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Tear Jerker / Corpse Party

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Considering it's a game about murder, it's little wonder that Corpse Party has some moments that just make you cry.

Blood Covered

  • Seiko's death. Seeing Naomi try in vain to save her best friend is heart wrenching.
  • Yuka's Heroic Sacrifice in one of the Extra Ends. She confesses her love to Satoshi and begs him to tell her he loves her, even if it's a lie. She dies in her big brother's arms as Yoshiki and Ayumi curse their inability to do anything.
  • Yui's Heroic Sacrifice in the Good Ending. She manages to hold on to the ledge (despite her terrible injuries!) with Ayumi clinging to her legs. When Ayumi is pulled up, she demands that they hurry and run, and tells them to live. Yui-sensei is awesome.
    • We get to see the results of that sacrifice in the extra ending And it is pure heartbreak seeing Yui reminisce about happier days, cry out for her mother and father, and finally lament how cold and alone she feels as her life finally fades.
  • One Wrong End sees Satoshi crossing the Despair Event Horizon after discovering Yuka's body. This turns into Heroic Sacrifice as he gives Naomi his paper doll scrap — one that's rendered meaningless when Ayumi kills her for it.
  • Yuki Kanno (one of the murdered children) is a not a happy figure. She had a fight with her mother one morning and didn't want to go home after school. She ended up telling all of this to her teacher, Yoshikazu Yanagihori, who ended up kidnapping her on Sachiko's orders. This led to her being horrifically murdered. It's hard enough to imagine being a child going through that, but imagine what it was like for her mother, who didn't know that a little argument with her daughter would be the last time she spoke to her.
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  • Seiko pulling Naomi out of darkening from beyond the grave, while mostly a moment of heartwarming, is still one of, if not the moment that'll bring on the tears, since the player learns this while Naomi and Satoshi are discussing the fact that not only will they never see Seiko again, nobody else in the entire world remembers that she even existed since she died in Heavenly Host.
  • The secret scene in chapter 4 where Naomi can say goodbye to Seiko in a dream. Seiko has a last request from Naomi, a kiss. It looks like Seiko is ready to die with no regrets if she gets her last request. Then she starts crying after finally getting a kiss from Naomi about how she's not ready to and doesn't want to die...
  • The Nightmare Fuel page for this series mentions the voice acting adds to the scary factor. The same also holds true for the Tear Jerker moments. The characters' voice acting make the scenes even more powerful, like Naomi's reaction to Seiko's death, Yoshiki's scream if Ayumi dies in a wrong ending and pretty much any time a character weeps.
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  • Kibiki's last moment before his death in the manga. After Kibiki is killed by Naho, his last action is the pet Naho's head and apologize for what he had caused to her by leaving her alone.
  • Tohko Kirisaki, the girl Satoshi runs into in Chapter 4 if he fails to save Naomi. Even though her appearance is an automatic Wrong End, she is first introduced as a girl clearly traumatized by Kizami and fearing for her life. She is found later in Chapter 5 with her tongue cut off and her name tag reveals that she did it to herself after being Driven to Suicide. And how she ended so traumatized is equal parts nightmarish and tragic. She had a crush on Kizami and saw the boy she had a crush turn out to be a sociopath that beat her up to the point of knocking one of her teeth off before declaring he'll kill her, scarring her to the point she had locked herself in the infirmary. And that was after she saw two classmates die and two lose their mind.

