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Fridge / Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Fridge Horror

  • In the original version of Warped when you defeat N.Gin and his mech explodes, he's hurled into space in a similar manner to his defeat in Cortex Strikes Back, complete with him shouting "NOT AGAIN!". Although he doesn't appear in the game after his fight, N.Gin survived being thrown into space the first time without a spacesuit so it's obvious he was fine after his second defeat. In the N.Sane Trilogy, however, the mech just explodes. You don't see him being sent flying into space or hear him screaming. Coupled with not appearing at all after the fight, this makes it appear that you just flat out KILLED him!
    • Thankfully he's fine, as he's a character in the remastered CTR (which takes place after the events of Warped owing to the appearances of several characters from that game).

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