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N.Gin has a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with Cortex
The Crash Bandicoot, Jak , Uncharted and TLOU are in the same universe
Crash takes place on a prehistoric Earth (explains the animals) and Jak takes place millions of years later when all most the Crash fauna gave gone extinct except for the plants which have become domesticated in Samos' hut.

Uncharted takes place in present day where some remnants of Crash and Jak (like wumpa fruit and precursor orbs) are present in the world but ridiculously rare.

TLOU takes place in an alternate timeline where Nate failed to stop the baddies in U1 from escaping with El Dorado with the spores/dust that makes people into runners. People then experimented on that to accidentally create the mutated Cordecepys Fungus in the game.

  • The animals of Crash are already explained in-universe as results of Cortex turning them into mutants via his experiments.

Crash's universe is parallel to Sonic's.
Crash and Sonic were both experiments gone wrong. The two games both feature Talking Animals. However, Crash's world is a little zanier than Sonic's, so it is the parallel world.
  • The two series are often compared to each other, and Crash does resemble Sonic.
    • Fun fact: Crash 1's working title during development was "Sonic's Ass," because it was meant to be a version of Sonic where you were constantly viewing the action from behind, thus having the main character's backside front-and-center at all times. The similarities between the two are far from coincidence.

The crystals and the silver gems in Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back was positioned intentionally by other protagonists and a hidden character.
It's a bit of an acrid strategy, but it would be a little weird and disorganized if Cortex assigned the locations of the crystals- If he was so sure Crash's fate would be sealed instantly like he wanted in the first game. My idea is that N.brio had organized the silver gems in order to grab crashes attention to them instead of the pink crystals, which for some reason he never became crashes enemy by obtaining them, like he had warned beforehand. Cortex could not have referred to the pink crystals, he could have been lying so he could attempt to get away at the ending, instead Crash Bandicoot was supposed to achieve picking up the colored gems. Explaining that observations solidity, and how the pink crystals were so easy to obtain despite the risks of being picked up from random strangers. Technically, N.Brio dreaded the idea of Crash wanting to collect all the pink crystals in order to free himself of the warp room hell and save the world. Heres the thing though, someone, like maybe a "hidden character" perhaps, had organized the location of the crystals and preserve them so that they can sustain their state of power? This goes to the theory that some druid-like monk had summoned specific area's to place the crystals. Cortex in essence already knew of the crystals, but originally wanted to place them in a position that Crash could not reach without encountering fate. Someone clearly pulled a hostage on N.Brio before he could find out crashes unwarranted collection of the Pink crystals.

Koala Kong originally set out a secret initiative to bomb Cortex Island.
Crash, ironically, had stopped what could have ended Cortex's reign of terror at an instant. Clearly Koala Kong had a massive stock of explosives (Read: TNT crates) that the whole other two islands were covered in. If that was not glaring in the first place, the string of explosive crates found on N.Sanity island or Lost City island could have been decoys to submerge any suspicion. Of course Crash being an oblivious, walking mutant rat did not know right off that those TNT were not set to kill him, but rather to keep a checkerboard stock location for explosives, since very few modern day people live on the islands. To influence the immediate conflict the two had right off the bat, Crash also injured dozens of Natives who were also plotting an attack against Cortex island. They only added barriers because they had the impression that Crash Bandicoot was an assigned sabotage project. Regardless of his mistakes, the wrongful strike against Kong made the destruction of Cortex island a half-assed victory Crash only did all by himself with no help.

Tawna broke up with Crash due to his connections with spiritual forces.
A case of "the world is not ready yet" is the (only) saddest thing in Crash's life. Crash was depicted as lazy in the intro from Crash Bandicoot 2. He probably slept all day due to some bottled up dredging about Tawna and why she broke up with him. He could only cry in his dreams though, thats how abnormal Crash was. Maybe the fact Tawna was more aware of the dangers of Aku or Uka's power being connected to him, had brought up unhealthy worry and passive aggressive tendencies. Also, Crash was not the brightest bulb in the socket. As a Wild Mass Guess this is probably the best one because a lot of other fans can go on saying the new, crackheaded Bandicoot resembles someone who beats their relatives.

After she was fed up with how men were treating her, she decided to give women a try. With her
incredible gams, huge breasts and hot blonde hair, every homosexual and bi-sexual woman in the world rejoiced.
  • Quite possibly jossed, as of Nitro-Fueled; it's implied she still has her eyes on Crash, and one of her skins even has Crash's face on her shirt.

