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Tear Jerker / Jessica Jones (2015)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Season One

    Episode 1, AKA Ladies Night 
  • Jess having a flashback about twenty minutes in, and cries for a moment while trying to ground herself.
  • Hope killing her parents under the influence of Kilgrave and her reaction to what she did once she comes back to her senses.

    Episode 2, AKA Crush Syndrome 
  • The ambulance driver - after a stroke, losing both kidneys and being unable to speak, he only wants to die and pleads with Jessica to kill him. She won't.

    Episode 4 AKA 99 Friends 
  • Jessica's rant against the woman who hired her as her husband was supposedly having an affair, but actually wants to kill Jess and people like her because she blames Jess for losing her mother in the Avengers' Battle of New York. It borders on Jess being actual Nightmare Fuel as it properly emerges how destructive her abilities can be while she trashes the cheap bedsit they're in, but after everything she's been through up to that point and knowing she blames herself for a lot of the things that happened under Kilgrave's control, the scene and her frustrations make it much more of a tearjerker for her rather than the woman who lost her mother.

    Episode 6, AKA You're a Winner! 
  • Luke Cage finding out that Jessica Jones killed his wife, when she was under Kilgrave's control.
    • Also, Jessica's absolutely heartbroken reaction to Luke insulting her after finding this out.
      Luke: I was wrong. You are a piece of shit.
  • Hope being beaten up in jail by her cellmates - especially when it emerges that she's actually paying them to do it so that she'll miscarry Kilgrave's baby; they probably feel pity and actually don't want to hurt her, but are trying to help her.

    Episode 7, AKA Top Shelf Perverts 
  • He may have been a little creepy, but Ruben did not deserve to die like that. Also Jessica's reaction, having a panic attack and crying that she can't do this.
  • And she might not have been a nice person at all, but you have to feel for Robyn, so devastated over her brother, whom we know she will definitely never see again.
  • Jessica is so frantic to catch Kilgrave that she's willing to intentionally get herself locked up in Supermax on the slimmest chance it will lead to his capture. Especially sad because it's hinted that she just wants her struggle to be over one way or another.
    Jessica: Just lock me up. Just let me rest.

    Episode 8, AKA WWJD? 
  • The Happy Flashback at the very beginning of the episode with the Joneses preparing for their family vacation. Everything about it, from Jessica's and her brother's sibling-ly squabbling to her parents frantically trying to get everyone in the car, is just so stunningly normal that it's rather depressing to see that flashback and think about what Jessica's life has become.
  • The fact that the car accident in which Jessica lost her family happened because her dad took his eyes off the road to try and stop Jessica from arguing with her brother. The guilt Jessica feels from, in her mind, causing the accident must be overwhelming. This isn't helped by the fact that Jessica's last interaction with her brother was an argument.

    Episode 9, AKA Sin Bin 
  • Kilgrave's reunion with his parents. Despite his horrific life, he just wanted to reconnect with them, and is extremely vulnerable in a childlike way. Then his mother understandably stabs him.
    • "I'm sorry I hurt you, Mum."
    • ... and Kilgrave's response to his mother? "Mum, for every year that you left me alone... stab yourself."
    • While Kilgrave's Freudian Excuse doesn't even remotely excuse his actions, at the moment when his father reminds him that he ordered his mother to brand herself with an iron, he screams "I was ten! I had a tantrum like a normal child. I didn't know what I was doing! You didn't explain to me, you just left!" Kilgrave himself is on the verge of tears. For that moment, at least, you truly can feel sorry for the child, if not the monster he became.
  • The fact that Kilgrave's parents weren't experimenting on him like it seemed but they were actually trying to cure him, when you think about who he became afterward.

