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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Into the Ring 
  • Foggy awkwardly hugs the tearful Karen. It is adorable.
  • Matt offers to let Karen stay over at his apartment for the night. Their whole conversation once inside is so incredibly sweet and intimate that you'd almost think they were lovers, and not two strangers who've only known each other for a few hours. All of this is as Matt loans Karen one of his shirts and decides to share to her some very personal thoughts/feelings he probably has never conveyed to Foggy, and he does so in such a simple honest and sweet way you can see the connection forming that builds up until their rain kiss in season 2. He even takes his glasses off, which means he does feel comfortable and not afraid to show his vulnerability around Karen.
    Karen Page: Can I ask a personal question?
    Matt Murdock: I haven't always been blind.
    Karen Page: I guess that's what everyone wants to know.
    Matt Murdock: That or, "How do you comb your hair?"
    Karen Page: [smiles] How do you comb your hair?
    Matt Murdock: [gives Karen a matching smile] Honestly? You just—you hope for the best. [hands Karen a mug of water]
    Karen Page: Thank you.
    Matt Murdock: You wanna sit? [they sit down on the couch]
    Karen Page: How did it happen?
    Matt Murdock: Car accident. When I was nine.
    Karen Page: Must have been rough.
    Matt Murdock: Yeah. I made it through.
    Karen Page: Do you remember what it was see?
    Matt Murdock: I, um.. Yes, I remember.
    Karen Page: I can't imagine what that must be like.
    Matt Murdock: [chuckles and takes off his glasses] You know, I'm supposed to say "I don't miss it". That's what they teach you in trauma recovery. "Define yourself by what you have, value the differences, make no apologies for what you lack." And it's all true, for the most part. But it doesn't change the fact that I...I'd give anything to see the sky one more time.
    • Seasons 2 and 3 make this moment a little bit more heartwarming, when we learn that Karen had a brother who was killed in a car accident, and it's clear that Matt's words resonate with her because she thinks the same things about her brother, how she'd give anything to look at him one last time.

     Episode 2 - Cut Man 
  • Jack decides to go back on his deal to throw the fight against Crusher Creel because of Matt, especially after what the kid tells him: "We're Murdocks. We get hit a lot. But we get up. Right, Dad? We always get up." This leads Jack to have an epiphany and make two calls: one for his bookie, to bet everything on his victory and put the earnings on a savings fund for Matt; and another one for Sister Maggie, asking to look after Matt and essentially saying goodbye. He knows the repercussions of what he's about to do, but he still is determined to go through with it for the sake of his only son.
    Jack: Hey, it's uh... It's me. I'm about to go do something... Well... I'm about to go be me. You know better than anybody that doesn't always go so well. I don't know how this is gonna go, but if I were a betting man... Matty's gonna need you. More than ever. Look after him, okay? I-I know what I'm asking, but he's-he's a good kid. He sure as hell didn't get that from me. So... It's better this way. Just once... I want Matty to hear people cheer for his old man. Just once.
  • Before this scene, when Jack makes the original deal to throw the match he and Matt have an adorable conversation about Matt's attempts to learn Braille.
  • The scene at Josie's where Foggy helps Karen with her trauma by telling her that all the intimidating, threatening-looking guys hanging out in the bar with them all have good nature. One donates to a food drive, another works at a soup kitchen, another has kids whom he's planning on sending to a good school; it comes to show how there is still good in even the worst of places, like Hell's Kitchen.
  • Matt saving the boy in the climax, taking off his mask so as to not scare the boy, and telling him that everything is all right.
  • Claire going into detail about the people Matt's saved, such as the waitress who he rescued from a stalker, or how he brought down a gang of thugs who were beating and robbing tourists.

     Episode 4 - In the Blood 
  • Fisk telling Vanessa his name, complete with his typical stutters and stumbles. It's small, but at this point in the game, he's still not allowing his criminal associates to say his name, so to offer it up to Vanessa himself is a big step for him.
    • It goes a step further. When Vanessa initially rejects Fisk, and then later says she doesn’t know if she wants to see him again, he clearly respects her boundaries and doesn’t push her into anything.

     Episode 5 - World On Fire 
  • Matt asks Claire to temporarily move into his apartment until the threat from the Russians dies down.
  • Foggy and Karen showing up at Elena Cardenas' apartment to try and get her place fixed up. Foggy is her lawyer, not her maintenance man. He's doing this because he wants to.
    • Mrs. Cardenas making food for Foggy and Karen afterward, arranging for them to have a little time together while paying them back in her own neighborly way for helping out.
      • Subtle, but Mrs. Cardenas revealing that her neighbors helped her cook the meal. The people in that apartment really are good neighbors.

