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With such a wacky, cartoony series as Crash Bandicoot, of course it's bound to have some moments that we find hilarious!

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  • From Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex:
    • Coco has trouble balancing herself on the ice in the level Avalanche despite being a karate-fighting genius, showing much less grace than her brother. She also has her own ascending angel death animation, where she struggles to maintain flight. Both of these are as hilarious as they are Adorkable.
    • As with Cortex's minions in Warped, the Elementals will cut in for a few seconds to deliver banter. This one from Wa-Wa (voice of the late R. Lee Ermey) stands out:
    Wa-Wa: Leave my levels alone!
  • From Crash Nitro Kart:
    • If you fall off the track as a member of Team Cortex, when pulling you out Uka Uka will occasionally chide you for falling. One line that stands out is him telling you "Try driving on the track!"
    • A visual one; N. Trance's body is too bulky to fit him and a steering wheel into a kart. So to steer, he just reaches his gangly arms down and wrenches it side to side himself.
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    • During the intro cutscene, the highest tower of Castle Cortex is beamed away by Velo. N. Gin's instant reaction to the commotion?
    N. Gin: *shakes his fist at Tiny* What did you break now???
  • From Crash Tag Team Racing:
    • Some racer quotes:
    Stew: You ever put a baked ham in a woodchipper? I know I have!
    N. Gin: Ow, my spleen is coming out! ...So that's what it looks like.
    Crunch: Avenge me! Eat a balanced breakfast.
    Coco: Oh, Derryberry!
    • The credits are narrated by N. Gin and Cortex.
    N. Gin: Sanela would like to thank her supportive husband, who picks her up, and BENCH-PRESSES HER! DAILY!

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