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"One of your youngest got in an argument with the girl he brought home, over the merits of annihilation versus conscription of one's enemy."

A note from the Author: If you don't see a link to a particular fic, please recognize that it isn't there because The Author hasn't gotten the story out of his head yet. It will come, eventually, but for now, this page exists because The Author wants to be able to say to people, "So you want to know what I have in store for Devil Wings? Look here and see!"


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     Devil's Wings (Season 1) 

Synopsis: In the spring of 19 AC, Shinta follows an unknown, suddenly-appeared source of prana out of the Uminari University Library, while Chiho and Rin are checking out a case at the university's hospital. Of course he finds trouble.


    Devil's Wings A's (Season 2) 

Synopsis: In the late fall of 19 AC, a ancient cursed tome manifests its destructive nature upon Un-Administered World #97. Seers all across the globe fortell an oncoming, all-consuming darkness. The Emiya Clan and its allies mobilize. In the midst of it all, Yuuno and Shinta try to keep a new friend, wheelchair-bound Hayate Yagami, safe from the chaos. ...Or are they?


    Devil's Wings Interlude: Nerima 

Synopsis: In the summer of 21 AC, in the midst of Koyuki's engagement to Ranma Saotome and the resulting martial arts training frenzy, Shinta, Nanoha, Yuuno, and Fate take advantage to hone their magical abilities in completely new ways... Nanoha and Fate in particular.


    Devil's Wings Interlude: First Flight 

Synopsis: In the summer of 23 AC, Shinta and Yuuno find themselves falling behind the girls once more in magical combat. While Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate accept an invitation to visit Europe with Suzuka and Arisa, the two boys arrange to spend the same month under the tutelage of Setsuna Sakurazaki and Negi Springfield, respectively. Finally, Shinta will get to test the flight spell he has been working on almost non-stop since the conclusion of the Book of Darkness incident.



    Devil's Wings Interlude: Light and Shadow 

Synopsis: In the month leading up to the marriage of Mana and Saito, Shinta is cornered by the daughter of Shiki Ryougi and grilled on stealth VS detection... The answer, as it turns out, isn't what either of them was expecting.


    Devil's Wings Deadly Sky (Season 3) 

Formally called "Devil's Wings AC".

Synopsis: In 24 AC, Lindy Harlaown turns up on the Clan's doorstep with horrific news - the Time-Space Administration Bureau is at war with the Zardonian Interdimensional Empire, and the REMF's in the TSAB High Command have instituted a society-wide Draft of all registered mages. While having been part of TSAB summer training programs, Nanoha, Yuuno, and Shinta aren't up conscription... but Mid-Childan citizen Fate doesn't have that luxury. As "former criminals on probation", neither do Hayate and her Knights.


    Devil's Wings Interlude: Lost and Found 

Synopsis: In 25 AC, amidst a war on two fronts between the Neuroi and a Zardonian Battlegroup with its ace Round Table squadron, Yuuno Scrya is faced with a choice between two people he cares for very much, both downed in the line of fire. The one he chooses, however, doesn't get the benefit of his presence and magic for long - a green portal sweeps Yuuno away without warning, leaving the semi-conscious and fatally wounded Shinta behind in a slowly fading shield floating in the Dimensional Sea. Shifting to ferret form for safety, Yuuno is dropped in the midst of a summoning ritual conducted by a short, delicate pink-blonde girl...

Back home on UAW 97, Reiko looks up from a sneeze and feels the bottom of her stomach drop out, her eyes returning to the green portal about that was, a moment before, about to whisk away some hapless teenage boy... A portal that isn't there anymore.

YOINK "What the heck, girl!"
"I saw the green portal too."
"I'm not letting you go until I know what just happened... and if it's my fault."


    Devil's Wings Interlude: Tenth Man Down 

Synopsis: In 25 AC, admist a war on two fronts between the Neroi and a Zardonian Battlegroup and its ace Round Table squadron, Shinta Emiya is fatally wounded protecting his Ashikabi Nanoha, then inter-dimensionally banished via spell. Separated from his friend Yuuno who leaped into the banishment spell for his sake, only to be whisked away by green portal not long after, Shinta's life hangs in the balance...


    Devil's Wings Interlude: Recovery 
Synopsis: It has been two years since the war ended, and both Shinta and Yuuno are well on the road to recovery. Irony of all ironies aside now that he has left the wheelchair and can walk again, Shinta faces one final test: can he take to the skies once more? Can he catch up with his Ashikabi, whom has grown tremendously in magic and maturity during his absence?



    Devil's Wings Interlude: Sky's Rim 

Synopsis: It has been two years since the war with Zardonia has ended, and a different kind of trouble is brewing on Un-Administered World #13. Reading the files, Signum Sahashi-Yagami feels something she does not recognize for a planet - familiarity. What is it about "Nirn" that makes her feel... homesick? And who is this little girl dragon-summoner that she is supposed to find and see to safety? Why is the phrase "Dovahkiin" so utterly familiar?


