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  • Acting for Two: The show very rarely had guest stars - if a new character shows up in an episode, it's going to be voiced by somebody who already voices one of the main characters (and if it isn't, it'll be either Jeff Bennett or Kevin Michael Richardson). It's pretty obvious how many characters in the show in particular are voiced by Tom Kenny or Grey Delisle.
  • Creator Backlash: Lauren Faust has made it abundantly clear that she is not at all proud for writing "Everyone Knows It's Bendy."
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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Mac's voice actor Sean Marquette cites "Partying is Such Sweet Soiree" as his favorite episode, specifying that he really enjoyed getting to perform the role of Mac while his character was running around screaming like a maniac from his sugar high.
  • Creator's Pest:
    • Lauren Faust admits that she hated Bendy just as much as the audience did, which is why he never appeared again.
    • Tara Strong has said that Terrence was her least favorite character to play, as his raspy voice made her go hoarse with each appearance. note 
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
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  • Dawson Casting: Eight-year-old Mac is voiced Sean Marquette, who was about fifteen or sixteen when the show began. He was not replaced after he had gone through puberty. Instead, he had his voice digitally pitched up. It is obvious if one compares episodes from Season 1 to episodes afterward.
  • DVD Commentary: The first season DVD set includes a commentary on "Store Wars", where Frankie and Mac are trying to sign a treaty after Bloo caused trouble in the events of the episode.
  • Executive Meddling: A minor example, but the reason why "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" ended up being such a disappointment to the writing staff. Before the episode was finished, Cartoon Network insisted that the series switch from half-hour to quarter-hour hour shows and the result was that several key story moments, which would have ended in Bendy and Bloo getting what they respectively deserved, had to be dropped.
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  • Fake Brit: Kansas native Tom Kane as Mr. Herriman, who has a British accent even if he probably isn't actually British. He mostly pulls it off, but certain pronunciations may give the game away.
  • Follow the Leader: While not the first TV series to use Adobe Flash for its animation, it was arguably the first to push its limitations to better suit the looser appearance of traditional character designs instead of the blocky, geometric look often used to make Flash animation easier, and has clearly had an influence on television fully embracing the medium over the following decade in shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Motor City.
  • Inspiration for the Work: The inspiration for the show came from when Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust adopted three dogs from an animal shelter, and wondered what their lives were like before.
  • Out of Order: The episodes on the first season DVD set are listed differently than how CN aired them, as they go from production order. This makes sense as "Busted" feels like it takes place after "House of Bloo's".
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: Around 2006, there was a Wikipedia article posted about a Big Damn Movie in which Mac and Bloo entered a secret door in the building and ended up in a strange new world. It was confirmed as false (and the article subsequently deleted), but it may have inspired the movie Destination Imagination, released two years later.
  • Talking to Himself: Among the main and secondary cast, Grey DeLisle plays Frankie, Goo, and Duchess while Candi Milo is Coco, Madam Foster, and Cheese. The voice actors for the main cast besides Mac's also tend to provide most of the voices for One Shot Characters and the show's many Recurring Extras.
  • Tuckerization: Jackie Khones's name is a Spoonerism of Executive Producer Khaki Jones.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The technology seen and referenced throughout the show makes it an obvious product of the mid-2000s.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the earliest sketches of the show, Mac was blond and had shorter hair.
    • See some concept art from Craig McCracken's Deviantart here.
    • A character originally conceived for the show was an imaginary friend who was created from the acid trip of a college student. However, Craig McCracken had no idea how to convey it subtly before realizing he didn't want to know what kinds of imaginary friends an adult could create, hence the rule that only children can make imaginary friends.
  • Word of God: Years after the show ended, the show's creator provided numerous odd bits of information on Twitter:
  • The Wiki Rule: Imagination Companions.
  • Write Who You Know: Frankie is based on Craig McCracken's wife and series writer Lauren Faust. He denies that Mac was based on himself, but seeing as Mac has a crush on Frankie, Craig eventually decided to roll with it. The concept came to him when he and Lauren adopted a puppy and Craig made up a story about what his life was like before they got him.

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