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Carrie-Anne Moss is playing Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman under a Secret Identity.
Some outlets are reporting her character's name as "Harper" (though she isn't actually identified as such in Marvel's official press release), but there's a fair chance she could actually be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's equivalent of Spider-Woman.

Obviously, the show is named for Jessica Jonesnot Jessica Drew — so it's possible this incarnation of Jessica Drew would share her comic counterpart's backstory with HYDRA, but having possibly changed her name and identity to protect herself after escaping their clutches.

Whether or not Marvel actually has the movie rights to the Spider-Woman name (because of Sony's Spider-Man movie franchise) is unclear, but given their recent deal to introduce Spidey in the MCU, it's not outside of the realm of possibility.

  • Jossed — she's playing Jeryn Hogarth.

Greer Grant-Nelson will be appearing on the show in some capacity.
Daredevil had a total of seventeen major characters and there's at least 3-4 major characters who haven't been cast yet and the use of Patricia Walker means it's not outside possibility. This is possibly before she became Tigra, possibly after. Either way though, if she does show up, they'll wait until the Defenders mini-series to explain her origin.
  • Jossed, at least for Season 1.

Carrie Anne Moss' character is Jessica's S.H.I.E.L.D. monitor
If Jessica was a teen hero than more than likely she ended up on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar. They sent an agent (moss) out to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't stir up too much trouble. Fury may have even had her on a shortlist for the Avengers Initiative until she retired. Moss' character has since formed a genuine friendship with Jessica, and keeps an eye on her more out of concern than duty (especially since S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen by the time of this series). For bonus points, this doesn't interfere with the earlier WMG - Jessica Drew was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. once and could be in this show as well.
  • Jossed

The role of the Avengers will be filled by another group.
Its obvious that Jessica wasn't a member of the Avengers in this continuity, so she will be involved with one of these groups instead:
  • The Defenders
  • Heroes for Hire
  • Lady Liberators
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The New Warriors
    • Jossed. She wasn't involved with any hero group. In fact, she only saved one person before being captured by Kilgrave. However, this series is set in the same MCU as the Avengers movies, and they are referenced in dialogue. Jessica will join the MCU's version of the Defenders when that miniseries comes around in 2017.

Trish will retain her comic book telepathy power
Given the fact that Jean Grey's power played a major role in the Alias comic for Jessica to resist Killgrave's power, who obviously can't appear in the series, Trish will be given telepathy power to make sure this plot thread happens, albeit it would be Nerf to make things more dramatic and realistic. This is consistent to her power set in the comic, as well as being a good plot thread for the writers to explore in this or the next season if the show is renewed.
  • Jossed. Trish has no powers in this show, at least in season 1.

Jessica will be the one to find out Daredevil's secret identity
Considering that Ben Urich is dead, another Daily Bugle reporter will most certainly be the one to discover Matt Murdock's secret. It's clearly going to be Jessica (assuming she becomes Bugle reporter) or Peter.

Peter Parker will have a crush on Jessica
In the comics, Jessica has had a crush on Peter for "most of ninth grade and all of tenth", but considering the fact that Peter is about 15 and Jessica's in her 20s, a crush like that would be... Kinda creepy. However, the opposite isn't out of the question. Lots of teenage boys have crushes on older celebrities, and Jessica is a gorgeous superhero turned private detective - the epitome of coolness. It's not out of the question for Peter to have a little crush on her. Of course, we can't expect that this would be addressed with more than a nod, but it'd be fun to see a Jessica Jones poster in Peter's room (in his own movie) or something along those lines.

Like all superheroes, Jessica has an Evil Twin
That twin's name is Chloe.

After Jessica realised that a life of saving the world and punching out supervillains was not for her, so too her twin decided to give up on plots for world domination and nuclear terrorism, and instead focus on having fun as a young single gal in New York.

Of course, as an Evil Twin she's still kind of a ruthless psychopath, but she now turns her evil genius to scoring free drinks, manipulating James Van Der Beek, and terrorising whatever small-town ingenue has made the mistake of moving into her apartment this month. At least until June arrives...

Every time Kilgrave uses his power, there'll be purple light somewhere onscreen
They've already done it in the trailers, and it'll be a subtle but effective and terrifying way of showing his influence over people.
  • Played with; while there's no change in light when Kilgrave uses his powers, his influence does cause victims to start seeing the world in shades of purple.

Kilgrave got his power from HYDRA and Loki's scepter.
His power is similar enough to mind control via the scepter. He was a HYDRA agent and one of Strucker's experimental subjects via the scepter. He got his powers, asked to be released, and was. He also told the scientists to tell Strucker and List he died, so they think the Maximoff twins were the only survivors.
  • Jossed. His parents experimented on him decades before HYDRA got hold the scepter.

Jessica's office will be across the hall from Nelson & Murdock.
It wouldn't take much for a sign that says "Atlas Investments" to become "Alias Investigations", especially with Jessica's laissez faire attitude. Scratch off parts of the t and the l, put some tape over the "ments" and sharpie on "igations", and call it a day.
  • Jossed. She operates out of her apartment.

Kilgrave is an inhuman
Kilgrave didn't receive his powers through Terrigenisis. He was experimented on-perhaps by HYDRA, perhaps by someone else, but whatever they did unlocked some of his latent powers. However, since he didn't go through the correct process, his change is incomplete. The series will show him taking fish oil supplements throughout it, and in one of the last episodes, (since so far it seems they need some time to work, unlike the pure crystals) he's going to be encased in a cocoon and emerge with his skin the same purple hue as the comics.
  • Jossed. He was created by experiments done on him by his parents.

