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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 3 E 25 Its The Pet Fest Part 1

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Story by Julie McNally Cahill & Tim Cahill and Roger Eschbacher
Teleplay by Roger Eschbacher

In sheer excitement over the upcoming Pet Fest, Blythe and Youngmee discuss over their phones about what to feature at the event, deciding that the Blythe Style line must be part of it, though Blythe also desires a "Big Idea," a central concept to tie everything together. A man then walks into the Littlest Pet Shop with his beagle. The man identifies himself as Bernard Solid, manager of the Soul Patches and requests for Blythe to take care of his beagle, Lady Yodelie of the High D, which gets Blythe so giddy that she screams loud enough to shatter Bernard's sunglasses. Bernard, tossing out the broken pair and putting on a new one, tells Blythe that Jason #1, who is very fond of Lady Yodelie, is nearby helping out with the Endangered Animal Fund and thus couldn't visit in person. With Blythe promising to take good care of Lady Yodelie, delivering another glasses-breaking scream, Bernard disposes of the second pair, puts on a third, and leaves the Littlest Pet Shop entrusting Lady Yodelie to Blythe. With Bernard gone, Blythe greets Lady Yodelie, who takes off her earplugs and says she prefers to be called "Heidi." Blythe and Heidi head to the day camp, Blythe on cloud nine about Heidi being Jason #1's pet. When Heidi tells Blythe that the Soul Patches like to help with animal conservation projects, Blythe gets the idea she needed for the Pet Fest.


In the day camp, Minka stands on a stool posing as the other pets attempt to paint her. Sunil and Vinnie comment on how usually it's the other way around, and Russell requests for Minka to stop moving so much as she's making painting more difficult for him. Minka snaps back at Russell, saying that she's a monkey and implying that it's inherent in her nature. Blythe then walks into the room with Heidi, Heidi complimenting Blythe on her idea. When Russell inquires as to the idea, Blythe says it's for the Pet Fest and introduces Heidi. Zoe questions if the Pet Fest will actually happen as Blythe had been talking about it without doing anything, so Blythe tells her that she just got her central idea: To use the Pet Fest to provide funding for the Endangered Animal Fund and will feature the Soul Patches to bring in attendees. Heidi suggests to contact Jason #1 directly, but Blythe points out that she has no idea how. Heidi fills her in on Jason #1's day-to-day activities, namely that he likes to hang out at Café Café. Although Blythe is initially nervous, she receives the encouragement from Russell she needs to go through with asking Jason #1.


Blythe heads outside, accompanied by Youngmee, to Café Café. They instantly spot Jason #1 there, on his phone and by himself, and emit a lovestruck sigh hiding behind a mailbox. We see Jason #1 with an angelic light on him and an angelic choir, though he requests the choir to quiet down and a pair of people moving a glass sheet to tilt the reflected light off his eyes. Blythe steps away from the mailbox and asks Youngmee to go over with her before they get too nervous, but Youngmee has already started freaking out. Blythe asks Youngmee how bad it could possibly get, though now Blythe has her doubts.

In the day camp, Heidi assures the other pets that Blythe should have no problem bringing Jason #1 to the Pet Fest, which gets Russell thinking about if they, the pets, can contribute too. Heidi lets Russell know that she and the other pets belonging to the Soul Patches have a band of their own, which gets Zoe excited and eager to sing along. Russell, in turn, says he'll come up with a special effects system with lasers, smoke, and confetti. Sunil and Vinnie offer to run the control panel for those effects, but they realize they'll cause more harm than good, and the three of them hide their heads shivering imagining their control panel exploding.

Blythe, standing by the mailbox, takes a deep breath and heads forward. She gets bumped aside by a man on roller skates who's lost control of the dog he's walking and stumbles her way across the outdoor area and into the empty seat at Jason #1's table with a slice of pie, a mug of coffee, and a cherry on her head. Jason #1 asks Blythe if she is okay, so Blythe tells him that she's fine and that incidents like these are common to her. She then requests to speak about the Endangered Animal Fund to him, and he tells her he'll gladly hear out anyone who can perform stunts like what he just saw.

Pepper, at the Littlest Pet Shop, proposes to tell jokes before they perform to warm the audience up. As she imagines herself onstage, however, Penny and Minka, sitting in the front row of the audience, make various jabs and insults at Pepper, preventing her from telling her joke. By the time Penny and Minka let Pepper proceed, she has forgotten the punchline. Pepper's fantasy ends with her becoming frustrated.