     Episode 6 - Condemned 
  • Karen and Foggy can't get a hold of Matt after the bombs are detonated in the Russians territory. After reassuring Karen that Matt's probably fine, Foggy tries to leave his hospital bed to go look for him.
    • Especially since, from their perspective, Matt is a blind man out in the middle of a war zone.
  • After the bomb, Foggy asks if Karen is okay, then Elena, then goes to check on everyone else in the building. You'll notice that he isn't on that list.

     Episode 7 - Stick 

     Episode 8 - Shadows in the Glass 
  • In spite of the fact that Fisk is strong arming Melvin Potter into helping his organization by threatening his girlfriend Betsy Beatty, Fisk is very polite and soft towards him in direct interaction and which, unlike most of his interactions with his associates barring Wesley, which is mostly just a facade to placate them, seems to be genuine as Fisk is under no obligation to be nice to him. This is probably because Melvin is a decent guy and is very respectful when addressing Fisk in a casual tone, meaning that his politeness is genuine and probably how he'd act towards anyone. Fisk even defends him towards Leland when he makes a casual mean-spirited remark about Melvin's intelligence.
    Fisk: That'll be all Mr. Potter.
    Melvin: OK. Need anything else Mr. Fisk, sir?
    Fisk: Not today Mr. Potter. Thank you.
    Melvin: OK.
    Leland: Kid's half an idiot.
    Fisk: It's the other half that counts.
    • Fridge Brilliance here is that Melvin clearly has some type of Ambiguous Disorder, but seems to most likely be Savant Syndrome which falls on the autistic spectrum and Fisk himself seems to have his own Ambiguous Disorder but most likely falls on the Autistic spectrum as well. It's likely that Fisk, after meeting him, felt a kinship with Melvin, and felt more empathy towards him than most, seeing a bit of himself in Melvin.
  • Wesley takes the initiative to try and ease Fisk's anguish by asking Vanessa to come over.
  • Vanessa helps Fisk exorcise at least some of his demons, which allows him to reveal himself to the public and paint himself as the savior of Hell's Kitchen.

    Episode 9 - Speak of the Devil 
  • Just how quickly a pretty drunk Foggy sobers up when he thinks Matt might be in trouble, and his absolute readiness to defend Matt against what he thinks are attackers in the apartment armed only with a pretty flimsy cane.

     Episode 10 - Nelson v. Murdock 
  • All the flashbacks of Foggy and Matt, from the college to starting their own business. True Companions at their purest. Sadly, this makes that final shot of Foggy tossing out the "Nelson & Murdock" sign as he leaves the firm that much more heartrending.

     Episode 11 - The Path Of The Righteous 
  • Karen visits her sick friend Matt (believing he's recovering from being hit by a car); she also brings him a balloon... with a monkey on it. Later, you see Matt meditating with the balloon in the background.
  • After the poisoning of Vanessa, Fisk is nearly having a heart attack out of sheer nervousness and concern for Vanessa, to the point he completely neglects his affairs just to stay with her. In a similar manner, there's Wesley, Fisk's loyal companion, doing his best to assure him that whatever happened wasn't his fault and doing everything in his power to calm him down. One moment even has Fisk, after Wesley faithfully heeds his every command, struggling (as per his Ambiguous Disorder tendencies) with the words to tell Wesley his appreciation. After stuttering a bit, he gives out a genuine "Thank you", and Wesley grins and nods.
  • When Daredevil sees Melvin Potter crying and realizes that he's only being press-ganged into helping Fisk, he immediately ends the fight and comforts Potter, apologizing for attacking him and promising to protect his friend Betsy.
  • The entire interaction between Matt and Claire as she still trying to help him both emotionally and on his vigilante career (such as getting a body armor) even after witnessing what a brutal world he chose. Double later on as Matt actually took her advice rather than ignore it like before.
  • Matt acknowledges how much he is thankful for Claire's help. Cox and Dawson's acting made you believe that they wished for much more from their relationship but accepted each other's choice.

