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Video Game / Sweet Half-Life

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SUBJECT: Gordon McGinley
Male, age 30
POSITION: Warehouse manager
ASSIGNMENT: Storage Facility

Sweet Half-Life is a Half-Life mod made by Marc Ellis and Koumei Satou, the latter of whom was also the creator of Peaces Like Us and the Half-Life 2 mod Mistake of Pythagoras.

The mod is set around the same time as the original game and its expansion packs, seen through the eyes of Gordon McGinley, the Black Mesa warehouse manager as he tries to escape the facility after the Resonance Cascade.


Can be downloaded online.

This game mod takes place in same universe as Half-Life, therefore the same tropes apply.

Sweet Half-Life provides examples of the following tropes:

SUBJECT: Gordon McGinley
Male, age 30
STATUS: Warehouse manager


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