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An episode where the main cast of a show spends the episode going to a rock/pop/other music genre concert, often with at least one of the characters having previously been a huge fan. Potential shenanigans include:

  • Struggling to secure tickets
  • Being called onstage
  • Struggling to get to the concert
  • Meeting the band members backstage
The list goes on. It's also common to have a celebrity cameo for a real-life musician. Compare Movie-Theater Episode, Musical Episode, and Pro Wrestling Episode. See Concert Climax.


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     Live-Action TV 
  • Drake from Drake & Josh was an aspiring musician and many episodes dealt with him trying to land gigs and performing. The episode Two Idiots and a Baby was about Drake's band getting the chance perform at a concert, when he and his brother are asked to look after a baby.
  • "Concert Interruptus" in Gilmore Girls revolves around Rory, Paris, Madeline, and Louise attending a concert in New York of real-life band The Bangles after Lorelai managed to secure tickets for amazing seats. The original plan was for Rory, Lorelai, Lane, and Sookie to go but after Lane's mother banned her from going Lorelai encouraged Rory to invite her school rivals while she and Sookie bought cheap tickets in the back.
  • How I Met Your Mother: In "Tick, Tick, Tick", Lily, Marshall, and Ted attend a concert together. Lily sends them off to get some nachos for her, and they spend the rest of the evening hallucinating while high on "sandwiches" (Future Ted's euphemism for marijuana). It is then revealed that they've only been gone for a few minutes instead of the perceived hours of the whole concert.
  • Victorious has the episode "Ice Cream for Ke$ha" which revolved around the cast trying to win a contest in order to get a private concert from Kesha.
  • What's Happening!! had a two-part episode where Raj, Dwayne, and Rerun try to get into a concert for The Doobie Brothers. Rerun ends up getting tickets from a bootlegger in order to tape record the concert, but screws up when the recorder falls out of his coat during the show.

  • "Rock Show" by Halestorm is a Heavy Meta tune about a rock fan (implied to be Lzzy Hale herself) rocking out at a rock concert.
  • "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" by The Clash is effectively a concert review in song, describing an underwhelming reggae show that singer Joe Strummer had attended.

     Web Animation 
  • In the Strong Bad Email "concert", Strong Bad and Strong Sad both go to a concert on the same night. Strong Bad gets all gussied up in metal gear for the concert, but due to some shenanagans he ends up seeing (and loving) Strong Sad's favorite band, sloshy, instead. The two brothers temporarily bond over this mutual interest, but Strong Bad goes back to his usual Jerkass self after he finds out that sloshy isn't Metal.

  • In The Order of the Stick prequel On The Origin of PCs, the orcs Roy's first party is hired to fight turn out to be hardcore fans of the metal group Iron Golems, and camped out weeks before to get tickets. Roy ends up having to secure them good tickets, backstage passes, and food in order to keep them from bothering the townspeople, and ends up going the concert.
  • TV Tropes The Webcomic had the "Heävy Mëta" arc, where the main cast have formed a Heavy Metal band "Tröper Crüe" to participate in the Rock in Space concert and ended up preventing a Colony Drop with The Power of Rock.

     Western Animation 
  • Arthur: "Meet Binky" deals with a hot new pop band, Binky, being the must-see event in Elwood City. Which leads to a line that, by the time Arthur gets to the auditorium to buy tickets, stretches all the way outside of town. He still gets tickets, in row 739XXX. But then he lucks out: his dad is hired to cater the concert, so not only does he get backstage seats, he gets to meet the band. Who turn out to be holograms created by the manager and sound guy.
    • In "Just the Ticket," Arthur's friends fight over who gets to attend a concert with Arthur. George ends up getting the ticket after a round of picking straws. When Arthur and George go to the concert, they're in the front row... but they can't actually see the concert because the stage is too high.
  • One episode of Beavis And Butthead sees the titular idiots trying to get to a concert, but getting stuck waiting to use the bathroom.
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Boyz 4 Now", Tina takes a reluctant Louise along to a concert for the eponymous boy band. Much to Louise's shock and horror, she gets her first crush on the band's youngest member, Boo Boo.
  • A subplot of one episode of Family Guy revolves around Peter and Lois attending a KISS concert. Peter is upset to learn that Lois isn't a true fan of KISS, but comes around when he learns that she once hooked up with Gene Simmons.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • In "Boyz Crazy", Mabel and her friends Grenda and Candy go a concert of their favorite boy band, Sev'ral Timez, despite Wendy and Dipper claiming that boy bands are fake. They can't get tickets so decide to sneak into the dressing rooms, where they discover that the band is actually a group of imprisoned clones who were genetically engineered to be the perfect boy band. They end up freeing the clones and hiding them in the Mystery Shack.
    • In "The Love God", Wendy and her teenager friends, along with Dipper and Mabel, attend a concert by the musician the Love God, who turns out to be a literal love god with the power to make any two sentient being falls in love, including a snake and a badger. After stealing one of his potions, Mabel makes Tambry and Robbie fall in love, which causes the rest of the group to fall apart.
  • The Loud House episode "For Bros About To Rock" centers on Luna accompanying Lincoln and Clyde to their first concert, only for Lincoln to snap at Luna when her attempts to get them hyped up cause embarrassment. It is later that Luna confesses that the reason for her excitement is that it was during her first concert that she discovered her passion for music.
  • Megas XLR features an episode where Coop, Jamie, and Kiva attend a rock concert. Kiva ends up running into and making friends with a girl who the Glorft are trying to kill. She later learns that this girl was Kiva's direct bloodline ancestor, so killing her would mean Kiva wouldn't exist and the Megas itself would never be sent back in time.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: "Guitar Villain" Jagged Stone is admired by the characters going to to his rock star's concert. Too bad he's turned into the Monster of the Week.
  • The Phineas and Ferb episode "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together!". The titular brothers try to reunite the '80s glam rock band Love Händel for a "one-night-only" concert for their parents' anniversary. The episode is a double-length, and is one of the rare occasions when the formula is subverted, with Perry and Candace both temporarily working with the people they normally oppose.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • "Just Friends" features Star, Marco, and Jackie going to a concert for Marco's favorite band, Love Sentence. Things start going downhill when couples start kissing, including Jackie and Marco. Star is heartbroken, but remains silent. The episode features a voice cameo by Nick Lachey.
    • "Face the Music" has the "songtrel" Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump) composing Star's princess song for the citizens of Mewni. It turns out to be a full-fledged rock number, which goes well until the song reveals that Star lost the book of spells, and also has a crush on Marco.
  • In Steven Universe, "Last One Out of Beach City'' has Pearl, wanting to get in touch with her wild side, takes Amethyst and Steven to a Mike Krol show when Greg is unable to. Unlike most examples, rather than a stadium, the concert is a smaller affair out of someone's garage. Much of the episode is them trying to get to the concert, spending the night running from the cops and repeatedly running into a mysterious pink-haired woman Pearl is attracted to, who turns out to be going to the same show.


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