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Season 1

     Episode 1 - Into the Ring  
  • This exchange, when Matt and Foggy first meet Karen:
    Karen Page: So how long have you been practicing law?
    Matt Murdock: What time is it?
    Foggy Nelson: [checks his watch] It's... 12:22 AM.
    Matt Murdock: About seven hours.
    Foggy Nelson: Well, if you go from when we passed the bar...
    Matt Murdock: I was going from when we got our own desks.
    Foggy Nelson: Ah. Then yeah. Seven hours.
    [Karen pulls a This Is Gonna Suck face, while Matt and Foggy remain unflappable throughout]
  • Matt and Foggy are discussing Karen's case and whether or not to take a plea deal.
    Foggy Nelson: All right, I'm just gonna say this once and we can move on. You don't necessarily show the best judgement when beautiful women are involved, Matt.
    Matt Murdock: How would I even know if she's a beautiful woman?
    Foggy Nelson: I don't know. It's kinda spooky, actually! All I know is that if there's a stunning woman of questionable morality in the room, Matt Murdock is going to find her, and Foggy Nelson is going to suffer.
    Matt Murdock: All right, I don't disagree with anything you're saying.
    Foggy Nelson: [sigh of relief] Thank you...
    Matt Murdock: But I need you to back me anyway.
    • Foggy's line becomes incredibly funny when you consider that the three women we've seen Matt with through Daredevil and The Defenders all are "stunning women of questionable morality": Karen, who kills James Wesley and has a very troubled past that she keeps secret from others; Elektra, who was a toxic influence on Matt in college; and a professional relationship with Jessica Jones, who killed Kilgrave and Reva and also has some less-than-orthodox methods to her work as a private investigator. Or if you've read the comics, where Matt's also been involved with Black Widow and Maya Lopez.
  • After Farnum's attempt on Karen in the jail cell fails, Matt and Foggy sit down with Detectives Blake and Hoffman to demand her release:
    Matt Murdock: I'm going to make this easy, detectives. Get the ADA in here to release Miss Page and we'll recommend to our charming, media-friendly client that she not plaster the airwaves with how she was nearly killed in your custody.
    Foggy Nelson: And I'll agree not to make cooing noises for the rest of this meeting when I think of the civil suit that we have on our hands.
    Detective Blake: How do you know they're not charging her?
    Matt Murdock: Besides the fact that you were required to do so four hours ago, if you were gonna do it at all.
    Foggy Nelson: That's an excellent question. Along with how the security cameras in Miss Page's detention area went on the fritz right before the assault.
  • When Matt and Foggy are checking out the office space, watch how effortlessly Matt charms the realtor. Then rewind. Notice that Foggy's doing a "Here he goes again" reaction in the background.
  • While the girls are being corralled into the container, the bribed security guard is sitting there eating his dinner in a lawn chair while it goes on. Especially when he just stares in shock as Matt fights Turk's men, not getting out of his chair. And then Matt throws his stick at him, causing him to fall off the pier.
  • Matt takes Karen back to his apartment. As soon as they step inside, Karen asks Matt if he has a shirt she can borrow since the T-shirt she got from Foggy is wet. Matt laughs, "Well, don't tell Foggy. Let me grab something for you" as if knowing that Foggy will assume Matt and Karen had sex if he drops by and finds her wearing one of Matt's shirts. Matt quickly disappears into his bedroom and gives her one of his dress shirts. As Karen pulls her T-shirt off and buttons her new shirt, Matt pours her a glass of water from the sink:
    Karen Page: Can I ask a personal question?
    Matt Murdock: I haven't always been blind.
    Karen Page: I guess that’s what everyone wants to know.
    Matt Murdock: That, or "How do you comb your hair?"
    Karen Page: [smiles] How do you comb your hair?
    Matt Murdock: [smiles in return] Honestly, you hope for the best.
    • There's some very naughty Fridge Humor when you consider that Karen has a near-instantaneous crush on Matt from the moment they meet, meaning that her heartrate almost certainly goes up as soon as she takes off her t-shirt, meaning Matt is forced to stand there thinking, "Oh great, Karen's totally naked right now, isn’t she? Resist sexual urges, Matthew..." Moreso when you consider that the following conversation they have on the couch sounds very much like two lovers having post-coital pillow talk.
    • It also shows Karen to be pretty ballsy, clearly thinking, "this guy is blind, so why the fuck shouldn't I change my shirt right here?" Matt isn't nearly as blind as Karen thinks, and given Matt's interactions with Claire in later episodes, he "saw" everything, as much as he "sees" anything.
  • Prior to Wesley's arrival at the construction site rendezvous, Leland Owlsley provides a few laughs.
    • He suggests that next time, rather than do their meetings up here, they should meet at Per Se. Just imagine these organized crime figures discussing their shady business at the third most expensive restaurant in the worldnote .
      Leland Owlsley: It's freezing this high up! Next time we're meeting at Per Se. I'll domesticate you boys yet.
      Vladimir Ranskahov: This would be a balmy day in Samara, Leland.
      Leland Owlsley: Yes, it's perfect "Chechnyans-kidnap-a-preschool" weather, Vladimir.
    • Leland complains about Wesley being late, prompting Madame Gao to say something in Chinese.
      Leland Owlsley: Anyone here speak Chinese?
      [Anatoly glares at him to say "Don't look at me!"]
      Leland Owlsley: Nobu?
      [Nobu and Madame Gao stare at Owlsley, looking very offended]
      Anatoly Ranskahov: [incredulous]....That man is Japanese.
      Leland Owlsley: I know that! But I was thinking, maybe...

     Episode 2 - Cut Man  
  • Claire's wide open shock at Matt timing how to drop a fire extinguisher on Semyon. And, to be honest, Matt channeling his inner Patrick Bateman when dropping the fire extinguisher on Semyon.
  • Karen and Foggy are drunk off their asses, trying to figure out where the hell Matt went. Fran, the next-door neighbor, irritably opening her door to see who's yelling at Matt's door in the middle of the night is just the icing on the cake. Hell of a Mood Whiplash there.
    • Karen's contribution to proceedings: she looks like she's going to spill what's she hiding...
      Karen Page: Matt, it's Karen... and I am... very, very sorry about this, and if I were you, I would not come to this door. But I think I also drank the eel!
      Foggy Nelson: And now we are filled with mighty eel strength!
  • Claire lists many of the weird things about Matt when he points out that he just knocked out Semyon, not killed him:
    Claire Temple: Okay, that right there? That's what I'm talking about. Okay, I find a guy in a dumpster who turns out to be some kind of blind vigilante who can do all of this really weird shit like smell cologne through walls and sense whether someone's unconscious or faking it. Slap on top of that, he can take an unbelievable amount of punishment without one damn complaint.
    Matt Murdock: The last part's the Catholicism.
  • The Combat Breakdown in the final scene includes Matt trying to do a wall kick where he barely gets his foot off the ground (and yet it still works), and punching a guy so hard they both fall down.
    • Along with a microwave suddenly flying out of a room and clocking a goon in head, knocking him unconscious.
    • The fact that it took a minute for the group playing poker to come to the aid of their comrades in the other room. Pointedly, they don't respond immediately after shots are fired, but after the door gets knocked off its hinges...
    • And the fact that the fight scene takes so long that some of the guys Matt knocks out wake back up and come at him again.
  • While at Josie's, Karen tells Foggy that all she sees are threats. Foggy points out three people at random in the bar. The guy playing pool? He organizes the Thanksgiving food drive every year. The guy that's having a drink at the other side of the bar? His wife owns the dry cleaner near their office. The guy having dinner? ...Okay, he is a criminal, but he's turning it around! Seriously!
  • Matt in his proto-Daredevil suit — kinda interesting. Claire in her proto-Night Nurse outfit? Ridiculous. Especially since she's a black Latina in a white sheet and hood.
    Claire: Your outfit sucks, by the way.
    Matt: It's a work in progress.

     Episode 3 - Rabbit in a Snowstorm  
  • John Healy goes to kill Prohazska at the bowling alley. After overpowering Prohazska's bodyguards, he draws a gun on Prohazska, and pulls the trigger. As he's doing so, the scene cuts back to 36 hours earlier, when he's buying the gun from Turk.
    Turk Barrett: [smells the pistol] Mmmm. Love that smell. Metal and oil. Fresh, never been fired. Take a whiff. [Healy picks up the gun and holds it in a firing stance]
    John Healy: I'd like a good revolver better. No chance of jamming up.
    Turk Barrett: Man, look at this! [racks the slide] This is top of the line. I guarantee, this baby will not jam, or my name ain't Turk Barrett. [smiles]
    [Cuts to Healy pulling the trigger on Prohazska, only for it to jam. Healy has a very quick "Oh, come on" face as he is forced to fight his target barehanded]
  • The first scene at Nelson & Murdock.
  • Working late over Chinese takeout, Matt and Foggy complain about the Wi-Fi throwing a fit. Karen fixes it by stepping out to pound on the router.
  • Wesley goes to the bowling alley to recover Healy's defective gun from the pinball machine he stashed it in. When he enters, there are two guys already playing at the machine. Just as he's leaning down to recover the weapon.
    Player: Wait your turn, man!
    James Wesley: [gives them an annoyed look] I got next.
    • After recovering the gun, he's seen walking out. He smiles and gives a friendly "Hi!" to two little kids as he's holstering the gun. It's just hilarious coming from a guy who normally speaks in a controlled monotonous tone of voice.
  • Leland asks Wesley about Fisk's whereabouts, Wesley replies, "Art." Then Leland asks, "Art who?", thinking that Fisk is busy with a person by that namenote . Wesley replies, "Paintings", as if Leland should know better. His annoyingly calm tone is what really sells it.

