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Tear Jerker / Crash Bandicoot

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  • N. Gin's entire character arc can be considered this when you stop and think about it. Once an aspiring scientist, a failed missile experiment causes him to be partially paralyzed for life and we see his sanity slowly fall apart. He is constantly defeated by Crash and Coco no matter how hard he tries, is forced to betray his master Dr. Neo Cortex by his vindictive niece in Titans, and is ultimately abandoned by Cortex and replaced with Dr. Nitrus Brio in Mind Over Mutant. What makes the last example particularly heartwrenching is that N. Gin was originally created to replace N. Brio in Cortex Strikes Back, so for the same thing to happen to him must have been devastating for him.
  • Some of Coco's lines referring to her lack of parents.
    Tag Team Racing: I'm telling mom! If we had one.
    Mind Over Mutant: I'm telling Mom... who is she anyway?
    • Supposedly at least Coco's father was eaten by a fox. It's unknown what happened to her mom but she's probably still a normal bandicoot.
  • Throughout Crash of the Titans, Crash is constantly worried over Coco. who has been kidnapped by Uka Uka, with the villains' taunting him and threatening do horrible things to her only making it worse. This is one of the few times you see Crash visibly distressed, and for a Radical title, it's played pretty earnestly, showing just how much he cares about his baby sister. Turns into a Heartwarming Moment when they finally reunite.
  • All the boss racers in Crash Nitro Kart are rather bluntly dismissed by Velo after you defeat them (and implied to be punished offscreen). Krunk in particular looks rather dejected from losing his world key. Though Crash makes it better with a gift in the Hero story, he is still sent away in disgrace. While Crunch and Coco are exchanging wary and unsettled looks from this, Crash just looks rather downbeat at losing a new friend.
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  • The evil ending to Crash Bash is this mixed with a tall order of Nightmare Fuel. After Uka Uka gets his "hands" on all the crystals, Aku Aku, powerless to stop him, questions his theory of good always triumphing over evil, and begs Crash and Coco to run and save themselves.
  • Though Evan Wells' comment on how Crash is doing now certainly is funny, you can't help but feel the sadness along with it:
    Evan Wells: It's a bit like watching your daughter do porn.
    • It's even sadder when Mind Over Mutant effectively dealt a deathblow to the franchise until Activision picked it up again eight years later.
  • Naughty Dog Scrapbook from Crash Team Racing, considering this was the last Crash game that Naughty Dog developed.
  • Von Clutch's Disney Death in Tag Team Racing definitely counts, although it's followed by a Funny Moment when Crash pats the Black Gem out of Von Clutch's chest.

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