The Biskit Twins in a limousine, bored and stuck in a traffic jam, complain about the people in Downtown City when Whittany looks out the window and sees Jason #1 sitting at Café Café. Brittany notices a girl conversing with him and instantly becomes jealous of her. Looking closely, Whittany identifies her as Blythe and demands to François to pull over immediately.

At the Littlest Pet Shop, Zoe claims to be the most famous singer of all pets, though Heidi says she wasn't aware of it. Zoe goes on to dream about going through various outfits and posing. Heidi, watching the fantasy, says that it's not good enough and leaves, so Zoe hams it up further.

At Café Café, Blythe finishes explaining what she wants to do with the Pet Fest and asks Jason #1 if he'd like to join. He says he'll be glad to do so if it means he can help raise awareness for the Endangered Animal Fund. Although Blythe slips that Heidi told her everything would be all right, she successfully covers it up with a lie, ducking down under the table. The Biskit Twins take the opening to jump onto the table and start conversing with Jason #1, whom he remembers performing at one of their parties. He misinterprets the Biskit Twins as being friends of Blythe's, working together to help the Endangered Animal Fund. Initially annoyed at the Biskit Twins crashing another one of her big moments, Blythe instead tells Jason #1 about the level of influence the Biskit family have over Downtown City and manages to talk the Biskit Twins into setting aside Downtown City Park for the Pet Fest's location. Jason #1, overjoyed, hugs the three of them and leaves to tell the other Soul Patches, and the twins, alongside Blythe, scream so loud that Bernard's glasses shatter once again.

Whittany and Brittany drop Blythe and Youngmee off at the Littlest Pet Shop with their limo, with Blythe advising them to leave all the planning to her and that all they need to do is to get the Downtown City Park permit. François drives off in a hurry, with Whittany complaining that listening to Blythe speak was incredibly boring and Brittany complaining that Blythe has made the limousine smell like normal people. After spritzing the limo interiors, they start discussing about why they'd need permission to use the park when they never needed permission for anything before.

Back at the day camp, Blythe tells the pets that they'll close the Pet Fest with a performance from the Soul Patches. The pets think it's a great idea, but Heidi also has an idea of her own: A band consisting of pets for an audience of pets. Blythe takes a liking to this idea too and will implement it into her Pet Fest.

At the end of the day, Bernard returns to the Littlest Pet Shop to pick Heidi up. He sees, right away, that Heidi has been taken care of well. Blythe asks Bernard if he's been informed about the Pet Fest and the Endangered Animal Fund, and Bernard tells Blythe he has given complete approval. He then goes on to tell Blythe that he has contacted other bands to perform there: The Doll Shinies, Adam and the Spider Monkeys, and Polar Vortex, and that it will kick off the Endangered Species World Tour, the Soul Patches' upcoming album. Before Bernard heads out, he gives Blythe a deadline of two weeks, as this album will send the Soul Patches traveling for a year. Blythe then starts to panic about the short time given to her and faints.

Once she recovers, Blythe goes to the day camp to pace back and forth, worrying about if she can get the whole thing done in two weeks. She does not believe she can at first, but Russell points out that Blythe has accomplished many tasks formerly thought impossible. Giving it some thought, she realizes Russell is correct, so she intends to ask everyone she knows to help out. She gathers Youngmee, Sue, Jasper, Roger, Mrs. Twombly, and Kora and has them meet in the store area of the Littlest Pet Shop, then splits the people into teams to go search for hings needed to get the Pet Fest going.

Their first priority is sponsorship. Blythe and Youngmee go to Mona Autumn's office highrise, and in Mona's unique way, offers them some funding needed. Roger and Mrs. Twombly seek out Morgan Payne and successfully persuades him as well, as with Kora, Youngmee, and Jasper with an unnamed manicurist. Blythe then asks the pets to find materials to make the Pet Fest look professional. As Blythe heads to a film rental service to acquire lights and audio equipment, the pets, at the Littlest Pet Shop, create posters, badges, and T-shirts, then pack them into boxes. Blythe then gives her human team the posters, which they then spread all over Downtown City. Blythe figures she can do more, so she hands posters directly to people and creates a large banner to hitch onto the Pet Jet for Roger to fly around above the city.

