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  • The fun begins immediately at the title screen! Not only do you get the "Crash gets clobbered by the CTR letters", made even funnier with the improved graphics, but if you deliberately wait at said screen, Crash will not appreciate it. He'll get a cramp in his cheeks from smiling, subtly dart his eyes toward the "Press START" text before outright pointing at it, roll his eyes exasperatedly, start sleeping, look at a butterfly flying by...
    • With the Spooky Grand Prix comes more title screen fun: wait long enough and Nina will pull Crash off the title screen and take his place.
  • Remember the glitches accompanying Penta Penguin in the NTSC version of the original? Especially "Penguin Yay 1" and the fact that he has both Aku Aku AND Uka Uka for the Mask powerup? Well, Beenox did, and instead of just correcting the bugs, they decided to run with them! Penta now actually says "Penguin Yay 1" for real, and he has Ambiguously Evil moments in his victory animations!
  • Many podium victory animations are just hilarious:
    • Krunk notices his headdress has fallen slightly off after a handstand and sheepishly readjusts it.
    • Little Norm does some mime tricks, then smacks his face into the invisible wall right in front of him while attempting to take a bow. He falls onto another invisible wall he apparently created beforehand.
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    • Real Velo plays to the crowd, hamming it up, then puts a hand to his ear expecting to hear applause. He instead recieves booing, but carries on undisturbed.
    • Komodo Khan (AKA Komodo Joe dressed like Genghis Khan) shows off with a huge morning star, but it's clearly too heavy for him, and it falls first on his head, then on his foot.
    • Bulldog Zam... pisses. Nothing explicit is shown, but it's cringingly obvious what's he's doing.
    • Shower Cap Oxide. The sheer idea of the costume is silly enough on its own, but for his victory animation he sings into a hairbrush. After he does this, he notices the audience and covers up.
    • Cowboy Fake Crash gets ready to draw out some guns in a stereotypical cowboy pose, and draws them with a goofy laugh... except it turns out that he doesn't have any, much to Fake Crash's panic.
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    • Biker Crash pulls some yo-yo tricks... and then his yo-yo ends up nailing him in a very painful place.
    • Star Coco calls for a teleport out, only to come back a few seconds later with her still normal-sized head on a shrunken body. Something similar happens to Star Oxide, except he first fires his blaster and launches himself offscreen.
    • Mad Scientist Crash imitates Cortex's victory animation while summoning a storm cloud above him. He then suddenly gets struck by lightning right after.
    • Dashing Fake Crash, which dresses the bandicoot in a typical nerdy attire and tooth braces, has him act like a high school sweetheart who bashfully pulls off some moves worthy of Napoleon Dynamite.
    • Baby Crash does his own little Crash dance... only to lose his balance and fall on his face at the end.
    • Gnasty Gnorc gestures to the crowd only to notice a dragon flying overhead, prompting him to petrify it with his scepter. Said dragon promptly falls on his head, squashing him flat. What really sells it is the Oh, Crap! expression he gets when he sees what's coming.
    • Gnome Real Velo rapidly swaps between various poses, standing perfectly still, until he leans seductively on the side while a garden suddenly appears underneath him.
    • Hunter shoots a few arrows off-screen... only to apparently hit someone, drawing a pained cry, at which point he winces and sheepishly shrinks down while rubbing the back of his head.
    • Dark Coco passively checks her mobile phone, then notices the player and rolls her eyes in an annoyed way about having to do her usual victory hop, which is much more half-hearted than usual.
    • Komodo Moe juggles his scimitars until one of them doesn't come down. He acts confused for a moment before shrugging and striking a confident pose... only for said scimitar to land right at his feet, momentarily startling him.
  • The defeat animations of the various characters can be funny as well.
    • Ripper Roo struggles to get out of his straitjacket, only to get tangled up in the sleeves.
    • Penta pretends to die in a very, very over the top manner, after which he sits back up and smiles innocently.
    • Compared to his victory animation, Gnasty comes off a lot more dignified in his defeat animation.
  • The characters also have a lot more room to show personality while racing thanks to having more dialogue and animation, some cases of which can also be pretty funny.
    • Papu Papu while idle will snap his finger twice to his left before pointing to his open mouth indicating "feed me", possibly to one of his villager minions.
    • Pinstripe will loudly yell "Forget about it!" while passing another racer.
    • N. Trance drives standing up, as he likely can't bend his legs. This game also reveals him to be a Waddling Head inside a mechanical suit, so he has to hold himself in when doing a Trick Jump.
    • Real Velo constantly plays to the crowd while he's driving. During a Trick Jump in particular he waves seductively to his left.
    • Liz bats her eyelashes innocently while idle and while racing occasionally shouts that "Your mum's an armadillo!"
    • One of Fake Crash's victory quotes is an especially long soundbite of goofy chuckling. He pantomimes this occasionally while idle.
    • Oxide occasionally remarks that "unicycling sounds fun" if he fails to place first, alluding to his accident. He kicks his four legs during his Trick Jump, which is even funnier if he is wearing his Shower Cap costume, which is designed so that his underside is prominent and his feet wear slippers. A promotional image for the game shows him raising a toothbrush with his free hand during this same gesture.
  • The new "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue offers loads of moments, expanding on those from the original Crash Team Racing or creating new ones outright:
  • Some of the bosses' cutscenes from Adventure Mode are funny as well.
    • Ripper Roo is Laughing Mad as he blows up a massive pile of explosives to introduce himself. The sheer insanity he exudes is enough to get some players to chuckle. After his defeat, he literally coughs the key up to give it to you, though this occurs offscreen.
