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  • This gem from "Slowtown":
    Put cards on our spokes and make our engine sounds like traffic
  • "Migraine" is about Tyler's struggle with depressing thoughts, but its tone and imagery is playful and sometimes quite funny, most noticeably when he strays into a characteristic bit of Suddenly SHOUTING! followed by an immediate reserved apology.
    Pardon me for yelling...
  • Likewise, "Not Today" has this gem:
    ...I'm sorry.
  • "False Sense of Sweetness". A very young Tyler and friends throw various objects at a cardboard box. Tyler misses the target by several feet and sends a knife flying through the window, leaving a perfect hole in the glass.
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  • "TB Saga", a six minute mashup of parody songs about Taco Bell performed by Tyler and some of his high school friends. Stylistic Suck abounds.
  • The Lip Sync video. It consists entirely of Tyler and his brother, Zack, lip syncing and dancing to pop songs. Exactly why it exists is unclear, which really only makes it funnier.
  • The "Happy Wheels" video.note 
    • Tyler and Josh are definitely not on a bed. They're at the pool, with like three other chicks, who Josh is attracted to.
  • "Coconut Sharks in the Water". Just try to watch it without smiling.
  • During one concert, Tyler asked for a phone to take a picture of the audience after playing "Car Radio". One fan handed him an actual car radio.
    Tyler: Finally! Now I can listen to music.
  • Tyler's struggle with finding a cool way to hold a ukulele.
  • Twenty One Pilots: Down on the Farm is comic gold from start to finish.
  • Ride Swap with Vinyl Theatre. Tyler and Josh check out their opening band's van, while Vinyl Theater explores their tour bus.
    • Vinyl Theatre confidently gives a tour of the bus, even though they don't know where anything is located and can't even open the doors and cabinets.
    • Vinyl Theatre's Josh lays down the rules of the bus bathroom.
    Josh: If you break it, you buy it. No number twos. You can take a shower if you want, but there's just a sink, gotta make due with what you got.
    • Tyler and Josh describe all the interesting things that show up in an opener van with great enthusiasm, including (but not limited to) a One Direction journal, an old, broken cooler (or "holder") containing two ancient Coke cans, Anti Monkey Butt Powder, a can of Ultra Duster, wipes, peroxide, underwear, and a neon green hat bearing the slogan "Rolling with the Homies". The duo try their hand at making some marketing slogans for them to pass the time.
    Anti Monkey Butt Powder: You can't go wrong with a little Donkey Kong.
    Wet Ones: Keeping things wet since 1988.
    Hydrogen Peroxide: Got ebola? Not anymore.
    Hanes Undertees: If you don't got brains, you don't got Hanes.
  • Josh changed his Twitter username to "Spooky Josh"note  for October 2014. After October was over, he was flooded with people tweeting him telling to change his name since Halloween was over... so he changed it to "Spooky Jim".
  • For some reason, a German TV program once asked Tyler and Josh to act out the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet... in German. The results were humorous.
    • After hilariously stumbling through the German script, Tyler doesn't recognize "Capulet" as the original English name and pronounces it as "Capoolet". He is immediately corrected by Josh.
  • While touring in Australia, Tyler is attacked by a bird and Josh greets a chill kangaroo.
  • During the 2015 VMAs, the band was seated two rows behind Kanye West. One of the "moments" of the evening was Kanye dancing to The Weeknd. In all videos/gifs of this, the band are visible behind him. While Jenna, Josh, and Halseynote  all seem fairly normal, if a little bored, Tyler looks incredibly uncomfortable. The following day, Buzzfeed put up a "Which Audience Member Sitting Behind Dancing Kanye Are You?" quiz. Unfortunately whoever made the quiz was unfamiliar with the band and not only mistook Jenna for a seat filler (and Halsey for Ruby Rose), but ended up making Tyler's result "That guy who just fucking hates Kanye".note 
  • Tyler and Josh ran a poll on Twitter where fans could vote for one of them to tattoo his name onto the other onstage. Accompanying this was an extensive faux-presidential campaign involving cheesy slogans, petty attack ads, and a series of debates over serious issues like putting Red Bull in school vending machines, integrating Twitter and Instagram, and eliminating social media advertisements.note 
    • This gem:
    Tyler: -but when I see someone with an egg profile pic, they don't matter!
    Josh: But my stance is that they do matter. And so do you. Vote for Josh Dun.
    • One of Tyler's attack ads:
    Voice-Over: Josh Dun: a loving, caring family man. But did you know he pours his milk before he pours his cereal?
    Tyler: My name's Tyler Joseph and I approve this message.note 
    • Also from one of Tyler's ads:
    Voice-Over: Josh Dun: an enthusiastic show drummer. But does he know the lyrics to his own songs? Well... he knows, like, "Holding On To You" because he's been playing it for so many years. But the other stuff? No.
    • That being said, Josh's attacks had some great humor too.
    Voice-Over: Tyler Joseph says he will get everyone verified on Twitter. But do you know who's not verified on Twitter? His entire family.
    Josh: My name is Josh Dun and I approve this message.
  • Tyler and Josh's trip to Disney World is Adorkable nonsense from start to finish.
  • Tyler and his family's HarlemShake video. Planking Papa Joseph is the kicker.
  • During the 2016 Emotional Roadshow, Tyler, Josh, and opening bands Mutemath and Chef'Special covered Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". The fact that they played the Titanic song with complete sincerity is funny itself, but Josh brought it over the top by replicating the film's most famous scene by standing in front of Tyler, arms spread Kate Winslet-style, at the song's high note.
  • Near the end of "The Judge" during the chorus, you can hear Tyler shouting "JOSH DUN!" in the background.
  • David McCreary's interview of Tyler and Josh that's way too awkward and hilarious to not be staged.note 
    • At the start, David claims that Josh's name is Todd, even when he and Tyler both try to correct him.
    • Next, David ends up taking the band name a bit too literally.
    David: Do we just wait for the rest of the guys, or...?
    Tyler (to Josh): He thinks there's more people.
    Josh: More people in the band?
    David: Yeah.
    Tyler: There's just two of us.
    David: Well, there should be... nineteen more.
    (Josh facepalms)
    Tyler: Oh, there it is. That's a good joke.
  • For Christmas 2016, Tyler joined some friends at his home church to perform a few parodies of standard Christmas Songs, with Tyler in full Deadpan Snarker mode.
  • On a select number of tour dates on the 2017 Emotional Roadshow, Tyler put aside part of the show to play Mario Kart with a fan onstage.
  • The band's first (and so far only) Grammy was accepted, as promised, in their underwear.
  • Tyler and Jenna's wedding dance. Words can't really do it justice.
  • Josh has now become aware of how nigh-impractically bright his hair can be.
  • Josh may have just confirmed himself as a fan of h3h3productions.
  • After a year-long social media hiatus from both Josh and Tyler, Josh finally broke the silence with two tweets:
    Sorry about all that. Tyler and I were tying to decide which one of us is still in the band and who is out etc. I think we got it sorted now
    • Tyler responded with an equally ridiculous excuse:
  • This twitter exchange:
  • Trench was released on the same week as the A Star Is Born (2018) soundtrack. The band acknowledged this with this tweet.
  • At a festival show in Quebec, Tyler asked Josh if he'd be willing to sing "Can't Help Falling In Love" with him. Josh jokingly replied he would if he would still be allowed to sit. Cue a duet with Josh sitting on Tyler's shoulders.


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