Aku Aku and Uka Uka have systematically evolved.
Besides the design team being a bunch of dramatic idiots pulling off a Christopher Nolan, and failing, but the one justified reason for their design changes are due to dramatic morphs from an evolutionary standpoint. Stupid as it may seem it makes sense that their spiritual experiences in time had evolved them.

The Time Station in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped also goes gives access to alternate realities.
The time setting in progressive levels (such as the Racing and Medieval themed levels) look very similar with a few glaring differences besides the weather and time. There is a ladder that supports this claim. First off, it seems that the Medieval and futuristic levels have a progressive meta-sequel infrastructure to each and every one of them. The first castle level had wizards, and kissing frogs. The second had the same thing, but the third and final one actually had a distinct inclusion- A double headed monster, outside of artistry, double headed giants did not really exist outside of a radical birth defect. The hidden and fourth racing level had UFO's instead of land vehicles, this was probably because the whole UFO myth is easily dismissed as false and an entire fabrication. It mostly makes sense since the real world tends to know these more likely as small myths.

The Wampa Fruit are actually the most valuable food products in the franchise.
This is not a genius speculation, but Wampa fruit are the most expensive, and most delicious of the Nectarine family. They resemble a cross between an apple and a peach, and they come in only one color variety which, again, resembles a peach. They might be a dime a dozen on the three islands but they are the most valuable items on that location even more so than the crystals or gems.

N.Brio is actually a malformed clone of Neo Cortex.
Despite the more abrasive judgement, N.Brio is a walking antonym of Neo Cortex in a lot of areas. You could look at his figure, listen to his voice, and even pay attention to the mannerisms, but never be convinced that he is the Yin to the Cortex Yang. The obvious first conclusion is the vie for power in the first game. This is a glaring similarity to an almost insane madman with a large yellow head. Second, it's pretty clear that Cortex had mutated pretty much anything and everything mother nature had to offer the southern american islands. But what if N.Brio is a mutated human clone of Cortex? What branches out of the clone theory is the fact that he is perhaps a missing link that shares some traits of Cortex, and that alternatively had used technology to pass over genetic details. This can best explain a not-so-well-known character a bit more.

Crash is the son of Cortex
Cortex mutated his son into a human bandicoot hybrid and tried to conquer the world with him. But Crash escaped and is now trying to stop his father.

Becoming Crystal Crazy is true and Cortex suffers it.
In a part of Twinsanity Cortex warns Crash that the gaze of the Crystal will make him crazy, however cortex has witnessed the crystal for who know how longs in the second game, so what if he started to become a lessor threat thanks to the madness that he proclaimed to Crash, Crash only recently became insane due to them. Thus why everyone who has taken a long time to look at them either went crazy or a little mad.

Cortex is Nina's father... AND her uncle!
Nina could very well be the product of Brother-Sister Incest. It's possible that they may not have known that at the time though.

"Tiny" in Crash of the Titans isn't really Tiny. He is Pura.
Yes, Coco's pet tiger. Think about it: Even compared to the other characters, Tiny's redesign for Crash of the Titans bears no resemblance to what the character used to be whatsoever. He doesn't appear to be the same species, his meek personality is literally almost the exact opposite of what he used to be like, and though I could be mistaken, I don't think he's ever explicitly referred to by name in any actual dialogue. So I'm theorizing that he really isn't Tiny. The truth is that Cortex kidnapped Pura and used the Evolvo Ray and the Cortex Vortex on him, swaying him to his will. "Tiny's" apologetic attitude and admiration torwards Crash actually makes a lot of sense if we assume he was previously his friend and ally. His child-like personality is because he really is just a cub whose growth was artificially accelerated by Cortex.
  • Whoever wrote this, I think I love you.

Similar to the above theory, the reason "Tiny" looks and acts so different in Crash of the Titans...
...Is because he isn't "Tiny" (or at least, the original Tiny). Instead, he's a replacement because the original Tiny died/retired before the events of the game. After all they are two different species. Classic!Tiny is a Tasmanian Tiger, while CoTT!Tiny is a Bengal tiger.

The grimlys in Mind over Mutant are snakes.
In Mount Grimly, there is a section that has a giant rock snake. I wondered why such a thing would appear in this location, but then it occurred to me that it may have something to do with the grimlys' origin.

N.Gin is dying.
Unlike most design changes across the times he's appeared, he stays mostly the same in terms of design aside from his complexion changing from a normal color, to a sickly green, and now a pale gray. Along with this, he seems to be becoming even more mentally unstable. It may be that his body is rejecting his makeshift life support, or it may be the metals slowly poisoning him. At any rate, the rocket that threatened his life and yet saved it seems to be very slowly killing him.

