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The Games by Naughty Dog

Mark Mothersbaugh and Josh Mancell (credited as Mutato Muzika) composed varied themes that gave the colorful world of Crash Bandicoot its own soul.

Crash Bandicoot (1996)

  • Josh Mancell has outdone himself more than once, but what may be his greatest Moment of Awesome is when he composed "more-videogame-like" (as they had to be) tracks for the Japanese version of the first game (these) within one effin' day!
  • The boss themes were pretty damn good, including that of the first boss, Papu Papu's. Unfortunately it's a short boss fight.
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  • Hog Wild/Whole Hog. The theme really fits with Crash's cartoony and zany nature, to the point some would say it's the franchise's most iconic theme.
  • Toxic Waste. The level and its accompanied music stands out because of how different it is from the levels which come before and after it. The fast pace suits the level; you have to avoid and dodge barrels while running forward which makes it a thrilling platform experience. The theme's grungy, metal-inspired sound has inspired several metal remixes, such as this one.
  • Generator Room. One of the darkest themes of the franchise. Perfectly fitting for a dark room filled with screens of Cortex's face everywhere, frightening than dark ruins or dark castle corridors.
  • Slippery Climb. The music for this infamous level is a depressing, paranoid and dark tune much like the castle that Crash has to climb and frustrates the player.
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  • The Neo Cortex theme (unless you're playing the Japanese version in which case it's replaced with a different theme, but that one could also pass as crowning music depending on your taste) is one of many, and would inspire 2 and 3's equally badass Cortex themes. This one is the most sinister sounding one, and definitely suits the mood of facing the mad doctor one-on-one.
  • The Great Hall/Final Credits theme. A triumphant and emotional song that perfectly fits with a well-deserved happy ending, after such a long and challenging run. Not surprisingly, it was the theme chosen for the final segment of Crash Team Racing's Scrapbook, in which Naughty Dog pays tribute to the people involved in the making of the games and bids farewell to the franchise, thanking the player for being part of this successful history.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  • The Warp Room theme is perhaps the most recognizable map song in the series, and it's so pleasant that you will spend a little more time wandering around before entering a level just to enjoy more of it.
  • Snow Go captures the feeling of being isolated in a snowy area (and surrounded by rabid spinning penguins) perfectly. There's also a great fan remix of it.
  • The Sewers theme is simply rad. You'll get to hear it often throughout the game, due to the amount of sewer levels there are, and how they tend to be longer than most levels (and yes, for once sewer levels don't suck).
  • The Snow Boulder/Polar Bear level music introduces you into a snowy place, but truly gives a sense of danger as well.
  • The Komodo Bros theme. The darkhorse duo of Crash Bandicoot 2 probably won't take too long to beat, but they make quite the performance.
  • The Tiny boss music would certainly apply. The good news is that you'll probably get to hear the full thing ingame since this boss battle can go on for a while, especially if Tiny decides to screw around and jump unpredictably, or you get bad luck with which platforms decide to drop. Yeah.
  • The theme for the Jetpack levels ("Rock it" and "Pack Attack"). It's probably the Crash Bandicoot theme which has spawned the most online remixes. For fans of this theme, the pre-console version (in other words, the true original version of the theme before it was ported to console to be implemented within the game) has to be heard. You could call this theme the PlayStation equivalent of NES Ducktales's 'Moon Theme'.
  • Many a fan has admitted to losing the final boss on purpose just so they could hear the full version of Neo Cortex's theme.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Crash Team Racing

The Other Games

Crash Bash

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

  • Wizards and Lizards is awesomely creepy and suits being in a creepy castle perfectly.
  • Despite the underwater controls being absolutely terrible, the water levels tend to have very good music. H2 Oh No combines it with a reactor level and one of the best underwater music tracks of the series.
  • Next Eternal Engine level, Fahrenheit Frenzy, has great theme that might as be audible Nightmare Fuel, fittingly for a level inside a volcano.
  • Cortex Vortex, the final level before you fight Crunch and Cortex, has the awesome effect of sounding like you're storming Cortex's base and the exit is merely the door to the final boss in Cortex's spaceship.
  • Solar Bowler. Even more memorable since Crash is dancing with an afro-headed scientist to it over the end credits.
  • Tsunami starts off an atmospheric Asian melody before breaking into a tense techno rave. Very fitting for a quiet little Japanese centric level that suddenly breaks into a terrible flood.
  • That Sinking Feeling; for probably the most awkward and least memorable flying level in the game, the music is incredibly catchy and befitting a dangerous, one-bandicoot airborne assault on a small fleet of battleships, with a pumped-up techno beat reminiscent of something you'd expect to hear in a Spyro the Dragon game. It's just a shame the level will probably be over before you get to hear the whole thing.

Crash Twinsanity

  • If there's one thing every Crash fan loves about Twinsanity, it's the soundtrack kindly provided by the ACapella band Spiralmouth, whose quirky charm still shines through after all these years. For instance, N. Sanity Island gets a bouncy, almost Banjo-Kazooie-esque theme.
  • The first boss, Mechabandicoot, has a tense rock track that pairs nicely with Cortex's pre-battle banter.
  • The music for River Rollerbrawl is...hard to pin a specific genre on, but it definitely fits the ridiculous tone of the rest of the game.
  • Worm Chase features an absolutely hilarious arrangement of Strauss' "The Blue Danube". Likely the funniest track in the game!
  • Uka Uka's battle theme is a hard rock track perfectly befitting a ticked-off ancient god of evil.
  • The music for the Rusty Walrus chase is Spiralmouth's own take on the first section of the Hebrides Overture, providing a frantic, madcap theme for the stage.
  • N. Tropy and N. Brio's battle theme is a funky track featuring copious use of the words "boing" and "ribbit".
  • Rooftop Rampage gives a fittingly badass theme for Nina's first level, in the form of what can only be described as acapella heavy metal.
  • Rockslide Rumble's music is fast-paced and intense, almost sounding like something out of Dreamcast-era Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Twinsanity Island is a Dark Reprise of the N. Sanity Island theme with more of a hip-hop feel to it.
  • Ant Agony is the level before the final boss, and it sounds the part.
  • The Evil Twins theme takes acapella to badass proportions.

Crash Tag Team Racing

  • The soundtrack for Tag Team Racing is a collaboration between ACapella band Spiralmouth and video game composer Marc Baril. The blend of orchestra instruments and mouth sounds provide a soundtrack that matches the game's especially weird and cartoony atmosphere perfectly.
  • Tiki Turbo has epic Pirates of the Caribbean-style music that goes from triumphant to tense to ominous depending on your position in the race.
  • Astro Land features a tune that starts off with a bouncy little techno space theme that then turns into a grungy and surprisingly ominous sounding industrial beat that sounds like a cartoon Nine Inch Nails.

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

  • The Warp Room Theme has become something of a cult favorite version of the main theme by those who've played the game.

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