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Nightmare Fuel / Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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In a World... where imaginary beings aren't just the product of a child's mind, and are actual living creatures, it wouldn't be surprising that beings that are the stuff of nightmares would come into existence as well.

  • Let's face it, ''Destination Imagination'' got pretty creepy at times. Especially whenever World got mad...
    • Destination Imagination was horrifying! Think about it — the goo that makes copies of you which come to life as zombies, the faceless beings that are completely unresponsive, not to mention the face that can take on whatever image it pleases!
    • The dollhouse made to look like Foster's is super creepy too, with the plastic furniture and stickers on the wall for doors.
    • World's Villainous Breakdown and the junk monster form he takes on at the climax is the stuff of nightmares.
    • And this is the only Foster's episode/movie to be rated TV-PG!
  • Also Wilt's backstory. Y'know how he's missing an arm and in the first episode, he explains he used to play basketball but now can't? It is because one of his basketball opponents slammed him into a wall, crushing his arm beyond repair and (although not actually shown but fairly obviously implied) causing it to be amputated..
    • A By the Lights of Their Eyes gag in "Blooooo" shows that the crushed eyestalk doesn't see, so Wilt only has one working arm and one working eye.
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    • It's done again in Destination: Imagination. But both his eyes are seen in the gag
  • Berry Scary is right...Berry's facial expressions coupled with her insanity...
  • In the episode, "Bloooo", where Bloo catches a cold and turns white. There's an extended Shout-Out to I Know What You Did Last Summer and until the end of the episode where we see that the guy is just a friend looking for the house, it is really creepy.
  • The episode where Bloo accidentally gives Mr. Herriman a heart attack from his Halloween prank and he comes back as a zombie,thus ,making a Zombie Apocalypse Sure it was a prank to get back at Bloo, but it was still damn creepy!
  • The creepiest parts were probably the slow shots of a mostly empty Foster's. The place is so huge it would be really creepy to move through it at night. On top of that, the show makes some good use of Nothing Is Scarier when Bloo goes back to get the snake-in-a-can gag.
    • And in the same episode, Wilt wears a fake arm on his amputated nub that pops off to spook kids. When you learn his backstory, it becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
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  • We all know that Berry is a Yandere to the highest order, but then there's "Affair Weather Friends". She kidnaps a family, hijacks a large house and disguises herself as a rich kid to lure Bloo away from Mac and keep him to herself. Oh and she has a Stalker Shrine. She also attempted to run Mac over with a toy train.
  • Mac going sugar crazy in the episodes "Partying is such Sweet Soiree" and "Nightmare on Wilson Way".
  • Goo in general. She herself isn't scary, but the fact that she has no control over creating imaginary friends, to the point that her parents stop by often (they actually give a measurement of time in the show, every few weeks or something like that) to drop off bumper crops of friends she's created by accident. At one point she thinks that she's got it under control, only to wake up one morning with her room full of friends that she described earlier in the episode but thought she had suppressed. It ends up getting played for laughs in the group picture episode, where Herriman asks her to make a few friends that are similar to ones that just got adopted so that he doesn't have to rearrange everyone. She spends most of the episode refusing to do it (as she's fully aware of how much of a problem her power is), but they eventually slip out when she's a little distracted; she's pretty shocked by it, but Herriman takes it all in stride because now the picture is back on track.
  • This face.... This face that Frankie makes... *shudders*
  • It's a more subtle one, but it puts what Charlie said in "Dinner is Swerved" into perspective. In "Seeing Red", before imagining the title character, Terrence unwittingly imagines a pizza slice friend that says "Howdy Do! I love you!". Then he EATS IT! YOU CAN EVEN HEAR IT SCREAM IN TERROR AS IT'S EATEN! This episode without a doubt PROVES that while imaginary friend may not die of old age, they're just as mortal as we are!
    • Not to mention how insane Bloo becomes from hunger, attempting to eat a piece of chicken that he thinks is his best friend.
    Bloo: "Me want chickee tonight!"
  • In "Squeeze the Day" the rest of the people at Foster's leave Bloo alone so they can enjoy a day at the beach peacefully. He and Mac end up trying to make the most fun out of having the house alone. They go into an elevator and experience an Elevator Failure but survive right before it hits the ground. If they hadn't had the rope... Not to forget the legal issues this would probably cause Foster's, especially since Mac's mom wasn't even aware of this. Many, if not, all of the friends would probably need to leave if worst case happened.
  • "Mac Daddy" has a long montage where Bloo, after having been annoyed with Cheese all day is looking for him after he got lost after Mac tells him Cheese could get into trouble if left by himself. Bloo starts to imagine Cheese getting hurt by random objects he finds. As he gets increasingly worried, the imagine spots gradually come at a faster pace and start getting more and more intense. Sure, a lot of it is funny, but Bloo's worry and the realization that, yes, someone as stupid as Cheese IS very likely to get hurt on his own starts getting to you after a bit. The crudely-drawn imagine spots and the out-of-tune music playing both complement the distressing imagery to the point that it becomes disturbing. However, the worst part is when Bloo sees the large knife on the kitchen counter. We then cut back to Mac who jumps in shock when he hears Bloo scream off-screen. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Bloo was thinking if Cheese got his hands on something as lethal as a knife.
  • "Jackie Khones & The Case Of The Overdue Library Book" While Mac's entire conflict with the librarians was amusing, the entire scene where he returns to the library in disguise, and EVERY single person he passes angrily glares at him, could be pretty eerie.
  • Bloo's horrific daydream about the "New Guy" in "Beat with a Schtick." "And now, YOU'RE IT!!!!!"
  • Bloo's daydreams about being trapped in the store in "Say it isn't Sew". The first involves him staying there 'til he's old and wrinkled and Madame Foster is a skeleton saying he'll never leave. The music certainly does not help.
  • The very idea behind the Extremeasauruses. These are imaginary friends cooked up by jerk teenagers... and they act less sentient and more like wild vicious animals. The very first episode had one that was BASICALLY a very large Chain Chomp and nearly ate Bloo! Oh and one episode featured new Extrameasauruses. What are they you ask? DRAGONS.
  • Kip Snip the producer's horrible treatment of Bloo in "Sweet Stench of Success". He makes Bloo sleep in a pet cage, feeds him little to nothing and sees him as a piece of property rather than a sentient creature. Finally, when Bloo has had enough and tells him he quits and just wants to eat something and go back to Foster's, Kip drops his nice guy act and tells Bloo he can't go back. Why? Because Bloo didn't sign an acting contract, but adoption papers, which means he is his property.

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