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Warning! Warning! Incoming Projectile! Brace for impact or prepare a landing strategy!

The Bay 12 RWBY RP is a Play-by-Post Roleplay on the Bay 12 forums.

Rather than being set in an original universe like the majority, certain roleplays notwithstanding, this one is set in the world of RWBY, centering on the continent of Atlas and Bulwark Academy, the kingdom's Extranormal Institute, set thirty years after the events of RWBY.


The RP was abandoned in 2015.

The Bay 12 RWBY RP contains examples of:

  • Action Prologue: The initiation of Huntsmen and Huntresses starts by shooting down the transport they're on and seeing if they can survive the trip to Bulwark.
  • Captain Ersatz: Nia is Nanami in all but name, with the additional hints of the myth of the Moon Rabbit and touches of Maeve's backstory.
  • Meaningful Name: Everyone's name contains at least one allusion to color that makes up their themes. For example, Maeve's last name means 'shadow' while Nia's full name means 'bright' and 'luminous'.
  • The Medic: Nia's Moon Aspect semblance allows her to drain her own Aura to heal allies....or steal it from enemies.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: At first glance, Braith is a boring boy detached from society. When fighting, he is a badass that summons monsters and shoots dustballs at people.
  • Named Weapon: Pretty much everyone has one, such as Maeve's Shadow Weave and Amber's Hakimdo's.


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