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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

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    Episode 1, AKA Ladies Night 
  • Hope's father Bob stubbornly trying to fix Jessica's door out of worry for her being a young woman alone in the big city. (She gives him a bottle of Elmer's Glue to satisfy him, apparently appreciating his act to a degree.)
  • Jessica and Trish used to be tight friends, but then Jessica distanced herself for six months. Their relationship is strained but Trish still loaned her the escape money.
  • Jessica doing her best to help Hope cope with her trauma; first with the street-name Survival Mantra and then by urging her to say "It's not my fault". None of that was in her contract; her job was done. She did that pro-bono.
  • Malcolm's knee-jerk reaction to offer Jessica his television set when he hears that she's having money trouble. Slightly dented by his subsequent bashful admission that he stole it.

    Episode 2, AKA Crush Syndrome 
  • Jessica trying everything she can in order to prove Hope is innocent from killing her parents, as she was under Kilgrave's control. She is not being paid by anyone to do this. She even has to exchange favors with her lawyer (sort-of) boss.
  • Trish ordering a new "Alias Investigations" glass window for Jessica. Then Jessica calling Trish to make amends for trying to push her away.

    Episode 3, AKA It's Called Whiskey 
  • Jessica and Luke's little "arm wrestling" contest before they have their Destructo-Nookie, which is also heartwarming - they exchange goofy, innocent smiles throughout it, while the sex is passionate and carefree, in contrast to their first, very awkward encounter. For the first time in their lives, they've both found someone with whom they can be themselves. Especially poignant with a) Jessica giving the very few genuinely warm smiles in the series with Luke and b) Cage himself being positively giddy at the prospect of them fucking their brains out (even if it ends up annihilating the bed) when just two episodes ago he was extremely reluctant to do so with his date.

     Episode 4, AKA 99 Friends 
  • Trish telling Simpson that she doesn't blame him for trying to kill her while under Kilgrave's control.
    Trish: I might shoot you by accident.
    Simpson: It's worth the risk.

     Episode 5, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me 
  • The episode has a moment where Jessica, in a sandwich costume, saved a little girl's life. She says thank you and says, "The Sandwich saved me." Funny, but also a rather cute moment and even Jessica had to smile at it.
  • When Kilgrave tells Jessica that if she doesn't send him selfies in Malcolm's place, he'll hurt Malcolm, Jessica is clearly unwilling to do so - until she sees that Malcolm has thrown the drugs she gave him earlier in the toilet, determined not to give in to Kilgrave anymore. For his sake, Jessica gives in to Kilgrave's demands... for now.

    Episode 6, AKA You're a Winner 

    Episode 11, AKA I've Got the Blues 
  • The crowd of concerned people gathering around Jessica after she's been hit by a truck, trying to make her more comfortable and urging her to stay still and wait for the ambulance. While what Jessica takes away from the incident is that the truck driver didn't even slow down and therefore Humans Are Bastards, this scene shows that that's her depression talking. Even in a show as bleak as this one, basic human decency is a thing that exists.
  • Young Trish and Jessica's early bonding.
    • Trish catches Jessica lifting a marble sink over her head, one-handed - she calls her a freak, but immediately clarifies that she means it in a positive way.
    • Jess protecting Trish from her abusive mother, despite her earlier reluctance to reveal her powers to Dorothy.

    Episode 12, Take a Bloody Number 
  • Even after finding out that Jessica killed his wife, several episodes later, Luke comes back. When he is interrogated by Kilgrave, he admits under Kilgrave's powers that there was "something" between the two of them.
  • Malcolm bonds with a heartbroken Robyn after Ruben's death, and they have something of a funeral service for him at the river.

    Episode 13, AKA Smile 
  • Before Jessica leaves to defeat Kilgrave. She lies down beside an unconscious Luke, much like she did when they were together, and talks about how she used to imagine their future together. Someone so broken down and filled with self-loathing, but when she is with Luke she has hope. She gives him one final kiss goodbye and says that she would have really liked that future.
  • Jessica and Trish come up with a code-word for each other - something Jessica "would never say" to Trish or anyone else: "I love you". At the climax, as Kilgrave is threatening to take Trish away just to torture Jessica, he believes that Jessica is finally under his control and asks her to tell him that she loves him. Jessica says the words, but she is looking directly at Trish.
  • Claire telling Jessica about her friendship with Daredevil, describing him as often being unsure he's doing the right thing, but always dependable to help anyone who needs it.
  • The very end. So many people calling Jessica to help with their sometimes-petty, sometimes-critical problems, and Malcolm finally picking up Jessica's phone and saying "Alias Investigations, how can we help?" Maybe Jessica will get the chance to be the hero Trish always wanted her to be after all...


Season 2

    Episode 1 - "AKA Start at the Beginning" 

  • Cheng's buddy being reunited with his little dog.

    Episode 3 - "AKA Sole Survivor" 
  • While Jeri's meeting with Jessica is more of a tearjerker, Jessica's face shifting for n sarcasm to being absolutely devastated when hearing about Jeri having ALS, she really cares for her friend.