With the publicity and sponsorship needed, and the day of the Pet Fest arriving, Blythe heads to the park with the lights and audio equipment. She is about to head in when a park official walks over and says that there was never any permit. Blythe turns to the Biskit Twins, who realize they've both forgotten to obtain one. They then demand a permit from the official immediately, but the official tells them that they needed to apply for a permit at least one week in advance, to where the twins decide they'll set up the Pet Fest without one, with Blythe sitting on the curb at wit's end.

To Be Continued...

*cue happy credits music*

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • Actor Allusion: Bernard has a very noticeable gap between his two upper front teeth, a trait shared with Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy, another character voiced by Sam Vincent.
  • Annoying Laugh: Blythe emits one when Heidi tells her to ask Jason #1 to come to the Pet Fest.
  • As Himself: Heidi Klum plays a canine version of herself.
  • Call-Back: The Soul Patches were previously introduced in "If the Shoe Fits." Youngmee meowing when near them also originated from that episode.
  • Completely Missing the Point: Zoe interprets Heidi's friendly disapproval of Zoe's fashion posing as all part of being famous.
    • Brittany thinks the Endangered Animal Fund is to endanger animals.
  • Conspicuous CG: The Pet Jet.
  • Continuity Nod: Sunil makes a big mess of himself and his surroundings painting Minka whereas everyone else stays pretty clean, referring to Sunil's previous attempt to paint that also caused a big mess.
    • Old Bananas, Bruce the Iguana, Madame Pom, and Mary Frances are visible as audience members in Pepper's, Penny's, and Minka's fantasy. Pepper is also dressed like in her stand-up performance in "Stand-Up Stinker."
    • Zoe's first outfit in her Imagine Spot was previously seen during the fashion show in "Blythe's Big Adventure - Part 2." This outfit was also seen in "Summertime Blues," "Stand-Up Stinker," and "Room Enough." The hairdo for her fourth outfit is the same as her Marie Antoinette getup in "To Paris with Zoe" and "The Expo Factor - Part 2," though with a beige bow instead of a red one and with a different outfit.
    • The recording studio the Soul Patches use to sing "Breathless" is the same one the pets used to sing "Just Stay Here Forever" in "Summertime Blues."
    • Blythe and Youngmee turn to Mona Autumn for sponsorship.
    • Roger and Mrs. Twombly's sponsor, Morgan Payne, was seen in "Bad Hair Day."
    • One of the people pointing up at the sky during "Breathless" is the wealthy patron of the Biskit Twins' party in "Door-Jammed." Another one is the owner of the thrift shop in "Blythe's Big Idea."
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Minka's three points to Russell are all "I'm a monkey."
  • Didn't Think This Through: Blythe, in all of her planning, forgets to figure out the date of the Pet Fest. Instead, Bernard scheduled it at two weeks from her asking.
  • Dish Dash: Part of Blythe's attempt to maintain balance on her feet at Café Café.
  • Dog Walks You: One such case causes Blythe to stumble awkwardly over to Jason #1 at Café Café.
  • Eating Lunch Alone: Jason #1 is the only person seen at Café Café by himself. He is anything but unpopular or unhappy though.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Biskit Twins may hate Blythe with a passion, but they love the Soul Patches enough to help Blythe with the Pet Fest. When they fail to obtain a permit, they both confess that it was their mistake.
  • Fainting: Blythe faints upon finding out she'll be taking care of Heidi, Jason #1's favorite pet.
    • Happens again in Act 3 when Blythe realizes she needs to set up the Pet Fest within two weeks.
  • Fake Band: In addition to the Soul Patches, Bernard Solid also name-drops the Doll Smilies, Adam and the Spider Monkeys, and Polar Vortex.
  • Fur Is Skin: Heidi has a couple of star-shaped tattoos below her left eye, despite being a dog.
    • Fur chalk and some other coloring items can be used to make precise shapes on fur (albeit temporary ones that must be reapplied fairly often to keep the look), but the show doesn't specify if this is the case or not.
  • Genki Girl: Not as much as Minka, but Heidi is always upbeat and energetic.
  • Glass-Shattering Sound: Blythe screams so loud over getting to take care of Heidi that Bernard's glasses break. She can do so long-distance too. He keeps plenty of spares.
  • Hair Decorations: On the day of the Pet Fest, Blythe wears a gold flower-ornamented hairband.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: Stacks of checks fall down during "Breathless."