     Episode 12 - The Ones We Leave Behind 
  • Fisk and his mother in the car. While contextually speaking the situation is awful (Fisk hounding whoever talked to his mother to kill them and mourning Wesley, not to mention his mother being senile), it is very touching to see just how much he cares for his mother, minding his language and his behavior around her.
  • Matt and Karen in the office.
    Matt: I can't do this alone. I can't take another step.
    Karen: [hugs him] You're not alone, Matt. You never were.
    • Matt realizing this is his Character Development; also keep in mind, this is the worst day of Karen's life (and it's going to get worse).

     Episode 13 - Daredevil 
  • At Ben Urich's funeral, Karen goes up to his widow and blames herself for his death, saying that she was the one who pushed Ben into the story. Doris responds that no one ever pushed him into doing anything he didn't want to do and that he would have wanted a daughter like Karen.
  • Fisk proposes to Vanessa whilst being dragged away by the FBI, and she accepts.
  • The victory celebration after using the law to bring down Fisk's empire. The three heroes have mended their relationships and working together. Foggy's even come to terms with Matt's vigilantism.
  • After all the action, the erection of the sign 'Nelson & Murdock', with Foggy off smiling to meet Marci, Karen and Matt walking inside hand in hand, and their satisfaction knowing they put Fisk away.

Season 2

     Episode 1 - Bang 
  • Matt notices Grotto in the bar and senses that he's packing a gun and seems about ready to use it. Foggy cautions him not to involved, thinking he's going to start a confrontation. Matt actually does the exact opposite and tries to appeal to the man's humanity, even though he knows nothing about him at this point.
    Matt: I'm just letting you know, this a good place. With good people. A lot of places a guy like you could drink. Just saying.
  • Brett tells Matt and Foggy, while outside the scene of the Kitchen Irish attack, that, speaking as a friend and not as an officer of the law, they should turn Grotto over to the cops and walk away so they don't get caught in the crossfire of whatever's brewing.
    Brett Mahoney: Now, we got history, so I'll tell you as a friend, you stay out of this shit. If you got a witness, the smart move is to turn him over and walk away. Hell's Kitchen is about to explode.
    Foggy Nelson: You hear that? He called me friend.

     Episode 2 - Dogs to a Gunfight 
  • Karen dropping by Matt's place to check on him in light of his getting hurt by the Punisher. She feels more open talking to Matt about how she's coping compared to with Foggy.
  • A minor one, but watch Matt's actions during his bout with Frank while they're under fire from an ESU team. At one point, he tackles Frank to the ground and a moment later a sniper bullet strikes right where Frank was standing. Matt may be trying to subdue Frank, but he's also trying to keep him alive so he can learn more.

     Episode 3 - New York's Finest 
  • Despite the circumstances, Frank's interactions with the Vietnam vet. Even with all the spite and hate, he still has a sense of honest camaraderie with a fellow Marine.
  • Matt could have escaped on the elevator and avoided the Dogs of Hell. The reason why he stayed to fight? It was because the Bikers start threatening the Vietnam vet. It is both awesome and heartwarming that Matt is willing to go through such risk for one person, just like he did when he saved the little kid in Season 1.
    • In addition the Vet seems reluctant to leave Matt alone to fight off the Dogs of Hell guys until Matt assures him he'll be alright.