     Episode 4 - In the Blood  
  • After the opening credits, we get a scene of Claire stitching up Matt's wounds in the apartment she's hiding out in. At one point, as Matt is getting ready to leave, Claire throws Matt his shirt and he catches it over his shoulder. This was apparently Charlie Cox's idea. It look a long time to shoot though, because Cox kept on missing. They eventually had to have someone off screen give him a countdown for when Rosario Dawson threw the shirt, which was especially awkward for Cox, since it was one of his first times working with Dawson.
  • Wilson Fisk, criminal mastermind and all-around badass, stammering and muttering like a big shy dork while trying to ask Vanessa out.
  • Wesley visits Anatoly and Vladimir at their taxi garage to hand them the deed to Prohazska's assets.
    James Wesley: [notices the injuries on Anatoly's face] Oof. Those look like they hurt.
    Anatoly Ranskahov: I've had worse.
    James Wesley: I know how much your people delight in extolling the amount of pain they can endure, but maybe next time you could try ducking? Leland's finalized the paperwork. [hands Anatoly and Vladimir the papers] Prohaszka's holdings in Kitchen Cab have been acquired and transferred via third party to Veles Taxi. Your distribution infrastructure just doubled.
    Anatoly Ranskahov: Tell your employer we are grateful.
    James Wesley: I don't think he really cares at the moment. You're light again this week.
    Anatoly Ranskahov: There was a complication.
    James Wesley: One you assured us you were addressing.
    Vladimir Ranskahov: Do you know what he was asking? This fool who laid hands on my brother?
    James Wesley: Not my concern.
    Anatoly Ranskahov: It should be. He was asking about your employer. By name.
    James Wesley: All the more reason to settle this. You sneeze, we all catch a cold. Madame Gao and Mr. Nobu have expressed their disappointment.
    Vladimir Ranskahov: We have not heard of this.
    James Wesley: [purses his lips] Mmmm. That's because we've been talking behind your back, about how the Russians can't seem to handle one man running around in a mask. [shrugs] I mean, if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer, maybe that would explain why you keep getting your asses handed to you—
    Vladimir Ranskahov: We're done here.
  • Foggy brings up the butcher story as he and Matt leave the precinct.
    Foggy Nelson: My mom wanted me to be a butcher, you know that?
    Matt Murdock: Oh, not the butcher story.
    Foggy Nelson: I said, "No, Mom, I want to be a lawyer." I don't remember what I said next.
    Matt Murdock: No, you never do.
    Foggy Nelson: But I'm fairly certain it wasn't about bailing out a piss-drunk electrician who nearly burned his house down. Let’s cross.
    Matt Murdock: Ed's wife left him, Foggy. It was an accident! Admittedly, involving cigarettes and gasoline, but still...
    Foggy Nelson: I could be carving my own corned beef. Making my own pickles. Have a little shop of my own.
    Matt Murdock: You got your own office.
    Foggy Nelson: We have office space. An actual office would involve plantery and equipment, fax machines, or whatever successful people use.
    Matt Murdock: I don't think they use fax machines anymore.
    Foggy Nelson: How would I know? Which is endemic to the problem. Matt, what if we're doing this all wrong? What if Landman & Zack was the way to go?
    • He brings up the butcher story again to Karen after she delivers the office equipment she won at the auction. Thankfully, we cut away before Foggy can torture Karen with the details.
    • The story's even funnier after season 3 reveals that Foggy's family has run a butcher shop in Hell's Kitchen since 1957 (according to the logo on their front door), and we see his mom try to push him into helping Theo run the shop.

     Episode 5 - World on Fire  
  • When Wesley is talking to Vladimir and pretending not to know what happened to Anatoly, Vladimir accuses him and Fisk of having done something to him, saying, "Last time I spoke to him, he was headed to visit Mr..." then trails off as Wesley gives him a look of "Go ahead, say it, I'm daring you." Prompting Vladimir to correct himself to "...your employer." To which Wesley smirks as if to say, "I thought so."
  • As they wait for Fisk to arrive, Owlsley, Nobu and Madame Gao watch a mechanic rinse Anatoly's blood out of the door well with a fire hose.
    Leland Owlsley: Anyone else wondering about this?
    • Moments later, Fisk and Wesley arrive in one of their cars.
      Leland Owlsley: Why aren't we meeting in the usual place? And what's all this?
      Wilson Fisk: An opportunity, for those willing to seize it.
      Madame Gao: [laughs and speaks cheerfully in Mandarin]
      James Wesley: She's happy to see you.
      Wilson Fisk: My apologies for my absence of late, and for calling you here on little notice.
      Leland Owlsley: Where are the Smiley Twins? Sleeping off another kidnapping?
      Wilson Fisk: The Ranskahovs are no longer a part of this organization.
      Leland Owlsley: Since when?
      Wilson Fisk: Since I removed Anatoly's head with my car door.
      Madame Gao: [speaks angrily in Mandarin]
      James Wesley: She's upset that they weren't consulted.
      Nobu Yoshioka: [angrily swears in Japanese]
      James Wesley: ...He isn't happy either.
      Leland Owlsley: Deal me in on that! What the hell happened?
      [Fisk has a priceless Oh, Crap! face as he tries to think of a rational explanation for last night's events]
      Wilson Fisk: It was a... a personal matter...
      Leland Owlsley: What? That's....Vladimir isn't exactly a "hug it out" kind of guy.
      James Wesley: The masked vigilante killed his brother. At least, that's what Vladimir believes.
      Wilson Fisk: It'll distract him until preparations can be made. We all knew that we would need to eliminate the Russians one day. They were too unpredictable.
      Leland Owlsley: This from a guy taking heads off with a car door.
    • Fisk explains that they're going to get rid of Vladimir and redistribute everyone's revenue. Gao and Nobu are quick to approve his decision. Then Fisk turns to Leland, making a face of, "Seeing as you're the lone holdout, we're going with this with or without you."
      Wilson Fisk: Leland?
      Leland Owlsley: What? I'm going against the three of you? I like my head where it's at.
      Wilson Fisk: Then we're in agreement: nothing changes until I'm ready to move on Vladimir.
      Leland Owlsley: And what if he finds out the truth before that happens?
      Wilson Fisk: That would be unfortunate for all of us.
      Leland Owlsley: [walks away] Masked vigilantes. Crazy Russians. I'm getting my stun gun out of storage.
  • Karen is frustrated to no end by the ancient fax machine and copier she got at the auction.
    Karen Page: [smacks the new photocopier in frustration] UGH! Gosh! You don't make any sense!
    Foggy Nelson: [amused] Whoa, be nice to it! You know, for when the machines take over.
    Karen Page: [smiles] I can't get any of this crap I bought to work!
    Foggy Nelson: Bad time to mention the phones? All I hear when I try to dial is a bunch of clicks. Could be the machines plotting, but I don't speak computer overlord.
    Karen Page: No, it's the rats.
    Foggy Nelson: The who what now? [Matt comes in]
    Karen Page: [scoffs] They chewed through the main line. Phone guy's working on it now. Exterminator's Monday.
    Foggy Nelson: We have rats now? I'm never sleeping here again!
    Matt Murdock: Then there's an upside.
    • Then Elena Cardenas comes into the office to hire the firm. Since her grasp of English is pretty flimsy, Karen translates her Spanish. Partway through the meeting, Matt lets slip that he also speaks Spanish and is more fluent. Karen offers Matt to take over, but Matt replies with a casual "No, no, I like listening to your voice." Karen smiles shyly. Foggy, annoyed, just sighs and tells Elena, "Go on, Mrs. Cardenas..." in a tone of "Save the flirting for later you two lovebirds."
    • Matt decides to divvy up work by going to the precinct to pick up the police reports lodged against Elena's landlord, while sending Foggy to Landman & Zack to meet with Tully's lawyers. Foggy protests:
      Foggy Nelson: I can't go to L&Z alone! They're gonna shark attack me, Matt! Look at me! I'm delicious!
      Matt Murdock: Well, take Karen!
      Foggy Nelson: [looks at her] I mean, yeah, if she wants to.
      Karen Page: Oh... sure! [stands up from her desk] I've never seen sharks feed up close before.
      Matt Murdock: [laughs] Try not to splash too much. It attracts them. [Karen giggles and Foggy rolls his eyes.]
      Foggy Nelson: You both are so funny....
  • With bonus Catharsis Factor and a side helping of CMoA, Foggy tearing into Marci Stahl with an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Foggy Nelson: Marci, convincing my client to agree to your terms? That's your job, and I'm not gonna do it for you. See, you think there are only two options: These tenants take the payout and leave, or leave without taking it. But given how long they've put up with Tully's bullshit, I think you're actually afraid that Mrs. Cardenas and her neighbors will find a way to eke by. And short of physically and very illegally forcing tenants from their rent-controlled homes, Armand Tully loses his condos, your firm loses Tully, and that's very bad for business. You want me and my client to think you're doing us a favor, that we have no leverage when really, we have all of it. So you're gonna see us in court, where I will absolutely dismantle you from the top of your salon blowout to the bottom of your overpriced pumps.
    • Karen is already impressed at Landman & Zack ("God! Feels like a place in a movie where you'd buy a clone. Or maybe a robot baby. Or the clone of a robot baby."), but Marci Stahl, who she later describes as "the meat grinder in the pencil skirt", also leads to this exchange as they're walking away:
      Karen Page: "Foggy Bear"?
      Foggy Nelson: We used to date.
      Karen Page: You dated that?
      Foggy Nelson: Yep. Let's step a little faster!
      Karen Page: Oh, my God.

     Episode 6 - Condemned  
  • Vladimir curses Matt in (unsubtitled) Russian, Matt's reaction is a succinct, "That sounds pretty bad, but I don't speak asshole." It's also one of Charlie Cox's favorite lines of dialogue.
  • Foggy and Karen take Elena to the hospital, only then finding out that Foggy is bleeding from undetected shrapnel.
    Foggy Nelson: Oh, that explains it.
    Karen Page: Explains what?
    Foggy Nelson: The stabbing pain in my side.
  • When Matt asks Claire to help him take care of Vladimir, this exchange happens.
    Claire Temple: This isn't as easy as it looks in the movies, you know.
    Matt Murdock: I don't really go to the movies. I like records though.
  • Vladimir and Matt fight and end up falling through the floor to which Matt tells him that it wasn't a smart move.
  • After the little fight, Vladimir passes out and is brought back via RCP in a matter of seconds, Vladimir wakes up and screams "What?" in an exasperated tone.