Uka Uka is, or at least brings, Cortex's angry side
In the original trilogy, at least.

This just struck me when I played the second game; angry Cortex sounds just about like Uka Uka (though it's because they're voiced by the same person). In the third game, Cortex never sounded angry (he in fact apologizes when he isn't angry even though by all means he should), instead Uka Uka attached himself to Cortex's face and gave Crash/Coco a menacing talk. Supported more just before the boss battle - When Uka attached himself to Cortex's face again, Cortex's body seemed to make an appropriate angry gesture for Uka's ultimatum. Thus the conclusion: Cortex speaks his anger through Uka Uka.

Cortex wins in the end, no matter what.
The future levels in Crash 3 feature signs displaying Cortex- and N.Gin-related text, implying that Cortex has some level of prominence in the future. The lack of other signs in the future levels would seem to indicate that, at some point, Cortex does in fact conquer the world, whether on-screen or off.

N. Tropy's absence in the Radical Entertainment games stems from his characterization.
N. Tropy was introduced in the Naughty Dog era as a friend of Uka Uka back when the latter was a Knight of Cerebus. He never decreased as a threat (and he wasn't upstaged by his own pets unlike Cortex), gained a trait that made him Lighter and Softer after his introduction, and wasn't played for laughs as much as Cortex and other characters even with of all the time puns he made. He was chosen to replace Cortex by Uka Uka in N-Tranced and almost succeeds in his plan to capture the bandicoots in that game's prologue stage. And he was implied to be the leader of the alliance that had himself, N. Gin, and N. Brio in Twinsanity. Now, compare Tropy with various other recurring characters in Crash such as the bandicoot himself, Cortex, Coco, etc. and consider how each of them has either decreased as a threat to the point of being repeatedly upstaged by other Big Bads (Cortex), has Took a Level in Dumbass (Crash), and has been made Lighter and Softer along with being played for laughs more than Tropy has throughout the games (various characters). All of this happened even before Crash of the Titans. With the style of the Radical Entertainment era, Tropy wouldn't gone with any of Radical Entertainment's Crash Bandicoot games without either changing his character, using him in place of another, and/or giving him another character's traits and/or role.
  • He had those ceaseless time puns, but even the gag-centric Radical likely wouldn't want to touch them.

Crash is much less stupid than everyone gives him credit for.
For example, perhaps in Crash 2 he wasn't blindly listening to Cortex, he just ignored what he was told and grabbed the crystals because he knew good and well that Cortex wouldn't let him progress in the warp room unless he gets them, and by extension there was no other way to get to Cortex. If he had believed what he was being fed, he probably wouldn't have brought out an immediate offensive against N. Gin. Likewise in Twinsanity, he wasn't fooled for a second by Cortex's lousy disguise, he just followed to see what was going to happen. So, he's actually quite savvy, he just doesn't care what anyone else thinks and barely knows a lick of spoken word.
  • He'd know spoken phrases, but perhaps some sort of symptom of the Evolvo-Ray left him incapable of actually talking.
  • Note Crash can pilot an endless amount of vehicles with ease, knows complex battle moves and has outsmarted numerous intellectual villains via methods that involve strategy. Hell, he defeated his own brainiac sister after she was turned evil. Twice. He's also wisdomic enough to end a tribe planet's vitriol with Earth and deduce just from imagination how ruling a universe could not be fulfilling. Crash doesn't use it with excess, but there's definitely a brain in there.
  • Well, keep in mind that Cortex, choose him to be the GENERAL of his army of mutants.

The Hog from Crash 1 and Polar from Crash 2 both hate Crash.
The stages in which they were ridden were all unwelcome. This explains why the Hog tries to kill Crash on the bridge levels (if it's the same one) and why Polar is looking angry with a bat at the "Birthday Party" in Twinsanity. Pura meanwhile was well aware that Coco needed a ride, and did so to help her, as it can be seen she didn't essentially jump on his back with no warning.

Crash adopted Coco
The intro scene in the first game showed a lot of cages in Cortex's lab. It's more than likely that he experimented on many more animals than we realize (especially evident in Pinstripe's "sanitation" facility; you had to fight through a lot of barrel-tossing potaroos just to get to him). Coco was the result of one such experiment, a young bandicoot who was twisted in both mind and body by the Cortex Vortex, much like Crash. She was labeled a failure as, while she was certainly a genius, she wasn't evil and refused to follow orders (Cortex's other minions seem to suggest that he values obedience more than intelligence). Thus, she was left in a cage to rot.

