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This is a list of episodes for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which ran from August 13, 2004 to May 3, 2009 for 74 episodes. The episodes are listed from production order.

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    Season One 
  1. House of Bloos: A boy named Mac brings his imaginary friend Bloo to a house where imaginary friends go when they are abandoned or outgrown.
  2. Busted: Bloo fears retribution from Mr. Herriman after he accidentally breaks a bust of Madame Foster.
  3. Dinner is Swerved: Mac and Bloo try to find their way to the dining room through the maze of a house, while the friends stave due to Herriman's insistence not to eat until the two arrive.
  4. Adoptcalypse Now: Mac and Bloo try to save their friends from getting adopted on Adopt-a-Thought Saturday.
  5. Store Wars: The friends have a series of misadventures at the mall while out buying Madame Foster a birthday present.
  6. Bloooo: Bloo gets a cold and turns white as a sheet, causing his friends to think that he's a ghost. Meanwhile, Frankie is locked out of the house in the rain and is apparently being perused by a strange character.
  7. The Trouble with Scribbles: Bloo unlocks a door that hides away millions of tiny, scribbly friends.
  8. Seeing Red / Phone Home: Terrence creates an imaginary friend to crush Bloo; Bloo tries to find an imaginary friend to bring to the house and picks up a man in a mascot suit.
  9. World Wide Wabbit: Bloo secretly tapes a performance by Mr. Herriman and it soon goes viral.
  10. Berry Scary: A new friend named Berry moves in and developed a dangerous crush on Bloo.
  11. Who Let the Dogs In?: Eduardo finds a puppy and tries to hide him due to Mr. Herriman's rule against dogs in the house.

    Season Two 
  1. Partying is Such Sweet Soiree: Bloo gets Herriman out of the house to throw a wild party, but it all goes south when Mac consumes some sugar.
  2. The Big Lablooski: Madame Foster and the friends go to the bowling alley to compete in a tournament against her rival.
  3. Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way / Everyone Knows It's Bendy: Wilt's inability to say "No" causes him to miss a basketball game; a mischievous new friend moves in a frames the others for his pranks.
  4. Sight for Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers: The friends try to find the owner of a multi-eyed friend named Ivan; Mac brings Bloo to show-and-tell, leading his classmates to create their own Bloos.
  5. Cookie Dough: Bloo decides to make a profit off of Madame Foster's famous cookies.
  6. Frankie My Dear: Frankie is dating, but Mac and Bloo believe she's making a big mistake.
  7. Mac Daddy: Mac believes that he created a new imaginary friend named Cheese in his sleep, which makes Bloo jealous.
  8. Squeakerboxxx: The friends try to share a pink toy elephant that squeaks.
  9. Beat with a Schtick: Bloo fears for his life when he earns the wrath of a large, intimidating friend that he insulted.
  10. The Sweet Stench of Success: Bloo signs a contract to be a television star, but he finds out that success isn't all that it seems.
  11. Bye Bye Nerdy: Bloo fears Mac is becoming a nerd and tries to make him a cool kid.
  12. Bloo Done It: When a famous imaginary friend returns, Bloo gets jealous and thinks he's up to something.
  13. My So-Called Wife: Mr. Herriman trains Coco to pretend to be his wife so the house can get a generous donation.

    Season Three 
  1. Eddie Monster: When Eduardo runs away, Terrence finds him and gets him into a imaginary friend fighting ring.
  2. Hiccy Burp: Bloo tries to find a talent to upstage a cooler imaginary friend.
  3. Camp Keep a Good Mac Down: What mac wants to be a tranquil camping trip quickly turns to disaster.
  4. Imposter's Home for um...Make 'Em Up Pals: A lost friend moves in, but Frankie believes he's a phony.
  5. Duchess of Wails: Duchess finally gets adopted — by Mac's next-door neighbors, and she proceeds to drive him crazy with her shouting, prompting him and Bloo to try and bring her back to the house.
  6. Foster's Goes to Europe: Mac wins a trip to Europe and invites his friends to go with him. The only problem is packing up.
  7. Go Goo Go: Mac meets a talkative girl named Goo who overwhelms the house with her imaginary friends.
  8. Crime After Crime: Mr. Herriman's efforts to conceal his theft of carrots sets off a wacky chain of events.
  9. Land of the Flea: Eduardo fur gets infested with a bunch of friendly fleas.
  10. A Lost Claus: In this Christmas Special, Mac questions his belief in Santa Claus after a horde of imaginary Santas move into the house.
  11. One False Movie: Bloo helps Mac make a movie when his edit of Mac's documentary on the house impresses his principal.
  12. Setting a President: Frankie campaigns against Herriman for the position of house manager.
  13. Room with a Feud: Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco compete to claim ownership a vacant room in the house.
  14. Cuckoo for Coco Cards: Coco creates trading cards of the friends, and Bloo becomes obsessed with collecting them all.