     Episode 7 - Stick  
  • After a lot of talk about the bombings, the cops getting shot, and just who the Devil of Hell's Kitchen might be, Matt tries to lighten the mood:
    Karen Page: Matt, what do you think?
    Matt Murdock: Well, I think Foggy will be pitching for the Mets by midseason.
    Karen Page: I'm being serious.
    Matt Murdock: So am I. Have you seen their bullpen?
  • With their big debate over what the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is, Karen suggests they try to leave work on a slightly higher note than "deeply depressing". Throughout the whole conversation, Foggy's been tossing a softball.
    Foggy Nelson: High notes! [grabs his softball bat] Softball! [Karen laughs] When are we getting a company team together?
    Karen Page: We have three employees!
    Matt Murdock: At least two of them aren't blind.
    Foggy Nelson: Naysayers, each and every one of you! Karen, come on! Batting practice, you and me, Chelesa Piers. What do you say?
  • Once again, Leland Owlsley is good for a laugh. First, he completely fails to understand a Japanese saying Nobu gives him about standing on your own two feet, then the sudden appearance of Stick gives him the opportunity to just zap Matt with his taser and drive away.
    Leland Owlsley: Asshole......
  • Everything about Stick, from start to finish.
    Stick: Jeez, kid. I'm gone five minutes and you turn the place into a shit-show.
    Matt Murdock: You've been gone twenty years.
  • Matt calls Stick a bully, which Stick counters by calling Matt a pussy.
  • Stick demonstrating his Super Senses to a younger Matt by analyzing the contents of the ice cream they're both currently eating. After he's finished, a visibly disgusted Matt decides against taking another lick of his cone.
  • Matt breaks out of Stick's hold, which apparently he couldn't do last time.
    Stick Took you twenty years to learn how to get out of that one.
    Matt Murdock: I've learned a lot since you've been gone.
    Stick: Like what?
    Matt Murdock: You're a dick.
    Stick: [totally unabashed] That's true.
  • Stick's extremely put-upon expression when forced to promise not to kill anyone by Matt. Of course, Stick has no intention of keeping the promise.
  • Stick telling young Matt how to learn to control his emotions.
    Matt Murdock: How?
    Stick: Meditate.
    Matt Murdock: You mean that thing where you pretend not to sleep?
    Stick: [hearty chuckle] Yeah! Yeah, that one.

     Episode 8 - Shadows in the Glass  
  • Detective Blake has come out of his coma. Fisk doesn't want him to rat anyone out, so he and Wesley decide to convince his long-time partner Hoffman to kill him.
    Wilson Fisk: I know that you have feelings regarding this matter. I respect that. But if Detective Blake chooses to speak out of turn, the result would be unpleasant, for you and for me.
    Carl Hoffman: Out of turn? You shot him!
    James Wesley: Technically, we paid someone else to shoot him.
  • Wesley's annoyed expression when it's revealed both Fisk and Madame Gao speak both Chinese and English, making him totally useless. He's like "These two completely understand each other. What the fuck am I doing here? I'm practically wallpaper."
  • Foggy and Karen show up at the Nelson & Murdock office debating whether or not to tell Matt about their incident at Mrs. Cardenas' building.
    Karen Page: Matt wouldn't understand. You know what he would say.
    Foggy Nelson: That we're awesome?
    Karen Page: No, that we're being stupid.
    Foggy Nelson: I prefer the term "foolheartedly provocative".
    Karen Page: Yeah, that's lawyer talk for "stupid". You want coffee? [pours herself a cup of coffee from the pitcher]
    Foggy Nelson: If we're gonna be Nancy Drewing together, I think a certainly level of honesty is required.
    Karen Page: What, you don't like my coffee?
    Foggy Nelson: No. I hate it. [Karen can't help but stifle a laugh] I appreciate the effort, but the technique or lack thereof—
    Karen Page: My god, you are such a dick!
    Foggy Nelson: On occasion, some dickery might leak out. That doesn't mean I'm wrong.
    Karen Page: Oooh. It means something.
    Foggy Nelson: OK, let's say we keep Matt in the dark. How long do you think...[As if on cue, Matt suddenly opens the door and walks in; Foggy's eyes go wide]...I should grow my hair? Matt, what's your take on that? Mullet? Full pony?
    Karen Page: [notices the cut over Matt's left eye] Holy shit! Did you fall down again?
    Matt Murdock: It's nothing. Don't tell me what?
    Foggy Nelson: Damn it!
    Karen Page: You heard that?
    Foggy Nelson: Guy's like a bat! [to Matt] Not blind like a--I mean, you know, with the hearing--
    Matt Murdock: Bats aren't blind, Foggy.
    Foggy Nelson: They're not?
    Matt Murdock: It's a myth.
    Foggy Nelson: So we're good? [Matt turns to Karen]
    Matt Murdock: Karen?
    Karen Page: Yeah.
    Matt Murdock: What don't the two of you want me to know?
    [Foggy gives a priceless head-shake and "Don't say anything" face to Karen]

     Episode 9 - Speak of the Devil  
  • Foggy's Epic Fail at talking in Spanish to Elena.
    Foggy Nelson: Donde esta la biblioteca?
    [everyone gives him a Flat "What" face]
    Matt Murdock: ...You just asked her where the library is.
  • Matt's decision to go visit Vanessa's art gallery is so impromptu that he's explaining himself as he's dressing and leaving, just in case somebody tries to stop him. It's so similar to scenes from the 1960s comics when he's trying to get out of the office to go chase criminals.
  • Learning about Vanessa, Matt decides to visit her at her art gallery posing as a patron. Vanessa shows Matt one of her “favorite pieces” momentarily forgetting that Matt can’t see the painting in question. Matt asks her to describe it to him, which she does.

     Episode 10 - Nelson v. Murdock  
  • Within Foggy's What the Hell, Hero? dialogue with Matt, there are a few darkly funny parts.
    • Discussing his injuries.
      Foggy Nelson: Fisk did this to you?
      Matt Murdock: Yeah. Him and Nobu.
      Foggy Nelson: Nobu?
      Matt Murdock: Yeah, I think he's... some kind of ninja.
      Foggy Nelson: ...A ninja.
      Matt Murdock: I think.
    • Or his powers.
      Matt Murdock: What was I supposed to say? "Hi, I'm Matt, I got some chemicals splashed in my eyes when I was a kid that gave me heightened senses?"
      Foggy Nelson: Well, maybe don't lead with that!
    • After asking Matt if he's really blind.
      Foggy Nelson: [gives Matt a middle finger] How many fingers am I holding up?
      Matt Murdock: [giving him a "really?" face] One.
  • Wesley is helping Fisk with his tuxedo while they talk with Leland about Matt's fight with Nobu.
    Leland Owlsley: You burned him alive? Christ.
    Wilson Fisk: I never laid a hand on Nobu.
    Leland Owlsley: So, you maneuvered that masked idiot to take him out. Same result.
    Wilson Fisk: I need you to speak with Gao.
    Leland Owlsley: Me? What the hell am I gonna say to her?
    Wilson Fisk: Reassure her everything is fine.
    Leland Owlsley: So, you want me to lie.
    James Wesley: Mmm, you weren't particularly fond of Nobu. You thought he was unsettling, if I recall?
    Leland Owlsley: I think you're unsettling half the time. You see me lighting a match?
  • Owlsley is still funny as hell when he's at the reception.
    Leland Owlsley: I haven't seen this many deep pockets since the junk bond days.
  • In the college flashback, Foggy tries to speak Spanish and repeatedly says he and Matt will be great "avocados" instead of "abogados" (lawyers).
  • Matt emits a gleeful little skip when he gets Foggy to admit that he can't actually say anything in Punjabi despite taking classes. Watch for it. It's adorable.
  • After finding Matt's costumes.
    Foggy Nelson: Where the hell do you get all this crap?
    Matt Murdock: Internet.
    Foggy Nelson: ...The Internet?

     Episode 11 - The Path of the Righteous  
  • Marci Stahl is the bitch version of a Card-Carrying Villain and it's weirdly charming.
    Marci Stahl: [solemnly] You and Matt have been friends for as long as I've known you. Whatever is going on between you two... [cheerily] I don't really care! Okay? Not gonna get sucked into that drama.
    • A clearly-still-hungover Foggy makes a request:
      Marci Stahl: You're not in the woods. Grunts don't count as words, Foggy Bear.
      Foggy Nelson Please don't call me that.
      Marci Stahl: I'll call you whatever I damn well please.
      Foggy Nelson: Okay, just... can you do it with your inside voice, without speaking?
      Marci Stahl: That is an incredibly assholish thing to say. [beat] I'm impressed!
      Foggy Nelson: Sorry.
      Marci Stahl: And now you ruined it.
  • Karen's "I can't believe that actually worked" reaction after grabbing Wesley's gun.
  • Owlsley constantly trying to ask the doctors working on Vanessa if he needs treatment after just holding a glass of the poisoned champagne. It gets even better knowing that it's all an act, because he's behind it.
  • Matt with Karen's monkey balloon. With the show's usual dramatic Film Noir lighting.
    • Something else to consider about the balloon: Karen hands the balloon to Matt while they’re in the living room section of the apartment. The next time we see it, when Claire comes by, it’s over in the kitchen area. Then, even later on in the episode, it’s moved back near the couches, secured to the radiators behind Matt as he does his mediating. This gives us the image of Matt trudging around his apartment holding tight to his balloon’s string like a sad little child.
  • The first thing Melvin Potter does in his workshop is grab a cold one from the fridge...except rather than the beer one would expect, it's a bottle of Yoo-Hoo that he gleefully chugs before getting to work. Granted, he has a very childlike mind, but we didn't really know that much about him at this point.

     Episode 12 - The Ones We Leave Behind  
  • Wilson Fisk complains that humanity is obsessed with "celebrity weddings and videos of cats."
  • "It's me. The dick."
  • How does Matt get into the drug warehouse? Bardic Knock Spell.

     Episode 13 - Daredevil  
  • Ben Urich's funeral is, understandably, a Tear Jerker, but there is one funny part.
    Father Lantom: How are you holding up?
    Matt Murdock: Like a good Catholic boy.
    Father Lantom: That bad, huh?
  • When Brett is talking about his encounter with the man in the mask to Matt and Foggy, Matt looks like he's trying not to pass a kidney stone as he hopes Brett doesn't recognize his voice or any of his facial features.
    • Brett insists on talking to Matt and Foggy outside by the side entrance so he's not seen fraternizing with them.
      Brett Mahoney: Last thing I need is to be seen chumming it up with the enemy. [holds up Foggy's cigar bag] Especially ones bringing cigars for my mom.
      Foggy Nelson: These are the good ones.
      Brett Mahoney: So all the other times, you were buying cheap?
  • For a bit of Black Comedy, Fisk's subsequent Shut Up, Hannibal! to Leland Owlsley before killing him after the latter revealed he's been sabotaging him this whole time:
    Leland Owlsley: That's why I'm only taking half your money. You go your way. I go mine. Not what I'd call win-win... but it's as close as we're gonna get with this. So... we on the same page?
    Wilson Fisk: I, uh... No. I DON'T THINK WE ARE! [clocks Owlsley in the face]
  • In the middle of the awesome arrest montage, we see a long slow-motion shot of Turk, running for his life from the FBI agents, set to beautiful classical music, before he gets tackled by an agent who pops up from off-screen.
  • Matt running his hands over the newly erected 'Nelson & Murdock: Attorneys at Law' sign, and declaring "Nelson & Murdock: Avocados at Law" to Karen's confusion.

