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Heartwarming / Luke Cage (2016)

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Season 1:

Episode 1: Moment of Truth

  • Every interaction between Luke and Pop. Pop himself is like a father-figure for all the boys in the shop, Luke included.
  • Luke refusing his landlords' attempt to pay him for saving them from Cottonmouth's goons, topping it off with saying "I'm not for hire.

Episode 2: Code of the Streets

  • The fact that Pop was a beloved figure for both good guys and bad guys.

Episode 5: Just to Get a Rep

  • Luke's heartfelt speech at Pop's memorial, and how he promises to become a better hero from here on out. This is the moment where Luke has officially embraced his role as Harlem's Protector.
    • Pop's Son, shows up to the service and admits that while he was angry at him for not being in his life, he is inspired by the way he touched so many other people's lives. Thus he hopes that he can do the same for his son.

Episode 6: Suckas Need Bodyguards

  • While bleeding out in the barbershop chair, Scarfe actually owns up to killing Chico. Maybe not a smart move, but a nice cards on the table moment.
  • And the writers went the extra step to show Misty still cared about Scarfe. They could've easily overblown Misty's sense of justice by only seeing a dirty cop. They made him relatable as opposed to the stereotypical scummy cop. Hell, Scarfe didn't even try to get her in on it because he respected her.

Episode 10: Take It Personal

  • David, the camera guy selling bootleg Blu-Rays of the Incident, upon seeing that Luke has returned, quietly says he won't tell anyone of their encounter.

Episode 11: Now You're Mine

  • Misty finally comes around to see Luke as the good guy, and finally warms up to Claire. Despite Misty having only one good arm, they both then work together to overpower Shades when he comes looking for them.

Episode 12: Soliloquy of Chaos

  • While on the run, hunted by the police, and it would be stupid to call attention to himself... Luke stops a convenience store robbery. It so happens that one of the would-be victims is Method Man, who not only uses a radio interview to praise Luke to high heaven but spearheads a campaign to get black men in Harlem to wear bullet-riddled hoodies to distract the cops (mind you, this was after swapping Cage's bullet-riddled hoodie for his own). There are many, many takers, proving that Harlem has Luke's back too.
    Method Man: Luke Cage, you best believe it sir. The hood's got your back.

Episode 13: You Know My Steez

  • Luke's final fight with Diamondback attracts a great deal of attention. Being that close to the action put them all in danger, but they stayed to support their hero.
  • Luke's speech at the end about why Harlem's residents mean so much to him. They all have a responsibility to not only preserve black art, literature, music, and ingenuity but to move forward as well. Even the jaded cops drop what they're doing to listen.

Season 2:

  • Just seeing Luke embrace his role as Harlem’s protector. Through out the first trailer he is shown posing with children awe struck by him with billboards of his face even being put up. Hero may not be Luke’s word but for citizens of Harlem he fits the bill perfectly.

Episode 3: Wig Out

Episode 4: I Get Physical

  • It turns out Danny Rand is the one behind Misty's metal arm, having devoted all his resources to making it since The Defenders. And after several failed attempts to get in touch, Colleen finally just leaves a note that makes sure to not put any pressure on her to try it out if she's not ready.
  • Bushmaster's family reunion at Gwen's, the patrons are all happy to see him back in his hometown and Bushmaster shows his more humane side as he jokes and embraces his aunt.

Episode 6: The Basement

  • Piranha opens up a bit about his backstory while holed up in an abandoned building with Luke, including about how the best thing about having money was paying his mother's bills. His words inspire Luke to try making peace with his father.
  • We briefly see that Connie Lin's landed on her feet and reopened a new place in light of Cottonmouth destroying her building last season: it's called Genghis Connie's Too.
  • Bushmaster goes out of his way to help clean up his auntie's place, and his conversation with adoptive uncle proves he's not completely heartless.

Episode 9: For Pete's Sake

  • Luke and his father finally reconciling after all the fighting and pain this season is nice.

Episode 10: The Main Ingredient

  • Danny and Luke reuniting again, insisting to team up with Luke since they are endangering his friend. Also of all the Defenders Danny actually moved on and is way more relaxed and wiser than the angry boy he was in his series and "the Defenders" which is nice to see not everyone was scarred by the events.