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  • Adored by the Network:
    • Sprout has taken to airing Caillou's Holiday Movie multiple times throughout non-holiday weekends, even though it is very much a Christmas-themed movie. This usually happens every December and the movie is shown all through out the month before, on the day of, and even after Christmas. This is done along with mini-marathon airings of regular Caillou episodes.
    • Also adored by Yumurcak TV in Turkey up until it's 2016 closure caused by the government's Witch Hunt for "Gülen-affiliated" media organizations following the year's coup d'état attempt. Four air slots (with the first one being a double-bill one hour back to back) seven days a week. Also, commercials for Caillou merchandise can run up to 5 minutes long.
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    • As if the half a dozen episodes a day weren't enough, Sprout "celebrated" their airing of the newest season with a four hour marathon, which basically made the entire day nothing but Caillou after its regular hour's worth at noon and the evening showings.
    • Despite the fact that Sprout is no longer a PBS network and pretty much everything else from PBS is gone from it, this show continued to air. The only other survivor is The Berenstain Bears. When Sprout became Universal Kids, Caillou refused to be removed for two years, before its' timeslots were replaced by two Dreamworks series: Noddy, Toyland Detective and Dinotrux.
    • Corus Entertainment also loves airing Caillou on the kids' channels they own to fulfill Canadian content quotas.
    • Hulu apparently got enough mileage out of Caillou's Holiday Movie for them to put up a banner ad on smart televisions, etc., trying to entice people to sign up by advertising the fact that they have the movie. Though the film was later nabbed by Amazon Prime.
  • Author Existence Failure: The second voice of Caillou, Jaclyn Linetsky, died in a car accident on the way to the set of one of her other shows, 15/Love, along with her fellow co-star Vadim Schneider. Annie Bovaird took over the role from that point on. This change also resulted in Caillou's in-series personality changing from a often realistic preschooler who often whined when things didn't come his way to a boy who has a big imagination that helps him deal with problems he faces.
    • Merlee Shapiro, the narrator of the show, died in 2011.
  • Banned Episode: It says something that this preschool show has seven episodes that were banned from PBS for different reasons (they still air internationally, however):
    • "Big Brother Caillou" - Banned because Caillou pinches Rosie. This is child's play compared to the book that the episode was based on, however, where Caillou gets even more violent and bites Rosie.
    • "Caillou Walks Around the Block" - Banned because Caillou's mom leaves him unattended and Caillou wanders around the neighborhood by himself. (Due to an increase in reports of gun violence, many neighborhoods in the US are becoming paranoid and discouraging or even outright barring Free-Range Children, and in certain counties parents could be slapped with a neglect charge for allowing a child out of the house on his/her own).
    • "Caillou is Getting Older" - Banned because of the subjects of death and fear of getting older, and a dead bird appearing on-screen.
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    • "Caillou Makes a New Friend" - Banned because of Jim's bullying being a bit too intense.
    • "Caillou's Quarrel" - Banned because Calliou was too rough with Clementine.
    • "Rosie Bothers Caillou" - Banned because Caillou talks back to his mother, shoves Rosie out of his room, and Rosie hits a book against a door repeatedly (contrary to what was posted on, Caillou didn't actually hit Rosie with the book, otherwise the episode wouldn't have aired in the first place because this would be a depiction of violence). Despite this, this installment was included on the PBS Kids DVD release Caillou's Kitchen under the misleading title "Recipe for Fun."
    • "Caillou's Cross Word" - Banned because of the excessive use of the word "stupid."note 
  • Crossdressing Voices: Voices of Caillou include Annie Bovaird, Jaclyn Linetsky and Bryn McAuley. Fans of animation / similar series may recognize McAuley as having been the voice of Harriet on Franklin, or Lily on Toot & Puddle, to name just a couple.
  • Dub Name Change:
    • Both the program and the main character are known in Portugal as Ruca.
