidence:
  • A rich girl with good connections meets a pennyless hottie in what could have been a tragic mishap for both parties involving a moving vehicle.
  • ships and relationships start almost immediately.
  • Girl makes it up to boy by inviting him to rich social event where he makes a good showing.
  • boy returns favor with a rough-and-tumble commoners event.
  • at the height of their commitment male provider for girl shows his dark side, causing girl to flee to poor boy.
  • girl renounces everything to be with boy.
  • both ships are destroyed by ice (Korra)
  • Perilous, deathly struggle precedes the end of both relationships.
  • Girl loses boy (Rose literally and Asami figuratively) to the icy waters.

Lin and Bumi will have a romance on the side.
Because (1) both appear to be single, (2) it would be awesome, and (3) it would annoy Tenzin to no end (insert the mad cackling of fans here)
  • Seconded. Also (4) their personalities are so opposite from one another that it just might work.

Bolin will be the subject of a love triangle
  • Or instead of a triangle, Bolin simply has a new love-interest. Like maybe one that he doesn't notice the advances of at first because he sees them as a much needed member of the new Fire Ferrets/fangirl who he doesn't realize how attracted she is to him. Could be interesting to see him oblivious.
  • Alternately, Bolin is pursuing someone and they are not interested, for whatever reason. Non-bender with Equalist feelings maybe?
  • Maybe he won't know that he was the subject of a love triangle until several years down the road—if ever.

The Dark Spirit will be Bolin's new love interest.

Lin can't have kids.
And that's the reason she and Tenzin grew apart, because of course Tenzin needed to pass on those airbender genes.
  • Or maybe Lin is Married to the Job and doesn't want to have kids. Because dumping your girlfriend just because of her ovaries would be too dickish a move for Tenzin, last airbender or not.

There is a secret reason why Mako is so bad with handling his relationship and women in general.
He is voiced by Bud Bundy.

Bolin and Eska will get together.
And their relationship will be very similar to April and Andy's relationship in Parks and Recreation, a nod to Aubrey Plaza who will be voicing Eska in the upcoming season.
  • This is exactly what I thought of when I first saw Bolin and Eska!
    • Confirmed. But it's not a pretty ride, and it ends after Book 2.

Bolin is getting together with Eska to make Korra jealous.
Bolin made sure to make his intentions of going after Eska known only in the presence of Mako and Korra, who seem to be having some relationship issues. And just look at his face when Mako and Korra are feeding each other cotton candy. Methinks that poor Bo is not quite over the Avatar.
  • I personally just saw it as Bolin not wanting to be left out. Between police work and airbending training (and not to mention being in a relationship with each other), Mako and Korra probably haven't had the time to hang out with Bolin as much as they used to. From what we get out of Bolin's personality, he loves attention. Now that he's not really getting it from his brother and best friend, Bolin feels like he's become a third wheel. But because he doesn't want anyone to notice this insecurity, Bolin decides to occuply himself with other people like Verrick and the twins.
  • This troper doesn't believe Bolin necessarily wants to make Korra jealous, but agrees that he's not over her. Considering that Eska is Korra's cousin, it wouldn't surprise me if Bolin's pursuit of her is at least partially due to the fact that, biologically, she's the closest thing he's got to Korra.
    • Bolin may just like tough Water Tribe girls.

Bolin flirting with Eska is merely a fling, but Eska believes it is geniune love.

Eska has never had any experience with a guy hitting on her, most likely because she and her brother scare off any potential suitors. But after Bolin flirts with her, Eska thinks that it might be a sign that Bolin has actual feelings for her. This would explain why she acted possessive of Bolin after he hugged Korra. At some point though, Eska discovers the truth and feels betrayed by Bolin for leading her on. Bolin eventually goes to formally apologize to her for the misunderstanding and after being forgiven by Eska, the two decide to still be friends.

  • This troper likes this idea. And would like to toss in that Eska would probably try to kill (or at least maim or seriously injure) Bolin with Waterbending when she actually discovers this, and goes all tsundere when he apologizes. ("...I had no attractions to you in the first place, you feeble turtleduck.")
  • Semi-Confirmed-ish. Eska decides in Civil Wars Part 2 that she and Bolin are to be married at sunset. When he hightails it to Republic City with the rest of the Krew, she's following Varrick's boat with Waterbending, and she. Looks. Pissed. Not just that, but see how her mascara's been running? It's pretty likely that she cried when Bolin didn't show up at the altar, and that she's now moved on from grief to INTENSELY TERRIFYING anger. tl;dr Eska goes pretty near Azula levels of rage and insanity when Bolin didn't marry her, but we don't know for sure how much she actually loves him.
    • "Peacekeepers" shows Eska is still pretty torn up about the marriage—rather, the lack thereof. When Unalaq orders her and Desna to apprehend Korra, she accepts eagerly (so much that Unalaq has to add that he needs Korra alive). At the end of the episode, she screams at Korra for "stealing her husband." So I think it's safe to say that she really did love Bolin. In her own creepy, abusive way.

Eska is not interested in Bolin romantically, and is putting him through a Secret Test of Character by acting otherwise.