Book of Shadows

  • Book of Shadows has a major one when Naomi discovers Seiko's corpse. Sachiko appears and taunts her, claiming that anyone who's died there before will die again and again, no matter what. And each death will be worse than the last, meaning that Naomi's attempt to save Seiko just means she suffered even more. This sends her into a major Heroic BSoD, screaming for someone to save her...
  • Chapter 1 might as well just be titled "You Will Cry." Before Seiko dying once again, there are two moments that you will cry from. One is when Naomi finds Seiko after running away, giving both you & Naomi the idea that Seiko can be saved, but after a short time Seiko confesses that she loves Naomi and Naomi freaks out and runs away crying, which triggers the Darkening and Seiko's death. Before that is a flashback that is nothing short of heart-wrenching as it shows that Naomi getting angry at, and then losing her closest friend is a pattern she's been going through since she was a little girl. In the flashback, which based on the dialogue makes it sound like it's outright forced on her to remember, it says how when she was little her parents left her alone a lot, so they got her a pet cat to have as a friend. They were both very close and Naomi loved it dearly. Then one day, she ran away with the cat as a way to get attention. She got lost and blamed her pet cat, yelling at it and saying how she hated it. When she was found all she could do was cry and apologize to her pet, regretting what she said. A week later the cat ran away and Naomi blamed herself, thinking that it hated her because she yelled at it. This entire flashback, combined with the constant meowing of the cute cat, will make even the toughest person cry.
  • In the final chapter, the sudden demise of Hinoe Shinozaki right as she's comforting her crying sister.
  • Even the opening cinematic is insanely heartbreaking. Presumably after the events of the True Ending of the first game, we see Naomi locked up in her room, having all but completely lost any shred of sanity she might have once had due to the increasingly painful realization that her best friend is gone forever, and no one remembers that she even existed. Even worse, her mother is becoming more and more worried about her, and desperately tries to help her to no avail. Needless to say, it's a fairly strong indication that this game isn't going to be any better than the first.
  • Everything about Naho once you see just how much of a sweet girl she was when living. Appearing as The Quiet One to any other people other than Sayaka, her best friend, to whom she reveals her true self of a cheerful girl who enjoys life at every second and is prone to make cat noises complete with gestures whenever Sayaka piques her interest. Compare that Naho with the Naho encountered in Heavenly Host, and everything about "Purgatory" becomes Harsher in Hindsight.
  • The Yui-centric chapter will make you cry. Yui nearly dies by Yoshie and is saved by Tsukasa, left wondering if it was All Just a Dream, and then is seen enjoying a sunrise with Tsukasa, AKA the boyfriend she mentioned to Ayumi in an extra chapter in Blood Covered, while holding hands with him. It becomes shattering when she dies, as it means no one will ever remember she existed. Not even Tsukasa who showed to care deeply about her.
  • "Tooth" manages to make Kizami, of all people, a tragic character. Kizami and a group of Byakudan students tried to keep Ryosuke alive after he loses a leg to a trap. Despite their best efforts to keep him alive, Ryosuke ends up dying from his wounds and Kizami has to throw his dead body off the staircase to show that he was dead and that Ohkawa needed to get over his denial so they can get moving and escape from Sachiko. Neither Emi nor Ohkawa saw it that way, however, and their ensuing Freak Out! painting Kizami as a murderer and Kizami, who only wanted to get his friends to safety, lost it for good.
    • What is worse about this is that Tohko, who had a crush on Kizami and told Emi that she couldn't believe Kizami was capable of such a thing, was actually right, but by that point, Kizami was too far gone to be brought back to reason.


  • The ending. Sachiko's last request is to learn how to swim. She even cleaned the pool. None of the students come at first leaving Sachiko to float by herself trying to swim, joined by Yoshikazu and later Yoshie. Sachiko and her mother share an embrace and Sachiko can't understand why she is lonely and why she is feeling the way she is, and Yoshie cries over Sachiko's plight and how Sachiko is so corrupted by anger and hatred that she can't see the value of happy feelings to the point they're alien concepts to her at this point, and Yoshie cries over seeing how Sachiko can't understand that anymore and Sachiko cries because she can't understand why her mother is crying. It then becomes momentarily heartwarming when she hears a sneeze and Sachiko sees everyone trapped in Tenjin came to have a pool party with her and make her a skull trinket as a memory of their time together at her birthday festival. Naomi and Seiko cry because they're going to be separated again, Naho and Sayaka do the same, Kurosaki urges Kizami to not lose to himself and Sachiko cries because she doesn't want to forget the special day she had. When the birthday is over and everyone is gone, Sachiko is back to her Ax-Crazy self and loses all memories of the game's events. Only a tiny bit of those happy memories remain within her, and Sachiko, cursed again by the negative energy of Tenjin, starts repulsing those memories.

Blood Drive

  • Aiko, typical Bitch in Sheep's Clothing with a mindset of Money, Dear Boy in regards to spiritual items. One moment has her musing about trapping Naho's spirit into a Spiritual Item...and then it becomes more tragic when she looks at a picture she took with Naho and Sayaka and her mood drops. Even without the narrative, the message is clear. Deep down, Aiko misses Naho.
  • It's been a Foregone Conclusion from the moment his character was first established in 2U to the point his role was established in this game. Inumaru, Sayaka's Hopeless Suitor and Stalker with a Crush, goes to Heavenly Host with Aiko wanting to find Sayaka with the belief she's still trapped there and alive...Completely unaware that she's long gone.
    • And then, lo and behold, they do find her. They hear her voice from behind a closet, banging against it constantly, calling for help. Aiko suspects this is a trap set by Heavenly Host's curse and stops Inumaru. What follows is Sayaka's voice dying out and the closet opening to reveal Sayaka's freshly decomposed corpse. Her hair and uniform are intact, but her flesh is horrifyingly decomposed. Inumaru completely loses it and Aiko, previously taking things too lightly, is hit full force with the realization one of her friends is dead.
  • Yoshiki tries his hardest to stop Ayumi from going back to Heavenly Host, going as far as to throw under a steamroller the single mean she had of going back. Not only this gets Ayumi completely pissed at him, but he also ultimately fails because of Mist's interference. It's heartbreaking to see Ayumi react the way she did when Yoshiki had the best of intentions to keep her safe and stop her from risking her life for the third time, and watch her go back to the place that gave them all hell while being powerless to stop her.
  • Sachiko and Yoshie's backstories, full stop.
  • The first Extra Chapter reveals the truth behind Morishige's death: His fall was cushioned by the nearby tree branches, making his fall non-lethal. He then sets to gather Mayu's remains into a plastic back, being hurtfully apologetic as he does so. He can't find her hair ornament, and finds it in Kizami's hands. After a brief confrontation, Kizami gives Morishige a Breaking Lecture on how Mayu died because he failed to protect her, and will resent him and become a vengeful spirit as a result. The catch? Mayu's spirit is there listening to everything and trying to convey to Morishige that Kizami's wrong and that she could never hate him. But she fails to get it through to him and Morishige, taking what Kizami said to heart, stabs himself with Kizami's knife and dies, stating that him and Mayu will finally be together now. His final words? "I love you, Mayu."