Season 2

     Episode 1 - Bang  
  • In the pre-credits sequence, Matt chases one of the diamond thieves into a Japanese restaurant kitchen. After Matt has his way with the guy and leaves to deal with the other thieves, the kitchen workers promptly start beating the thief up themselves.
  • The next morning, Matt and Foggy are walking to work, and bantering about Foggy's dating life.
    Foggy Nelson: Do you ever wake up in the morning, and...from the second you get out of bed, it's like... every molecule in your body hurts?
    Matt Murdock: No, never.
    Foggy Nelson: Oh! I'm in agony, dude!
    Matt Murdock: What, did you go back to the gym?
    Foggy Nelson: Hell no! Do I look capable of making healthy life choices? I went out, Matthew. Went out dancing.
    Matt Murdock: I'm choosing not to believe that.
    Foggy Nelson: And yet, it's true.
    Matt Murdock: Mind if I ask you a personal question?
    Foggy Nelson: Go ahead.
    Matt Murdock: Are you insane?
    Foggy Nelson: Yes.
    Matt Murdock: Tell me it was the barista!
    Passerby: [waves to Foggy] Hey Foggy! Lookin' good!
    Foggy Nelson: Her name is Bethany, and she is..very limber.
    Matt Murdock: [grins] You're my hero! [Foggy bumps into a passing woman]
    Woman: Watch it, asshole!
    Matt Murdock: So, uh, when's the next date?
    Foggy Nelson: Well therein lies the true pain.
    Matt Murdock: [in mock horror] No!
    Foggy Nelson: Yes. One and done. [Matt laughs] End of the night, she hugged me like a cousin and said, "I'll call you."
    Matt Murdock: Oh, that's brutal!
    Foggy Nelson: Do you know what my problem is?
    Matt Murdock: Well, it ain't the moves.
    Foggy Nelson: You know I got the moves. That's the tragedy of you being blind, you've never seen me dance.
    Matt Murdock: Yeah, but I can cite the legends I heard in law school. So come on, what is it? What's the problem?
    Foggy Nelson: No wingman! You never come out with me anymore! Can you imagine Nelson & Murdock on the dance floor?
    Matt Murdock: [laughs] Yeah I can't deny, that does sound epic.
    • Matt recounts Foggy with a tale of how he handled a domestic abuse case their office couldn't handle. Foggy had apparently recommended an abused wife go to a battered women's shelter. Her husband followed her to the bus stop with a gut full of beer and a butcher knife in his hand and was going to cut her to pieces, starting by taking off her head. Matt attacked the abusive husband before he could do that, so he instead woke up in the hospital with two broken arms and a restraining order safety-pinned to his chest. It's Charlie Cox's deadpan delivery of the tale that counts.
    • Matt and Foggy then arrive at the office, where Karen is already tending to a waiting room full of clients with morning appointments.
      Karen Page: Good morning, guys! You take the scenic route this morning?
      Foggy Nelson: Good morning to you too.
      Matt Murdock: Morning, Karen. What do we got?
      Karen Page: All right. [motions to a man with a dog in his lap that's wearing a Cone of Shame] Well, uh, Mr. Marino's dog was viciously beaten by his neighbor after the dog, um... defiled the neighbor's statue of Saint Francis.
      Matt Murdock: "Defiled"?
      Karen Page: Um, humped repeatedly until completion.
      Foggy Nelson: That's a dog I want to defend.
      Karen Page: Oh, well, he's all yours, cowboy. [Karen motions to a tough-looking biker dude] And Mr. Maxwell here was attacked in a barfight last night.
      Mr. Maxwell: He started it! [Matt gives a look of "Yeah, I'm gonna take a pass on this guy"]
      Karen Page: Well I—I called Metro-General, and the other guy will recover. But if you are looking at trial, you'll probably want to wait until his jaw is unwired....
      Mr. Maxwell: [to Matt and Foggy] Your girl's a badass.
      Karen Page: [laughs] You have no idea... [motions to a homely looking woman] And Miss Jacinto's working papers have been denied for the third time. Her father's gone and she says that factory work is the only way she can support her family.
    • Considering Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals...
    • Karen takes Matt and Foggy into Matt's office and informs them that they're broke. Matt can't help but crack a smile when Karen admits she's cutting corners re-upping a free trial of accounting software every 30 days with a fake email address.
  • After Grotto crawls away from the Irish bloodbath, Nesbitt's smartphone suddenly gets a call. His ringtone is "The Irish Washerwoman".
  • The Nelson & Murdock trio are relaxing after work and playing pool. Or rather, Karen is sinking ball after ball while Foggy and Matt stand idly by waiting for her to get a bad shot.
    Matt Murdock: [as Karen takes a shot] See, I don't know. That definitely sounded like cheating to me, Miss Page. [Karen giggles] Foggy, are you sure we're not being hustled here?
    Foggy Nelson: As sure as Josie's AC is busted. [Josie shows up and sets down two pitchers of water]
    Josie: What AC?
    Karen Page: [sighs in relief] Well at least you've brought water. [Matt and Foggy promptly hold out their hands to block Karen from grabbing the pitcher]
    Foggy Nelson: No, you—
    Matt Murdock: You can't drink the water here!
    Foggy Nelson: Josie's pipes have issues.
    Matt Murdock: Rust, mold.
    Foggy Nelson: I think I can actually see the bacteria floating in there.
    Karen Page: [laughs] Oh, ew, ew!
    Matt Murdock: See, that... that's why we, uh, keep our cocktails neat.
    Foggy Nelson: Pretend you're abroad. On vacation someplace exotic, but no mojitos. Josie just throws mint in the beer.
    Matt Murdock: [laughs] Right.
    Foggy Nelson: Take over, buddy. I gotta hit the head. [motions to Karen] And don't let her out of your four working senses. She's as quick as she is beautiful.
    Matt Murdock: Right.
    Foggy Nelson: She reminds me of myself. [Foggy heads to the bathroom]
    Matt Murdock: [exhales] Ah, this place brings out something...special in Foggy.

    Karen Page: [giggles] Are you sure it's not the alcohol?
    Matt Murdock: No, it's the company. He likes it when it's the three of us. [Karen levels her cue stick and prepares to take her next shot] If it were up to him, we'd be doing this the rest of our lives. [Karen takes her shot. The balls are all scattered, but none of them go into the pockets]
    Karen Page: Goddamnit!
    Matt Murdock: What happened?
    Karen Page: There goes my shutout.
    Matt Murdock: [smiles] Ummm, you're going for a shutout against a blind man? [Karen giggles] H—How do you sleep at night, Miss Page?
    Karen Page: [grins] You don't get any sympathy from me, Murdock! Still not sure who's hustling who here! C'mon.
    • Karen decides to teach Matt how to play.
      Karen Page: Here's a cue. All right, you're lined up with the cue ball. The six is at your 2:00, pocket straight away. [Matt rotates his position to aim his shot] Fire away. [Matt takes his turn, and the six-ball misses, instead bouncing off the side a few inches away from the pocket]
      Matt Murdock: How—How did I do?
      Karen Page: Well you've got potential!
      Matt Murdock: All right.
      Karen Page: Here. Here again.
      [Karen guides Matt back around to the end of the table, and uses her left hand to place Matt's left hand on the cue ball, briefly running her fingers up his hand as Matt gets into position]
      Karen Page: Six ball. [clears throat] Straight ahead. Just...real soft. [Matt is briefly distracted listening to Karen's rapid heartbeat. Meanwhile, Foggy emerges from the bathroom]
      Karen Page: Come on you've done this before. Just go for it!
      [Matt takes his shot. The cue ball hits the six ball, which then hits the eight-ball and ricochets it into the corner pocket]
      Foggy Nelson: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
      Matt Murdock: That good, huh?
      Karen Page: You sunk the eight-ball.
      Matt Murdock: [grins] Well, something went in.
      Karen Page: I tell you what, you boys re-rack. I will, uh, buy rounds for the rematch. [Karen heads off to the counter; an annoyed Foggy turns to Matt]
      Foggy Nelson: I leave you two alone for ONE minute!
      Matt Murdock: She wanted to teach me! [Foggy smirks at him] What? [Matt takes another turn, and manages to sink two balls at once]
      Foggy Nelson: Showoff... [Matt laughs]
  • At the Kitchen Irish bloodbath, one detective tries to cope with the carnage with black humor, and notes one body that had its hand torn apart by a bullet.
    Detective: It's gonna take weeks to process this shit! And where's this asshole's hand?
  • Foggy warning Matt about taking on the guy who wiped out the Kitchen Irish meeting:
    Foggy Nelson: Did you even listen to Brett? We're talking about a squad of trained killers loose on the streets. Not the kind of guys you challenge to a fistfight in your underwear.
    Matt Murdock: Hey! It's not underwear, Foggy. Underwear is comfortable.
    Foggy Nelson: You're a lot of things. Bulletproof isn't one of them.
  • Karen takes Grotto to the hospital to get treatment. When Grotto wakes up, he sees Karen at his bedside and is addressing him as Steve, leaving him understandably confused and demanding to know what's going on.
    Grotto: Who in Christ's name is Steve?
    Karen Page: You are. Your name is Steve Schaeffer and I am your wife Isabella. You got into a barfight defending my honor! And other than the beer that was wasted when that bottle sliced through your flesh, I have got no regrets because I have loved you since I was sixteen. Hot Irish temper and all! [beat] The nurse actually cried when I told her that part, by the way.
    Grotto: That's a nice story, doll. You gotta run home now. You ain't got the balls for what's coming. [Karen ponders this for a moment]
    Karen Page: [surly voice] Slide into bed, sweetheart and settle in. Because I am the best chance you've got in the world right now.
  • Matt pays a visit to Turk to find out if he sold the guns to the "army" that shot at Grotto. After breaking up an arms deal Turk is doing with some other criminals, he breaks his hand and throws him into the door of his car, breaking the glass. After interrogating him:
    Turk Barrett: I gave you what you wanted. My hand's busted, I got all this glass I gotta replace now. Maybe, just let a brother go, huh? Come on, D. I'm out on parole, man. I can't go back to jail. Please. I missed Hell's Kitchen.
    Matt Murdock: [while doing a shit eating grin] Yeah. It didn't miss you. [Matt throws Turk's car keys into the water]
    Turk Barrett: Fine. Know what? Be like that. 'Cause we both know I'll be back out by the end of the mon--
    Matt Murdock: [punches him in the face] I'll see you then.

