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Gyakuten Souko is an Ace Attorney roleplay, according to the front page. It takes place in a setting crossed between the Ace Attorney universe and Gaia Online. Other series, ranging from Pokémon to Shin Megami Tensei to Cowboy Bebop, are gratuitously thrown in. However, the thread mainly focuses on a group of OriginalCharacters.

The main setting is a a warehouse owned by Maya Fey on Isle de Gambino. The warehouse is home to a mysterious force known as the warp, which warps characters from other settings to and from Gaia, often without the character's choice. Numerous settings from the Ace Attorney series make appearances as part of Gaia.


The entire thread can be read here. It is the successor to OBJECTION! and also has a Lighter and Softer sequel following Meowe's journey after Gyakuten Souko called Borealis Hotel.

Also has a Drinking Game readily available on the last page of the thread.

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