    • Both are called "Kaapo" in Finland, as the name "Caillou" would be out of place in Finland
    • For similar reasons, Caillou in the Polish dub is Kajtuś (sometimes also "Kajtek", which is another form of that name). However, in the earlier Polish translations of the books the character is known as "Kamyczek".
    • Caillou is known as "Oblutak" in Croatia.
  • Edited for Syndication:
    • You can either get the show with the shorts strung together with extras (such as films narrated by kids and music videos tying into the theme of that day's show, performed by a children's group known as the "Caillettes"; we're not joking about the name of the group) and puppets in one long 30-minute episode, or as five-minute (later 10-minute) shorts. In Canadian markets where both are available, the 30-minute episodes are marketed as Caillou and Friends while the five/ten-minute episodes are marketed as just Caillou.
    • The opening sequence to the two versions are also different: the first variant's intro is longer and shows clips of Caillou from the later episodes and tacks on the puppets yelling "And me!" at the end of the song, while the last one is shorter. It begins with a image of a book cover with Caillou and Gilbert on it, which cuts to an animation of Caillou's mom talking to him followed by clips of Caillou from the earlier episodes.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck finding the UK dub of the show that aired on Cartoonito, because you definitely won't find it on Tiny Pop or any streaming or On-Demand service in the UK that has Caillou on it.
  • Name's the Same:
  • Recursive Adaptation: It was only natural for it to happen, considering that the series started with books.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • Caillou is one of NTV7 Malaysia's victims, and it was only the first 65 shorts. After about 20 episodes were aired, the 40 episodes in the middle were dropped and then once the final five episodes had aired, it was quickly replaced by Rocky and Bullwinkle. NTV7 had not bothered with the subsequent seasons.
    • On Cartoonito in the UK, they only aired the first season and haven't bothered with the subsequent seasons, which weren't released in the UK until they were released on Netflix,and it was also only aired in the wee hours of the morning, but it usually had slots in the 6:00 A.M. hour, until its' slot got replaced by Cartoonito Karaoke in late 2011, before getting removed from the schedule by around the following March.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • The first season episode "Caillou Rides an Airplane" features Caillou and Boris being invited to the flight deck of the plane. In the wake of 9/11, this is no longer allowed, because it could give terrorists the perfect opportunity to hijack the plane and use it as a missile. To date, though, the scene has not been edited, meaning kids who see it today and have never flown before are likely to have misconceptions about airline etiquette and security, and will likely be very disappointed when told they can't go to the cockpit. For that matter, the book release based on it is faithful to the television story, despite being published in 2011. "Caillou Rides an Airplane" also features Caillou and his family getting off the plane on a passenger boarding ramp, which have since been superceded by jetways or built-in airstairs at almost all airports.
    • Another episode involved Caillou's family getting a computer back when said technology was first introduced, with common misconceptions kids had at the time about them, such as confusing the computer mouse for an actual mouse and thinking the off button breaks the computer. Many children are exposed to computers at younger ages, making some of these issues less common (and in many cases, kids can figure them out easier than their parents), though the mouse issue sometimes still happens.
    • In one episode, Calliou spend the day with Sarah at school, and they switch lunches; in another, the kids at school share lunch and dessert during a holiday party. Nowadays, kids are likely to be forbidden from sharing snacks and especially lunch, and adults would have to make a point of taking measures to prevent triggering food allergies, including only allowing store-bought treats and not allowing some treats at all.
    • "Caillou's Train Trip" (also known as "Next Stop, Fun!") has EMD F-units at the front of the train Caillou and his family travel on. Given that the train they presumably travel on can be either one of VIA Rail Canada's overnight intercity trains, this is a bit outdated, as VIA was retiring the last of its F-units in favor of the GE P42DC when this episode originally aired.
  • What Could Have Been: Bryn McAuley originally was auditioned for Rosie before being asked to read for Caillou.
  • Word of God: Caillou's parents and grandparents do have actual names:
    • Mommy is Doris
    • Daddy is Boris
    • Grandma is Rosemary
    • Grandpa is Hadley


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