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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


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Season 1

    Episode 1, AKA Ladies Night 
  • Jessica overcomes her PTSD on two occasions; first to rescue Hope from the hotel and then again resolving to stick around and "do something about it". It looks like Trish was right. Despite the snarking, there is still a hero inside Jessica.

    Episode 2, AKA Crush Syndrome 
  • The bar fight. Jessica more than holds her own, but Luke demonstrates the difference between someone who is Unskilled, but Strong and someone with actual training. He uses his super strength in perfect, precise bursts to neutralize his opponents without seeming superhuman (until one fails to cut him with a broken bottle). Compare to Jessica, who just throws around guys twice her size.
    • Highlights include Luke taking a bottle to the back of the head, which results in him just rolling his eyes and planting his knee in his attacker's face. It's the difference between someone who can take all the time he wants because he's Nigh-Invulnerable and someone like Jessica who can hit hard but still has to worry about the other guy swinging back and holding back so she doesn't kill them.
  • Luke showing Jessica just how tough Rackham's tampering made his skin by running a circular saw against his stomach. The saw's teeth break and the machine burns out without leaving a scratch on his skin.

    Episode 4, AKA 99 Friends 
  • Jessica's righteous rage and rant towards Audrey Eastman is a mix of this and Tear Jerker. To have Jessica's moves against Kilgrave be sidetracked by such a selfish and trivial (not to mention moronic) personal vendetta is crushing, but to see Eastman go from smug snake to cowering in fear is truly a sight to behold.

    Episode 5, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me 
  • The flashback to Jess putting a guy who sexually harassed Trish in his place.
  • Jessica saving a young girl's life (Also doubles as a Funny Moment as she saved the girl in a sandwich costume).
  • At the end of the episode Kilgrave is attempting to blackmail Jessica into continuing to send him selfies of her, in order to prevent him going after Malcolm again. Jessica, furious and unwilling to capitulate to Kilgrave or put her faith in Malcolm, goes to check on the latter - to find that he's thrown the drugs she gave him earlier into the toilet, determined to beat his addiction and get clean. This, in turn, leads her to give into Kilgrave - for now - and send him a selfie... though noticeably not smiling.

    Episode 6, AKA You're a Winner 
  • This exchange between Kilgrave and a poker player with a cigar:
    Kilgrave: If you light that thing I'll make you put out in your eye.
    Poker player: I'd like to see you try.
    Kilgrave: Assholes try, I just do.

    Episode 8, AKA WWJD 
  • Jessica telling Kilgrave that what he did to her was rape. And when he makes the excuse that he was nice to her, she shouts at him that she didn't want any of it. This is even better when he complains that he hates that word.
  • Kilgrave at Jessica's instruction easily sweeps into a police standoff with a man who is holding his family hostage with a shotgun. He effortlessly detains the man and has the family escape, while leaving no trace of himself.
  • An annoying neighbor invites herself to breakfast and starts talking false stories about Jessica's family. What Kilgrave does in response is forcing the old woman to admit the truth and humiliate herself. Even Jessica had to admit that it felt nice.
  • Jessica's awesome response to Kilgrave exclaiming that he could never get her to wear a dress. "I'll wear one to your funeral."

     Episode 9, AKA Sin Bin 
  • Despite everything else that happened, Jessica can't help but smirk knowing that she's immune to Kilgrave's control.

     Episode 11, AKA I've Got The Blues 
  • Trish Walker vs. Will Simpson. When Simpson attacks and corners a wounded Jessica and Trish in Jessica's bathroom, Trish uses Simpson's own performance enhancing pills to give her an edge against him, beating him back long enough for Jessica to beat him unconscious against her fridge.
  • Simpson vs. Jessica, for its Reality Ensues elements. Both are injured, although Jessica is more so. She's stronger than he is, even with the drugs, but he's got training that she doesn't have. Cue an intense fight that goes to Simpson's advantage because he knows how to fight.
  • Luke No Selling a point blank explosion that destroyed his bar and pulling a Man on Fire with only his clothes damaged. Unbreakable indeed.
  • Teenage Jessica defending Trish from her mother. At this point, their relationship was still somewhat aloof and cold. Who didn't have a smile on their face when Dorothy was slammed against the wall?

    Episode 12, AKA Take a Bloody Number 
  • Luke telling Kilgrave to his face that he slept with Jessica and that it's his own fault for screwing up what very, very little chance he had with her to begin with. Because Kilgrave asked him.
    Kilgrave: Tell me the truth: did you bugger my chances with her?
    Luke: No. You screwed that up yourself.
  • Luke gets one in hindsight. When questioned by Kilgrave for his identity, he says Luke Cage. However, his own show establishes that his real name is Carl Lucas. What this means is that Luke either lied straight to Kilgrave's face, or it means that he truly sees Luke Cage as his real name.
  • The big fight of the season, Jewel vs Power Man. Jessica wins by desperately grabbing a police shotgun, placing it under his chin and pulling the trigger.
    • The fight itself, which seems to imply Luke is fighting Kilgrave's control to some extent. Every other time we've seen Luke fight, his moves are swift and brutal. Here, he constantly winds up for incredibly-obvious and easily-avoided haymakers; despite the fact that while Jessica may be about as strong as he is, she's no more durable than the average person. Luke could probably have ended the fight in one blow, but he's trying to give Jessica every opportunity to escape.
    • Luke where he knows full well that Jessica is waiting beside a doorway to ambush him, so instead he punches right through the wall and grabs her.
  • Trish telling her mother to leave her apartment is a quieter, but no less awesome moment. Standing your ground against your abuser, especially if it's your parent, is a harrowing and emotionally draining thing to do. It's absolutely herculean, if they try to emotionally manipulate you into letting them back into your life like Dorothy Walker does in this scene. While invading Trish's own private sphere, no less. Trish is visibly shaken and in tears by the end of the scene, but she did it. She won her own battle without Jessica there to save her, and she did it without flinching.