    Episode 5 - "AKA The Octopus" 

  • When Jessica notices Jeri looking a little queasy from her medications, she wordlessly uses her feet to slide the wastepaper basket to within reach of Jeri.
  • Detective Costa giving Jessica his card when she gets released from jail, telling her how he believes she's a good person trying to do the right thing - because he was there when Kilgrave made all the cops point guns at each other, and Costa has nightmares about it - right up until Jessica snapped and broke Kilgrave's neck. He's been fine since. It's nice to see someone actually acknowledge on screen that Jessica did a good thing when she killed Kilgrave, and going by her face, Jessica appreciates it too.
  • Jessica goes to Oscar to make a fake ID, for which he has to take her picture. The viewer likely cringes at how he's going to ask her to smile and bring up some bad memories, but instead he says "Don't smile," which actually does get a genuine smile out of her for a couple seconds before she wipes it off for the picture.
    • Remember that one of Kilgrave’s most innocuous yet insidious orders was to tell people to “smile.” With women, there's loaded meaning to this. It’s a seemingly simple, even friendly request uttered by so many men in public spaces, that its essentially demanding like Kilgrave did. While this instance is for a forged document and something small, it gives Jessica a chance to open up both physically and in the narrative.

    Episode 6 - "AKA Facetime" 

  • Jessica tucking Trish into bed after she vomits from being off Simpson's inhaler.

    Episode 7 - "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray" 

  • The first Alisa sees of her daughter is seeing Jessica bust open a fire hydrant with her foot for some kids to play around.
  • Even when she's mourning the death of the first great love of her life, Jessica is there to protect Trish, even from herself. Even the habitual asshole Jessica doesn't get pissed that, when she went to Trish for emotional support, she had stop her from giving a blowjob for drugs and get her cleaned up. Swerves into Tear Jerker when you see how their relationship devolves over the rest of the Season, but Jessica has done far more for Trish than anyone, even Trish herself, realizes.

    Episode 9 - "AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed" 

  • Jessica and Alisa working together to help Oscar stop his ex-wife from kidnapping Vido.

    Episode 11 - "AKA Three Lives and Counting" 
  • In an almost morbid way, the final words spoken by Jessica's Kilgrave hallucination, “I’ll be here if you need me.” In a sense, the hallucinated Kilgrave is Jessica, or at least a darker part of her that comes from her, rather than the actual character from the first season, and after everything has been said and done, this is the moment where he stops being Kilgrave and instead speaks as a part of Jessica's own subconscious, with his words actually sincerely having what she needs in mind rather than any attempt to bend her to his will or be cruel to her on an emotional and psychological level, something the real Kilgrave would've never been able to manage.

    Episode 13 - "AKA Playland" 

  • Detective Costa pleading with Jessica over the phone to turn her mother in since "[she's] one of the good ones."
  • Despite the falling out they had, Malcolm at least didn't quit without first finishing up the renovation work on Jessica's apartment that he'd started at the beginning of the season.
  • At the beginning Jessica seems to want nothing to do with Alisa but to just turn her in. However, after saving a family together from a car accident, Jessica is unable to lose her mother again and the two plan to run away together. However once Alisa realizes that she has put her daughter in danger, she is ready to turn herself over to the police to assure Jessica’s safety showing that despite all the people she murdered, Alisa sincerely loved her daughter. It makes her getting shot and killed by Trish in front of Jessica’s eyes all that more tragic.
    • Her last words to her daughter before she is killed are also this:
      Alisa: Maybe I don’t have to be amazing.. maybe I just made you.
  • Seeing Jessica sit down for dinner with Oscar and Vido. With her relationships with Malcolm and Trish in tatters, it's nice to see Jessica's got at least one relationship that's still solid.
    • For Daredevil (2015) viewers, the scene plays very similarly to the scene of Matt revealing his secret to Karen and it's not impossible to see the parallels.
    • Vido asks for Jessica to tell him some thrilling tales of her superheroics. Yeah, it's a little kid enamored with the concept of superheroes and who doesn't understand the pain and agony that come with the powers, but he still accepts Jessica entirely for who she is. Something (we've learned) even Trish was ultimately incapable of. Jessica finally has a truly stabilizing, humanizing influence in her life.

Season 3

    Episode 1 - "AKA The Perfect Burger" 

    Episode 2 - "AKA You're Welcome" 

    Episode 3 - "AKA I Have No Spleen" 

    Episode 4 - "AKA Customer Service is Standing By" 

    Episode 5 - "AKA I Wish" 

    Episode 6 - "AKA Sorry Face" 
  • Erik asking Jessica to cuddle with him. Even his cheesy come-on "you're like aspirin to me" is kind of sweet when you remember his Detect Evil power gives him headaches and nosebleeds. He's basically telling Jessica that she's a much better person than she's willing to give herself credit for.

    Episode 7 - "AKA The Double Half-Wappinger" 

    Episode 8 - "AKA Camera Friendly" 

    Episode 9 - "AKA I Did Something Today" 

    Episode 10 - "AKA Hero Pants" 

    Episode 11 - "AKA Hellcat" 

    Episode 12 - "AKA A Lotta Worms" 

    Episode 13 - "AKA Everything" 


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