Kilgrave is the Master
In Doctor Who, the Master is known for his hypnotic talents. In fact, extending psychic control over people is one of his go-to schemes. It is part of Expanded Universe canon that Time Lords can intentionally regenerate to look like another Time Lord. Of course, the Master is either much slicker than Kilgrave in pretending to be normal, or simply doesn't bother trying. So the Master went back in time, fully intending to wreak havoc with the Doctor's face and make his old friend's life much more difficult. However, something went wrong and he lost his memory. He picked up the Kilgrave from a child who was experimented on, thinking that it's his own based on fragmented memories of his own childhood and the Untempered Schism, attributing his powers to it. His obsession with Jessica as the only person who managed to throw him off is merely an extension of his obsession with the Doctor, homing in on the next best thing.
  • Building on that - he's the Handy Doctor under Chameleon Arch. Just look at this one.

     Post Season One 
Simpson was a former SHIELD Agent.
We know he's former "Special OPs", and the reason he needed to go to the NYPD was "classified". He also knows of a gifted containment facility in the middle of New York. It's very possible he's a former SHIELD Agent who survived the rise of HYDRA and managed to get out of that world altogether.

At least one of the people interviewed by Jeri and Jessica who claim to have been influenced by Kilgrave will turn out to have actually seen something which will play a part in The Defenders.
Given Marvel's penchant for the Early-Bird Cameo and setting up stories well in advance, it's not outside the realm of possibility that one or more of the stories heard will turn out to be true. Smart money is on the one about the Chinese guy being the real one, taken with the knowledge that Iron Fist is a planned series in this universe.

IGH is (or was) run by Ulysses Bloodstone and really freaking incompetently.
  • It's an undertone of the modern comics that the guy is a snarling abusive idiot to his kids and pretty evil. So, approving and funding experiments on MINORS and moral absolutists, fumbling in the dark to make monster hunters, and then leaving them in the field with no, or almost no, oversight, seems way more like something he'd do than HYDRA or SHIELD.

In Season 2, at least one of the other children experimented on will turn out to be a Marvel villain from the comics.
  • We know Kilgrave wasn't the only child who was subjected to the experiments, and Kilgrave himself admits that he doesn't know where any of the other subjects are.
    • One subject will be Mister Fear. Although he's a Daredevil villain in the comics, Nuke's presence here (although modified) shows that they're not above a bit of Rogues-Gallery Transplant note . Besides, his power set would work well for a Psychological Thriller. If the villain in the second season is Zoltan Drago or some other incarnation of Mr. Fear, but with a superpower that induces fear rather than have it coming from a weaponized gas, it would fit well in Jessica Jones. Jessica is already mentally scarred from the abuse and stalking she suffered from Kilgrave. Drago's powers would further unravel her psyche as she would likely still be afraid of Kilgrave and people like him even with Kilgrave dead. The second season could have Jessica learn to live with or let go of her fear to not just fight Mr. Fear but start to finally heal from her Kilgrave mental trauma. Maybe it could have a side effect of his powers be hallucinations of what you fear even when he's not around. Jessica naturally would hallucinate Kilgrave, and the show could still make use of David Tennant.

Kilgrave will come back as the infamous "Purple Man" he's known as in the comics.
  • Comic!Kilgrave has been known to survive major injury and go into a ‘death like state’ but then recover. The dude walked in front of an oncoming train and survived that. He’ll resurrect and seek revenge. He’s a living virus, and has now been made even more powerful and more maniacal due to being injected in the neck with his unborn child’s (purple) tissue. He’s not a a normal human after all, so they can explain anything away by his genetic mutations. He will come back even more powerful and more purple. Maybe not the full spray job, but at least the veins like we see when injected, and when he yells stop at the end.
Kilgrave will make an appearance in Daredevil.
  • The Hand is well known for their ability to resurrect people, and Kilgrave would make an amazing weapon if they could control him. He'd have to be nerfed, but the resurrection could explain that.

Kilgrave will come back as a hallucination.
  • Netflix would not let an actor like David Tennant go after just one critically acclaimed season. Sometime in Season 2, her refusal to seek therapy will eventually cause her to hallucinate Kilgrave a la Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight. It would be simultaneously interesting and disturbing to hear him comment on Jessica's actions and hamper with her investigations.

Kilgrave does not fully understand the concept of morality.
  • It would make perfect sense considering he never really had anyone to teach it to him growing up. As a result, there really is no right or wrong in his eyes.
  • Confirmed by David Tennant that this is how we are to see Kilgrave; the fact that he attained the ability to get anything he wants at such a young age made it impossible for him to gain a sense of ethics.

IGH grew out of Leviathan.
  • Leviathan's most visible operative Dr. Ivchenko had what could easily be seen as a rudimentary form of Kilgrave's power, and the first season of Agent Carter leaves them still around, and likely wanting to duplicate his formula after he was captured by the SSR. But without his genius, it takes a few decades until the Thompsons accidentally activate an even more powerful version in their son.