    Episode 10, AKA 1000 Cuts 
  • Hope's Heroic Suicide.Throughout the season, Hope was shamed by outside sources for murdering of her own parents, something she was forced to do by the man who raped her and made her a pet. Just when she had just finally been released from prison and given a new chance at life, she cut her own throat to allow Jessica a chance at killing Kilgrave.
    • Also the fact that her suicide rendered the lives lost prior to that almost all meaningless. Jessica would have killed Kilgrave long prior to this, but needed him alive to exonerate the now-dead Hope.
    • Her 12 year old brother is the only Schlotmann left now.
  • Pam's Accidental Murder of Wendy from saving Hogarth.
    • Just the fact that Wendy's last moments in life were trying to unwillingly cut her ex-wife to near death under the command of Kilgrave before having her head sliced through a table's edge unintentionally.
  • Jessica and Kilgrave's argument involves dueling flashbacks to a moment on a rooftop. Kilgrave thinks that Jessica loved him and voluntarily stayed with him. Jessica points out that she was attempting to commit suicide. He interrupted her and almost made her cut her ears off.
  • The reveal that even after being released from prison, Hope can't go home because the rest of her family believes her guilty of the murder of her parents and have basically disowned her, even telling her younger brother that she's dead.

    Episode 11, AKA I've Got the Blues 
  • One of the flashbacks depicts young Jessica waking up in the hospital after the accident, not yet aware that her parents and little brother were all killed. Trish and her mother are there talking, not realizing she's awake, as Jessica listens with her eyes closed. Trish lets out, in the worst possible way, that her family is dead. Cut to a close-up of Jessica's closed eyes with tears starting to come out.

    Episode 12, AKA Take a Bloody Number 
  • The Reveal that everything Luke has been saying all episode and his forgiveness of Jessica was all false. And then Kilgrave happily instructs Luke to kill her.
  • Luke telling Jessica to kill him to save herself, as he can't free himself from Kilgrave's mind control.
  • Robyn's a nuisance, but she goes full Jerkass Woobie in the moments with Malcolm where she drops the screechiness and shows how completely shattered she is with Ruben gone, showing self-awareness about how people don't like her and she feels Ruben would be disappointed in her for her actions. And then Malcolm takes her to the river so she can say her goodbyes.

    Episode 13, AKA Smile 
  • Trish and Jessica come up with a code phrase to ensure that Jessica isn't mind controlled, something she would never say. Jessica suggests "I love you". The expression on Trish's face after hearing this says it all.
  • Kilgrave's father, even after all these years, still keeps a photo in his shirt pocket of his wife and young son.

Season Two


  • Season two showcases that Jessica is the way she is mainly because the people around her are all using her for their own purposes without taking her feelings into consideration. This becomes more and more glaring as the season goes on. To run down the list: Dorothy wanted to adopt her for a publicity stunt. Kilgrave wanted to use her powers and to a degree was too caught up in his own fascination of her. But now, Malcolm uses Jessica to "have something to do" while he recovers from his addiction, takes every chance to go behind her back, and even when betrayed by Trish his first instinct is to lecture Jessica about "how much he's done for her," revealing that he did so just to feel better about himself, and then immediately proves himself to be corrupt by going to work for Chang. To make it infinitely worse, Trish uses Jessica and her own involvement in her cases to feel important and the moment this starts working against her, she works against Jessica. She hijacks the investigation just to get powers herself and even goes so far as to commit murder just to prove that "for once, she can save Jessica," meaning she is "special." Yes, she is essentially willingly traumatizing Jessica to feel better about herself. The worst case, however, is Alisa, because she explicitly states she wants Jessica nearby because Jessica can calm her down, essentially declaring that she wants to use Jessica first as a sedative, and then lectures her about how "their light should not be dimmed," that she "needs to feel invigorated" by rushing into danger. A running theme in the season is addiction, and Alisa showcases this perfectly by basically telling Jessica that she is her feel-good drug. Wow. No wonder she drinks.

    Episode 1, AKA Start at the Beginning 
  • The Whizzer getting impaled by a pole. Even Jessica is disturbed by the sheer abruptness and pointlessness of it.
  • Jessica's mental status in general. The whole ordeal with Kilgrave has obviously taken a huge toll on her. This combined with the pain still lingering in her due to the death of her parents, which she never got over, some guilt over losing Matt during The Defenders (2017), and the above mentioned death of Whizzer makes her finally break down in tears at the end of the episode.
    • This exchange between Jessica and Trish during their movie watching on the rooftop, shows that’s Matt’s sacrifice in The Defenders (2017) has become another major reason why Jessica is still reluctant to be a hero.
      Jessica: Heroes die.
      Trish: And this is how we honor them.