    Season Four 
  1. Challenge of the Super Friends: After Mac befriends a superhero imaginary friend and becomes his sidekick, Bloo gets jealous and teams with the hero's enemy.
  2. The Big Picture: Mac and Bloo try to solve a mystery regarding a photo from a past house Picture Day where everyone seemed to disappear.
  3. Squeeze the Day: Having been left behind at the house while the others go to the beach, Bloo and Mac try to have the best day ever with the house to themselves.
  4. Neighbor Pains: Bloo wages war on the neighbors, Old Man Rivers and his grandson, who hate imaginary friends.
  5. Infernal Slumber: Bloo and the friends arrive at Mac's apartment late at night for a slumber party.
  6. I Only Have Surprise for You: Mac tries to stop Bloo from throwing a birthday party for him in fear of getting humiliated by him like always.
  7. Bus the Two of Us: Bloo takes mac on a joyride in the house bus and get lost.
  8. The Big Cheese: Mr. Herriman accidentally locks everyone outside with the house's new security system, and only Cheese knows the code to unlock the door.
  9. Bloo's the Boss: Bloo tries to start his own home for imaginary friends.
  10. Emancipation Complication: Madame Foster sells the house to an imaginary friend who sells the friends to work for people.
  11. Make Believe it or Not: Goo accidentally creates a group of villainous imaginaries in her sleep.
  12. Good Wilt Hunting: In the show's first TV movie, Wilt runs away and goes on a cross-country journey to find his creator.

    Season Five 
  1. Cheese a Go-Go: Bloo becomes convinced that Cheese is really an alien (Part of the Cartoon Network Invaded miniseries).
  2. The Buck Swaps Here: The friends go to a swap meet.
  3. Say It Isn't Sew: Bloo's plans to go to a fair take a long detour when Madame Foster stops at a place to get her torn coat sewn together.
  4. Something Old, Something Bloo: When the friends visit a retirement home, Bloo becomes enamored in the elderly lifestyle.
  5. The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power!: Bloo tells Mac a fantastic story with himself inthe leading role.
  6. Schlock Star: When a group of friends won't let Bloo join their band, he decides to start his own.
  7. The Bride to Beat: Bloo mistakenly believes that Mac is getting married.
  8. Affair Weather Friends: Mac becomes depressed when it appears that Bloo is hanging out with another kid behind his back.
  9. Ticket to Rod: Mac, Bloo and Frankie fight over movie premiere tickets Bloo won on the radio.
  10. Nightmare on Wilson Way: In this Halloween Episode originally broadcast in 3-D, Bloo thinks he killed Herriman after a Halloween prank gives him a heart attack.
  11. Better Off Ed: When Ed tells white lies about himself to the little ones in the house nursery, he tries to keep up the charade before they catch on.
  12. The Little Peas: A P.O.V. Sequel to The Big Cheese through the eyes of a tiny friend named Peas.
  13. Let Your Hare Down: Bloo manages to get Herriman to let loose, but without his strictness, the house starts to fall apart.

    Season Six 
  1. Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook: Mac recruits Jackie Khones to find out who stole a library book that is overdue.
  2. Mondo Coco: Coco runs away from the house and has a round-the-world adventure.
  3. Pranks for Nothing: Bloo starts a prank war when the friends are houses in a motel for the night following an infestation at the house.
  4. Bloo Tube: After rain cancels a trip to a water park, the friends entertain themselves by filming videos to post on a video sharing site.
  5. Race for Your Life, Mac and Bloo: Tired of always losing to Mac, Bloo gets Mac to race him from the arcade to the house.
  6. Destination Imagination: In this movie, Mac and the friends try to rescue Frankie when she falls into a mysterious suitcase containing a weird universe.
  7. The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To: A sick Bloo can't attend Mac's birthday party, so he dreams up another Bloo Superdude story.
  8. Bad Dare Day: An innocent dare ends up turning into a competition that turns the friends against each other.
  9. Read 'Em and Weep: The house receives letters from adopted friends that paint a less-than-pretty picture of life away from home.
  10. Fools and Regulations: Bloo and his friends must decide between staying upstairs or outside when Frankie and Herriman host a special party in the house.
  11. Goodbye to Bloo: When Bloo hears that Mac is moving from his apartment, he tries to gather the friends to give him a fond farewell.

These shorts were played during commercial breaks.
  1. Neighborhood Wash: Mac and the friends start a carwash, but aren't getting many customers.
  2. Driving Miss Crazy: Frankie and Madame Foster go to pick up the bus from the mechanic, but everyone else wants to come along.
  3. All Zapped Up: Bloo discovers the wonders of static electricity.
  4. Bad to the Phone: Bloo and the other friends mess with the answering machine.
  5. Truth or Stare: Mac and Bloo have a staring contest.
  6. Cranks a Lot: Mac and Bloo prank call Mr. Herriman.
  7. A Chore Thing: Bloo needs to sort out the trash, so he and Mac trick others into assisting with the monotonous chore.
  8. Hide and Bloo Seek: Bloo picks a very bad place to hide in a game of hide-and-go-seek.
  9. Badvertisement: Bloo shows off his advertisement for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  10. Give Pizza a Chance: Wilt, Bloo, and Eduardo order pizza.
  11. Drawing Bored: Eduardo tries to draw a story, but Bloo, Coco, and Wilt keep interfering.
  12. Coconuts: Bloo tries to decipher a message from friends whose vocabulary has only one word each.
  13. Pen Pal: Bloo believes that Eduardo has a pen pal in the Queen of England, and decides to try outdo his letter.
  14. Birthday Cake Bloos: Mr. Herriman fears that he has accidentally eaten Bloo's birthday cake in his sleep.


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