Luke Cage was actively struggling against Kilgrave's control during his fight with Jessica
.This is more a rebuttal of the description of the fight on this page, that speculates that Jessica is the better fighter, and Luke is simply stronger. We also know that people do try to fight Kilgrave's mind control, and there's hints in Luke's dialog that he's trying to hold back and failing. Plus, he may be pissed at Jessica, and not ready to forgive her for lying, but that doesn't mean he'd want to kill her, especially at the orders of the man he now knows with absolute certainty is responsible for murdering his wife. All of that together would explain why Jessica manages to last that long against someone that much stronger. In all his other fights, Luke was an extreme "economy of motion" fighter, taking people completely down with quick jabs. While Jessica is super strong she's not super durable, yet Luke keeps winding up for huge, obvious haymakers that let her keep getting out of the way. Coupled with him holding his fist over her while she has a shotgun on him and saying "Do what you gotta do," it seems pretty clear he was giving her every chance to stop him.

Kilgrave is not dead.
At the harbor, when Kilgrave was preparing to leave, it was left ambiguous whether or not he could really control Jessica. It seems that she was faking, but she does follow his directions and doesn't do anything when he is trying to take Trish. When Jessica kills him, Kilgrave could have merely said something like, "Believe I'm dead," and Jessica could believe she killed him. This could also set up his future return as the Purple Man.
  • Jossed as throughout the series we have seen Kilgrave obsessed with Jessica. He would have no reason to fake his death by controlling Jessica. If he had control of Jessica he would have taken her. Also there was a body and witnesses hence Jessica being arrested for his murder. You know Jessica would not make the same mistake twice and double check the body. Simply put if he had power over Jessica he would have taken her as his slave again and picked up where he left off with her. He had no reason to fake his death, no benefit from it. His control would have worn off after 24 hours anyway and Jessica would be free to wonder if he was really dead. Also the fact that the people on the dock regained their free will pretty much confirms that he's dead and that his control doesn't survive his death.
    • I wouldn't say completely jossed. As mentioned above, comic!Killgrave has been able to survive horrific injuries much more severe than a mere broken neck. That and it is mentioned that being put under anesthesia shuts down the part of his brain that gives him his powers, meaning that going into a comatose, deathlike state could do much the same thing, releasing those dockworkers from his control because his power was momentarily gone.

Season 2 will begin with Jessica finding out she's pregnant
Most of the season will be her coming to terms with becoming a mother. This won't impede her investigating or crime fighting, and she'll just be a Pregnant Badass.
  • Jossed.

The Yellow Peril stereotype mentioned in the Terrible Interviewees Montage was real, if poorly remembered by the guy.
  • It was the Mandarin. Perhaps without the same level of control, or an extra serving of pettiness, but a little throwaway line like that would be an interesting way to set up that the guy is already operating in NY, and potentially going to start on his own plans soon.
  • Given the description (an Asian man with glowing red eyes and red clothing), it might have been a member of The Hand, who have already appeared in Daredevil and who might under some circumstances actually be that petty.
  • It could be an Iron Fist villain, given that's the next Netflix Marvel series in the lineup.

Reva Connors had been investigating IGH in order to get justice for Luke's unlawful arrest and experimentation
Reva had been a reporter or a similar occupation, which had allowed her to track down evidence of Gifted people and experimentation on them. The flash drive she'd buried had only been her back up because she knew that if IGH found out she was investigating them, they would probably have her offed. The reason she came into contact with Kilgrave was that she'd figured out he was one of the children that had been experimented on and she hoped that he'd help her track down IGH. Too bad she chose Kilgrave... She might have been investigating for an entirely different reason (a groupie, like Raina over in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or working for HYDRA) and just run into Luke, then fell in love with him.
  • Flashbacks in Luke Cage (2016) establish that Reva had been a counselor at Seagate Penitentiary, where she met Luke. After Rackham's attempt to kill Luke in the liquid bath failed (with Rackham getting killed and Luke getting his unbreakable skin), Luke broke out and he and Reva went on the run.
    • Jossed. Reva had no connections to IGH and likely didn't know anything about it.

  • Biotech organization?
  • Experimenting on people in the 90s?
  • Trying to give people superpowers/understand where their powers come from?
  • People developing superpowers from medicinal treatments?
  • Three letter acronym?
  • It's something Nick Fury had going, never officially connected to SHIELD, but when SHIELD fell, they started doing their own thing, and Coulson doesn't know about them. It'd fit with the Tahiti Project, too. That shows that Nick got up to some pretty dark stuff. Plus, the MCU is somewhat based on the Ultimate Universe, where Nick Fury is straight up a war criminal.
    • Jossed. It was a small underground medical facility that only had three patients who survived.

If Matt Murdock shows up in a cameo, he'll be a Composite Character of Peter Parker and Scott Lang.
Since Jessica is far older than MCU Spidey, she couldn't have attended high school with him, but she may have run into Matt Murdock and crushed on him instead. If this is the case, he may become the New Old Flame for Jessica Jones to consider dating instead of Luke Cage.

IGH isn't the name of the entire organisation
IGH is the name of the combat enhancers they're experimenting with, and the subdivision Koslov oversees is simply known as such. What does IGH stand for? Inhuman Growth Hormone, the MCU's equivalent of Mutant Growth Hormone.
  • Jossed. The initials IGH stand for Industrial Garments & Handling Facility, which was a front.

IGH's 'Combat Enhancers' will end up as a street drug
IGH will replace Mutant Growth Hormone as the 'superpower granting drug', and will provide something for the Defenders to deal with. If they do ever make a Young Avengers Netflix show, it'll be this that Patriot takes for his powers at first.