Because admit it, that would be the most hilarious thing ever.

  • Confirmed, but it's because she believed in control.

Eska will break up with Bolin for an extremely superficial reason.
  • Looks to be Jossed as of Civil Wars Part 2. Bolin is the one that breaks up with Eska, by running off to Republic City after Eska decides that they will be married.

Bolin will wind up with Zhu Li.
A nice, down-to-earth girl who knows how to deal with eccentricity.
  • Jossed by a mile. Bolin is in an official relationship with Opal, Lin's niece, and Zhu Li and Varrick actually get MARRIED at the end of TLOK.

Bryke is actively trying to redeem Mako's character.

When they wrote Out Of The Past, they meant to get across that Mako cares deeply about Korra and would resort to aggression to protect her. This backfired, as the message that the fandom seemed to get was that this guy was an abusive, aggressive prick who was only ever cruel to both Asami and Korra and could never hope to be a decent person. If anyone's cared to notice, they've been treading lightly with Mako this season, making it clear that Korra is the one starting most of their fights and that he's making an honest effort to be a supportive boyfriend. Going behind Korra's back and breaking up with her were both shown to be tough choices on his part and he certainly doesn’t seem happy about it. For all who protest, Mako's behavior after the breakup is not typical of abusive boyfriends who dumb their girlfriends out of boredom.

Asami will not try to restart her relationship with Mako.
When she kissed Mako in the warehouse, she was in an extremely vulnerable place. Even when she had given up on her company and herself, Mako refused to. But even though Asami kissed him, she immediately realized it was a mistake and apologized. Maybe she still does have feelings for Mako, but she knows that throwing herself at him is not a good idea, especially not now....And even without all that, Makorra is pretty clearly endgame, even with the blip that is their breakup. (Sadly, this troper thinks.)
  • Surprisingly Jossed in "The Guide." Mako and Asami are not shying away from public displays of affection, and even share a kiss.

Eska acted how she acted with Bolin to protect him from Unuraq.
Seeing how ruthless he is with his own kids, it's likely they fear he'd do the same to anyone close to them, similar to how Azula used her 'friends' Mei and Ty Lee as her personal lackeys and how Sozen seemed to want to do with Roku. When Bolin met and immediately started hitting on Eska, she started being mean, intentionally trying to get him to leave and out of Unulaq's line of fire. This also explains why they're both so reserved, they don't want to make friends and grow attacked only to have those friends used as tools by Unulaq. All that said, Eska probably does see Bolin as an uncultured 'rube' unworthy of a princess like herself, but still far too Adorkable to be used by Unulaq, which is why she's so over-the-top in her meanness. On the same note, this might be the reason for their apathetic relationship with Korra; as they're cousin, they wanted to befriend her, but as the Avatar, she was probably doomed from the start to be used by their father and so they kept themselves distant from her to spare themselves the inedible pain of loosing their cousin.

Eska will have a Heel–Face Turn and get back together with Bolin.
After seeing the way their father treated Desna, she no longer wants anything to do with him. She will also take a level in sanity.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Level in sanity check. Heel–Face Turn, check. Bolin and her getting back together, Check? The feelings are there but they decide to stay apart. For now...
Leading up to.
Eventually they(Bolin and Eska) will get together for real.
  • Confirmed on the Heel–Face Turn. But they don't get back together, although they do part on good terms.

Korra will not be together with Mako at the end of Season 4
This is what the first half of season 2 seems to be building up to, showing that although they certainly have feelings toward each other, it isn't going to work out. It's part of her Character Development away from being so Hot-Blooded. We should have realised that there's no way that the Love Dodecahedron was going to be resolved with 3 seasons left. On a meta level, this is could be another difference between Korra and Aang; because Aang ended up with his first love interest, the writers are going to go the opposite direction with Korra.
  • Their break-up in the season finale was pretty permanent-sounding, so I'd say confirmed.
  • Debatable. There are two books left and a lot of character development that could go on. Since Book 1 was only supposed to be a miniseries, I'd say that at this point it could go either way. Hence (until the last episode of the whole series airs) why this is WMG and not canon.
  • Confirmed.

The endgame ships at the end of the show will ultimately be Korra/Bolin and Mako/Asami.
  • Mako and Korra officially broke up for good, and so did Bolin and Eska. Mako and Asami seemed very happy together up until Mako was arrested and later denied that he and Korra broke up, so it's rather likely that they'll make up off-screen.
    • Jossed. These pairings are not canon. Mako remains single, Bolin is with Opal, and Korra and Asami are with EACH OTHER.

Korra will get together with an Indiana Jones-like character.
  • Because it'd be pretty freaking sweet if she did. And this new character shall be voiced by either Michael Rosenbaum or Nolan North.
    • Jossed.

Zhu Li isn't just Varrick's assistant; she's his wife.
That's why he never goes anywhere without her.
  • That is kind of cute. In Black Comedy sort of way.
  • Originally Jossed, then Confirmed. Varrick and Zhu Li marry in the final episode.