    Devil's Wings Anime/Striker S (Season 4) 

Season 4 in two parts: "Force Side" and "Jail Side".

Synopsis: 29 AC - Un-Administered World #55 "Kikoku" is in the grips of a technological revolution. Cybernetics and ballistic weapons are rapidly replacing mages and magic. The world, already a hive of Lost Logia smuggling and Restricted Technology trading, has become a hot-bed of anti-TSAB dissent.

Enter TSAB Marines Special Operations Division 6 - or "Riot Force 6" for short. Major Hayate S. Yagami and Captains Nanoha and Shinta Takamachi have been training a "specially selected" team of marines in the use of highly experimental Devices, spells, and tactics. The true goal of the new unit, however, is to bridge the gap in effectiveness between high power Air Force mages and the relatively lower-power Marines, allowing the much more numerous elite Ground Forces mages to handle high-impact, high-danger operations without suffering the excessive casualties experienced in the past.

Amidst the veterans and reservists selected are two fresh from their very first assignment: Private First Class Subaru Nakajima, and recently-promoted Ensign Teana Lanster.

Opposed to RF 6 is a world of intrigue... and hidden among the dissidents, a group of faceless, nameless cyborgs who, impossibly, use magic as well - just like Subaru herself. What is truth? What is a lie? Who is the real enemy, the real danger? What of cyborg sightings on other worlds? Who ordered the excavations on Mid-Childa? And who is the little girl with heterochromic eyes? What of the girl's protector: the steel angel who bares upon her face the distinctive markings of the Saint Kaiser's Royal Guard, and is the last known practitioner of their fighting style - Panzer Kunst.

  • Currently there is a pre-season interlude (part one of at least two planned) at


  • Combination Attack: Multiple examples, all in the style of SRW. Shinta and Nanoha pull a Twin Bird Strike on Sette and Deed during the battle for the Saint's Cradle.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty / Veteran Instructor: Shinta and Nanoha, respectively, serve as this for The Squad.
  • Ensign Newbie: Teana... and oh, does it plague her.
  • Growing Up Sucks: Thoroughly averted. From Hayate and the ever-at-her-side Reinforce, we learn that her "kids" (the Wolkenritter) have "grown up" nicely: Zafira is now a living legend with the Wildlife Preservation Corps, Shamal runs a successful medical practice, Signum is the trusted and loved commander of a whole battalion of TSAB Marines, and Vita... well, she is with the TSAB Engineering Corps. Specifically the E.O.D., and loving every moment of every day.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits / The Squad: What Hayate gets for her experimental platoon. The only bones thrown her way are the Sergeant Rock and the New Meat.
  • Quirky Mini Boss Squad: The Numbers Cyborgs, obviously. Unlike in canon, they're painfully competent. Especially that Otto, Large Ham that he will become as he recalls bits and pieces of the life of the man he was cloned from posthumously... one Lelouch vi Britannia.

    Devil's Wings Stratos (Season 5) 

Synopsis: 32 AC — There is someone that Tabane Shinonono will do anything to protect. Even if it means slowly breaking down the Masquerade on an Gegorian-type Un-Administered World with her inventions, the Powered Armor system called "Infinite Stratos".

Stop sleeping through IS class, Ichika - you have been chosen to protect an otherwise innocent girl from the father she can't, and doesn't want to remember. Lucky for you, Ichika, you have friends you can trust to help out. And not just your classmates, either. That tech who has been your buddy since your IS arrived, covering your ass when the girls get too rowdy, helping get Charles settled? Yeah, that's him: Shinta Emiya. Like he keeps telling you: pay attention.

Because the solid organic waste is about to collide with the Rotational Air Circulation Device. A certain father is coming, and he wants his daughter back. Badly. So badly, he is willing to burn whole worlds to get her. The One Year Interdimensional War between the TSAB and Imperial Zardonia ended seven years ago... let's hope this isn't the start of a new one.


