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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 2 E 26 The Expo Factor Part 2

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"You've come a long way; you're finally here. Show them what you've got 'cause there's nothing to fear."

Story by Julie McNally Cahill, Tim Cahill, and Adam Beechen
Teleplay by Adam Beechen

Without the scooter's trailer hitch to bring the kiosk to the International Pet Fashion Expo or any spare tires to replace the flat ones on the Littlest Pet Shuttle, Blythe has to resort to digging through a nearby garbage can in panic, regretting not getting a spare hitch. Mrs. Twombly sees the problem, offering Blythe one of her doorknobs from her collection that can fit on the back of Blythe's scooter and, with a blowtorch, quickly welds it, allowing Blythe to bring the kiosk to the expo.

Along the way, Russell expresses his nervousness over being in front of a camera to Zoe. Zoe advises Russell to use the "Glamor Glare," a modeling pose that cannot fail. Russell gives it a try but hurts an eye doing so, so Zoe just tells him to give it more practice. As they chat, Blythe's scooter overtakes the Biskits' limousine. Whittany and Brittany, seeing Blythe pass by, demand LeGrande drive faster and remind him that he'll need to play his part in the next phase of their scheme once they reach the expo.


Blythe arrives at the expo with a few minutes to spare and places her kiosk at the space designed #62. As soon as she parks it, Vinnie expresses his anxiousness at wandering around the place, but Sunil warns him that doing so can get Blythe in trouble. It doesn't take long to notice Blythe's nervousness, but the pets reassure her that with the effort she's gone through to get to the expo, things will turn out okay while helping Blythe assemble and decorate her kiosk. As soon as they're done, however, Blythe is asked to go to the Africa pavilion. Initially wondering why she's sent there instead of the Moscow pavilion as was asked, Zoe reminds Blythe that Mona hasn't always been consistent in her words. Before heading off, Blythe shows the pets that she's converted a chamber inside the kiosk into a lounge room for the seven of them. They hop inside, minus Russell, and Blythe dashes away. The Biskit Twins then reach Blythe's kiosk and discuss how they intend to steal it when no one is around.


Blythe reaches the Africa pavilion and sees LeGrande, dressed like a photographer. Blythe asks him, not seeing through the disguise, why Mona isn't present. LeGrande invents the excuse that she's late, which provokes Blythe's suspicion. Simultaneously, Vinnie gets so anxious that he leaves the kiosk, with the other pets tasking Sunil to tail Vinnie so he doesn't get into too much trouble. With them out of the way, Minka starts succumbing to her claustrophobia, and before she can leave too, the Biskit Twins close the door and shove the kiosk somewhere else with her, Penny, Zoe, and Pepper inside. Sunil spots the twins pushing Blythe's kiosk and notifies Vinnie, and they both tail the twins.

As LeGrande continues to take photos of Russell, Blythe receives a call from Mona Autumn demanding to know why Blythe is not at the Moscow pavilion. Blythe attempts to explain that she is with a photographer at the moment, but she simply infuriates Mona further, and Mona terminates the call before Blythe can properly apologize.

The Biskit Twins shove the kiosk into a storage closet with Vinnie and Sunil not far behind. Vinnie and Sunil try to come up with ideas with Vinnie suggesting to slip under the doorway. Vinnie soon finds his head is too big, and he partially jams it in the doorway. Zoe gets an idea though, and she relays it to Vinnie and Sunil.

Blythe arrives at the Moscow pavilion, but because she didn't arrive on time, Mona berates Blythe for being late and moves on to her next appointment. Elsewhere, Vinnie and Sunil look for the person doing the announcements over the P.A. system but come across Delilah. Delilah offers to lead the two of them to the announcer.

Having been rejected by Mona, Blythe heads back to the kiosk. Russell calms Blythe down with the idea that, even if Blythe cannot be on the cover of Trés Blasé magazine, she can still gain reputation through the kiosk. Unfortunately, Blythe returns to space #62 to find it's entirely vacant. Russell notices a trail of bamboo snacks left by Penny Ling, however, and follow it to an intersection, where it ends. At that point, Blythe finds Emma, Jasper, Sue, and Youngmee, who have all come to the expo to see how Blythe is doing. Blythe has just enough time to lament to them of her situation.

Delilah heads into the room with the announcer, goes up to her sheets containing her lines, and makes off the entire stack. The announcer gives chase, allowing Sunil and Vinnie access to the room. Not knowing what to say, Vinnie puts Sunil in front of the microphone and asks him to send a message to Blythe. Sunil's inablility to speak prompts Vinnie to step up himself and make a direct address to Blythe to go to the specific storage closet where they saw the Biskit Twins take the kiosk. Blythe goes over and opens the closet, only to find empty space. By this time, the twins have already moved the kiosk to space #18, which was either unused or designated for them. They put their own sign with their names over the Blythe Style logo to claim it's theirs and stand by for judging.