Cue Crash near the end of the first game, defeating Dr. Cortex in battle. It's likely that Tawna wasn't the only mutated animal Crash saved that day; he also let several others out of their cages, including Coco. Upon learning that Coco had no family to go home to, Crash decided to adopt the young bandicoot as his little sister. His relationship with Coco became especially important after Tawna left him. With his number-one girl gone, protecting and looking after Coco was the only thing that gave Crash purpose.

  • Would add adorable Fridge Brilliance as to why Coco feels the need to call him "big brother/oniichan" at every opportunity.

Polar and Pura are smarter then they look
  • Well they can pilot karts and space crafts, so it wouldn't be unlikely.

Tiny was The Mole in Cortex Strikes Back
In the second game Tiny first appears, albeit seemingly as a servant of N. Brio sent to stop Crash and Cortex. The next game he is inexplicably listed as Cortex's creation and his most loyal minion. Notice however Tiny's personalised lair in the second game is in Cortex's space station. Also Cortex would later send N. Gin to gather Crash's current amount of crystals, despite not having the necessary amount to power his device. It would make sense if similarly, Cortex sent Tiny to "steal" Crash's collected number to ensure he secured at least some amount in his possession in case Crash got suspicious (which he did).

The bonus rounds in the first Crash game are hallucinations to Crash's past.
When Crash gets warped to bonus rounds themed after Tawna, Brio and Cortex, he's actually retreating into his mind and reliving warped memories due to the stress of his adventure. The bright, cheery Tawna levels represent happier times, from before Crash's abduction by Cortex; a carefree life in the wild with his mate. The darker, more unforgiving Cortex and Brio levels represent the constant danger and fear from the time Crash was experimented upon and moulded into the super-soldier Cortex wanted him to be.

Dr. Neo Cortex and Nina Cortex's odd skin colors are due to medical conditions.
Specifically, Dr. Cortex has jaundice, a condition that discolors the skin and mucuous membranes due to excessively high levels of bilirubin in the blood, and Nina has argyria, which causes blue-tinted skin because of overexposure to silver. Maybe the Cortex family has a genetic disposition to imbalance of elements in the bloodstream, or something along those lines.

N. Tropy was helping Cortex and Brio behind the scenes
Which is how Cortex and Brio got a Tasmanian Tiger and many other animals.

Tawna will either be redesigned or retconned for the remake
Possibly replaced by Coco.
  • Jossed - She's returning for the first game remaster at least.

Tawna will not be replaced, but instead given a much larger role in the remake along with a voice.
Assuming that the original trilogy is being remade for the PS4 from the ground up, it is a possibility that the story for the original game will be expanded upon with more cutscenes, including some showing how Tawna is more than just a Damsel in Distress as she tries to escape from Cortex by herself but is outmatched by Cortex's minions at every turn. And she will appear in the remakes of the other two games, providing more detail about her relationship with Crash.
  • Jossed. She doesn't speak or appear in the two games, through it's hinted she's constantly escaping only to keep getting recaptured in the first game.

The remake of the original game will expand on its story with cutscenes and new levels.
The cutscenes will explain Crash's origins as Cortex's guinea pig, how he met Aku Aku, and even what was happening at Cortex's castle with Tawna and/or Coco. New levels will be added to further expand the story, and they will include one at the beginning showing how Crash escaped the castle in the first place, and maybe even a few others in which Tawna or Coco are playable.

If the remakes are successful enough, there will be new Crash Bandicoot games following stories that render the events of "Crash of the Titans" and "Mind Over Mutant" non-canon.
Instead of going the way of the Radical games, the new Crash games will retain more elements from the original trilogy, "Wrath of Cortex", and maybe even "Twinsanity". At the same time, it could include new elements, like an exploration and even more playable characters such as Crunch.

The bears in "Un-Bearable" from Cortex Strikes Back are Polar's parents and other relatives.
They are chasing Crash because they want revenge against him for riding their son.

Ripper Roo has some form of OCD.
No, this isn't a WMG that says Ripper Roo's entire insanity is caused by OCD. Just one portion of it- in the fight against him in Cortex Strikes Back, he jumps on the Nitro Crates once he's done, exposing his weak point. Random insanity? Not quite- look at the pattern the Nitro Crates make, especially the second pattern. A nice-looking arrangement... with the last crate being out of position. Roo is annoyed his beautiful pattern got flubbed.