     Episode 2 - Dogs to a Gunfight 
  • Having just endured a bullet to the head, Matt is recuperating in his apartment and Foggy is once again chastising him.
    Matt Murdock: Hey, Foggy, can I get some aspirin?
    Foggy Nelson: You sure you don't want an x-ray? Maybe a psych eval?
    Matt Murdock: An aspirin's fine, buddy.
  • Before the police sting, Grotto ask Karen for a good luck kiss. She gives him a middle finger.
    Grotto: [chuckles] I'll take it.
  • Foggy is in the office looking through mail when Karen comes in.
    Foggy Nelson: Anything else we've been ignoring?
    Karen Page: Uh, yeah. Um... [hands Foggy a bunch of bills] There you go.
    Foggy Nelson: [flips through the mail] "Overdue." "Past Due." "Final Notice." Hey! "First Notice." That's a win!
  • The sleazy pawnshop guy Frank Castle buys a communications rig from.
    Pawn Shop Owner: Do I know you?
    Frank Castle: I need an NYPD mobile communications rig. One that gets encrypted tactical frequencies.
    Pawn Shop Owner: [scoffs] What do I look like, RadioShack? Anyway, dealing in this shit is illegal.
    [Frank puts a couple $100 bills down on the counter]
    Pawn Shop Owner: You sure you're not a cop? 'Cause that's trouble I don't need. [Frank moves to pick up his money] Whoa, whoa, whoa! I gotta ask, right? Just hold on. [He unlocks a cabinet in the back and removes a heavy satchel containing a communications rig] Yep. Straight out of Officer McDipshit's dashboard. Gets you tactical bands, surveillance feeds. Hell, it'll probably pick up the Mayor banging his boyfriend. [Frank scoffs] It's a grand. We're talking about a one-of-a-kind item. [Frank counts out a few more $100s and plants them on the counter. Frank notices the surveillance camera watching the counter]
    Frank Castle: Videotape?
    Pawn Shop Owner: Sure. What the hell. [He removes the tape from the system]
    Frank Castle: What about the double-barrel under the counter? [Frank deposits a few more $100s. The owner takes out a double-barreled shotgun and empties the shells. Frank pockets the shells, then picks up the communications rig and begins walking towards the door]
    Pawn Shop Owner: [clears throat] Hey, man, hold on. Sure I can't get you anything else? You know, I got it all, man. Yeah, bondage... back-door, grannies. Or maybe you're in the market for something younger? She's barely 12. Guaranteed!
    [Castle stops and drops his satchel]
    Pawn Shop Owner: Haha, you like that, huh? For a hundred bucks, she's all yours! [Without saying a word, Frank flips the sign in the door from "Open" to "Closed", then turns around and begins walking back towards the counter] That's my man. [As Frank strides towards the counter, he picks up a baseball bat] What the hell are you doin'? Hey, man, just take it easy! I-I'm just trying to make a buck! [Frank beats him to death with the bat]
    • Frank's silent reaction to the above misdeamour is partial annoyance, with his expression being, "Aw, come on, man, it's my off day".

     Episode 3 - New York's Finest 
  • In the middle of their argument on the rooftop, Matt counters at Frank Castle at one point with whether or not he's ever considered hope as a factor. Frank's exasperated response of the first Precision F-Strike in the MCU definitely qualifies.
    Matt Murdock: Let me ask you this.
    Frank Castle: What's that?
    Matt Murdock: What about hope?
    Frank Castle: Oh, fuck. You wanna talk about Santa Claus?
    • Castle's response to the cartel guys he hanged on meat hooks? "They got off easy, in my opinion."
  • Also this exchange from their earlier argument.
    Frank Castle: What the hell kind of name is the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" anyway? I mean really?
    Matt Murdock: [beat] I didn't ask for that name.
    Frank Castle: I'm sorry. I don't see you running from it.
    Matt Murdock: I don't do this to hurt people.
    Frank Castle: Yeah, so what is that, just a job perk?
  • Karen goes to Blake Tower's office to strongarm him into supplying Nelson & Murdock with everything they have on the Punisher.
    Blake Tower: What makes you think I could help you, even if I wanted to?
    Karen Page: You have information on the Punisher.
    Blake Tower: That's classified.
    Karen Page: Do I look like I'm going to post it on YouTube?
  • Foggy tries to get Claire's help in finding Matt and finds two gangbangers about to start a fight in the hospital's ICU. As the two stare down with death glares, weapons raised, Foggy decides to step in.
    Foggy Nelson: Hey, asshole! How many priors you got?
    Gangbanger: [gives Foggy a Double Take; in a bewildered voice] What'd you say to me?
  • Right before the Hallway/Stairwell Fight begins, Matt is holding them back by pointing the gun still duct-taped to his hand. Then he pulls the trigger, resulting in a loud click and bears a shit-eating grin as he rushes his opponents.

     Episode 4 - Penny and Dime 
  • Karen is filling Matt and Foggy in on the files she got from Blake Tower. Foggy is skeptical and wants nothing more to do with this, so once he disappears into his office to take a phone call, Karen turns to Matt for support. Given how she helped him get dressed for Grotto's funeral that morning, Matt turns it into a flirting session.
    Karen Page: Am I insane? Matt?
    Matt Murdock: [looks up] I'm sorry, what? [clears his throat]
    Karen Page: Nothing. Just...Father Lantom's eulogy really got to me, I guess.
    Matt Murdock: Yeah, he does that.
    Karen Page: Punisher's a lunatic.
    Matt Murdock: Would you care anyway?
    Karen Page: Uh, I wouldn't say that. It's more like...curious. [Karen sits down on the filing cabinets next to Matt] I mean, between these files and—and—and Reyes's obsession and the fact that...humans are a pretty complicated species to begin with. I just–I feel like there's got to be more to the story.
    Matt Murdock: I think you are....
    Karen Page: [smiles] Oh my God, you think I'm insane! [Matt and Karen laugh]
    Matt Murdock: [grins] I'm kidding. Compassionate. [beat] It's a good quality, Karen. The stuff of saints.
    Karen Page: Yeah, well I'm no saint.
    Matt Murdock: I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that. [Karen smiles]
    Foggy Nelson: Matt! [Matt looks up towards Foggy's office with this annoyed look that just screams "Goddamnit, Foggy! Why do you have to pick this moment to cockblock me?"] We have real-live, non-criminal clients who need our help!
  • The way Frank Castle casually kills several of the Irish after they have tortured him becomes darkly funny, especially by the fact that he remains completely calm yet can barely walk and is not even looking where he is shooting half the time, yet still hits them.
  • In the midst of Matt and Frank fighting off Finn's guys, Matt reprimands Frank to spare the mobsters' live with a stern "no killing!" Frank doesn't miss a beat and snarks at Matt, calling him an altar boy.
    • Then, during the ensuing fight, Matt offhandedly knocks a hammer out of Frank's hand when he's about to use it to kill one of the Irish.
  • Matt's line "That's enough Punisher for one night" while he, Foggy and Karen are watching the news on Frank Castle's arrest can come off as a bit of Leaning on the Fourth Wall, if you've been binge-watching the first four episodes.
  • While Foggy steps away to get another round of drinks, Matt decides to make some small talk with Karen:
    Matt Murdock: Hey. You okay?
    Karen Page: [smiles shyly] Yeah.
    Matt Murdock: [breaks into a wide grin]
    Karen Page: [laughs nervously] Okay, that wasn't convincing, was it? Umm...[runs a hand through her hair] I don't know. I just, uh...Days like today...remind me how precious life can be, you know?
  • As our trio leave Josie's, Foggy and Matt are waiting out in the rain for Karen to finish paying their tab. Foggy comments on Matt's flirting with Karen:
    Foggy Nelson: Careful, Matt!
    Matt Murdock: What's that?
    Foggy Nelson: Keep going like this, you just might end up happy. And for a Catholic boy, that's a pretty dangerous thing.
    Matt Murdock: I don't know what you're talking about. [Foggy pats him on the shoulder just as Karen comes out]
    Foggy Nelson: Godspeed, Matt Murdock.
    Karen Page: Hey! Where next?
    Foggy Nelson: Home. I'm gonna sleep for a week. Someone had the awful idea of doing shots! [Karen giggles. Foggy removes his newspaper from his satchel to use as an umbrella] I think I've had enough excitement for one evening.
    Karen Page: Okay...
    Foggy Nelson: See you two in the morning! [dashes off into the rain]
    Matt Murdock: See ya, Fog.
    Karen Page: Bye!
    [Karen smiles lustily at Matt. After a few seconds, she steps forward and extends her hand to feel how hard it's raining]
    Karen Page: [nervously] ...Do you mind the rain?
    Matt Murdock: No. [Karen slips her hand into Matt's, lacing her fingers with his; Matt gives her a look of "I know what you're doing, Karen"]
    Karen Page: ...Then I'll walk you home. [giggles softly as she leads Matt off into the rain]
    • When Matt and Karen get to Matt's apartment, Matt tugs on Karen's arm. She stops, turns around to face him, they stare at each other, and then they break out in awkward laughter as Karen realize "OMG he wants to kiss me!"

