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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

SPOILER ALERT: As a Moments subpage for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. Venture past this point only if you dare! You Have Been Warned.

In General

  • Crash's triumphant dance.
  • With Coco Promoted to Playable, The Many Deaths of You are still inherited from Crash to her.
  • A new idle animation was added: Crash and Aku Aku playing volleyball with a Wumpa Fruit. Aku Aku having to hit it back with his face is funny enough, but the ending results in Aku spiking the Wumpa into Crash's face. Even Crash is amused by it.
  • The intro cinematic. A stack of the low-poly boxes is next to a high-poly machine. A low-poly version of Crash comes in, waves to the audience, then comes back a moment later with a bunch of Wumpa fruit. Crash trips over the crate, knocking the Wumpa and a few boxes into the machine, and the machine spits out their remastered versions. Crash jumps into the machine, rides out on the conveyor belt in his remastered form with a cool pose, only to fall off the edge and land on his head.
  • Coco's cell phone has a few:
    • Coco's phone can explode during her idle animation. Can be seen as a Hilarious in Hindsight and Take That! to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a phone that is infamous for exploding.
      • While the explosion doesn't damage Coco, it can trigger a nearby TNT or nitro crate, that can damage you.
      • This doesn't prevent her from pulling out another phone from her pocket for further idle animations, suggesting she has a cache of them ready to go to replace exploded ones.
    • It is entirely possible for her phone to ring and take a call, which will automatically lower the background music during the ringtone, then bring it back up when she's hung up.
  • Coco as a whole has far less patience for player incompetence than Crash, as a lot of failures will have her doing an accusing Death Glare at you. Fail to get the coloured gem in one life in Crash 1 and she'll outright throw a temper tantrum at you.
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  • The more intricate graphics and facial expressions mean some of the bosses' cartoony defeats are amped up humorously. Tiny's eyes pop out Wile E. Coyote style when he's about to plummet in his first boss, while Dingodile's delayed Oh, Crap! reaction to his flamethrower readying to detonate is priceless.
  • In a meta example, Sony created a trio of playlists to promote the game, showing off theoretical mixtapes for Crash, Coco and Cortex. Crash's is mostly motivational songs and energetic rock, Coco's is songs heavily centered around girl power anthems. And Cortex? His underlying theme is "comforting ballads to cry to after Crash foils his plans."

Crash Bandicoot (1996)

  • The more crates you miss in the original levels, the more Crash gets hurt. It starts with him cowering as usual, after 10 he cowers even more, after 20 he's on his knees, after 30 he's lying on the ground, after 40 he's been knocked unconscious. The best part? He gets right back up off the ground afterwards, as if nothing even happened.
  • How does Crash reveal a box gem this time? Apparently, he coughs it up - literally. Alternatively, he'll knock it out of his ear or pull it out of his pants. The latter was even Bowdlerised from the original previews, where Crash would reach his hand down the front of his pants, while the released version has him reaching down the back, giving the impression of a literal Ass Pull.
  • The Colored Gem challenges require a No Death Run like it was in the original. If you do die and end the stage the following message will appear with an extremely annoyed Crash tapping his toe. The same with Coco, who shakes in anger before huffing and turning around and sitting down away from you, whilst occasionally glaring at you, effectively having a tantrum.
    Nearly Perfect
    ...But you died
    Nearly Perfect
    ...But you missed the gem
  • During the Tawna bonus levels, Tawna goes from being a quiz-show type hostess to being kidnapped by Cortex. As in, when Crash reaches the end, Cortex swoops in on his hoverboard and snags Tawna.
  • In a Black Comedy way, Crash and Coco's rather exaggerated terror at the boulder levels can be darkly comedic.
  • The warthogs in the bridge stages can sit down and pant like dogs. Bonus points if they are on a section of the bridge that has no platform.
  • The first five bosses now have extra animations that play when defeated:
    • When Papu Papu collapses, Crash bounces off his stomach to launch himself through the ceiling.
    • Rather than collapse on one of the platforms, Ripper Roo falls down the waterfall.
    • Koala Kong gets angry at Crash and jumps on the mine track, but a mine cart comes in from the right side of the screen and carries him off.
    • Pinstripe now falls off the desk and the lamp above him falls down.
    • N. Brio stumbles backward through the window in the back of the room and attempts to fly back up by flapping his arms, much like Tiny in Crash 2, before falling down again.
  • Hog Wild/Whole Hog's music now has stock sound effects dispersed within an already manic song, highlights include a typical bonk, a bike horn, and a cuckoo clock.
  • The 100% ending. While Crash and Tawna fly away from Cortex's lair, Tawna leans in to kiss Crash just as he slips and proceeds to dangle upside down on the bird's neck, with Crash surprised, then enjoying himself. What sells it is Tawna's Blink-and-You-Miss-It expression before the scene ends.
  • On the floor of Pinstripe's office is a crayon drawing of him shooting at Crash, with a "no" sign drawn over Crash. A similar drawing was there in the original too.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  • The intro scene of the original game, after Cortex's Evil Laugh and discovering the crystals, had the match carried by Cortex slowly fading away. This time the match fades away instantly with only Cortex's eyes visible in the dark.
  • Crash sleeping when Coco asks him for a new battery. Also, in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, you can see Coco playing Uncharted, from Naughty Dog the original developers of Crash Bandicoot, on her laptop. This is a Shout-Out to the Shout-Out of Uncharted 4's Easter Egg mini-game.
  • N. Brio's first cutscene is much more animated, having him frequently interrupt himself with psychotic giggling that makes his holographic head move around erratically. Just before his transmission ends, he looks at Crash with an out-of-nowhere bemused expression as if he was acting calm and collected the entire time.
  • The normal ending adds a bit of hilarity: as Coco mentions the Cortex Vortex is "still up there", a crab passes by the sleeping Crash and drags him offscreen, with neither sibling the wiser.
  • If you try to jump into a portal as Coco that only Crash can enter (such as a boss) then Coco will simply fail to enter, knock her head into the wall behind the portal, and fall down onto her butt, being rejected by the portal. In Warped, you can see her facial expression when this happens, she looks so... defeated.
  • If you choose "No" when asked if you want Coco to join you, she'll give an unsurprising What the Hell, Hero? look.
  • Speaking of Coco, the plot of the game has her being suspicious of Cortex and warning Crash about trusting him. Now, considering that Crash is supposed to be the Idiot Hero that he is and gather all the crystals for him like he does normally, three guesses as to what Coco ends up doing when you play as her?
  • After unlocking the 100% ending, go back to Rock It. Fake Crash is just dancing in space outside of the first glass tube there.
  • The basis for the Cortex N. Furiated trophy, in which Cortex is increasingly infuriated with Crash when the latter fails to get a crystal before leaving the level, and can be done up to three times before he decides to leave Crash on his own until he collects a crystal. What really sells it is the look he gets when he has to explain the second time what a crystal looks like.
  • The booby traps in the space station levels are shrink rays just like in the original, only when Crash or Coco fall victim to them here, they look around with confused expressions, only starting to realise something is changing.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