The red pill Trish took will lead into her becoming a superhero.
Simpson/Nuke always took a blue pill to balance the effects of the red pill, but Trish didn't. So maybe the pill changed her body chemistry permanently, and she now has similar powers to Nuke? Since we know she's always been a superhero fan (it was her idea Jessica should become one), she would definitely want to use her powers to do good. Think about it: why would the writers have decided to make Patsy Walker into Jessica's best friend (unlike in the comics), if they weren't thinking of turning her into Hellcat eventually?
  • Confirmed. While the affects of the drug wore off, season 2 has Trish taking a modified version of Simpson's drug, eventually leading her to undergo dangerous experiments to gain powers.

The insanity defense will become the 'Kilgrave defense'
You can imagine that some criminals will try to use the defense that Kilgrave's mind control made them commit their horrible crimes. It might end up becoming a Running Gag in season 2.

Kilgrave is the source of Improv Everywhere
At least one use of Kilgrave's powers led to what was perceived as a spontaneous improv act. Now, in real life, there is Improv Everywhere, a performance art group that does spontaneous pranks around New York City.
  • What if, in this universe, all of Improv Everywhere's various acts (like 200 people freezing in place simultaneously for five minutes in Grand Central Terminal, or lots of people going pants-free on the subway, etc.) weren't planned by paid performers, but just random strangers mind-controlled by Kilgrave to do these sorts of things?

Jessica Drew will appear as a University of Manchester experiment
Comics Jessica gained her parents due to her parents' experiments, and they were British. One of her powers being influencing men is in the same ballpark as Kilgrave's.

Kilgrave's children will show up
Jeri did say the fetus Hope aborted had inherited his powers. It's possible he had other kids that also inherited his powers like in the comics.
  • Kilgrave has a daughter, Kara, in the comics who grows up to be a hero.
  • Jessica may have to deal with the moral dilemma of whether or not it's okay to kill a child who has Kilgrave's dangerous abilities.

Jeri has a brother
Seeing as how there's a decent chance that the character will be relevant when Iron Fist rolls around, having a somewhat amoral character could cause problems (unless they do something of a redemption arc for her, which is entirely possible). However, Jeri could have a brother who is also a lawyer, and plays the more traditional role of Jeryn from the comics.
  • Seems to be Jossed since it's been confirmed Jeri will be in Iron Fist.

The scientists experimenting on Kilgrave work for IGH.
  • Jossed. Killgrave has no connection to IGH.

Will Simpson will make an appearance in Daredevil.
Nuke first appeared in the Daredevil comic #232.
  • Jossed. Simpson died early in season two and the body was tossed into the middle of the ocean.

Koslov will be the Big Bad of Season 2.
Jessica mentioned deal with one Big Bad at a time and it's likely IGH will be the main antagonists of Season 2. Plus the men that is sent after Simpson seem to be directly following Koslov which could mean that he has more authority in the program than just being the main scientist. If he learns Jessica got powers from IGH, if he is not the head of the organisation then his superiors could order him to go after Jessica for their own use.
  • Jossed. Koslov died off-screen at the hands of Alisa.

Jessica's metabolism is the reason why she is immune to Kilgrave.
It's been long since established that one of Jessica's abilities is an abnormally strong metabolism and healing factor. It enables her to heal faster (though not instantaneously) and process things like alcohol faster than most normal people. This might also be what has made her immune to Kilgrave's powers. Since his powers are emitted through a virus, Jessica could have metabolized it faster due to her own super skill set. That revelation would obviously lead to speculations about Luke being able to resist Kilgrave as well, but building an immunity to a virus requires constant exposure and repeated doses, doesn't it? Who else, besides Jessica, was in such long and close proximity to Kilgrave? You could say that his parents were, but they ditched him as soon as they could during the free window from his powers and neither of them have super metabolisms. Jessica is the only one who was with him 24/7, rapidly metabolizing his virus-powers. That's why Albert's attempt at a cure didn't work.

Kilgrave using 'please'
The word is not just an attempt to mask his irritation when his orders are not obeyed. It's one of the ways to dodge his ability: adding that word turns a would-be absolute order into a normal sentence/request the listener is not forced to obey.

Elden Hensen (Foggy Nelson) will be a regular in season 2.
The second season of Daredevil ended with Foggy going to work for Hogarth at her law firm. Foggy will be a regular in the second season of Jessica Jones, and may even be responsible for introducing Jessica and Luke Cage to Daredevil.
  • He makes a one-scene cameo in season 2.
Kilgrave tried to control Jessica before the start of the series
Kilgrave clearly knows his powers don't work on Jessica throughout the entire show and it seems a little unreasonable to assume it's because of that one command right before he was hit by a bus, especially since Jessica herself didn't even realise it wasn't working. The best explanation is that he approached her on the street at some point, gave her an order and when it didn't work he ran like hell. Jessica didn't notice, probably because it was a stop command given from a distance. Or maybe she was drunk. Kilgrave then found Hope with the initial intention of making her a replacement for Jessica until he legitimately grew bored of her and decided he needed Jessica back.