     Episode 5 - Kinbaku 
  • In a flashback, Matt and Elektra break into Fogwell's Gym, and end up in a small sparring match that escalates into an Interplay of Sex and Violence, all starting off after Matt smacks her on the ass.
  • How Matt and Elektra met: it was when Foggy and Matt crashed a fancy party. While sneaking through the kitchen, Foggy swipes some caviar.
    Foggy Nelson: Ugh! Tastes like fish eggs!
    Matt Murdock: Uh, I think they are, Einstein.
    • Right after that, a server starts questioning their right to be there.
      Foggy Nelson: You gonna kick us out, bro?
      Server: Depends. Are you pompous jackasses?
      [beat] as Foggy and Matt exchange a look.
      Matt Murdock: Well, we're not pompous.
      Server: [smirking] Help yourself.
  • Matt arrives at the office, where Foggy is already reading the newspaper.
    Matt Murdock: Morning. [walks into the kitchen and pours himself some water from the cooler] We uh, have anything for breakfast?
    Foggy Nelson: You hungry or hungover?
    Matt Murdock: Both.
    Foggy Nelson: [chuckes] All right, you need some potassium, some electrolytes, and a jolt of caffeine. I'll give you, uh... [he snaps his fingers and grabs a Tupperware container with] ...the last piece of Mrs. DiNizio's peach cobbler. Which is the last piece of anything in this office.
    Matt Murdock: I guess our finances haven't improved since last week.
    Foggy Nelson: Yeah, well, clients don't respond well to a "CLOSED" sign.
    Matt Murdock: [leans uneasily on the kitchen counter] Yeah, it's my fault. I'm sorry, Foggy.
    Foggy Nelson: Well don't be. With the Punisher off the street, I'm hoping Reyes will get her jackboot off our neck and this office can go back to normal.
    Matt Murdock: [gives him an odd look] Oh, yeah? Normal? What's that?
    • As if on cue, Karen enters the office, precariously balancing three coffee cups and a stack of newspapers under her shoulder. Her eyes widen and she almost drops the coffees upon seeing Matt.
      Karen Page: Matt! [smiles widely as she regains her composure] Uh, good morning!
      Matt Murdock: Hey, Karen.
      Karen Page: Did you sleep well? [she closes the door behind her with her elbow]
      Matt Murdock: Nah, not so much. You?
      Karen Page: Me? Yeah, sure! I mean— [By this point in time, Foggy is unable to hide a smile and an expression of "Get a Room!, you two!"]
      Matt Murdock: Is that coffee I can smell?
      Karen Page: Hmmm?
      Matt Murdock: Coffee?
      Karen Page: [laughs] Uh, yeah, um! Yeah, arabica for all, [hands one coffee to Foggy, then one to Matt] for everyone.
      Matt Murdock: Wow, thank you! You're a goddess! [Karen giggles]
      Foggy Nelson: Okay, you two, let's talk business. Potential clients. Real ones, with bank in the bank.
    • After a semi-heated discussion about what she found in Frank's house, Foggy ends the argument by going into his office insisting that they need normalcy. Karen apologizes for going too far but Matt reassures her that they're just worried about her well-being.
      Karen Page: So uh...[shrugs her shoulders] last night?
      Matt Murdock: Last night? [Karen stares at him] I dunno, what happened last night? Wha-at Josie's with Foggy? Did something happen? Anything else? [Karen laughs]
      Karen Page: [grins] You! [giggles] Yeah!
      Matt Murdock: [grins back; in a low whisper] Yeah it was great. And I'd like to think that I can do better, if we're still on for dinner?
      Karen Page: Uh yeah! It's a date!
  • For their date, Matt and Karen first go to a stuffy upscale restaurant...and can barely muster up anything beyond awkward small talk.
    • When trying to contemplate wine listings, both are very indecisive:
      Matt Murdock: I don't drink anything they don't serve at Josie's.
      Karen Page: Yeah, well, I don't see swill on the menu.
    • While Karen goes to the bathroom, a waiter comes up, and Matt quickly asks the guy for wine recommendations...only for the guy to tell Matt he has a phone call. It's Elektra, seeking to heckle Matt. Matt responds to her using an adorably cheerful tone to say the sort of thing most people would be thinking in this kind of situation but are too polite to actually express out loud:
      Matt Murdock: Aww. Go to hell.
  • Elektra beginning her running gag of insulting Matt's choice of wine.
  • The fact that Foggy never got his beer.
  • Foggy decides to meet up with Marci Stahl at Josie's. As he waits for Marci to show, he stares confused at the discolored olive in a martini glass.
    Foggy Nelson: Why is it gray?
    Josie: One of life's mysteries.
    [Foggy pockets the olive and slides the drink over to Marci when she sits down]
    Foggy Nelson: They were out of olives.
    • Foggy brings up to Marci that Matt and Karen are dating:
      Foggy Nelson: Matt's dating our office assistant.
      Marci Stahl: Cute, blonde, totally your type?
      Foggy Nelson: Yup....gets worse.
      Marci Stahl: [grins] The correct answer is, "no one is as perfect for me than you, Marci."

     Episode 6 - Regrets Only 
  • Matt and Elektra eat pie at a diner after beating up the Yakuza. Or more specifically, Elektra is busy eating pie while Matt is ripping into her for invading his life and lying to him.
    Matt Murdock: I want to know what you doing back here, what's happening with the yakuza- [Elektra loudly slurps her drink] and I want to know how you... [Elektra continues loudly slurping her drink. Exasperated, Matt takes it out of her hand] I want to know how you know about me. I wanna know how you found me.
    Elektra Natchios: I know who you are because I watch the news. "The successful apprehension of Wilson Fisk."
    Matt Murdock: I wear a mask.
    Elektra Natchios: Well, you can't mask that ass. I'd know it anywhere.
    • When Matt demands that Elektra not kill anyone, she makes a rule of her own.
      Elektra Natchios: I have a rule of my own.
      Matt Murdock: Shoot.
      Elektra Natchios: No sex.
      Matt Murdock: Oh, my God. You have a pair on you. This may come as a surprise to you, but I've actually moved on in the ten years since you left. I'm seeing someone [Karen] now, which is only part of the reason why I have zero interest in ever starting anything up with you ever again.
      Elektra Natchios: Of course you do. [to the waitress] Check, please!
      Matt Murdock: You're still so arrogant.
      Elektra Natchios: Just realistic.
      Matt Murdock: What makes you think every man you meet wants to sleep with you?
      Elektra Natchios: Because so far, they have.
    • As for her deal breaker? Elektra requests for Matt's pie. Matt pauses for a second, then slides the plate across the table to her.
  • Christopher Roth, Frank's incompetent public defender, is taking Karen's statement. Foggy and Karen ask him about his qualifications, to which Roth says he won his first case, a domestic violence case.
    Christopher Roth: I believe in protecting women.
    Karen Page: Thanks, from all of us.
  • As Matt, Foggy and Karen are riding the elevator to Frank Castle's hospital room, what's Foggy's biggest concern?
    Foggy Nelson: Does this much spotlight concern anyone else? I mean, we are about to step onto a big proscenium stage here. And how do I know what proscenium means? Because I did theater in summer camp! Which is exactly the kind of thing that these reporters will find out if they start digging into me!
    Matt Murdock: Come on, jazz hands.
  • While the trio are talking to Brett on the hospital floor, Foggy says that the incompetent public defender is "not the freshest fish the city could've dug up." It apparently took Elden Henson twenty tries to say the line without cracking up, and in the take that was ultimately used, you can see Deborah Ann Woll corpsing too.
  • Foggy informs Frank Castle that he's got good news and bad news. The good news is, he won't get the death penalty, although he may get parole in 25 years. The bad news is that he may not get protective custody in jail, leaving him vulnerable to gangs that want him dead. Anyone other than Frank Castle would freak out.
    Karen Page: He'll be surrounded by criminals, people out for his blood.
    Frank Castle: Sounds like a party.
    Foggy Nelson: No doubt you can handle yourself, but I think Reyes is betting on the gangs here.
  • The timing of Elektra sending a driver to pick up Matt while he's talking with Foggy and Karen in a side room at the hospital. Matt looks totally embarrassed having to awkwardly provide an "explanation" to Foggy and Karen.
  • After Matt finds a switch which Elektra presses to open the door to the Yakuza's secret vault, Elektra laughs "I'm a genius!"
    • Matt and Elektra pull the old Fake-Out Make-Out when a guard is about to catch them...or to be more precise, Fake-Out Fornication, and Matt plays up the embarrassment at being found. The guys who find them shine flashlights in Matt's sightless eyes and conclude he's a drunk.
    • As they make their getaway, Elektra is very giddy pretending to act drunk, prompting Matt to harshly whisper to her "Will you keep your shit together?!"
  • After Matt comes back to his apartment from the gala, still wearing what's left of the tux Elektra got him, to find Foggy there informing him about what Frank's not-guilty plea. All Foggy can ask is, "Why are you fancy?"

     Episode 7 - Semper Fidelis 
  • Matt and Elektra come across a giant hole that the Hand have dug beneath their building. Matt drops Elektra's flashlight and listens for how long it takes to hit the bottom. While waiting, Elektra gets bored and tells him to inform her when it lands. The episode ends before he hears it.

     Episode 8 - Guilty as Sin 
  • The episode begins right where it left off — Matt and Elektra still waiting for the flashlight to hit the hole's bottom.
  • As Elektra is poisoned from a cut by one of the Hand member's blades, Stick asks Matt for ingredients to make an antidote as well as for some hot tea. After Stick applies the antidote, Matt gives him a cup of tea but instead of giving it to Elektra Stick drinks it himself. The best part is Matt's reaction to finding out who the tea was for: after hearing Stick sip, Matt simply gazes wide-eyed in Stick's general direction and just widens his mouth.
  • During Stick's Mr. Exposition schtick on the Hand-Chaste War, Matt, clearly having a hard time believing all the elements of the story, questions how the Hand could have discovered immortality and why are they so devoted to seeking it. Stick, naturally, cuts close to Matt's Catholic background:
    Stick: I thought you were a Catholic, Matty. Doesn't your whole belief system hinge on one guy pulling that off?
    • This becomes doubly hilarious when you consider that Season 2 came out on March 18, a Friday, and the subsequent week that most people are likely to Archive Binge the entire season is "Holy Week"note .
  • Karen walking in on Matt and Elektra, she's naturally pissed at finding out Matt is keeping secrets from her yet again and storms out. The icing on the cake comes when she walks out and Stick quips "Nice meetin' ya!".

