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LEGO Friends is a line of LEGO playsets aimed at young girls, introduced in January 2012. The line doesn't use the typical minifigures but rather taller more human-like figures called mini-doll.

Starting in 2023, the line follows Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly, and Liann during their first year of high school.

From 2012 to 2022, the line followed Stephanie, Olivia, Mia, Andrea and Emma as they live life in Heartlake City.

Not to be confused with the old obscure PC game that had almost nothing to do with Lego, or the Central Perk set (under the theme Friends: The Television Series). The line was rebooted in 2018 with updated designs for the girls that premiered alongside a new animated web series known as LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission. A new line and reboot launched in 2023 with eight new main cast members while the original five girls will be aged up.

This theme has examples of:

  • Art Evolution: The designs for the girls differ greatly from when the line started to today.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead Stephanie, Olivia, and Mia.
  • Built with LEGO: Everything! Except humans and animals.
  • The City: It seems like the area the girls live in is a suburb right outside the actual Heartlake City.
  • Continuity Nod: In the Amusement Park Space Ride (set 41128), the spaceships on the ride carry the Classic LEGO Space emblem.
  • The Cutie: Both Olivia and Emma can fit into this.
  • Expy: Looks and personality-wise, to the Bratz (Stephanie is a ridiculously average girl comparable to Cloe, Olivia is The Heart comparable to Yasmin, Mia is an animal lover and tomboy like Meygan, Andrea is a musician like Sasha and Emma is The Fashionista like Jade).
  • The Fashionista: Emma even comes with a beauty salon and fashion design studio!
  • Five-Token Band:
    • Stephanie is Caucasian, Olivia is Hispanic, Mia is a redhead, Andrea is African-American and Emma is Asian in the 2018 reboot.
    • From the reboot: Aliya and Zac are black, Leo is Hispanic, Autumn, Paisley, and Olly are white, Liann is Asian, and Nova is Ambiguously Brown.
  • Generic Girl: Stephanie. The reboot series fixes this.
  • Graduate from the Story: In the light of the 2023 Time Skip, the last batch of 2022 sets can be seen as this for the main five characters, showing them embarking on their careers or further education.
  • Granola Girl: Olivia, who's attuned to the environment and enjoys science, hiking, and nature walks.
  • Halloween Episode: "I Told You So" takes place right before Halloween.
  • Heroic BSoD: In the New Year episode, when Emma won the invention contest insead of Olivia, the latter lashes out at the former and her friends, she wishes she would never have meet them in the first place and runs off. After going home, she's weeping on the floor.
  • Hidden Depths: Stephanie enjoys soccer and ballet, Mia is a pro at drumming and performing magic tricks, and Emma is rather fond of horseback jumping.
  • Idol Singer: Andrea, the group's musician, and 2015 addition Livi.
  • Introductory Opening Credits:
    • The original specials begin with a sequence of the five girls doing something before announcing their names as their titles are shown: Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie, in that order.
    • The theme song to The Next Chapter web series features the eight main characters doing something along with a freeze-frame of their names: Aliya, Liann, Paisley, Olly, Nova, Autumn, Zac, and Leo, in that order.
  • Laugh Track: When appearing on a competitive baking show, the host produces a remote and keeps activating Canned Laughter or Applause sound effects. Lampshaded when a reverse angle of the studio audience area reveals there isn't actually an audience. Cue the Funny Background Event when Stephanie checks under a microwave to find out where the sound is coming from.
  • More Diverse Sequel: Both the 2018 reboot and the 2023 version feature a more diverse cast than the original 2012 to 2017 line.
  • The Moving Experience: The plot of one episode.
  • Nature Lover: Mia, the tomboyish, athletic animal lover, and Olivia, the intelligent, science-loving environmentalist.
  • New Year Has Come: "Midwinter Night's Dream" takes place on New Year's Eve.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Mia and Stephanie in the reboot.
  • Plucky Girls
  • The Power of Friendship
  • Race Lift: Emma and Olivia in the 2018 reboot.
  • The Rival:
    • In-Universe, Stephanie and Tanya have this relationship. Tanya's favorite hobby is to outshine Stephanie at every opportunity with the result that Stephanie will actually make quite rash decisions in retaliation.
    • With the huge, unexpected success of the Friends line of sets, several of Lego's top rivals – most notably Mega Bloks – introduced their own line of sets targeting girls. Mega Bloks' answer to Friends was Barbie, a collaboration with Mattel to introduce marry the iconic doll line to construction set-style playsets, the idea possibly being that girls wanted to play with girl-type sets and with brands and names that were familiar to them, rather than the (previously unknown) Friends and with sets that had the girls engage in interests other than fashion, fun and boys as the Barbie line had for years. (In fact, the Lego Friends – contrary to initial criticism that they were engaged in girl-only interests – quickly developed interests ranging from music to sports to agriculture to zoology; so far, Mega Bloks' Barbie sets have strictly stuck to doll and fashion sets.)
      • Shoddy Knockoff Product: Mega Bloks' Barbie line, when compared to Friends. It didn’t last, even though its owner — Mattel — had the marketing power to crush Friends by making the very same claim (i.e., that Friends was the ripoff product). Critics point out that Mega Bloks products typically pale in overall quality when compared to Legos, particularly with fit, sturdiness and execution, and consumers agreed.
  • Short Teens, Tall Adults: Thanks to the Lego thing, all teens are the exact same height. Adults are One Head Taller in the show, but are the same height in the toyline.
  • Soft Reboot: The 2023 line, which focuses on an entirely new cast of friends, but is still in-continuity with prior waves, with the original protagonists being adults now.
  • Space Cadet Academy: Set 41713, Olivia's Space Academy.
  • Suburbia: Heartlake City.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: When Stephanie notices one of the fellow competitors in the baking contest is a convicted felon from a previous episode, she asks for name confirmation, only to be cut off with a flat "No."
  • Team Chef: Andrea, who works at the City Park café and to a lesser degree, Stephanie's baking skills..
  • Team Pet: Scarlett.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • After solving all of the problems related to getting the World Petacular back on schedule, Stephanie says they saved it just in time, then hears an offscreen crash and turns to see the stage falling apart!
    • When out driving in the jungle, Stephanie wishes she was back at the spa getting a mud mask on her face. Her wish is granted, courtesy of a mud puddle when the jeep speeds through it.
  • Time Skip: The 2023 line ages the original five characters to adults, with a new generation of eight characters making their debuts. One, Autumn, is stated to be Mia's daughter.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In the reboot series, Stephanie and Mia are examples of Tomboys while Emma and Andrea remain Girly Girls. Olivia is a more balanced example of the two types.
  • Worthless Treasure Twist: In the reboot series, half of season 2 is about Carter Green's obsessive search for a sunken treasure. When he eventually finds the treasure chest, he screams in rage about it being full of worthless old junk and leaves without claiming it. Curious as to what the treasure actually is, the Friends look inside and find historical artefacts instead, as well as a handwritten note telling them "the true treasure was the adventure."