Jessica was already free of Kilgrave's control even before Reva
Jessica killed Reva on her own free will that she progressively regained overtime and couldn't have spontaneously broken control because Kilgrave works by way of a virus not a mental power.
  • Kilgrave mentioned to Jessica in her childhood home that he told Jessica to "take care of her", rather than some more specific command. He didn't say to "knock her out" or, better yet, to "kill her", he just said to take care of her and Jessica's immediate action was to hit Reva as hard as she possibly could. This theory goes that Jessica's guilt over killing Reva was not initially due to said traumatic event, but because she was already immune to Kilgrave's virus control when he told her to "take care of her", which means she killed her on her own free will. Think about it, Kilgrave's commands are always taken literally (aside from the few widely understood figures of speech, such as telling someone to shut up; a person won't try and find some way to literally "shut" something "up" or upward). Remember the scene at Jessica's childhood home when Kilgrave was telling her that he has always had trouble with speaking to people. His example was that "I once told a guy to go screw himself, could you imagine that?" Virtually everything he says is taken literally, even if it's figurative (but not assertive). Plenty of people know that saying to "take care" of someone usually means to kill them, but Jessica was innocent; she has said over and over again that she is "not a murderer". She'd never even been in a situation like that, or any crime-related situation... prior to that night. Think back to the scene when Kilgrave breaks into her apartment, and she argues with him about being under his control or not while they were "dating". He says he knew that, at least, she didn't listen to him (the flashback to Jessica in the yellow dress at Kilgrave's condo, on the balcony). It was an immunity that she built up to him over time due to exposure. It wasn't a sudden traumatic spark in her brain that unexpectedly made her immune to his virus. And back to the Reva incident, specifically how she was killed by Jessica. Well, Jessica never punched anyone that hard throughout the season, even in life threatening situations where she wasn't hesitant to kill if need be. So, in theory, that guilt Jessica has about killing Reva is because she fully understood her power and made a conscious decision to hit her harder than she would ever hit anyone else. This all ties in with how Kilgrave's mind control works in the first place: as his parents described it, Kilgrave's power works as a virus. There is no hypnosis or anything telepathic about his powers. It's all due to the fact that the virus he was infected with as a child, to counteract the neurodegenerative disease he was born with, spreads through a radius of pheromones from his body. Anyone nearby is essentially infected by his virus from breathing it in or some other means (it could also include absorption through the skin, or cuts or however). This inherent mechanic basically means that Jessica's brain was in fact was immune to Kilgrave before that night, and that there is no real way to "fight" Kilgrave's mind control mentally because he actually takes control of the brain physically. There is no way a person can mentally block out a virus, infection, or disease. With all that being said, at some point before that night, Jessica was just following Kilgrave's orders on her own free will, not because he was controlling her. And that is, subconsciously, why Jessica is so guilty about it, but she denies this even when Kilgrave makes it apparent to her.

The Big Bad of Season 2 will be a physical fighter with strength on par with Jessica's.
A classic case of Contrasting Sequel Antagonist seems like the natural way to go. Kilgrave controlled, but this villain will be a fighter who got their powers thanks to IGH by accident, and has a goal that spurs Jessica to go in pursuit of them, rather than being one that makes Jessica the focus of the villain. But in order to keep the thriller element of the show intact, the villain will be a Genius Bruiser who is able to quickly figure out how Jessica plans to go after them and turn it to their advantage. As for what villain from the comics this potential villain could be, it could be any guy or gal with super strength just with some changes to fit the show's style.
  • Confirmed.

We'll actually see Chao and Benowitz.
They're Hogarth's partners, so they have to turn up at some point. Perhaps to establish that she isn't the only one doing anything with the firm at least.
  • Confirmed for season 2.

There will be more one off antagonists.
Just to expand a bit. Jessica can take more actual cases now that Kilgrave is dead. There'll still be a Big Bad for the season, but they may not consume as much time from other potential baddies.
  • Partially confirmed. Chang is a PI rival to Jessica and actually tries to kill her when he believes she killed his partner. We also have Dr Carl who is somewhat antagonistic. Simpson comes back for one episode as well.

Jeri will become more bitter in season 2.
After what happened with Wendy and Pam. And she'll blame Jessica because of her past with Kilgrave.