     Episode 9 - Seven Minutes in Heaven 
  • After Frank survives Wilson Fisk's attempt to have him be killed by the inmates, Fisk confronts him in a cell and tries to pass it off as a routine hazard in prison.
    Fisk: How quickly we turn into savages. The moment we walk through these prison doors-
    Frank: You tried to have me killed.
    Fisk: ...Yes. It would have been cleaner that way, but you got what you wanted!
  • Wilson Fisk being genuinely startled over how hard Frank hits, then unleashing a beatdown on Frank. Compounded by the fact that in that jumpsuit, Fisk looks like a gorilla in a onesie during the fight, and Frank casually shrugging off the beating.
  • The entirety of the shared screentime between Fisk and Frank is chock-full of this, with Frank's blunt rudeness juxtaposed against Fisk's eloquence and politeness. Like this exchange, after Fisk makes Frank an offer.
    Frank Castle: Well, I don't help shit-bag, has-been mob bosses.
    Wilson Fisk: Has-been?
  • There's something darkly funny about Donovan's facial expressions when Fisk is discussing the arrangement of payment to the guard he's having send a message to Frank:
    Benjamin Donovan: This guard you've spoken I want to know what he will be asking him to do?

     Episode 10 - The Man in the Box 
  • When Fisk's lawyer hands Matt the affidavit, Matt runs his finger over the Braille, upside down. He quickly turns it rightside up without a beat.
    • Donovan gives Matt a spiel that he is to discuss this meeting with Fisk to absolutely nobody under threat of legal penalties.
      Benjamin Donovan: You will refer to Mr. Fisk only as "Mr. Fisk", and you will not ask any questions until I personally approve of them first.
      Matt Murdock: That's a lot of rules.
      Benjamin Donovan: Rules are what separate us from the animals on the inside, Mr. Murdock.
  • When we see the last shot of Fisk in his cell, eating his steak dinner while asking for the file on Matt Murdock. And there's the fact that he is drinking expensive wine in a plastic cup.
  • Claire Temple pointing out Matt's serious Messiah complex is amusing. She cares about him and means well, but she's not pulling any punches.
    Claire: [M]aybe you need to start thinking about climbing down off that cross of yours, and spending some time with us normal people for a change.
    Claire: Hey, uh, Saint Matthew? Enough with the hair shirt already.
    • Once again, this gets grimly funnier if you, like most people, binge-watched the series during Holy Week 2016 (as noted in Episode 8 above).

     Episode 11 - . 380 
  • When Karen and Frank get into the car, Frank decides to play "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire, much to Karen's annoyance. Moreso, he then suggests singing along to the song, lampshading how ridiculous it would be for him of all people to do something like that.
  • Castle has worked out Karen loves Matt from the looks she was giving him during the Castle trial. Just consider the idea of a murderous vigilante amusing himself playing Shipper on Deck while on trial for his life.
  • Marci comes to visit Foggy in the hospital, giving him a bottle of scotch. And then almost immediately after handing it to him, she takes it back, opens it and takes a swig herself.
    • Marci has brought along a stuffed bear, dressed to imitate Foggy's injuries. It's a Foggy Bear, too.
      Marci Stahl: [poking the stuffed bear out from behind the door] "Hello, Mr. Nelson! Are you decent?" [opens the door to reveal herself] Oh, boo, I was hoping I'd catch an eyeful.
  • After Frank has who he believes is the Blacksmith at gunpoint, Matt breaks into the cabin, stopping him. Frank's initial reaction when Matt enters screams "Oh, do we have to do this now?"
    Matt Murdock: Don't do it, Frank!
    Frank Castle: [exasperated] Oh, for Christ's sake! Get outta here, Red!

     Episode 12 - The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel 
  • When Schoonover forces Karen at gunpoint to start the car, "Shining Star" starts, causing a bit of situational comedy, as well as making a Brick Joke of the previous scene and, as the tape's back in, serves as a subtle message to Karen that Frank's nearby.

     Episode 13 - A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen 
  • Matt and Elektra stop by Melvin Potter's workshop to get new armor. Melvin shows Matt a new billy club he's made for him. This prompts Elektra to ask the following with the tone of a little girl jealous that her brother got a new toy that she wanted to get:
    Elektra Natchios: Where's mine?
    Melvin Potter: There's uh, it's a prototype. I only made one.
    Matt Murdock: Hey. Hey, don't mind her.
  • Nobu has just been thrown off a roof, seemingly dead... until he begins to dramatically rise once again. Then Stick stabs him through the chest.
    Stick: And this time, you piece of shit- *slices off Nobu's head* stay down.

Season 3

    Episode 1 - Resurrection 
  • Fisk's introduction. We see an Imagine Spot of him preparing a gourmet omelette while listening to his classical music, and just as he deposits the omelette onto the plate, we smash cut to the prison environment and Fisk eating his inferior-quality omelette.
    • All the while prison inmates are heard rambling and yelling in the background...until Fisk barks "QUIET!". They all immediately cease talking.
  • Matt goes toe to toe with a local boxer to help him get his powers back. The boxer is understanbly heistant once seeing that Matt is blind.
    Boxer: You want me to hit a blind guy ?
    Father Lantom: [gives him a face of "Yes. Now can you do it, please?"]
  • Matt recounting the story of Job to sister Maggie and basically calling Job "a pussy" for choosing to endure the suffering God put him through.
  • When Matt tells Maggie about Stick's philosophy of "loved ones weakening you" Maggie hilariously claims that Stick really needed to get laid.
    • Matt’s response makes it even better
      Matt: Ha. That actually explains a lot.
  • Nadeem is tasked by Hattley with making the Rikers run to get intel from Fisk. He's less than thrilled with the situation, given Fisk hasn't been producing anything useful to the last few agents who've made this milk run, and makes this clear when Fisk is brought into the room:
    Ray Nadeem: Mr. Fisk, I'm Special Agent Ray Nadeem with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI would like your assistance with... [sighs] let's just cut to the part where you tell me to eat shit, so we can stop wasting each other's time, huh?

    Episode 2 - Please 
  • Foggy's reaction to Karen coming by the butcher shop is fear that people will think he's cheating on Marci.

    Episode 3 - No Good Deed 
  • As Fisk is being escorted into the Presidential, he sees his lawyers and directs them to seek out Vanessa's location.
    Wilson Fisk: Locate Vanessa! The Albanians, they tried to get me. They'll go for her, too!
    Big Ben Donovan: My client is not implying that he knows how to reach a wanted fugitive...
  • Matt attempts to pretend to be a sighted man searching his pockets for his room key when he's stopped by Dex.

    Episode 4 - Blindsided 
  • Dex and his indulging coworker Lim decide to play a prank on Fisk while delivering him food from room service.
    • Dex takes a bite out of a burger and dumps the fries all in one tray, while Lim takes everything but the tray off the table. Dex then proceeds to cover the tray with a steel pan.
    • The agents guarding Fisk's door don't even do anything about this. The man on the left is smirking while the other doesn't react at all. The guy who has no reaction? He's the poor sap who ends up being tasked with presenting Fisk his food.
    • Dex and Lim then slip back into the surveillance room, zoom the cameras in on the table, and watch Fisk's reaction. Of which there's none. Fisk just calmly brings the tray closer, breaks the bitten half of the burger apart with his utensils and dumps the pieces into another part of the tray one at a time with a spork. Then he starts eating the burger with the spork. Least to say, Dex and Lim sound disappointed and bewildered.
      Dex: ...If I'm being honest, that's not the way I thought this was gonna go.
      Lim: Who eats a burger with a spork?
    • Considering that Fisk already ate prison food, it makes sense that he wouldn't be that mad. Well, that and because of the possibility of Matt being killed at the moment.
    • The fact that the show cuts to this right after an epic Oner where Matt barely escapes a prison riot staged by Fisk.

    Episode 5 - The Perfect Game 
  • Keeping in line with the "Born Again" cab scene, we have Donovan telling Fisk about Matt's body not turning up with the cab when it's fished out of the river, using one of the more memorable lines from that sequence.
  • Watching the footage of Matt fighting the inmates in the prison, Fisk's first assumption is that Matt is not actually blind. And sure, that’s a more logical assumption than “Oh, wow, he’s blind and can do all that, all his other senses must be enhanced to an extraordinary level". Yet, Fisk's "does this look like the work of a blind man to you?" remark makes it seem like he thinks that Matt set up being blind as an elaborate ruse for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of hiding his identity when he became a crime fighting vigilante. Because that logic totally works: “Okay, but if I’m a crime fighter I have to hide my identity, what’s the best way to make sure no one even suspects me of being Daredevil??? I GOT IT! I’m going to PRETEND to go BLIND completely changing my entire life! And I will live this way for years, establishing the fact that I am Really Blind. Then no one will be able to suspect me of being a vigilante, it’s perfect! There are clearly no better options available!”
  • Foggy is running his DA campaign from the butcher shop.
    Theo Nelson: All you can eat, free! For anybody who promises to vote for Foggy Nelson, my less handsome brother!
    Foggy Nelson: You can't do that, Theo. It violates election law. It's an illegal inducement to vote.
    Theo Nelson: I don't see Mrs. Wobschall calling the cops.

    Episode 6 - The Devil You Know 
  • Karen's response to Matt revealing he's alive is to remind him all the rent money he owes her. Even with the mask on, Matt gets a clear expression of "Oh yeah, that's a thing."
    • Just the fact that Karen's choice of weapon to defend herself when she hears Matt entering her apartment is the lid to her toilet's tank.
  • When Foggy appears at the FBI office to offer Nadeem his proposed terms of surrender for Matt, he makes sure to throw in a sandwich from the butcher shop, in light of Nadeem having questioned him there.
  • When cornering Dex as he attempts to go after Karen at the Bulletin, Matt realizes that Poindexter is impersonating him and appropriately asks him, "Who the hell are you?" which prompts Dex to deadpan reply, "I'm Daredevil."

    Episode 7 - Aftermath 
  • Nadeem's initial question to Karen, after showing her a video of Dex!Daredevil greeting her by name, is "Was there anyone else in the room named Karen?" Foggy's response? "I'm advising my client not to answer any questions that treat her like an asshole."
  • After Foggy finally gets home (after spending the morning being questioned by the FBI), he and Marci have spontaneous thank-God-you-survived sex on the couch. After the camera cuts away, the next we see of them post-coitus, they're sitting there side by side, clothes in absolute disarray, staring straight ahead as if in shock from the sheer awesomeness of what just happened. Marci even states, several times, that it was way better than usual.
  • Nadeem, now firmly convinced Fisk is playing him, marches into Fisk's bedroom hoping to catch him doing something criminal...and finds Fisk sitting up in bed reading. Fisk's reaction is akin to that of a child with his hand caught in a cookie jar, with a face of "What? I'm not doing anything bad here."
    • To make clear that he's dealt with guys like Fisk before, Nadeem gives a tangent about his old neighbor Jiggy, a supposedly "helpful" community pillar who turned out to be a drug dealer that used innocent neighbors as fall guys. It's not so much the story that's funny, but more the way a name like "Jiggy" sounds when it comes out of Vincent D'Onofrio's mouth.
  • Fisk gets an update from Felix Manning on Dex's location after the success of the Bulletin attack:
    Wilson Fisk: Where is Poindexter?
    Felix Manning: Laying low, as ordered. Although I'm concerned about his mental stability.
    Wilson Fisk: Yeah...