    • Papu Papu is as ham-tastic as can be, with a quartet of villagers carrying his kart in with him atop it like a palaquin. As he pontificates, Papu Papu smacks his load-bearers aside with his staff till only one remains to struggle to hold him up. That last one gives up the ghost and collapses, only to have Papu Papu slam his staff into the poor guy as a capstone to the shade he's throwing at the player (bonus points for accidentally blaring the horn with his gut as he sits down). Despite this careless display, however, Papu Papu manages a perfect three-point turn to avoid actually running over any of his subjects on the way out. After you beat him, the key he's about to give you has a donut ringed around it, which Papu eats off before handing it over. This is on top of various other things that fall off his person while he digs the key up.
  • The remastered tracks, battle arenas, and Adventure areas have some amusing touches and plenty of Funny Background Events:
    • Citadel City and Cortex Castle feature architecture and stained glass glorifying Cortex to an insane degree. In particular, there are images of an exaggerated muscular Cortex, Cortex holding Uka Uka in an Alas, Poor Yorick pose with Crash's angel below, an immaculate window of Uka Uka (in the style of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy's Game Over screen), and Cortex in drag impersonating Coco. Prominent statues of Cortex pointing also advertise directions. "CTR" at the starting grid is also a neon sign with a Lab Assistant getting electrocuted on it constantly.
    • A Lab Assistant dressed as a knight can be seen trying to pull a sword from a crystal in Gem Stone Valley.
    • In Tiger Temple tigers are seen all over the place. On the bridges above the track, tigers can be seen chasing chickens, but every so often the chicken can be seen chasing the tiger for a change.
    • Papu's Pyramid shows a Lab Assistant in hunting gear perched over the starting gate trying to fire a musket at a sleeping lion, but the musket droops. There is also a Lab Assistant trying to row a boat up a waterfall but staying in the absolute same place, and a class of Fly Traps being taught by one with glasses and a chalkboard.
    • In Polar Pass, the "CTR" sign over the finish line has one of the big polar bears from N. Sane Trilogy stuck on top and afraid to get down, the second iceberg in the criss-cross section has been repurposed into a house marked "FOR SALE", and party lights and music are blasting right next to the jump directly after the seal tunnel.
    • The Bandifish enemy from Warped can be seen as a mounted game fish above the tunnel in Blizzard Bluff, where penguins are seen riding chairlifts.
    • Some of Pinstripe's henchmen can be seen celebrating noisily in Sewer Speedway and Hot Air Skyway. Notably the latter track is given away to gambling, featuring roulettes, casino advertisements, and face cards with Crash, Coco, Cortex, and Pinstripe on them. The former track also features the living blobs from The Lab and N. Brio's boss fight in N. Sane Trilogy; one is slumbering in one of the pipes surrounding its warp pad.
    • Advertisements can be seen in Tiny Arena and Parking Lot for various energy drinks which contain "Element 117", the one originally named "Cortexrulestheworldium" by Cortex in Crash Team Racing (119 in Nitro-Fueled). Said drinks include Wumpa Whip and "Tiny Bits".
  • Hearing the karts honk at a player or other computer characters when they bump into one another is a touch that can catch some players not expecting it off guard. Players can also honk manually when there isn't an item on their person. Horns are also unique to each kart body; arguably the looniest is that of Six Pipes, which is a cartoonish old-style horn.
  • The Nitros Oxide digital comic released alongside the game reveals that while each of the other bosses found their key by intercepting a drone, Ripper Roo found his after a drone accidentally dropped it on his head, leaving him to fish it out of the water he was sitting next to.
    • It's also shown that not only is the intro cutscene's montage seen from the viewpoint of the several drones Oxide has observing the competition, but he's been watching them all from on the toilet. And when he finishes up to scatter his Boss Keys, he has a Toilet Paper Trail.
    • All the tracks and shortcuts were also created by Oxide... or more specifically his team of mistreated and very disgruntled robots, who curse at him in binary behind his back.
    • A Once-Green Mars is shown as a barren parking lot, being of course a victim of Oxide's "Survival of the Fastest". This serves as the Crash Bandicoot universe's explanation for alien life coming from anywhere but there.
  • Pictured above: the CTR TV report for Back N. Time has Stew left in a paralyzed state of shock after he sees the latest karts, and he remains that way for the rest of the video.
  • The Back N. Time track, Prehisoric Playground, is equal parts hilarious and weirdly adorable. The thought process behind it is "What if Fake Crash stole N. Tropy's tuning fork scepter and started messing with it?" The result is a track taking place during the age of the dinosaurs... but everything now wears Fake Crash's iconic overbite, dull eyed stare and massive eyebrows, from the cave-bandicoots, to the dinosaurs, to even Baby T., via a Legendary skin for him. Baby T's podium animation even has his dance, and he wiggles his eyebrows and butt.
  • Hunter's inclusion can be seen as inherently hilarious, since the majority of male anthropomorphic characters in the Crash series wear clothes, fully or halfway. He doesn't.
  • Despite his large size and Big Bad status in his own game, Gnasty Gnorc is a beginner character. For added hilarity, possible explanations for this include him being called "simple" in the intro to Spyro the Dragon and his infamously underwhelming boss fight, making it almost seem like some sort of meta Stealth Insult.
  • Nina's Nightmare has a gravestone with the letter F on it. Evidently, Beenox wanted to pay their respects.
  • N. Brio briefly slips into one of his more memorable incarnations:
    See this piece of machinery? I INVENTED IT!!
  • While speeding through the first hallway of the mansion segment of Nina's Nightmare, one can see appropriately creepy portraits of villains in various guises, including a pigtailed Nina, werewolf Tiny, Frankenstein's monster N. Brio...and then there's ballerina N. Gin doing a pirouette.

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