Potential antagonists for season 2
  • “Dr. Kirby” AKA Dr. Karl Malus: One of the major plot points left unresolved at the end of season one was the mystery surrounding IGH, the group likely responsible for Jessica’s powers, possibly responsible for Kilgrave’s, and most definitely responsible for Will Simpson’s transformation into Nuke. IGH, as a group, seems very intent replicating the effects of the Super Soldier serum with their Combat Enhancers, and very interested in enhanced individuals in general. With that in mind, Dr. Karl Malus is a perfect fit to be a lead doctor at IGH alongside Dr. Kozlov. In the comics, Malus founded the “Institute for Supernormality Research” and was known as a gifted manipulator of human genetics. Malus’s work was responsible for giving powers to some of Marvel’s most obscure street-level villains (somehow even more obscure than Gladiator and Stilt-Man), and he totally fits the “freethinker” mold. IGH seems a likely substitute for the ISR, and the inclusion of Malus could open up an entirely new corner of the Marvel Universe should they include any of his more supernatural subjects. This is a guy that we are entirely unlikely to see in any other venue, so he presents as a very good fit for Dr. Kirby.
    • Confirmed.
  • "Presley" - Paul Denning, A.K.A. Paladin: Debuting in Daredevil #150, Paladin is a character destined to end up in this corner of the MCU, and his inclusion has only ever been a question of when and where. A mysterious P.I. for hire, Paladin is a womanizing merc with a very strange code of honor that sometimes prevents him from finishing his job. The self-assured Paladin has appeared all over the Marvel Universe, but his exploits with the core group of Defenders make him a very likely suspect for the role of “Presley.”
    • Jossed. Best guess is that "Presley" was the casting sheet codename for Pryce Cheng, who is a PI, but definitely not Paladin.
  • “Oliver” – Otis Johnson: Otis is a possibility because of his connections to Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, two very important characters in Iron Fist and Luke Cage respectively, and because of the “chemical accident” that gave him his powers. If IGH are the main antagonists of season 2, it wouldn’t take much to change the origins of Johnson’s powers. Otis basically has the same powers as Luke Cage in the comics, but he hardly has the imposing stature or physical prowess. He’d make an interesting addition to the roster, and could continue on in other shows down the line.
    • "Oliver" turned out to be Oscar, Jessica's building's new superintendent. This doesn't rule out him being a race lifted and name changed Johnson, but it makes it harder to call it a sure thing. Oscar has also been cast with J. R. Ramirez, who is a quite muscular man, which is at odds with the ironically skinny and weak-looking Johnson.
    • Jossed. Oscar is a love interest to Jessica with no resemblance to Johnson.
  • Ingrid – Typhoid Mary: For Jessica Jones season 1, Frank Simpson became Will Simpson, while Zebediah Killgrave became Kevin "Kilgrave" Thompson. Both Simpson and Kilgrave still retained their essential character traits, and we could easily be headed down that road again with “Ingrid.” Typhoid Mary is a character that has to be a part of these Netflix series, and she’d be a perfect antagonist for Jessica. An IGH-powered Mary could wreak havoc on the show, and her immense power set would be a suitable step up from Kilgrave and be a real threat for Jessica and friends.
    • Ingrid has been described as a "street wise" nurse, and has been confirmed to be named Ingrid. It's possible this could be one of Mary's alternate personalities, but Mary was never a nurse in the comics and being primarily known as, well, Ingrid in the show would be pretty pointless if she's Typhoid Mary (especially since the speculation that she's Typhoid Mary is the primary thing mentioned involving Leah Gibson's casting).
    • Jossed. She's just Inez, a former IGH employee.
  • Episode 13 is revealed to be "AKA Playland", possilby implying some version of Arcade's Murderworld

Leah Gibson's character Ingrid is going to be the MCU version of Linda Carter, the original Night Nurse.
She's described as a "street wise" nurse, which seems like good evidence for this. Perhaps they want to explore the concept more. She could be an acquaintance of Wendy, whose death inspires her to follow in the footsteps of her former co-worker Claire Temple.
  • Jossed.

Jessica will have to go undercover to investigate organized crime for a case.
  • Jossed.

Killgrave will return as hallucinations brought on by Typhoid Mary.
It's heavily speculated that Typhoid Mary will be a villain for the new series. In the comics, she has some mental powers, so perhaps her abilities cause Jessica to hallucinate seeing Killgrave.
  • Jossed. While Killgrave is in Jessica's imagination, it was not brought on by any villains and as mentioned above, Typhoid Mary is not in this season.

Trish will finally become Hellcat in season two.
She probably won't have the exact same costume, but she'll begin going out and fighting crime as a vigilante, which pisses Jessica off.
  • Partially confirmed. She has powers and does engage in vigilante activities, but she is not a full-blown superhero yet and her powers don't really manifest until the very end, although she does get a temporary boost form Simpson's drugs and beats up some bad guys a few times.

Jessica will wear her costume or something similar to it in season two.
Maybe she'll go to Melvin Potter for it, as a way of honoring Matt and his whole "must wear a costume" deal.
  • Jossed. No costumes appear.

Typhoid Mary, if she does appear, will be one of the kids tortured in the same experiments that created Kilgrave.
  • Jossed. Typhoid Mary does not appear and Killgrave's experiments ar enot brought up.

Cardiac will be the main villain of Season 2
The name of his civilian identity appeared at the end of The Defenders (2017) so him appearing is possible. He will be an enemy of IGH because of their experiments and will attack Jessica over a misunderstanding or because he thinks she secretly works for them. Him attacking her will lead her to start investigating IGH proper.
  • That sounds more like he'd be a Starter Villain, or even a potential ally to Jessica, rather than a Big Bad role.
  • Jossed.

A plot arc will feature street urchins who try to emulate the Avengers
And there's your backdoor pilot for Young Avengers.
  • Jossed.

Karen Page will show up to assist Trish in guiding Trish Talk
They seemed to form a quick bond while cooped up in the precinct while their superheroes were off fighting the Hand. As Trish mentions prior to Murakami's attempt to kill her that she's interested in making Trish Talk more about investigative journalism, it stands to reason that she'd reach out to Karen to give her pointers. This would also allow Karen to mentor Trish in investigative work and cement her role as Ben Urich's successor.
  • Jossed.

    Post-Season Two 
Trish's Season Three Story Arc will be her getting used to her new powers and dealing with the fallout of her killing Jessica's Mom

This season will have a triple conflict between Malcolm, Trish, and Jessica.
Malcolm is working for Hogarth/Chang and will likely be a rival for Jessica. Meanwhile, Trish will go full-blown vigilante and start fighting crime. Eventually, they all find themselves Working the Same Case and things escalate quickly from there.

Season 3 will also explore how they still don't seem satisfied with what they thought they want because they don't feel whole. Much like what Matt, Karen and Foggy are facing in between Daredevil (2015) seasons 2 and 3, they need some time away from each other in order to get their shit together so that they can be a family again.