     Episode 4 - Penny and Dime 
  • Despite not knowing Grotto well enough, and Matt knowing Grotto wasn't any saint, the Nelson & Murdock trio feel responsible enough to have a memorial service for him.
  • A heavily wounded Frank launches into the story of his return from Afghanistan, and instead of just standing there stoically waiting for the monologue to stop Matt actually sits down and listens, as entranced by the telling and the bared emotions as the audience is. What we get is a moment of two deeply disturbed, intrinsically violent people sitting down and sharing a bit of humanity in a graveyard while waiting for the cops to arrive. And it's beautiful.
  • Brett had earlier told Matt that just because he stopped Fisk doesn't mean he and the NYPD are on the same side. So his response when Brett shows up at the cemetery:
    Matt Murdock: Take the collar. Take the credit. Get a promotion, if you can. You've earned it.
    Brett Mahoney: Bullshit.
    Matt Murdock: No, people have to know the system works. Not his justice and not mine. Vigilante days are done in this town. The police are in charge.
    Brett Mahoney: That's not how it happened.
    Matt Murdock: Then make it how it happened.
    • To add to this: Matt wants the NYPD to be credited with Frank's arrest. In doing so, he makes clear that the Punisher's methods of justice are not tolerable. And possibly takes a step towards rebuilding the public trust in the NYPD that was shattered by Fisk's corruption (at least, for the time being until a couple Harlem cops prove otherwise).
  • When Matt visits Melvin to get his new suit pieces, Melvin can't help but caution Matt to be careful, with all the new bad guys out on the streets.
  • When the episode isn't focused on the Punisher manhunt, it's focusing on Matt and Karen's relationship.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Matt is in the midst of getting dressed for Grotto's funeral when Karen shows up. She quickly steps in to help him put on his tie, while gently flirting with him. And while Matt isn't ready to tell Karen his secret yet, he's willing to let her know how much she means to him.
      Karen Page: You okay?
      Matt Murdock: Yeah. [beat] Just...recovering.
      Karen Page: From what?
      Matt Murdock: I don't really have a name for it.
      Karen Page:'re feeling better?
      Matt Murdock: Yeah. Now. With you.
      [Karen pauses. After a momentary pause, she gulps and begins turning down Matt's collar]
      Matt Murdock: Not that I can verify, but you seem good at this.
      Karen Page: [smiles faintly] Uh, well, my brother wasn't, so...that's where I came in.
      Matt Murdock: You never said you had a brother.
      Karen Page: You never asked. [spends a few seconds running her hands across Matt's shoulders and chest]
    • When the trio gets back to the office after the funeral, Karen outlines the evidence she gleaned from the file in Blake Tower's office. Foggy, who'd rather keep his head on and his job intact, calls finding the Punisher a suicidal move careerwise. Matt, on the other hand, backs her up:
      Karen Page: Am I insane? Matt?
      Matt Murdock: [looks up] I'm sorry, what? [clears his throat]
      Karen Page: Nothing. Just...Father Lantom's eulogy really got to me, I guess.
      Matt Murdock: Yeah, he does that.
      Karen Page: Punisher's a lunatic.
      Matt Murdock: Would you care anyway?
      Karen Page: Uh, I wouldn't say that. It's more like...curious. [Karen sits down on the filing cabinets next to Matt] I mean, between these files and—and—and Reyes's obsession and the fact that...humans are a pretty complicated species to begin with. I just—I feel like there's got to be more to the story.
      Matt Murdock: I think you are....
      Karen Page: [smiles] Oh my God, you think I'm insane! [Matt and Karen laugh]
      Matt Murdock: [grins] I'm kidding. Compassionate. [beat] It's a good quality, Karen. The stuff of saints.
      Karen Page: Yeah, well I'm no saint.
      Matt Murdock: I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that. [Karen smiles]
    • When Karen slips out of the office with the Punisher files while Matt and Foggy are talking, Matt looks worried and his first reaction as he heads for the door is to go chase her down, as he doesn't want Karen to put herself in danger, but Foggy reminds him they have work to do.
    • As the trio leaves Josie's, Foggy comments on Matt's flirting with Karen.
      Foggy Nelson: Careful, Matt.
      Matt Murdock: What's that?
      Foggy Nelson: Keep going like this, you just might end up happy. And for a Catholic boy, that's a pretty dangerous thing.
    • To top it all off, Karen decides to take their relationship to the next step by offering to walk Matt home in the rain, which Matt, able to read Karen's elevated heartbeat, eagerly accepts. Once outside his building, he stops her and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. It's intense and even sexy, but at the same time it's very gentle and sweet. And Matt's smile right before he kisses her is one of the most adorable things ever put on screen.
      Matt Murdock: [breaking the kiss] Can I take you to dinner?
      Karen Page: [breathlessly] Yes!
      Matt Murdock: Tomorrow?
      Karen Page: [grins] Yes!
      [Matt musters up enough courage to pull away from Karen, and grins]
      Matt Murdock: ...Good night, Karen.
      Karen Page: [softly] Good night, Matt. [Karen gently runs a hand across Matt's chest as she steps away and hails a taxi]

     Episode 5 - Kinbaku 
  • As insanely twisted as it is (as she was trying to bring Matt back to Stick), there is something oddly sweet about how Elektra tracked down Roscoe Sweeney just to give Matt a chance to take revenge.
  • Matt and Karen's date is rather sweet. Matt is so unsettled by Elektra's presence that Karen takes him to a cheap Indian food restaurant and they discuss how New York City sometimes makes them feel 'safe' and Karen describes the place's wacky decorations to him. Also their lengthy makeout session on Karen's front steps.
    • Matt's words when turning down Karen inviting him up to her apartment for sex are ominous foreshadowing but also somewhat heartwarming in hindsight: he knows that sooner or later Elektra or something from his Daredevil life is going to get in the way of his relationship with Karen, and he wants to cherish this one good date with her so he can at least have some moment of happiness.
  • Despite his initial chilly response to Karen, the editor of the Bulletin lets her sort through their back copies and notes that Ben would be looking down from Heaven in approval. When Karen has to rush off for her date with Matt, he's clearly disappointed that she has to leave.

