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...Also Twice can get funny too!
  • Dahyun's memetic eagle dance, which is even brought up in her zombie teaser.
  • Jungyeon's version of the zombie teaser, where she first shoves some popcorn into his mouth with an annoyed look on her face, then when he doesn't take the hint, she whirls around and SCREAMS in his face. The zombie promptly backs off.
  • Their variety show Twice's Elegant Private Life led to many of these. Some standout moments:
    • The Descendants of the Sun parody.
    • While on a "healing camp" trip, the girls were all sleeping at night, except Mina, Jungyeon and Nayeon, who pranked the other members by drawing on their faces with makeup markers. Not just a mark or two, but full-on face painting.
    • In another episode, they were put one by one into an elevator with a rather amorous couple as a Candid Camera Prank to test their feelings about romance.
  • During a Weekly Idol appearance, it's revealed that Momo is suffering from a sore throat/flu, which sucks, but it does have the silver lining of making her voice sound uproariously hilarious, causing the MC's and members to playfully tease her about it. Seriously, get a load of this cute Japanese girl who suddenly has the voice of a thirty year chain-smoker and TRY not to laugh.
    • In that same episode, Tzuyu, Sana, Momo, and Mina (the non-Korean members) play a game in which they have to guess the missing word in a Korean proverb (Cutting _____ with a knife, the answer is water, meaning you're doing something useless). When asked for answers, Mina reveals hers: "stomach". Everybody reacts with simultaneous laughter and horror...except Momo, who wrote the same thing!
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    • After everyone's got over that, they go to Sana....who wrote "neck", and thus restarts the horror. Also qualifies as brilliant, because that is how samurai women went out.
    • Finally, we go to Tzuyu, who's from Taiwan and thus couldn't be thinking of samurai, right? Hers was "clean", as in one clean stroke cuts everything.
  • For Knowing Brothers' music video "Sweet Dreams", Momo has to hit Lee Sang-min in the head with a pan, and does realistically well... because she dents the pan.
  • Nayeon and Tzuyu's facialexpressions .
  • Between her Deadpan Snarker tendencies and her occasional mishandling of the Korean language, Tzuyu is a goldmine of laughs.
    • Tzuyu wanted to write "JYP Nation" in Korean. She misspelled into "JYP, you bitch" instead.
    • At the end of a show, the MC Lee Kyungkyu asks Tzuyu the typical, "how'd you like today" question. Her response is to tell them politely with a straight face that she learned a lot about Korean culture, that they were very kind to her, and that it was really boring. Then she realizes what she's said, and starts panicking, going "I meant it was really fun! It was really fun!" as everyone dissolves into laughter.
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    • Even funnier, Lee Kyungkyu looks offended for half a second, before realizing what happened and laughing with everyone else, while GOT7's Jackson immediately high fives her.
    • In a backstage segment during the 2015 MAMA's, Tzuyu is talking to the camera about feeling sick and how there is no medicine. Jihyo, who is standing next to her, says "Unnie is your medicine," and gives her a hug. Tzuyu, without missing a beat or changing expression, replies, "That's why I haven't been cured yet."
    • When the group appeared on Knowing Bros for the second time, one of the hosts asked if she watched the group's first appearance on the show, which she did. When asked if she felt sorry for being paired up with Kim Young-chul, she said yes. When asked for who, she said "For myself."note 
    • "Tzuyu has a stomachache."
  • The TWICE TV episode in which the girls are parodying their portrayals during their time on the show Sixteen definitely qualifies.
    • Momo imitating JYP's smile.
    • Nayeon as a member of her own fan club.
    • Dahyun hamming it up as Mina, and hamming it up even further as Jeongyeon.
    • Mina's deadpan look while imitating Tzuyu the whole time.
    • Nayeon's portrayal of Sana in general.
    • The other girls laughing extremely hard whenever Dahyun tries to do her impersonations during the gag reel.
    • Tzuyu trying, and failing, to hit the high notes while impersonating Jihyo; her voice cracks during one attempt, and she coughs in another.
  • Their first appearance on Knowing Bros had the girls pretend to be delinquents attempting to bully the hosts. Hilarity ensues.
    • Jeongyeon gave them a banner saying "JYP is watching" while forcing them to hang it up on the set. One of the hosts jokingly said "Hey, JYP is Jo Yong-pil!" Jeongyeon had to hold back from laughing in order to stay in character.
    • When Tzuyu was asked who she wants to pair with, she looks around the room for a minute before saying "I don't mind anybody," (i.e. she's not that into anyone on the show). The flat, unenthusiastic tone and the Thousand-Yard Stare she has while saying it really sells it.note 
  • Their second appearance on Knowing Bros also has its good share of moments.
  • The girls' third appearance on Running Man gave off some gems, especially when it came to the girls dancing.
    • Both Dahyun and Momo take the cake when it came to the dancing contest. What was supposed to start off as a couple dance to random songs ultimately ended up becoming a funny competition between the two of them. Some things to note:
      • Dahyun's cover of BTS' "Fire"
      "I'm sorry, but I have to dance to this!" - Dahyun
      • Momo's cover of Celeb Five's "I Wanna Be A Celeb!" Yoo Jae-suk noted that her hands were spinning rather fast.
      • Dahyun's freestyle to BADKIZ' "Ear Attack". The hosts noted the blank look on her face, wondering whether or not she was possessed.
      "Do you see ghosts?" - Kim Jong-kook
      • Both girls dancing to MOMOLAND's "Bboom Bboom". Lee Kwang-soo noted it was like looking at two shamans performing an exorcism.
      • Momo's cover of Sunmi's "Gashina" suddenly being interrupted by Dahyun who came in mid-way.note 
    • Of course, the other girls got their moments as well.
      • Sana and Nayeon doing The Floss, aka the Backpack Kid Dance
      • Mina doing ballet while her partner, Lee Kwang-soo, struggled to follow along.
      "He's a human bird!" - Song Ji-hyo
  • Both Momo and Chaeyoung seem to be fans of doing meme dances or dance challenges.
    • They seem to enjoy getting caught up in their feelings, so much so that they did THREE videos of the challenge!

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