    Episode 3, AKA Sole Survivor 
  • It can be a little bit unsettling seeing Jeri talk about her end of life plans so casually with Jessica, for anyone who's lived with someone suffering a long-term illness.
  • Foggy's cameo has a lot of this in subtext. The scene is a revealing look at Foggy and Jeri’s dynamic, something only previously hinted at during The Defenders. Jeri is in a terrible situation, her life is in shambles, and so Foggy does what he always does with Matt: he steps in and offers moral support. But despite it being some time since leaving Nelson & Murdock, he’s clearly not used to working in such a coldly corporate environment. He’s used to working with Matt. And it’s both endearing and heartbreaking to see him offer the same kind of backup he offers Matt, and to assume that he’s building that kind of relationship with Jeri, only to be shut down. Especially since Jeri is doing exactly what Matt does when things get dire– pushing people away and trying to handle the problem alone– which is probably why Foggy isn’t completely surprised by her response.
  • Jessica tells the doctor that there is no where she feels safe. He offers suggestions of places that feel safe to most people. Jessica and Trish reject them all, and the audience knows exactly why. To elaborate:
    • A beach is not going to work because, as Jessica told Trish at the start of this episode, although there was a beach Jessica and her family used to go to, now all that beach is to Jessica is a reminder of her suicidal thoughts after the accident when she thought of returning there but only because she knew that particular beach is so abandoned nobody would ever find a corpse there.
    • The second suggestion is "childhood home", which after Kilgrave, feels like an emotional kick in the gut. Made even worse by how it really did fill the role of safe space for Jessica once, the address and the surrounding streets being part of her way to ground herself after an anxiety attack in the first episode of season one.
  • Jessica saying IGH should have let her die with her family "like [she] was supposed to", because she had no-one.

    Episode 5, AKA The Octopus 
  • After Trish discovers that Griffin organized a surprise Engagement Party for her, Trish only replies "Thank you" and isn't even touched by the whole gesture he did for her (he even invited Dorothy and Jessica). Then Trish breaks up with him after realizing that she never loved him, and only wanted to have a career like his. It's especially heartbreaking after finding out that he genuinely cared about Trish, and that even Jessica was happy for her engagement briefly.

    Episode 6, AKA Facetime 
  • Dr. Malus' Gifted assassin revealing herself to be Jessica's mother.

    Episode 7, "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray" 
  • Alisa's murder of Jessica's boyfriend Stirling, especially since he was a very Nice Guy who really valued Jessica and admired her powers.
    • The fact that we now know why Jessica calls her firm Alias Investigations: because that was the name of the club Sterling was planning to open.
    • Everything about her attitude and personality takes a whole new turn for the audience: at first, it was implied that she was who she was because of her shitty adopted mother, the shit she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave, and the accident that left her orphaned. Now, we get a whole new level. The one person who saw her for who she was and accepted it died, leaving her no one left.
    • It's hard not to feel the heartbreak in Jessica as she is screaming and sobbing for help, her anguished face telling every emotion that is going through her.
    • At the same time, Jessica didn't know that Stirling was going to use her to repay his debts. But given the lifestyle she was living, it may not have been a betrayal...
  • Trish Walker's life before, with Jessica's help, she got away from it is an absolute tragedy mixed in with Nightmare Fuel. We learned a few episodes ago about Max molesting her at the age of 15. Now we see how she got sucked into the downward spiral of her fame. She's surrounded by typical Yes-people who fuel her drug habits, leech off of her fame, money and success; and is addicted and high out of her mind. This all comes to a head when Jessica, seeking her out following Stirling's death, walks in on her in a club bathroom, high and about to give a blowjob to the dealer who is selling her and her "friends" drugs. The way she reacts shows that before Jessica helped her up, Trish's life was a self-destructive streak a mile long. This is bad enough, but the way the rest of the season turns out, it seems Trish often takes her issues out on Jessica and so pushes away the only person who is genuinely trying to help her.

