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Pacific City is Paradise City from Burnout Paradise in its future, and becomes Oceania from Extreme-G 3, as well as Big Blue from F-Zero GX
Think about it. Paradise City was overrun with street racers. Law enforcement was non-existent. Crime would have run rampant. Paradise City being modeled after Los Angeles, it's all too likely that Paradise City, as many project LA will, separated from its mainland by moving with its tectonic plate along a fault line. Criterion, the developers of the Burnout series never showed us the dark side of Paradise.The three urban districts became the main districts of Pacific City: Harbor Town became The Den, run by The Volk; Palm Bay Heights became La Mugre, home to Los Muertos; and downtown became The Corridor, run by the Shai-Gen Corporation. Crime has taken over, and only The Agency can set things right. The other two districts of Paradise City remained attached to the mainland, leaving only the urban sectors to become Pacific City. It's highly likely that the local gangs used street racers to take control of the streets. As for the "It used to be attached to a continent" bit, you can sometimes see large rocks, maybe other islands, maybe the continent Pacific City used to be attached to, in the far distance from some of the coastal areas. There's even a still active street racing community. As Pacific City gets carried further out to sea, eventually the mainland will no longer be visible. The city will be converted to a tourist destination, and become Oceania, as seen in Extreme-G 3. A couple hundred years later, it will be converted again, this time into an industrial complex, becoming Big Blue, as seen in F-Zero GX.
The Los Muertos Gang as seen in Crackdown is the same gang as the bandits known as Los Muertos as seen in Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
The two gangs have more than a passing resemblance:
  • Both are named the same. Pretty obvious.
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  • Both are mostly comprised of Latin Americans.

Though they are two vastly different groups and have vastly different insignias, it's fairly easy to draw the connections. Though they were bruised and battered at the hands of Nathan Zachary and the Fortune Hunters, the gang survived. After two Die Spinne attacks on Chicago, the United States started coming back together to face off against Herr Hitler and The Wehrmacht. This was the perfect time for Los Muertos to rebrand itself. They moved westward, into the Nation of Hollywood, and became a drug cartel. Once everything settled down, they got some connections in South America and started selling drugs on the streets. The city they operated in became known as Paradise City and overrun with street racers. They took advantage of the racers and became one of the largest criminal forces in the city. They took control of the area known as Palm Bay Heights, the residential/tourist area. When Paradise City detached from the mainland and became Pacific City, the area they controlled became known as La Mugre, "The Dirt".


The Agent program is a distant precursor to the SPARTAN program in Halo.
Why else would the Halo 3 beta be packaged in with an otherwise unaffiliated game? Crackdown wasn't unaffiliated at all. Instead, the Agents were a very early attempt at supersoldiers along the same lines as the SPARTA Ns. If anything, you could call the Agents SPARTAN-Zeros, since they came well before the more popular SPARTAN-I and IIs.Furthermore, as the Agent progresses, his armor gets a more and more 'powered' look to it. A couple even wear visored helmets into battle.
  • MS does own Halo, so this could be true. Plus, do we have proof this is on Earth? Humanity had HUNDREDS of planets. This could be a Rebel planet.
  • Furthermore, the mutant freak outbreak seen in Crackdown 2 could be seen as a localized Flood infestation. Being a Rebel planet, Pacific City's government wouldn't be able to call upon the UNSC for help containing it. So, the Agency's superpowered Agents would have to step in to protect the city again. It could even be that the Agency knew that the Flood were coming, and the 'Crackdown' seen in the first game was simply a test of the Agent program's capability of fighting off large numbers of attackers at once. Crackdown 2 gets to see the fruits of those labors.
  • The original purpose of the SPARTAN-I and SPARTAN-II projects was to supress rebellions; the end result of the SPARTAN-II Project just nicely dovetailed with the Scary Dogmatic Aliens, which mirrors the fact that the Peacekeepers are the harbingers of a police state. As for the infected being floodified, I'm going to argue that they were a result of a different SPARTAN Project (SPARTAN-Negative I?).
    • Seeing as Crackdown 1's mutants are minions of the same scientist responsible for the Agents, this isn't too farfetched. These mutants are possibly 'washouts' of the SPARTAN-Zero program, in much the same vein as the washouts of the Fall of Reach novel.

The Agent is a prototype for the Supersoldier from, er, [PROTOTYPE]

Related to the above WMG. At the end of the game the Agent is an absolute hulk who can clear buildings in a single leap. Qualities similar to those possessed by the Blackwatch Supersoldiers, who are the only human (well, humanoid) mooks who can rival Alex Mercer's abilities. Like the Supersoldier, though, the Agent still isn't quite a match for Mercer. He can't run along vertical surfaces, for one thing...

  • Even more so in 2. The Freaks are humans mutated by a virus, who slowly progress from basically zombies to giant apelike monstrosities covered in pus. Maybe Czernenko was experimenting with a different strain of Blacklight (ability to spew acid, but vulnerable to sunlight)?

In Crackdown 3, Catalina Thorne reverse-engineers the Agent's remains and makes her own batch.
Personally, I'm looking forward to actually playing on the good-guys side.

The infection is an early strain Of the Zerg Infestaion virus form Starcaft.
The infectees fit the description. They can borrow underground, they are vulnerable to UV rays and are certainly harder to kill then regular Civies. There are even ones that act like Banelings.

The Agency's shoot-on-sight violation of the criminal's rights is for the greater good.

The Director is a Psychopathic Manchild with no friends.
  • It's just something about the way he comments on how cools things are, how eager he is for you to chase renegade spheres, how gleeful he sounds when you blow people up or catch on fire, he sounds like a kid trying to impress someone with all his cool stuff and encouraging you to play with them.

The Agency is a successor to the Freemasons.
The prominent part of the logo is derived from the Freemasons' ruler and compass logo.

Crackdown share the same universe with either Saints Row 3 or 4


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