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This series was created by the same guy who gave us The Powerpuff Girls, so it's to be expected that there will be some inappropriate content hidden every now and then.

  • When Bloo fails to glue Madame Foster's stone head back together with toothpaste in "Busted", he quips, "A bust this big needs ample support!" When discussing what to build the replacement out of, Ed suggests saline, as he is crying at the time.
  • In the episode "Squeakerboxx", Bloo is inside of the men's room squeaking an elephant. Granted, it's literally an elephant and made of rubber, but still....
    • Also, later in the episode, when Bloo goes through Frankie's room to find the aforementioned elephant that she took away from him, he accidentally picks up Frankie's bra and then tosses it in understandable embarrassment.
  • Whenever you see inside Terrence's room, if you look carefully, you'll always see a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion.
  • In the early episode "Dinner is Swerved", there is an exchange that implies Mac thought Bloo said a swear:
    Bloo: Oh, sheets!
    Mac: *shocked* BLOO!
  • In "Hiccyburp", Mac is engaged in a rivalry against a kid named Richie. At one point, when he addresses Richie, it sounds like "Hello, Bitchy."
  • In "Squeeze the Day" Mac suggests while he and Bloo are home alone, they watch Frankie's videos that are for "grown-ups only." We see them watching a video looking shocked. It turns out to be a dramatic period piece that a kid like Mac would find really boring.
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  • In the beginning of "Duchess of Wails", Duchess expresses her distaste towards the dress Madame Foster sewed for her by flinging it off and stating that she'd rather go naked. Thankfully, most of Duchess's body is off-screen when this happens, but Madame Foster's pleas include an indication that Duchess actually went naked before.
  • In "Go Goo Go", at one point Goo slaps Mac's butt as a way to making him "it" in a game of tag she started without warning.
  • In "I Only Have a Surprise for You", Mac is recalling how he is humiliated by Bloo in every party he makes for him, one of which involved a group of kids surprising Mac while he was completely naked in the shower. When it happens, there's one kid who noticeably lowers his eyes towards Mac's crotch.
  • "Emancipation Complication" has a scene where Lil' Lincoln relaxes in a cup of warm water with one of those novelty pens with a picture of a woman whose clothes disappear.
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  • In "The Little Peas", there is a scene where Peas finds out that Jackie Khones and Fluffer Nutter took the elevator to the roof for some privacy. As they begin to get intimate, we then see Peas exclaim "Ew" at what he sees. They may have just been kissing, but the fact that Jackie Khones and Fluffer Nutter were off-screen during Peas' reaction suggests that he saw them doing something naughty. Later, we see Jackie Khones and Fluffer Nutter exiting the house, with Jackie saying "I said I was sorry" and Fluffer Nutter replying to just forget it and go outside, which makes one wonder what Jackie did to enrage her during their moment on the roof.
  • In "Destination Imagination", Frankie writes something about Mr. Herriman on a cardboard tree. We never hear the full sentence, but since Wilt cuts off Eduardo after he reads aloud "Mr. Herriman is a big stinky—" and Herriman himself is seriously offended when he reads it, the obvious implication is that Frankie called Mr. Herriman a rude word.
    • Then there's Bloo's statement that Herriman pissed World off.
  • The episode "Bus The Two Of Us" has Wilt suddenly exclaim "See you next Tuesday!" to Mr Herriman when he startles him. The phrase is a euphemistic backronym for the c-word.
    • From the same episode, Bloo tries to pass himself off as Frankie to a police officer and describes her as a heffer. The term "heffer" refers to either a cow or an overweight woman, but it's also another way of calling someone a bitch.

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