     Episode 6 - Regrets Only 
  • Frank thanking Karen for giving him the cherished family photo from his house, and even offers to answer any questions she might have. Behind the cold-blooded and sociopathic vigilante is a grieving father and husband who struggles to maintain his precious, happy memories of the family he once had.

     Episode 7 - Semper Fidelis 
  • Frank refuses to use a PTSD defense, despite it being by far the most likely to succeed. Not because he's denying its legitimacy as Karen first assumes, but because it would be an insult to all the people who really do suffer from it.

     Episode 8 - Guilty as Sin 
  • Elektra refusing to do Stick's bidding and vowing to go it alone with Matt is touching.
  • Karen's speech to Frank about how he's not really the monster that other people say he is is particularly heartwarming, especially as the audience has seen how brutal Frank's executions are and the fear he inspires in others.

     Episode 9 - Seven Minutes in Heaven 
  • Mitchell Ellison called Ben a pain in the ass (so it makes sense his friends would be, too), but here, he gives Karen Ben's old office. Then he knocks it up a notch by admitting he knows about her past (Ben dug it up) and neither he nor Ben ever cared.

     Episode 10 - The Man in the Box 
  • Matt's utter faith and trust in Claire. He requests the people he saved go to her, and the symbolism of him repeatedly showing to see her sans mask. In fact, later in the episode he waits for her on the roof without one. She knew he would be around. And when they are having their conversation, it differs so much from the conversation with Foggy last episode. Matt doesn't insist on one thing or another, he mostly listens as she lays out why he's wrong, and how he needs people. How this isolation will just end up hurting him in the end. And he doesn't disagree. Their utter faith, trust, and teamwork with each other is so heartwarming.
  • Why Mitchell Ellison is so insistent on helping mentor Karen as a journalist:
    Karen Page: You would never have pulled this patriarchal shit with Ben. I can take care of myself.
    Mitchell Ellison: You're right. And I'll never make that mistake again. Not about someone I care about.

     Episode 11 - . 380 
  • Frank's refusal to allow Matt to break his one rule by working with him "just this once" could be seen as this. No matter how much disdain and contempt he has for the broken legal system and Matt's "choir boy" morality, Frank knows that he's become something bleak and brutal, and he won't let Matt compromise himself to be like him. Not even once, or even by association.
    Frank: "Just this once"? No, Red. That's not how this works. You cross over to my side of the line, you don't get to come back from that. Not ever.
  • Frank shoving Matt over the side of the freighter when the rest of The Blacksmith's men arrive to finish them off, ensuring that a least one of them will survive.
  • Frank Castle, the freaking Punisher, takes time out of his day to be Nice to the Waiter and give Karen some thoughtful — if blunt — relationship advice.
  • It season 1, Marci was a soul-less shark. Now she not only brings Foggy a perfectly-themed hospital gift (a stuffed bear), but she dressed up the bear to look like him, with even the same injuries. That is just insanely cute.

     Episode 12 - The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel 
  • Ellison getting Karen out of her Heroic BSoD by helping her refocus on the job and reminding her why she even came to him in the first place. Capped off by telling her that the New York Bulletin is her home as far as everyone's concerned.
  • After saving Stick, Matt smiles when Stick tells him that he's proud of him.
  • The flashbacks to Elektra's childhood where it's revealed that Stick clearly saw her as an adoptive daughter and protected her from mistrustful members of the Chaste, even murdering one of his comrades and having her adopted by the Greek diplomat in order to protect her.
    [right before Stick leaves young Elektra]
    Elektra: You'll train someone else. You'll forget about me.
    Stick: Forget my Ellie? Never!
  • Matt pulling a Kill Me Now, or Forever Stay Your Hand on Elektra, knowing that he is the only thing preventing her from accepting her role as the Black Sky that the Hand worships. His faith proves well placed, as Elektra cannot bring herself to kill him. No matter what else she is, in the end, Elektra really does love Matt.