    Episode 8 - Upstairs / Downstairs 
  • Dex vacuuming his apartment in his Daredevil costume.
  • During his coffee date with Julie, Dex explains that the FBI has been using him as a scapegoat... and then makes a literal goat bleat. Even Julie cracks up.
    • At least one fan took this to the most logical spot possible.

    Episode 9 - Revelations 
  • Having learned that Sister Maggie Grace is his mother, Matt goes to confront Father Lantom. Where does he find the priest? Playing pool in a bar. Father Lantom proves to be quite the hustler when off-duty, probably even more than Karen.
  • The flashback to Maggie meeting Jack Murdock. When Maggie agrees to help Jack ringside, one of her fellow novitiates begins reminding Maggie of their vows of obedience and poverty, then the other pointedly reminds her of her vow of chastity.
  • Foggy is frustrated trying to fix his apartment's sink, as Marci comes back from shopping.
    Marci Stahl: I have a super for that.
    Foggy Nelson: I can fix this, damn it!
    • As Marci is telling Foggy that the video of him calling out Tower has gone viral, she comments that he needs to work on his ending a bit (in reference to his freezing up and going "oh shit" at realizing Karen was going to confront Fisk).
  • Fisk directs the FBI agents under his control to round up a bunch of crime lords and take them to a restaurant for a secret meeting where he'll offer them his protection, which means paying him a 20% tax off their profits.
    • When picking Rosalie Carbone up as she participates in a groundbreaking ceremony, Nadeem has to motion for Dex and Arinori to hang back instead of making a scene (as happened when they were picking up another gangster at his body shop), then approaches Rosalie and asks her to "Please come quietly."
    • As the crimelords are waiting, we see Rosalie idly doing her nails to pass the time.
    • As Fisk outlines the details of his protection racket, some of the bosses are skeptical and convinced that Fisk is setting them up:
    • One of the bosses, Starr, refuses to pay the 20% fee, quipping "I don't know how you keep that suit white with all the bullshit you pack into it", and accuses Fisk of setting them up so he can buy more time in his new penthouse at the Presidential. Prompting Dex, who has changed into his "Daredevil" costume, to throw a baton at his head, killing him. Fisk stares at the blood pooling from Starr's head, and has only one thing to say:
      Wilson Fisk: ...The tax is now 25%.
      Rosalie Carbone: I hand it to you, Fisk, you know how to put on a show. Just one question: where do I drop the cash?

    Episode 10 - Karen 
  • The episode opens up with a flashback of Karen dancing semi-naked at a college frat party. No one would be expecting that in this kind of series.
    • Later, a frat boy is short for the drugs he wants to buy from Karen, and tries just stealing them. Karen's boyfriend/co-dealer not only stops the guy, but makes him apologize. Then, as Todd and Karen leave, he bows to the bloodied fratboy and says "Namaste."
  • Father Lantom quoting John Lennon as he tries to give some words of wisdom to Karen in the basement.
    Father Lantom: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."
    Karen Page: John Lennon said that.
    Father Lantom: And who are we to argue with a Beatle?

    Episode 11 - Reunion 
  • From behind the scenes, Wilson Bethel dancing in-costume between takes during this episode's filming.
  • The fast-paced bickering and argument between Matt and Karen about Matt pushing her and Foggy away is admittedly pretty funny. It almost ranks up with the numerous bickerings between Tony and Pepper.
  • A meta-one, but Deborah Ann Woll considered Karen confiding to Matt about both murders she's committed in the span of five minutes to be a bit outlandish, and actually briefly wondered whether the confession should be spread out across two episodes, but ultimately decided to go with what they had.
  • Matt's idea of getting Karen out of the church is to have Foggy act as Karen's attorney to negotiate her surrender. Foggy uses the cops outside to let him into the church. When Nadeem and Dex approach him, Foggy just lies blatantly through his teeth until Nadeem just tells him to cut it out, at which point Foggy (who is getting signals from Sister Maggie) admits that he really is just stalling for time until he gets the okay that Matt is clear of the church.
  • Karen is doing a bit of a mocking expression directed at Dex as Brett is "arresting" her to get her out of the church. You can see Dex fuming as she's being led out.
  • Foggy's plan to take Fisk down? Step one: Work together. Step two: Make a plan. Step three: Execute the plan.
    Matt Murdock: [laughs] That's genius. Come up with that by yourself?
    Foggy Nelson: [shrugs] So? I'm still working out the details.
  • Nadeem immediately moves to pointing a gun at Matt after he shows up to rescue Nadeem and his family from Fisk's henchmen, to which Matt gives a supremely annoyed, "Obviously I'm here to help you."

    Episode 12 - One Last Shot 
  • There's something hilariously awkward about the way Dex tells Vanessa to "think of me as the new James Wesley." Even better is Fisk's disapproving face when Vanessa repeats Dex's words to him.
  • How does Foggy summon Blake Tower to Fogwell's Gym? He has Brett pull Tower over, allowing Foggy to get into Tower's car. Every time Foggy mentions Fisk's name in the ensuing conversation, Tower tells Foggy that he really does need help.
  • As Matt and Nadeem fight off Fisk's assassins in traffic, any time Matt pretends to be helpless so that Nadeem can use him as cover, or so that he can get the drop on an attacker.
    • At the end of the fight, Matt and Nadeem make their way over to a waiting taxicab to use as their getaway vehicle. Matt, who is distrustful of cabs after Fisk's men tried to kill him in one after the prison riot, has a priceless remark: "Oh shit, it's a cab."
  • After Nadeem gives his testimony before the grand jury, he reconvenes with Matt and Foggy outside the courtroom. His first instinct is to ask if Matt overheard everything he said in the courtroom, and Matt indicates he did, Nadeem points out it's creepy. Foggy makes a wordless nod of agreement.

    Episode 13 - A New Napkin 
  • During his wedding, Fisk is so nervous that, when the priest asks him if he takes Vanessa to be his bride, he answers, "Repeat the question."
  • At his wedding, Fisk seats one of his crime lord allies next to a prosecutor who tried to put her in prison. She makes him hold her purse.
  • Dex driving in with Julie's frozen corpse and jokingly introducing her to Lim. The music for this is even called "Dex Plus One".
    Dex: [to the corpse] That's Agent Lim. He's one of the good ones.
    • Dex then crashing the wedding to make a toast of his own:
    Dex: Julie and I wish you the absolute best.
  • As intense as the three way fight between Matt, Fisk, and Dex is, it still leads way to some funny momnets:
    • Dex throwing a bowl at Matt, who tries pulling a cool looking maneuver over the table to try dodging it only to get hit in the head anyway.
    • Right after that, Fisk starts wailing on Dex against a brick wall. Eventually Dex dodges a punch that leaves a crater in the wall... and Fisk screaming in pain. Dex slips away and hits Fisk in the back with a bowl, which doesn't even slow him for a second. He catches Dex trying to run up the stairs and starts throttling him again until he throws him through a glass window.
    • The sight of Dex throwing a bunch of pipes at Fisk while the big man flinches. Think of an angry housewife throwing a bunch of stuff at her husband after finding out he was cheating on her.
    • Made even more hilarious when Matt picks up a pair of pipes and starts deflecting Dex's throws. He even just stands there silently daring Dex to take a swing at him. Makes you wonder if he was just trying to show up Fisk. Noticeably Dex immediately stops throwing stuff at Fisk the moment Matt picks up the pipes.
    • While Matt is deflecting shots from Dex, Vanessa is seen behind in the background panicking before taking cover behind a wall.
  • After Father Lantom's funeral, Foggy walks over to Marci, who seems a bit disappointed that Foggy is dropping out of the D.A. race.
    Marci Stahl: I was starting to like the idea of being married to the DA.
    Foggy Nelson: I'm pretty sure Blake Tower's not married.
  • When officially re-establishing their firm as Nelson Murdock & Page, with Karen as their fulltime investigator, Matt snarks about Karen being "way more stable than Jessica Jones."


  • The fact that Charlie Cox didn't find out that Daredevil was blind until the day before his audition.
  • This promotional interview where Charlie Cox talks about getting food poisoning. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome when he did the interview while still extremely sick (at one point he very visibly chokes back a vomit urge).
  • Charlie Cox gave an interview where he was talking about being in an audition for what he was pretty sure was Solo. Halfway through, the director stops and asks why he wasn't looking at him in the eye. Followed by Cox realizing that not every character is blind. (He thinks that's why he lost the part).
  • In the midst of the premiere for King of Thieves, Charlie Cox's "before" and "after" reactions to the season 3 teaser.
  • In the season 3 BUILD series cast interview, Jay Ali recounts a time where he had to ask Charlie Cox to Facetime his son, who completely geeked out at talking to Daredevil.
    • Also from the interview, Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll's "Oh dear" reactions when Elden Henson lets slip that Foggy will be running for District Attorney. To which Elden replies "I'm not allowed to say that? I've been saying it all day yesterday!"
  • At the season 3 NYCC panel, upon Wilson Bethel officially announcing that his character will be Bullseye, Charlie Cox proceeded to take a sharpie and draw a bullseye on his forehead.
  • In the week leading up to the release of season 3, Marvel made a Craiglist ad (since taken down) for Matt's apartment.
    "Spacious loft apartment located in heart of Hell's Kitchen, left virtually unscathed by recent tremors. Hardwood floors and exposed brick from floor to ceiling. Marvel at the reclaimed industrial windows that provide a must-see view of Hell's Kitchen. At night, brilliant neon lights across the street bathe the apartment in a soothing, warm ambiance. Previous tenant left without notice, so apartment comes fully furnished! Kitchen features a modern wooden bar and floating kitchen shelves for additional storage. Apartment is outfitted with sliding doors and an open floor plan, great for anyone with accessibility needs. Within walking distance of a boxing gym, courthouse and local law offices. With an apartment this nice, you'll feel like you're living a double life. Don't miss out, this apartment will be available October 19."


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