  • Big Brother Mentor: Shinta, in deep cover as the class's assigned IS mechanic, gets front row seats to the carnage as stated below. And does a lot of face-palming at Ichika's denseness, even as he tries to subtly help Chifyuu prepare her students for what is to come...
  • Broken Bird: Tabane Shinonono, underneath her Bunny-Ears Lawyer/Cloudcuckoolander facade. Houki too, but the younger Shinonono has repressed certain memories (and has gone Ice Queen instead). Tabane doesn't have the repression option; she needs to remember, so she can be on the lookout for pawns of the person they both escaped from.
  • Deep Cover Agent: Shinta and Nanoha.
  • Family Relationship Switcheroo: The Shinonono "sisters" are actually Zardonian (from season 3) refugees, hiding out on an otherwise unremarkable Gregorian-type Un-Administered World. Tabane is Houki's aunt, not sister. Houki's mother is the one who cracked the original Lost Logia, now called the White Knight and attached firmly to Chifyuu. Tabane, every bit as smart and just as deeply involved in the research, carried on her sister's work after said sister's husband murdered her (that is, arranged for an "accident" to happen) and tried to take all the credit when presenting the achievement in Mage Armor technology to the Zardonian Crown. Said bastard of a ex-husband is the season's Big Bad.
  • Magitek: The secret power source behind Infinite Stratos is the pilot's capability for magic. No magical ability? No piloting an IS. This particular Un-Administered World is a bit of an oddity: like the Strike Witches world, every magic user born is female... Tabane went oops. Sure, with the number of magically capable children born each year rising, it was only a matter of time before magic was acknowledged publicly. Unfortunately, her jump-starting that by introducing the IS... has completely skewed the gender bias toward female superiority. Wait, that boy...!
  • The Only One: Ichika Orimura, first magically capable boy born on his world. Thus, the only boy in a school full of girls. No, said school is for IS instruction, not harem hijinks! Oh, wait... right.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits / The Squad: What Chifyuu has to start with, and what she is trying to forge her little band of six into. They resist it ever step of the way... completely unintentionally. Damn teenagers.
  • Secret Identity: Chifyuu as the White Knight.
  • The Dragon to the Big Bad is an Gender Swap Expy of Ali Al-Saachez. Whose Zardon-made IS has had all restrictions removed. That means a shield point value in the thousands, and if left undamaged for several seconds... it regenerates. Then again, when the world governments finally publicize the fact that their world is under threat of inter-dimensional invasion, Tabane remotely removes the same restrictions from all IS build around the "cores" she manufactured. So it's not the tech that makes this psycho Dragon-lady so dangerous... as she shouts to Chifyuu/White Knight:
    "You... You're actually worth killing! Let's get it on!"

  • Veteran Instructor: Chifyuu, obviously. Also, yes, Nanoha is back at it once more! Only, she's working mostly off screen, until the very end when Chifyuu's student squadron meet their IS-equipped JSDF counterparts. And proceed to stomp the bad guys together.

    Devil's Wings Silver Cross (Season 6) 

  • Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force AU/Origins revamp

Synopsis: 35 AC — The Huckebein Family has existed since before the fall of the last Saint Kaiser. Made, in fact, by enemies of the Belkan Royal family, for one purpose - to hunt and kill them. Yet the Saint Kaisers have always been formidable foes - by training, by superior genetics, and by the company of the Royal Guardsmen, each of whom is nearly as dangerous as the Kaiser themself. The Eclipse Virus was bred to forcibly bridge the gap in power, and to maintain that power, each Huckebein must feed — on linker cores.

But the time of Belka has ended, and the Saint Kaisers have faded into history. Now all that is left is a group of quasi-immortal murders who need to kill to keep on living. Always on the move, picking other murders, serial rapists, and other vicious criminals as their targets, the members of Huckebein Family continue on, not knowing or caring what their future will bring.

Then by pure chance, Fortis spots a pre-teen girl with the characteristic red/green heterochromic eyes of the Kaiser's Line, in the company of a pair of off-duty TSAB mages. Suddenly the race is on: can the Huckebein find a way to subvert their own genetic programming before they are forced to kill once again — and this time, it is an otherwise innocent girl's life, and the lives of her guradians, on the line.

It's not like your average, run of the mill Bureau mages could stand up to the Eclipse-granted Cascading Dimensional Fissure spell, right? Oh, there's still a Royal Guardsman hanging around? Huh, she's so ''small''...

Wait, who's that kid swinging around a beat-up, rusty Armed Device... Oh, Crap!, that's a "Night Bane" - the Eclipse-Eater! I thought we broke them all!


See above.

    Devil's Wings Interlude: The Blade Within - Glory and Hope 

Synopsis: 38 AC — Post-OVA Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever


    Devil's Wings Vivid Sky (Season 7) 

Synopsis: 39 AC — Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. The day after Vivio E. Takamachi turns sixteen, she is confronted by the heart-throb of St. Hilde Academy of Magic, Claus Stratos. The growling and grinding teeth of upset fangirls abruptly shift to gasps of dismay, when Claus icily challenges Vivio to a Strike Arts duel and brutally trounces her. His final words: "You are not worthy of those (Kaiser) eyes."

Ok, sure. Vivio knows she's not the second coming of Sankt Kaiser Olivie Sägebrecht. So what's this jerk's deal, anyway? Time to knuckle down, train hard, and find out.

First, however... she needs some really good teachers. "Papa, can Alita-ni-san and I go visit Mahora on Earth-97? I want to ask Negi-ojisan if he'll take me as a student."

Akasha help us all.



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