     Episode 13 - A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen 
  • Melvin making the billy club for Matt, and saying he appreciates everything Matt's doing to protect the neighborhood. Followed by Matt's shocked, grateful reaction.
  • Elektra calming Matt down when he tries to track the hostages — he's so worried about Karen's safety to the point that he can't tune out the non-essentials, but she shows absolute trust in his ability. And when he does free the hostages, he makes sure to check that Karen is okay before he goes off to fight the rest of the ninjas.
  • Frank Castle, in full Punisher gear at last, comes to Matt's aid by sniping the last ninjas defending Nobu so Matt can take him on solo. After all their conflict throughout the season, they depart on cordial terms.
    Frank Castle: See you around, Red.
    Matt: [nods]
  • Foggy getting a job at Jeri Hogarth's law firm because of his killer opening speech during Frank's trial. It's also one for Jeri, as we see that she has greatly cleaned up her act after the entire clusterfuck with Kilgrave, in time for her new alliance with Danny Rand in Iron Fist (2017).
  • Elektra's funeral. Matt says that he doesn't have any words for her, but then delivers a rather touching speech when Stick asks him if loving her was worth it.
  • At the very end, Matt reveals his secret to Karen. Especially when you realize that everyone else who knows he's Daredevil either found Matt almost bleeding to death (Foggy, Claire) or worked it out on their own (Father Lantom). Karen is the first person that Matt decides to tell entirely of his own volition.
    • Because more heartwarming when you realize that despite all the events that stained and ruined their new relationship, Karen kept her promise to Matt back in "Dogs to a Gunfight," to be there whenever he was ready to tell her what was going on with him.
    • It's great character development for Matt, because after spending the whole season being secretive, he's finally realized that this secrecy is driving his friends away. He is finally honest and letting someone he cares about know his secret identity. Moreso when you realize, Matt's been very protective of Karen's safety and realized that hiding his secret from her didn’t keep her safe and realizes he needs someone to protect him.
    • Further built upon with a flashback in the first episode of season 3, which shows Matt took Karen back to his apartment and showed her the suit.
  • Karen's article about what makes you a hero. Sure it's a bit on the Narmy side, but it's hard not to at least find it a little touching as her narration combined with montage is pretty effective, and she makes a good point in saying that there's other things besides putting on a costume and fighting crime that make one a hero. One can imagine that Matt may have read the article and that may have motivated him to tell Karen the truth.

Season 3

    Episode 1 - Resurrection 
  • Karen is paying the bills for Matt's apartment. Despite it being taxing on her financially, she clearly has taken Frank's "Hold on with both hands and don't let go" advice to heart.
  • Father Lantom mentions that he's letting a Muslim congregation use the church since a pipe burst at their mosque. The different faiths do look out for each other.

    Episode 2 - Please 
  • FBI agent Ray Nadeem went broke paying for his sister-in-law's cancer treatments. He is also a loving husband, brother, and father. Which makes all of this more heartbreaking when we learn in later episodes that the reason for Nadeem's financial situation is because Fisk manipulated him.
  • Foggys relationship with his family. When he arrives everyone's happy to see him, they playfully rib each other, his father tells him he's proud of him and it clear they're all very close. Its nice to see someone out of the main trio has a healthy relationship with their family.
    • Even with as frustrating as it must be for Foggy, his mother pressuring him to come and help at the butcher shop instead of being a lawyer while his father states how proud he is of Foggy making something of himself is rather heartwarming. Both parents want what they think is best for their son, even if they don't have the same thoughts on the matter.

    Episode 3 - No Good Deed 

    Episode 4 - Blindsided 

    Episode 5 - The Perfect Game 

    Episode 6 - The Devil You Know
Vigilante and newspaper reporter.
  • Matt and Karen working together to investigate Jasper Evans, the inmate Fisk paid to have him shanked. This after Karen gets some strong words of wisdom from Sister Maggie. Later on, Sister Maggie gets Matt to crack a smile when she tells him about Karen's visit.
  • When Dex attacks the Bulletin, Matt works to fight Dex within the newsroom while Karen covers Foggy, Ellison, and Jasper. While Karen isn't able to stop Dex from knocking out Foggy, disarming her, wounding Ellison, and killing Jasper with her gun, give her points for trying to protect them.