Eska is going to be showing up in Bolin's life sooner than expected.
Her father, and the Northern Water Tribe's chieften did just turn into a giant monster and try to level Republic City. That's going to be a diplomatic nightmare, and the Northern Tribe is going to need to send someone high profile to try a smooth things over. Like their princess. Who might as well look Bolin up while she's in town.

After the... less than receptive... reception by the fanbase of the love quadrangle in Book 1, and an abortive retread of almost the exact same thing in Book 2, Bryke and company decided that extended focus on romance (as opposed to the very occasional Ship Tease or brief moments as done in ATLA) is not their strong suit (see also the limited interaction between Tenzin and Pema) and/or tired of trying to yank the fandom's chain when the fandom just keeps yanking back. The double breakups in the Book 2 finale are meant to acknowledge this, and, like Korra herself, the creators will increasingly focus on their original strengths (e.g. comedy, spiritual philosophy, martial arts, worldbuilding). As a corollary, we will never learn anything else about the pairings of the rest of the Gaang either.
  • This seems fairly illogical just from a storytelling standpoint, Shipping Goggles completely left out of the equation. Bryke would be incredibly remiss in doing their job if they did not go into some of the fallout from the Makorra break-up. Asami, at least, looked like she was about to murder Mako slowly when he just stood back and let Korra kiss him even though they were not supposed to be together anymore. She's definitely going to need some closure on that situation...and perhaps even a new love interest, all things considered. Not to give her that would just make the fans even more angry, and Bryke would feel bad because they withheld a good story when their job is to tell stories.
  • Plus that, they've already promised more info about Lin's family in Book 3. That's probably going to include the identity of her father, if nothing else.
  • Not to mention, Bryke has not objected to anything "shippy" in the midquel comics (what with the Zuko/Suki ship tease, Toph's recent crush on a new character, and the ongoing Kataang gooey-gooey goodness). Why would they be that shy with LoK? Any evasiveness they have exhibited in regards to romantic matters could be interpreted as their typical fan-teasing; it's not like they're going to let go of any secrets before the show actually airs.
  • Jossed. Jinora has definitely fallen for Kai, one of the new airbenders and Bolin has gotten over Eska and moved on to Opal, another new airbender and Lin Bei Fong's niece.
  • Grand Finale retroactively colors season 3 and 4 as a slow buildup to Korrasami so it's safe to say that this is double jossed.

Korra will get a new boyfriend on the rebound.
Self-explanatory. Maybe the boyfriend is someone we know, maybe it's a completely new character. Either way, the relationship won't last very long.

Asami will become Korra's new unoffical love-interest in Season 3
Naturally this will not become offical, we will not see both kissing or something like that, but both will be written like a couple during the season. We already have a lot of Subtext in the first new episodes, with Korras "I never had a girlfriend before"-Quote. Outside Avatar-buisness Korra mostly social interacts with Asami, Asami is now Korras battle Partner and in the Trailer we see Asami rescue a unconsious Korra in a Scene which remembers a lot on Katara rescuing Aang. Like I said, it will never becomes official, but it will be massive implied.
  • Jossed. Korra and Asami remain only friends in Book 3.

Eska and Opal will meet. In Bolin's presence.
And it will be as completely awkward as one might expect.

In Book 4, Mako will get a new love interest and she'll be part of the Fire Nation royal family.
The Fire Nation is the one nation that hasn't yet been explored in Legend of Korra. We've already met Zuko and Iroh II but we still haven't met Zuko's daughter, the current Fire Lord, or any other children she might have.
  • Jossed. The Fire Nation actually is barely involved in TLOK. Mako ends the series single.
    • Although according to someone on twitter who has been posting a lot of What Could Have Been apparent scenarios for book 4, this could have happened. Izumi would be shown to have a younger daughter and Bryke supposedly considered having her get together with Mako.

Jinora and Kai have been forced to have a long-distance relationship because Tenzin is an Overprotective Dad.
He's been deliberately keeping them physically apart to keep Jinora out of trouble. Astral projection is fine because Jinora won't get involved in sex or other mischief just by talking to Kai via astral projection.

The series will end with everyone sitting or standing on a cliff with Korra resting her head on Asami's shoulder or vice versa while fireworks or a sunrise happen.
Because Korra LOVES cliffs and a Korrasami end is imminent.
  • There are fireworks and Korrasami does happen.

Kuvira doesn't really love Bataar Jr.
She shows little affection for him. They don't hug or kiss.
  • In the "War on the City" clip, Bataar says he loves her. She doesn't say it back.
  • It's unlikely Kuvira would outright betray Bataar as he is too useful. However, she will likely have to choose whether or not to risk her life to save his and she will choose not to.
  • Somewhat played with in "Kuvira's Gambit" while Kuvira does indeed become emotional at Baatar's kidnapping, she chooses instead to Take The Third Option and try to kill him as well as Team Avatar and most of their biggest allies. The scene does prove that her love for him is genuine, but that it comes in second to her aspirations of conquest
    • I think Kuvira loved Bataar...but she just loved her empire more.
The Blu-ray/DVD release will end with Korra and Asami kissing.
To the surprise of no-one.
  • Naw...although there have been PLENTY of fanimations that are really cute.

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