    Episode 13, AKA Smile 
  • The final confrontation with Kilgrave; Jessica successfully outwits the mind-controlling sociopath. She fools him into thinking that his mind control finally worked on her, drawing him close... and he asks her to smile and tell him she loves him. Which she does... except the 'I love you' is directed at Trish. Jessica then grabs Kilgrave's mouth shut and lifts him off his feet. He looks utterly terrified, and Jessica says the same thing he's repeatedly said to her, what he made Hope to say to her back in the first episode: Smile. Cue Neck Snap.

Season 2

    Episode 1 - "AKA Start at the Beginning" 

    Episode 2 - "AKA A Freak Accident" 
    Episode 3 - "AKA Sole Survivor" 
  • A villainous example. When a female member of IGH calls Trish on her show to meet with at a bar, Jessica confronts her instead. In a heated argument, the woman gets missed and shoves the table they were sitting into Jessica. And for a brief moment Jessica can't push back. The woman was doing this with one hand.
    Episode 4 - "AKA God Help The Hobo" 
    Episode 5 - "AKA The Octopus" 

    Episode 6 - "AKA Facetime" 

    Episode 7 - "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray" 

    Episode 8 - "AKA Ain't We Got Fun" 
    Episode 9 - "AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed" 
  • Jessica and her mother stopping the bus together.

    Episode 10 - "AKA Pork Chop" 

    Episode 11 - "AKA Three Lives and Counting" 

    Episode 12 - "AKA Pray For My Patsy" 
  • After Inez and Shane conned Jeri and ransacked her house, she tracks them both down and manipulates Inez into killing Shane. Jeri immediately calls the police on Inez after the shooting to ensure that Inez will go to jail. Definitely one of the most cathartic moments in the series so far.
    • Just to be clear, It took Inez days to worm her way into Jeri's confidence, including sleeping with her. Jeri took Inez and Shane apart with a three-minute conversation and an empty folder.

    Episode 13 - "AKA Playland" 

Season 3

     Episode 1 - "AKA The Perfect Burger" 

     Episode 2 - "AKA You're Welcome" 
  • After discovering her powers, Trish has begun training herself into a fully fledged superpowered Action Girl. She also saves a girl from being date raped.

     Episode 3 - "AKA I Have No Spleen" 

     Episode 4 - "AKA Customer Service is Standing By" 
  • Jessica discovers that one of Gelden's blackmail victims is a pedophile. She locks him in the closet of his own photography room and then calls 911 to send a cop over.
  • Trish saving Gelden from Blaskowski and her men.

     Episode 5 - "AKA I Wish" 

     Episode 6 - "AKA Sorry Face" 
  • Trish and Jessica beating down Sallinger together.

     Episode 7 - "AKA The Double Half-Wappinger" 
  • Jessica being able to deduce that Sallinger had buried the body of his high school best friend, Nathan Silva, in the backyard of Nathan's family home.

     Episode 8 - "AKA Camera Friendly" 

     Episode 9 - "AKA I Did Something Today" 

     Episode 10 - "AKA Hero Pants" 

     Episode 11 - "AKA Hellcat" 
  • Trish's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Sallinger. While it was the beginning of her true downfall, it was very satisfying to see him get his ass kicked.

     Episode 12 - "AKA A Lotta Worms" 

     Episode 13 - "AKA Everything" 


  • The almost unanimous praise Jessica Jones has received for its handling of the extremely difficult topics of PTSD and rape has really stood out, especially with the amount of controversy the latter subject has caused on television over the past few years and the misuse of it. In the case of Jessica Jones, many are holding it up as a prime example on how to approach the subjects in the medium.
  • You might go several episodes before noticing something unusual about the show: the majority of the main cast is female. It's never brought up or discussed, never given any kind of fanfare. It's just a show where the cast skews more to female than male.
  • Also a fairly large number of Gay/Lesbian characters appear most of whom are treated exactly the same as anyone else. In particular the Jeri/Wendy divorce battle in series one could have either character gender flipped without making any difference to how it plays out.
  • Season 1 winning a 2016 Peabody Award, the first MCU property to get such prestige.
  • Becoming the first of the MCU Netflix series to win an Emmy.
  • Season 1 had a typical ratio of male to female directors for American TV... meaning only four of the episodes had them. Not so for Season 2, in which every episode's director is female.

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