    Episode 7 - Aftermath 
  • We finally get to see Melvin Potter interacting with his girlfriend, Betsy. They're incredibly sweet together and obviously care a great deal about each other. It's easy to see why Melvin's so determined to keep her safe.
  • When Foggy gets home after being questioned by the police, Marci is waiting up for him and understandably frightened by how close Foggy got to being killed, reminding us that she's got a soul. Then they spontaneously have Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex. Afterwards Foggy proposes and suggests they go to the courthouse to get married immediately. Marci turns him down but makes it clear it's only because he's obviously freaked out about what happened and isn't thinking clearly.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, but when Karen is talking to Ellison in the hospital, we get a rare moment of unrestrained rage from Ellison at the attack on his reporters, showing that he truly cares about all of their work. Karen also holds her own when Ellison tries to get her to give up the real Daredevil's identity, showing the strength of her loyalty to Matt.

    Episode 8 - Upstairs/Downstairs 
  • Fisk's rage when Karen reveals she killed Wesley is mostly just terrifying, but it is heartwarming to see that Fisk is still furious about it even after his evil Character Development; throughout Season 3, Fisk has shown himself to be even more ruthless and heartless than he was in Season 1 (compare his original philanthropy and sincere regret over killing Mrs Cardenas to the selfishness and total disregard for civilian casualties he shows now,) and he is also far more in control of his rage than he was before, which he repeatedly demonstrates during their confrontation. With this in mind, and all the time that's passed since then, it was distinctly possible that Fisk would not care about his Villainous Friendship enough to lose control in front of the cameras, so it is rather touching to see that he still has an emotional connection to someone besides Vanessa.

    Episode 9 - Revelations 

    Episode 10 - Karen 

    Episode 11 - Reunion 
  • After hearing the whole story behind "Rabbit in a Snowstorm," with its being stolen from its rightful owners by the Nazis, Fisk agrees to let the last member of the family keep it.
  • Matt and Karen's interactions as they hide from Dex in the crypt, from start to finish. Karen's relieved when Matt doesn't judge her for what she did to Wesley or what happened to her brother. He also bandages up her wrist from where she cut it on glass shards when Dex was chucking rosary beads at her.
    • Karen is also visibly touched when Matt's response to her admitting to visiting Fisk is, "No, you were brave." Unlike Foggy, who criticized Karen's decision as stupid and reckless, Matt recognizes that as being not that unlike when he went to visit Fisk in prison after he broke Frank out.
  • After conversing with Karen and Foggy about bringing in a new witness, Matt rushes out to bring in Nadeem, and rescues him from Fisk's assassins. After subduing the attackers, Nadeem is uncertain whether or not he should trust Matt. To gain Nadeem's trust, Matt chooses to unmask himself, saying it's his way of showing gratitude to Nadeem for saving Karen's life.
    Matt Murdock: You saved Karen Page's life tonight. So I owe you.

    Episode 12 - One Last Shot 
  • Matt coming to Nadeem’s defense when Blake Tower insists that his best offer for Nadeem will be 5 years in prison for being seemingly complacent in Fisk's corruption.
    Matt Murdock: He didn’t say a damn thing because he was afraid for his family! Fisk tried to kill them all last night, and Agent Nadeem is here telling you everything. Can you say you'd do the same thing, Mr. Tower?!
    • Nadeem taking the deal, prison time and all. Taking Fisk down is more important than him getting off free, and Nadeem takes the honorable choice to not only sacrifice his freedom and good name to see Fisk fall, but to accept the punishment for his own complicity.
  • Mitchell giving Karen a hug when he sees her again. Despite having fired her for protecting Daredevil he still cares for her.