The judges arrive, the head judge being Mona Autumn. Impressed, Mona asks about the twins' inspiration, upon which Whittany starts rambling with Brittany following along. Blythe overhears Whittany on the P.A. system and sees the Blythe Style kiosk on a television screen. Identifying space #18, Blythe scrambles over with Vinnie, Sunil, Delilah, and Russell just in time to stop Mona from giving the twins the 1st-place ribbon. To prove that the kiosk belongs to her, Blythe explains her inspiration for each of the outfits on a rack, then opens the compartment to bring out Minka, Penny, Pepper, and Zoe, who all run up to her in sheer affection, with Minka lashing out at the Biskit Twins.

In addition, LeGrande steps up, whom Blythe identifies as the photographer for Russell. Mona says that she's never seen him before, so LeGrande removes his disguise and admits that he was ordered to distract Blythe so the twins could take the kiosk. When asked why he follows along in their schemes, LeGrande says that his family has served the Biskits for at seventeen generations but that they value honesty—hence, his ruse brought him to his breaking point. With this confession, Brittany fires LeGrande, but Mona discovers he is actually a very good photographer and offers to buy the photos of Russell taken during the expo. Mona also lets Blythe know that Fisher Biskit repeatedly talks about opening another store as a scare tactic for his competitors but never actually follows through. With what she's seen, she hands the award to Blythe, with Emma, Jasper, Sue, and Youngmee emerging from the crowd to congratulate her and Roger ecstatically leaping over.