Trish will be the eventual Big Bad of Season 3.
Given Trish’s increasingly erratic behavior over the course of the first two seasons, I can’t see her developing powers as a good thing. Her personality is highly addictive, she’s delved into illicit substances at least twice that we’ve seen, and neither time ended well. Given that the procedure has shown consistently to bring out the worst side of someone (Jessica’s jaded personality, her mother’s anger issues) and amplify it tenfold, Trish’s addicted side will come out worse than ever. Also, every time we’ve seen her get powers so far, she’s gone off the rails and hurt others or herself. Moreover, she seems to be more in love with the IDEA of being a superhero than actually helping people. Granted, that might be her intent at first in the third season, but as more time goes on, she’ll keep losing control and getting more and more out of hand, until something finally breaks her (my money’s on her mother berating her and Trish killing her an a rage). This will bring Trish and Jessica into conflict with one another, and Jessica will have to subdue/kill Trish to stop her.

Buzz Baxter, Patsy Walker's ex-husband who became the villain Mad-Dog in the comics, will appear
The series will portray Baxter as a former cast member of It's Patsy who was Trish's only real friend on set, who has recently been discharged from the United States Air Force. Baxter is captured and turned into a superhuman by IGH to kill Trish, with him growing large dog-like fangs that prompt people to compare Baxter to a "mad dog." He dies after a couple episode appearances to provide Trish with angst about what happened to him.

Trish won't become Hellcat at all
Not only is Trish very different from the comics' Patsy, she's being made increasingly more of a potential villain than a potential hero. Instead, she'll end up becoming an even bigger threat to herself and others, won't have the Hellcat identity or costume (because that would definitely clash with the show's tone and how it handles those who consider themselves "heroes"), and may end up getting killed off. Trish may even become a straight up monstrous version of herself by the end like her appearance in Heroes Reborn before someone, presumably Jessica, has to kill her.After that, a new character in another show or even movie will be the Hellcat of the MCU.

The former cast of It's Patsy will appear
They will reveal that Trish had more inner demons than even Jessica knew.

Trish isn't the real Patricia Walker
Dorothy will be revealed to have been so desperate for a daughter to exploit that she stole another woman's baby from the hospital after her husband, aware of what she wanted to do to their daughter, took off and ran with their actual young daughter, somehow eluding any police searching for them. Trish's real parents were much less fortunate than Dorothy and didn't have the means to find their daughter. When Trish will be so utterly shattered both mentally and emotionally by this discovery that she snaps and becomes a full-blown villain. Yes, all this would make both the police and anyone who knew Dorothy look really incompetent, but I wouldn't put it past this show to say that the police didn't care, that nobody in Dorothy's life cared enough to notice anything that happened, and that Dorothy pulled off a very convoluted cover job for herself (same with Mister Walker), but I wouldn't put it past this show to have it show people be utterly outmaneuvered by someone with the motivation.

Jessica sort of met Ben Parker at some point before he died
He mentioned the "with great power comes great responsibility" quote as something he wanted to tell his nephew while she was in earshot. This stuck with Jessica in the form of her hate of it, synching it up in her mind as her go to example of pretentious hogwash.

Jeri will commit suicide so she doesn't have to suffer from having ALS
Before she goes through with it though, she'll find a way to screw over everybody she deemed an annoyance in her life as a "last hurrah". What may result from this is up in the air, considering what happens next season. Dark and assuredly audience alienating as it may be, this show has tackled enough controversial material in the past that they might address suicide this way. They certainly wouldn't glamorize it, so they could just make it work. I just don't see them actually showing Jeri succumb to ALS as a subplot for Season 3.

Jessica won't stay mad at Trish forever

Alisa came into this show as some crazed serial killer which we all then learned is really Jessica's mother. At first Jessica was very "I still need to put you away" state of mind, even if it was her mother which I was shocked about. I thought Jessica would instantly be ready to re-connect, yet I was happy she was sticking to her grounds. But as she talks to Alisa more, she loses that state of mind.

It's very understandable to why she did. I mean, 17 years without her mother and all the sudden she appears. Anyone would be curious and not want your mother arrested so quickly. So she hides her away until Cheng convinces her she has to call the police. Jessica gets her right state of mind back and has her mother arrested. But she visits her in jail a lot. Even brings in Jeri to help her get a better deal.

As we watch Jessica connect with Alisa more, we see a different side of Jessica. A more confused version. Usually we know Jessica to be confident and smart in bad moments, but she starts to slow down. Then she kills Dale because her mother basically convinced her to. Also her mom was proud she did what she did which Jessica never wanted to kill anyone (except Kilgrave, but that was special circumstances). Alisa turns her into this whole other person to the point we flash forward and they are running away together.

Here is where Trish comes into play. If anyone knows Jessica best, it is going to be Trish Walker. The one person accepted into the mind of Jessica Jones and the one person who Jessica Jones actually loves and cares for. Now, Trish would know Jessica wouldn't just leave her. Hell, Jessica says it to Alisa how "I'm not leaving Trish" before her mother brainwashes her intro running away with her. Trish knew Jessica's entire life was on the line, but Jessica was too blinded by the fact her mom was back to see it.

And from Trish's limited knowledge, there were two ways this could've ended: Option A) the cops shoot Jessica down along with Alisa, or Option B) Jessica gets arrested for being an accomplice to a major serial killer. She serves time and gets more fucked up mentally and loses her private investigator's license.