  • In the redone intro cutscene for Warped, when Crash attempts to follow Aku Aku and Coco into the house, he runs full tilt into the door, prompting Coco to pull him in while Crash is seeing stars.
  • In the medieval levels:
  • The two KO animations of Coco in Chinese Wall levels. The first is similar to the original game, where Pura The Tiger gets slammed against the obstacle. What makes it funny this time is the googly eyes Pura has after he is slammed. The second was changed — after Coco and Pura tripping on an obstacle, instead of Coco fainting and Pura coming to her, Pura falls directly in the arms of Coco and starts licking her. It is as funny as it is adorable.
  • N. Tropy's little eye roll when he says Dr. Cortex's name during his floating head intro. Both funny and a nice nod to the fact he clearly doesn't think much of his colleague.
  • During N. Tropy's boss fight, hitting him results in the sound of a cuckoo clock striking.
  • In the Tiny boss fight, when Tiny jumps up and sics the lions on you, the audience does the Wave. When you defeat Tiny, they proceed to throw tomatoes at him.
    • Also during this fight is a funny and awesome easter egg should you attempt a trick from the original game. In the original Warped, you could stand in a certain spot and avoid the wave of lions. If you attempt the same trick in the N. Sane Trilogy, the audience will throw cheese at you.
  • Should you crash into a mine or a Nitro box in the jet ski levels, Coco will take the time to scowl at the screen (and by default, you). Even funnier if you intentionally piloted her into it.
  • Get anything less than 1st place in the motorbike levels, Crash will stare at the camera in confusion, faceplant on his handlebars, and get sucked through the warp portal feet first, dejected.
  • The secret entrance to Hot Coco in the level Road Crash is pretty well hidden, so the developers added a funny hint to its location: a bird flying right into the level's entrance signpost with an audible splat.
  • While most of Coco's death animations are tamer compared to her big brother's, there's one notable exception. Crash getting carried away by a pterodactyl in the prehistoric levels has him get pulled away by his wrists. Coco, on the other hand, gets pulled away by her hair.
  • The line from Cortex during the first ending ("...and a woman with nice, big... bags of ice for my head") is made even funnier this time around thanks to his exaggerated hand gestures and the fact that a musical beat is added for emphasis.
    • There are sound effects added as well. When Cortex says "beach", you can hear seagulls. When Cortex says "drink", you can hear a glass clinking. When Cortex says "nice, big...", you can hear inflating balloons.
  • Tiny and Dingodile don't disappear once you beat them, and you're not automatically sucked into the Warp Portal. It is possible to bounce on them, push them around the field, and belly flop on them just because you want to. Which makes Cortex's comment even funnier:
    Cortex: Please be more reasonable with my minions next time.
  • Meta example: with the "Future Tense" DLC, it is entirely possible to use Future Tense's two gems and relic to skip over one of the original levels entirely and get the 105% for official "completion" and the final round against Cortex; whatever level is left gives you 108% no matter what level that is.


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