Obama killed Crash
Mind over Mutant (the last game in the series until the N-Sane Trilogy) came out in 2008, the same year Barack Obama became president. Afterwards, there was no new Crash game for 8 years (unless you count the mobile racing games) until 2016, the year he appeared in Skylanders: Imaginators, and the year Donald Trump became president.
  • This would explain Donald Trump being orange, since he is a huge bandicoot fan.
  • Or you know, it could all be a coincidence utterly unrelated to politics...

Cortex was once a good scientist trying to save civilization
An unspecified disaster has wiped out human civilization. Humans are either completely extinct or reduced to primitive tribes like in the first game. Cortex, Brio and N.Gin begin using the Evolvo-Ray to create intelligent animals to restart civilization. However, the trio has been stealthily corrupted by Uka Uka's influence, who gave Cortex inspiration to build the Cortex Vortex. It's likely that the machine would have enslaved everyone under Uka Uka's command instead.

Coco maintained the Time Twister after N. Tropy's defeat in Warped.
After N. Tropy is defeated, Uka Uka and Cortex both berate the Bandicoots with Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! regarding the Time Twister, which does eventually fail. Yet it only fails after you've completed all you need from it to beat the two. The N Sane trilogy shows that Coco learned how to control it. Perhaps all that time she spent standing around was actually her first learning how to use the Time Twister, and then keeping it intact long enough for them to finish the job? And nothing says Cortex couldn't have been doing something on his end of the Time Twister either. But since neither of them had Trophy's expertise, the Time Twister eventually collapsed on itself.

N Tropy hails from Crash Nitro Kart's Fenomena.
N Tropy is a blue-skinned man with a clockwork body who, upon defeat, seems to revert into energy while leaving behind his broken clockwork body. This does not seem to be a human, but instead some form of Rubber-Forehead Alien from a planet whose society has mastered time travel. Such a society would fit the clock-obsessed, Steampunk styled planet seen in Crash Nitro Kart, the third planet, Fenomena.

Crash has a neurological disorder of some sort.
Hence his inability to produce coherent speech and occasionally erratic behaviour. He can probably communicate in sign language, but not many people besides Coco know it, so he's self-conscious about it. It's easier for him to play it off as being a mute lunatic.

Hypothetical Crash game post N. Sane Trilogy
(Outside of Crash Team Racing remastered, at least)

1) If Cortex (and/or Uka Uka and Tropy) can come out of their condition in the end of Warped, then the new game would at least explain how. I've got a hunch that the Evil Twins from Twinsanity might be involved as they can jump through space and dimensions.

2) Assuming Cortex (and/or Uka Uka and Tropy) doesn't come back, then my guess is that the next main villain would be Brio. With Cortex out of the picture, Brio would be free to further his ambitions of world domination with his mutated animals. He might be the one behind Rilla Roo's creation, and/or maybe even Crunch. N. Gin might be coerced to work with him, or instead allies with Crash to stop him (simply beacuse he's more loyal to Cortex).

Cortex is hispanic
His surname could be a deformation of Cortez, with the X added because he thinked was cool. Also Neo is a word from Latin and means New. Also is daughter/niece name Nina is from Latin origin. Other proof is that he says to have served in Da Nang, with likely means that is from US or Australia. Given the racism during the 50s/60s towards Latinos, maybe his "evilness" is desire to revenge.

A future game is going to reference the infamous Emu War.
A wacky wildlife-related endeavor that took place in Australia? Sounds like perfect fodder for Crash Bandicoot to me. This could range anywhere from a brief joke that sounds too silly to be true to a full-on military-themed emu boss who might actually be a stupidly old veteran of the actual Emu War, or at least a younger descendant of such.

Ripper Roo was considered a failure because he liked hugs.
Probably much like what Cortex did to Nina, Ripper Roo was probably a huggy fellow even after Cortex's first attempt with the Cortex Vortex. Cortex probably didn't like this too much and as such, bound Ripper in a straitjacket and tried again. Ripper Roo's insanity was probably due to an overexposure to the Vortex. It's a strange theory, but think about how all of his recolored skins in Nitro Fueled seem to texture his straitjacket like various patterned sweaters; something soft and cozy.

Ripper Roo is Obfuscating Stupidity.
He's probably a lot smarter than he looks if he can get a doctorate and run for state governor.

N. Tropy is a Time Lord.
Somebody had to say it.

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