Blythe wheels the kiosk over to a more open area of the expo, having dressed the pets in her outfits. They emerge from the kiosk to be photographed by LeGrande and Mona's personal photographer, one of the pictures winding up on the cover of Trés Blasé.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: Blythe's kiosk when she turns it around, as well as when it bounces up and down when Minka screeches.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Zoe's "Glamor Glare."
  • Award-Bait Song: "Won't Have to Look Too Far" gives off this impression.
  • Backstory: This episode reveals that LeGrande's family has been on the butler business for generations. (Which may or may not have been pressure to why he didn't simply quit years ago)
  • Call-Back: Mrs. Twombly has been shown to collect doorknobs and doorknob-related things as early as "Mean Isn't Your Color" and to put incredible value on them in "Door-Jammed." In this episode, Mrs. Twombly is finally willing to let go of a doorknob to allow Blythe to succeed.
    • Minka's claustrophobia kicks in inside the kiosk, which previously became a problem in "DUMB DUMBWAITER." There is even a clip from that episode used to indicate Minka's had this problem for some time with Zoe mentioning that she's been caught in this situation twice.
  • Continuity Nod: The rat that emerges from the trash can Blythe digs through seems to be the same rat Mr. Sawdust was after in "Trading Places."
    • Blythe brings the backpack she designed for Mona Autumn in "Alligators and Handbags."
    • The establishing shot of the International Pet Fashion Expo in Act 1 is nearly identical to its establishing shot in "All Around the World" in "The Expo Factor - Part 1." The only difference is that a booth now stands where Delilah and the pets were, and there are people present.
    • Vinnie dresses up in Penny's Statue of Liberty outfit from "Shanghai Hi Jinks during "Won't Have to Look Too Far."
    • On Blythe's kiosk are a feather headdress from "The Big, Feathered Parade" and a butterfly outfit from "Plane It on Rio." Blythe points out where these outfits had inspiration from in Act 3.
    • François' first name was mentioned in "Penny For Your Laughs," in a throwaway comment by Blythe.
    "No more lunches, no more nothing! I'm done! Au revoir, François! That's the butler's name."
    • The clothes Zoe wears at the end of the episode is the ensemble she wore for the contest in "To Paris with Zoe."
  • Death Glare: The girl pets give one to Sunil to get him to follow Vinnie.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Spoken almost word for word by Penny when accidentally blurting out about how soft Sunil's belly is.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The LeGrande family takes honesty very seriously, and by the end of the episode, François LeGrande has had enough of the photographer ruse.
  • Evil Gloating: A strange case, as Brittany and Whittany gloat to each other about how they intend to humiliate Blythe.
  • Fully Automatic Clip Show: Many of the shots from "Won't Have to Look Too Far" are clips taken from previous episodes:
    • The pets leaping through the pet door and swarming Blythe is taken from "Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 2."
    • Pepper playing bagpipes, wearing a gag nose mask, and juggling is reused from "Lotsa Luck."
    • The shot of Pepper eating a cucumber slice meant to go over her eyes comes from "DUMB DUMBWAITER."
    • Vinnie in a polka outfit doing thrusts in front of Penny is from "Mean Isn't Your Color."
    • From "Plane It on Rio" is the clip of the forest animals joining the pets in the parade.
    • Zoe dancing in a gown is from "Frenemies."
    • "Sunil's Sick Day" is the source material for Vinnie and Sunil hugging.
    • Zoe holding up one of Blythe's fashion sketches is from "Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 1."
    • Blythe displaying the image of a dragon is from "Shanghai Hi Jinks."
    • From "Summertime Blues" is Blythe and the pets bouncing around things on the floor.
    • Zoe getting lovestruck by a passing canine is from "To Paris with Zoe."
    • The final shot of the song, with the pets all around Blythe, is from "Missing Blythe."
  • Given Name Reveal: LeGrande‘s first name is revealed to be François.
  • Heel–Face Turn: For LeGrande.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Mrs. Twombly gives up one of her prized doorknobs to use as a replacement winch so Blythe can get to the expo.
    • LeGrande confesses to his part in the Biskits' scheme knowing he's likely going to get fired for it. note 
  • Humiliation Conga: Blythe exposes the Biskits as thieving cheats, with their own butler backing Blythe up, and they're attacked by a crazed Minka.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: There is a series of them in Act 1 when Blythe gets to the expo of people walking across the screen, including the P.A. from "So You Skink You Can Dance," among other episodes (and happens to be the announcer in this episode, thus fulfilling multiple roles involving the initials "P.A.").
    • Near the end of this episode, a rack of clothes passes by to transition between Blythe receiving the award and the denouement.
  • It's All About Me: Whittany's massive ego means when Mona starts asking questions about the Biskit Twins, she won't stop talking about herself and her sister.
  • Just Following Orders: The reason LeGrande went along with his employers' plan.
  • Large Ham: LeGrande can turn from The Stoic to this within a day.
  • Motor Mouth: This is the primary way Mona speaks. Considering she slipped into a more natural speaking pace in "Alligators and Handbags" when she gained respect for Blythe, her returning to this rapid-fire way of speaking indicates she had lost that respect by Act 2 of this episode. Note that she returns to normal speaking patterns for most of Act 3.
  • Multi-Part Episode
  • Near-Villain Victory: The Biskits nearly do ruin Blythe and take credit for her kiosk. It's only thanks to LeGrande that their plans wound up foiled.
  • Never My Fault: Vinnie blames Sunil for the idea to slip beneath the doorway, even though Vinnie came up with it. Sunil accepts the blame.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Vinnie is capable of this when bored inside the kiosk's relaxation room.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: LeGrande as a photographer. Justified in that LeGrande is not used to disguising himself due to his policies on truthfulness.
  • Pep-Talk Song: The pets sing to Blythe that they’ve got her back and she’s made it this far to be in the Expo.
  • Performance Anxiety: Russell manages to get over it in this episode, but Sunil finds himself tongue-tied when tasked with speaking through a microphone.
  • Plot Hole: Sue reads, in "Blythe's Big Idea," that the International Pet Fashion Expo is open only to designers with their own shops, but she and the rest of Blythe's friends can visit (as well as Roger). It is possible, however, that "open only to" only refers to exhibitors and that anyone can come as a visitor.
  • Prehensile Tail: Pepper is, once again, using her tail to grip things, this time helping Blythe set up her kiosk.
  • Previously On…
  • Put on a Bus: LeGrande is fired by the Biskits and leaves to work for Mona Autumn.
  • Recurring Extra: In addition to the P.A. listed under Idiosyncratic Wipes, the expo, being full of crowd scenes, reuses a lot of background characters. For instance, the Biskit Twins move Blythe's kiosk past the Iguana Legal Firm spokesman, who's talking to the taxi driver whom Roger often cuts off. Incidentally, Alice can be seen in the background where Blythe returns to the kiosk in Act 2 and what is presumably her mother. The background artists' favorite of Blythe's classmates, the girl with the orange snow cap, can also be seen in Act 3 when LeGrande confesses to what he's done.
  • Revenge: Like in Part 1, the Biskit Twins act mainly to try to get back at Blythe for every time Blythe has stoped them before.
  • Shout-Out: Vinnie refers to tap-dancing out of ecstasy as "Happy Feet."
  • Spanner in the Works: Vinnie and Sunil escaping from the kiosk is just what is needed to unravel the Biskit Twins' plan.
  • The Stoic: LeGrande flinches when hit on the back of the head with the Biskit Twins' pole but reacts like it was just a tap on the shoulder, suggesting he has been hit on the head many times by the twins before.
  • Walk This Way: Sunil obeys Delilah literally.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Much of the lyrics for "Won't Have to Look Too Far" is assuagement for Blythe. Unfortunately, the Biskit Twins are also at the expo.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Basically the message behind the pets' song to Blythe.


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