  • The way that Naomi's potential Heroic Sacrifice is turned into a Senseless Sacrifice: her body is possessed by an evil spirit who ultimately kills Yuka with her own hands.
  • In the D-1 Bad Ending, where Yuka and Ayumi died, Satoshi finds Yoshiki in a drunken stupor wielding a knife and has to talk him out of taking his own life.
  • In any ending where poor Yuka dies, before the survivors leave, they get one last chance to see their spirit. They try to tell you something, but can't speak at all. All she's able to do is cry, as Satoshi notes that even death didn't change that about her.


  • Shiho's death. She gets ambushed by an evil spirit masquerading as Kaori, cornered to the point her only chance of escape is going through the Life Drain bile scattered over the floor. Made even worse by the fact she gives herself one last push to leave a parting message to Kaori warning her about the bile and the evil spirits, as well as urging Kaori to live. And then Kaori finds her...and instantly breaks in tears.
  • Following the above, the sheer fact that, no matter what you do, there's no happy ending. Shiho can't be brought back to life regardless of what Kaori does.

Cross Fear

  • Kaori went to the mental yard after no one believed her story about how Shiho died.
  • That Shiho and Kaori don't reunite because Shiho burned out all of her spiritual power to bring Kaori to Heavenly Host, but Seita entering the room threw off her plans.
  • The B End. The demon is successfuly stopped and the foundation of Heavenly Host is gone, allowing Kaori and Seita to escape. Only Sayako can't find her way out because she's already dead. She urges Seita and Kaori to not look back when they're in the white path. A malevolent spirit disguises as Sayako and gets Seita to look back, trapping him forever in the school. Kaori realizes it when he speaks no words and gets no answer when she calls out to him. She starts sobbing as she makes it back to the human world.
  • Satoshi and Yoshiki appear, Satoshi being killed by a resentful Yuka after he and Yoshiki made it back alive, making Yoshiki the only survivor. Yoshiki becomes a depressed loner that can't get over his guilt of being the only survivor and when things are looking up thanks to Sayako's help, a vengeful Ayumi kills Sayako.


  • Yoshiki's final battle against Sayako, where the only way he could find to win was to pull a Taking You with Me and piercing both her and him with his katana.
  • Yoshiki running into all of his friends and getting their forgiveness in the end, as well as appeasing any sadness or resentful feelings they may have had.
  • Akari's reaction to Yoshiki's death.

Depths of Despair

  • This game is an Ayumi Woobification machine. For starters, her attempts at reviving Yoshiki and Yuka fail and ultimately results in Satoshi's death.
  • Ayumi is completely sent over the Despair Event Horizon as a result, and is afraid of approaching people ever again. She is then completely by her lonesome this next visit to Heavenly Host...except for the vengeful spirits of Yuka, Yoshiki and Satoshi, all filled with hatred and resentment towards Ayumi.
  • Ayumi is cornered by Yuka, Yoshiki and Satoshi, and when bombarded with their collective “The Reason You Suck” Speech, she breaks in tears and completely gives up on least until Sachiko arrives to save her.
  • One of the games' ending where Ayumi sacrifices herself to the Book of Shadows so Satoshi, Yuka, Yoshiki and Sachiko can live, meaning all memories of Ayumi will be erased. They all share a tearful goodbye and Ayumi kisses Yoshiki before they part ways...only Sachiko retained her memories of Ayumi and vows to make her remembered.

Fatal Operation

  • Seiko finds her mother never abandoned them. She was taken to the cursed hospital to be used in experiments.
  • Haruna runs into Kizami after he goes Ax-Crazy. You can either have Haruna talk Kizami out of it or have Haruna kill Kizami.
  • Ayumi lets Naomi know Satoshi's death wasn't her fault. They both then finally move on from their experiences.
  • Naomi's school life after the events of the PC-98 game.


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