    Episode 10, "AKA Pork Chop" 
  • Jeri breaking down in tears after realizing that Shane is really a fraud, and not only that, he and Inez ransacked her entire place. note 

    Episode 11, "AKA Three Lives And Counting" 
  • Alisa completely breaks down in tears after hearing over the news that Karl is dead. She then knocks Marilyn unconscious, despite her being nothing but generous to her, and breaks out of the prison.
  • Jessica and Malcolm's argument in the hospital, which culminates in Malcolm deciding to quit, this time actually meaning it. You can tell how fed up and frustrated Malcolm is, with this tone in his voice of "You fucking hypocrite" as Jessica lays into her. He has done a lot for her after she saved his life in Season 1, and felt he owned her a life debt to help her so that they could do great things, and he gets treated like dirt in return.
    Malcolm Ducasse: Everything that I have done for you! Peeling your sorry ass off the floor every single morning, working late every single night just to keep this sinking ship afloat!
    • Krysten Ritter puts on a compelling mix of anger, guilt and sadness. In Jessica's eyes, she does care about Malcolm but she's angry because Trish is in the hospital, and she needed someone to blame in that moment and had to keep convincing herself that he is responsible, but she doesn't feel proud of it. For his part, Eka Darville does a fine job with being calm yet conveyed frustration well without having to shout a lot. He cares about Jessica as well and believed in her, yet feels he was wasting his time and thinks she doesn't have the respect for him in the same way he had for her. She calls him out on things she shares in some ways to make him feel bad, and this is where he can't take it anymore and is done.
    • Also consider that Malcolm is supposed to mirror Jessica's deceased brother; Phillip. She said to him after Whizzer's death, when Malcolm was trying to sweep up Phillip's ashes, "He would've been your age if he was alive." And in episode 4, Malcolm protested to Jessica, "Stop treating me like I'm an annoying little brother."

    Episode 12, "AKA Pray For My Patsy" 
  • Just as Jessica gets through to Alisa, Detectives Sunday and Costa storm Trish's hospital room to take her in. Unfortunately, this leads to Alisa gaining the upper hand on Detective Sunday and jumping out the window to Sunday's death.
  • After Trish wakes up from her coma, she laments that she lost her chance to gain powers, and calls Jessica a coward for not using the powers she's been given. Jessica counters that she's sick of being Trish's target for her insecurities.
  • The way Trish berates and degrades Jessica just because she doesn't feel "special" enough without powers of her own and her admission "I don't wanna be saved." It shows quite glaringly how both their relationship and Trish's mental state has deteriorated.
    • Fridge Tearjerker: That didn't come out of nowhere, it couldn't have. Trish has been holding onto an inferiority complex towards Jessica ever since they met. How much of Trish's self-destructive behavior, highlighted this season, is a result of her hating and resenting Jessica as much as she loves her?

    Episode 13, "AKA Playland" 
  • Trish killing Jessica's mom and Jessica taking the blame for her death.
    • Which in turn causes Jessica to disown Trish as her sister and severing her ties with her, stating that Alisa was her only family.
      Jessica: I look at you now and I only see the person who killed my mother.
    • Jessica is clearly traumatized for losing her mom yet again, while the cops assure her that she did the right thing by killing her.
  • For viewers of Daredevil (2015), Jessica's ending of her sophomore outing is very much similar to Matt’s. And Matt was the Defender next to Luke who she seemed to closest to. Like Matt, Jessica has cut almost all of her original friendships. She and Trish are now estranged due to Trish having killed her mother, much like Matt was left mourning Elektra. While Malcolm, much like Foggy, has become fed up with Jessica to the point of leaving her to work for Pryce Cheng. The one note of solace is that, much like Matt was able to keep his relationship with Karen in spite of all that happened, Jessica has managed to hold on to her new relationship with Oscar.

Season 3

    Episode 8 - "AKA Camera Friendly" 
  • Dorothy's brutal murder. For all her personal faults, she did not deserve to die kidnapped and tortured to death by Sallinger, especially since she spent her final years trying to make amends with her daughter and was the only one keeping Trish afloat when she went off the rails in Season 2.

     Episode 9 - "AKA I Did Something Today" 
  • Gelden explains why he never uses his powers for good. Through his powers, Gelden learned that his father had been molesting his little sister Brianna. He confronted him and forced him to admit it. The day his father was arrested, Gelden's mother committed suicide and Brianna blamed him for it, saying that her secret was not his to tell. This caused their falling out and Gelden swore to never use his powers for good again.
  • Trish's anguish when Jessica reveals to her that she destroyed the evidence proving that Sallinger killed Nathan Silva. Your mother being killed is tragic enough, but imagine learning that your best friend ruined any chance of the person who did it going to prison for his crime.
    Trish: You have just obliterated my only win in a long, agonizing list of losses!


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