    Episode 13 - A New Napkin 
  • A villainous example, but the devotion Fisk and Vanessa show each other in this episode is still touching, despite what monsters they are. Throughout the three-way fight Fisks only concern is getting Vanessa to safety, even giving her the protective coat he's wearing. And to Vanessa's credit, she shows the same amount of concern for him in return. She could flee without him a number of times during the scene but she stays and makes sure he gets out with her and she begs Matt not kill him when he's got him down.
    • Also before the fight really begins, when Nadeem's video has been made public, Dex has begun his rampage and the walls are starting to come down around them Vanessa is nothing but supportive and reassuring to Fisk. It all goes to show that Fisk's power and strength might be the main reason she was attracted to him, but it's not the main reason she loves him.
  • While Dex may have gone completely insane in this episode, to the point that he takes Julie's frozen corpse with him so he can talk to it, we see that he does not use lethal force against the honest agents (or even dishonest ones like Hattley,) showing that he is trying to get his moral compass working again. Yes, it then directs him to take Revenge by Proxy by killing Vanessa, but the fact that he is at least trying to work out what the moral thing to do is shows that he has partially returned from his Then Let Me Be Evil moment earlier in the season when he burns his therapy tapes, and stands in stark contrast to Fisk and Vanessa's embrace of their own amorality. The very end of the episode hints that this partial return won't last, but it was nice while it lasted.
  • There’s just something so beautiful in getting to see Matt crouched on a rooftop, looking over New York City after finally haven beaten Fisk. He has been through so much this season, physically and emotionally, and after everything he has been through, is rewarded with being able to overlook and see the city that he has fought so hard to protect free from Fisk's corruption and evil.
  • Matt's eulogy for Father Lantom. Even better, the fact that a lot of the major characters turned out for it, even those who've never met him: we see Karen, Foggy, Marci, Ellison, Tower, and Brett all in attendance on Matt's side of the aisle.
    'Matt Murdock: Feels like half of Hell's Kitchen is here today to say goodbye to Father Paul Lantom. Seems fair. He certainly welcomed everyone here, Catholic or not. And he expected those of us who were to... uh, look for ways to do good in our community. Not even the kids got out of that requirement. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers his "suggestion" that we give some of our First Communion money to the poor box. And that was his way to think of the community, and the, uh and the individuals in it. To think in terms of, "What can I give?" He gave his life, right here in this church, protecting others. Standing up to a man who used fear as a tool to set neighbors against one another. If Father Lantom had an enemy, I would say it was fear. For me, personally, he spent many years trying to get me to face my own fears. To understand how they enslaved me, how they divided me from the people that I love. He counseled me to transcend my fears, to be brave enough to forgive... and see the possibilities of being a man without fear. That was his legacy. And now it's up to all of us to... to live up to it.
    • As they're exiting the church, Karen expresses her gratitude to Matt for accepting her for who she is in light of her confessing to him about her brother's and Wesley's deaths:
      Karen Page: That was nice, what you said.
      Matt Murdock: Yeah, it wasn't just him, you know. It was you, too. You helped me see the truth about myself.
      Karen Page: Ouch. That had to hurt.
      Matt Murdock: [laughs] Well, maybe one of these days, I'll forgive you, too.
      Karen Page: Before my funeral, I hope.
      Matt Murdock: I'm glad you told me, Karen. About Wesley and your brother.
      Karen Page: Yeah. Well, uh I couldn't live with that lie forever.
      Matt Murdock: We're all just trying to do more good than harm. And I'd say you're ahead on that score.
  • After the depressing ending of season 2, season 3 sees the trio firmly restored to their former status. But this time, they decide to revive the firm as Nelson, Murdock & Page.
    Foggy Nelson: I have a crazy idea. I need a new napkin.
    Matt Murdock: Okay. [to Karen] Well, he's writing something.
    Karen Page: Apparently. [Foggy finishes writing and displays the napkin to Matt and Karen]
    Matt Murdock: Oh, he just wrote all of our names, didn't he?
    Foggy Nelson: [pretending to be exasperated] How can you know that?
    Matt Murdock: 'Cause I was thinking the same thing!


  • The show drove Netflix to add descriptive video services to their shows, so that blind people could properly enjoy the story of a hero like them. And they didn't just stop there, with every subsequent Netflix series also getting it, plus they're going back to add it to prior shows like House of Cards.
  • Charlie Cox sharing in interviews that he never cared much about comics before taking this role, but it got him to start checking them out, and now he's firmly One of Us (even enough to be disappointed that Daredevil doesn't play his role from the comics in Captain America: Civil War, and very much wanting Bullseye to be in Season 3).
  • Two years after the show ended, During the COVID-19 lockdown, Deborah Ann Woll and Geoffrey Cantor (who plays Ellison) held a virtual Q&A with each other for the #SaveDaredevil YouTube channel. The entire interview is a joy to watch and shows that Deborah and Geoffrey’s real-life friendship isn’t far off from their characters.
    • Not only that but the fact that it was held on that channel and for the fan-made DaredevilCon is one of the best Approval of God as the entire cast have been vocal about wanting to come back and this is one example of that.
  • The entire existence of the #SaveDaredevil campaign is this, with many affectionately comparing it to the Snyder Cut movement.
  • This birthday post Deborah Ann Woll posted for her cast mate Amy Rutberg on instagram.


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