Yet, Jessica couldn't see those two options at all because all she saw was that she had her mom back. It isn't her fault. Detective Costa even pointed out that anyone would do that if they just got their mom back. That being said, Trish took the third option and killed Alisa, saving Jessica's life.

Now comes my point into where Jessica and Trish will not be mad at each other forever. Well, more Jessica being mad at Trish rather then Trish being mad at Jessica. Jessica easily could have hurt or killed Trish right there at the park right after the shooting, but she didn't. She told Trish to run, then returned to the ferris wheel bucket and waited there for the cops to arrive. She cares too much for Trish and like it or not, Oscar will never be able to be enough for Jessica like Trish was. And Jessica and Trish have been through hell and back together, first with Stirling's death and Trish's drug addictions, and then working together to defeat Kilgrave. They both admit to feeling alone without the other. Hell, Trish and Malcolm had sex then afterwards Trish couldn't stop thinking about Jessica.

But yeah, Trish was mostly in the right here. Whether Jessica comes around to it or Trish makes her, they can't live without each other. Like Kilgrave has said before, Jessica only cares and has Trish. Not to mention, Trish hates her own mother and only feels safe/comfort around Jessica.

So it won't be a head to head for Jessica vs. Trish, but there will be some conflict between the two. It is bound to happen as Rachael Taylor has said this show revolves around the friendship of Trish and Jessica but also shows that their friendship is not always perfect yet it's still a friendship that means very much to those two.

It won't entirely result in a Defenders-style teamup. I see them working together, but Jessica is very protective of Trish. Even if Trish has powers, Jessica will still be very protective and not wanting Trish in danger. That would make working together very complicated. Not to mention Trish is going to get a costume because she is Trish, and Jessica will probably keep making comments at the stupidity of it just like she made fun of Matt's costume.

So what will exactly happen? I think that they will team up yet at the same time, go head to head in their own ways. Not to mention Jessica has to still accept Trish back into her life as Trish literally shot herself out of it.

Trish will be the overall threat of Season 3

Related to the two theories above, we will have a heated battle between Jessica and Trish.
In the aftermath, they can finally reconcile and move on.

Jessica will spend part of the season without her powers
How interesting would it be if we went through a three episode arc or so where Jessica was without her powers? I know this concept has been used before where a super-powered individual loses their abilities, but I think it would be a little fascinating to see this explored on a character like Jessica Jones.

Giving Trish powers while taking Jessica's away could be an interesting thing to play with, carrying forward the ideas of what makes a hero from season 2. One of the more effective things about season 1 had been how constrained Jessica was. She had super powers, but they were pretty limited in effectiveness against Kilgrave because his powers were ones that her physical strength was ineffective against. It created a genuine threat in an interesting way, which is often missing from super hero shows. In much the same way that Luke's superstrength was something that was ineffective against Mariah Dillard's influence and money, same for Matt's enhanced senses against Fisk's influence.

Trish won't be a villain in season 3
Trish being a villain? I don't see it happening. Hellcat is a token "good guy" in the comics. More realistic would be Trish quitting her talk show and trying to be a vigilante. We know Trish wants to get in on the true media, get involved in real news like Karen Page does. It's more likely that Trish is gonna be the catalyst for Jessica Jones to turn into The Pulse. I don't see Trish joining Karen at the Bulletin, and since Netflix wants to keep things original, it's more likely that Trish will try to open up her own newspaper as a front for collecting local superhumans and trying to get them to be heroes (which would be an homage to what Hellcat actually does in the comics). The show is really good at doing the whole "mash-together cool things and wind up with something unique" sorta thing.

And as Hellcat is a token "good guy", it wouldn't make sense for Trish to evolve into a villain. All of the character development of season 2 means a lot, but I don't see Jessica rejecting Trish. Obviously, Jessica and Trish's relationship will show a huge bump at the beginning of season 3 as a result of the fallout of season 2, but it must end with Jessica forgiving Trish. They are sisters; demonizing Trish or turning her into a villain likely will just seem like a rehashing of Season 2. Not to mention that this show is about girl power, and demonizing a fan favorite like Trish seems like a hardcore route to misogyny.

Trish as a vigilante
Trish will become a very naive vigilante, costume and all, after realizing that she has powers. She'll quickly understand that it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and it will force her to reflect on her actions and mistakes in Season 2 and consult someone. At the same time, her second life will interfere with whatever Dorothy has planned for her which will lead to a heated argument between them when Trish will finally understand just what a monster her mother is and will disown her.

Luke Cage will be the next foe Jessica Jones will have to face
Jessica will either learn from Claire Temple or Misty Knight that Luke has become a crime boss, and given how close Luke was to Jessica, she will be upset to learn about this. She'll confront Luke and call him out on his decision to become a crime lord, only for Luke to retort back saying that Jessica doesn't have the moral high ground given the stuff that she has done, such as killing Luke's wife and Kilgrave. Their conflicting morals will cause them to go after each other with Jessica believing Luke is dangerous and needs to be stop, and Luke believing Jessica doesn't have what it takes to do what is necessary and will only get in his way.

Jessica will have to find ally if she wants to stop Luke Cage, which may include Misty Knight who also wants to stop Luke, Colleen Wing since she now has the Iron Fist that could put a dent in Luke bullet-proof skin, or Trish Walker whom Jessica learns that she just got powers and will have to set their differences aside to work together in defeating Luke.


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