    • When Blythe assigns the pets to look for supplies, the usual neon-colored pawprints get replaced with Pet Fest logos.
  • Imagine Spot: Russell, Sunil, and Vinnie fantasizing about how they can create a spectacular show at the Pet Fest.
    • There is another one about Pepper's stand-up comedy, shared by Penny and Minka.
  • Left the Background Music On: The angelic choir that plays when Blythe and Youngmee find Jason #1 at Café Café is actually coming from a choir offscreen.
  • Mood Whiplash: Like the other 2-parters, the dramatic cliffhanger is followed by the happy end theme playing over the credits.
  • Multi-Part Episode: As evidenced by the "Part 1" of this episode title.
  • Odd Name Out: The Soul Patches' names are Jason #1, Jason #2, Hayden, Dustin, and Ted. Ted's name is the only one that's not two syllables long with an unstressed second syllable and does not end in the letter "N."
  • Off-Model: On the shot where Zoe asks if the Pet Fest will actually happen, the pets painting are misaligned with their canvases.
  • Orphaned Setup: Pepper forgets the punchline to her joke, as Penny and Minka won't stop interrupting her.
  • Overly Long Name: Lady Yodelie of the High D. She prefers to be called "Heidi."
  • Recurring Extra: A few at Café Café, most recognizably the Iguana Legal Firm spokesman.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: The twins have trouble grasping the idea of having to ask permission for something.
  • Running Gag: Bernard's shattering sunglasses.
  • Seen It All: Bernard keeps spare pairs of glasses in his jacket, as he's dealt with a lot of incidents with Soul Patches fans in the past that damage the pair worn on his head. For some reason, only the glasses he's currently wearing will break. He starts running low in Act 3.
    Bernard: High-pitched girly squeals is an occupational hazard when you're the manager for the...well, you know who.
    • Heidi carries a pair of earplugs to put on when she detects a Squee! about to happen.
  • Sequel Episode: To "If the Shoe Fits," as it builds upon the Soul Patches band, who were introduced in that episode.
  • Shout-Out: Minka's remark about how she's a monkey, repeated twice, may be a reference to the two rules of Fight Club.
    • Russell's confetti cannons are similar in principle and usage to Pinkie Pie's party cannons.
  • Spanner in the Works: The Biskit Twins failed to do their part in getting a permit to use the park, preventing the Pet Fest from happening. However, it was accidental on their part.
  • Special Guest: Heidi Klum.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Some of the characters refer to Jason #1's cause as the Endangered Animal Fund (such as Jason #1), and some refer to it as the Endangered Animals Fund (such as Bernard). This recap uses "Endangered Animal Fund," as there are more characters who pronounce it as such.
    • The same goes for the Pet Fest itself: The title card refers to it as the "Pets Fest," but the logo spells it as "Pet Fest." As every character unanimously calls it the "Pet Fest," as is the logo seen repeatedly in Act 3 and official materials, as well as Part 2's episode title, this recap refers to the event as "Pet Fest."
  • Squee!: Repeatedly when talking about the Soul Patches or to Jason #1. The fourth one, however, is quiet enough to not break Bernard's glasses.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Blythe accidentally tells Jason #1 that Heidi knew Jason #1 would agree to come to the Pet Fest. When Jason #1 asks if she means his dog, Blythe makes up a story about a human friend named Hydrangea and slowly hides under the table doing so.
  • To Be Continued
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The commercial for the "It's the Pet Fest!" two-parter shows the Pet Fest at the Pawza Hotel, indicating Blythe will not be using the park.
  • Tyop on the Cover: The name of Blythe's event is officially called the Pet Fest, but the title refers to it as the "Pets Fest."
  • The Unintelligible: Heidi is a mild case of this due to her Verbal Tic, especially when she substitutes words or phrases for it.
  • Verbal Judo: Blythe takes the Biskit Twins' hostility against her at Café Café and talks them, unwittingly, into helping her cause.
  • Verbal Tic: Heidi is prone to spontaneous yodeling and vocalizing Stings in her dialogue.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Blythe asks, "What's the worst that could happen?" to Youngmee about asking Jason #1 to come to the Pet Fest. Then, the Biskit Twins show up and it all goes downhill from there.
  • What He Said: Russell, of all characters, after Heidi's explanation on how to get ahold of Jason #1.
  • X-Ray Sparks: Sunil's and Vinnie's skeletons are visible when they get shocked by their control panel.


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