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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Even some of Ayumi's staunchest critics found her fate at the end of Blood Drive to be tragic and excessively cruel.
  • Americans Hate Tingle:
    • In Japan and China, Yuka is the fifth most popular character, and she ranks 6th with Russian fans. With Americans, however, Yuka placed very low at number 10, and is seen as completely useless, and only survives due to Plot Armor. Interestingly, Americans can't stand Yuka for the very reasons she ranks so highly in other countries; her childishness comes across as grating and obnoxious rather than endearing (not least because it leads to an incredibly stupid Trapped by Mountain Lions plot due to insisting on a toilet). The fact that she also have romantic feelings for Satoshi, her own brother, is also another huge black mark against her in America but is another reason she is liked in the East; in one Wrong End, she will confess her feelings to Satoshi as she dies, guilting many disgusted players into lying that they love her so she can die happy (although just as many refuse to do so).
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    • While Ayumi is very popular in Japan and China according to the same poll, fans from America take issue with how despicable she is under the effects of the Darkening (it does not help that Ayumi has the bad habit of being possessed at exactly the wrong time), and for her tendency to run recklessly into dangerous situations (or even cause them with her lack of thinking). Furthermore, while she was the 5th most popular character (thereby the least-liked of the original five) in the first game, her increasingly stupid and selfish actions in the sequels caused her popularity in the west to nose-dive. She's The Load for most of Blood Covered due to being possessed so often, which leads to the player having to tread very carefully to avoid getting a Wrong End. The fact that she started the whole thing by casting a spell she found on a blog without thinking about it wouldn't have been too bad (since she had no way of knowing the consequences) but her complete refusal to think about what she's doing only causes more suffering to the entire cast.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Corpse Party: Blood Covered: Repeated Fear's opening, Shangri-La. The ending theme, Confutatis no Inori is pretty sweet, too.
    • Massacre, which serves as Sachiko's theme is awesome for being equally mysterious and threatening, setting the mood for the finale.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Naomi rubs some players the wrong way for her excessive Tsundere tendencies, and because she murdered Seiko while under the effects of the Darkening (though nowadays most have stopped hating her for the last reason). Others find her to be one of the more interesting of the main cast, and lament that her plotlines are usually overshadowed by others.
    • Satoshi also gets this treatment sometimes: Is he an interesting character that grows courageous in spite of the horrors that occur to him, or a bland designated protagonist that deals with his fears rather quickly?
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  • Better Than Canon: The characterization of Ayumi in Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair is seen as a much better portrayal than in canon. Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation is also really liked due to giving an explanation for the disappearance of Seiko's mother, Sayaka. Kizami can also undergo a Heel–Face Turn that still feels true to his character, and Naomi and Seiko can potentially end up together.
  • Bizarro Episode: Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U. If the title wasn't enough of a giveaway, the entire plot of the game is that all of the school students — dead or otherwise — are forced to throw together a birthday party for Sachiko. And that ends up being one of the game's least weird aspects.
  • Breather Level: In Book of Shadows, the incredibly long "Shangri-La" and short but viciously difficult "Mire" are followed by "Tooth", a short, straightforward episode with only one, very obvious Wrong End and no real risk of succumbing to Darkening.
  • Crack Pairing:
    • To say a few, there are Satoshi x Seiko, Kurosaki x Seiko,Kurosaki x Naho, Yoshiki x Mayu...
    • There is also a disturbing amount of Kai Shimada/Yuuya Kizami fanart in Pixiv when Kai tried to kill Kizami but the latter killed him first.
  • Common Knowledge: At the end of Blood Drive: Contrary to popular belief, nobody was revived at the end of the game. Ayumi and Yoshiki survived, but Kuon and Hinoe are still dead. Also Queen has NO relation to Kuon, they're different characters.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • The main criticism for Book of Shadows is that none of the characters were sympathetic or likable and that all of the gore and killing lacked any meaning. The fact that the "what if" scenarios barely changed the outcome is also a point of contention.
      • And again in Blood Drive, with every new character aside from Kuon being manipulative at best and unrepentant murderers at worst, while every returning character except Yoshiki acts incredibly stupid. The plot quickly becoming a generic "save the world" thing didn't helping matters.
      • The drop that filled the glass for a ton of fans was when in Blood Drive it's explained that the Nirvana/Heavenly Host can only sealed temporarily, not destroyed, and the ending makes VERY clear that the Nirvana will eventually break loose again to cause the apocalypse and bring eternal suffering to anybody it catches and part of the fans no longer find a reason to even keep going on with the series, or caring about what happens as everything gets WORSE, any attempt to find the bright side of situation is punished.
    • The OVA Tortured Souls got the same reaction, mostly because nearly everyone dies in overly gory and meaningless ways that served no purpose other than shock value. Especially the ending.
    • The live-action adaptations are also criticized for the first movie having the basic plot and ending almost like the OVA and the sequel Book of shadows for barely trying anything new apart from keeping Seiko alive longer, and making the already bleak ending even worse by leaving Naomi as the Sole Survivor (and even then, she's heavily implied to have not have much time left).
    • A common complaint in the series is that, despite the multiple adaptations and sequels, all of them either Kill 'Em All or only leave the characters of the original PC-98 game alive.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • Some Ayumi x Yoshiki shippers tend to bash on Azusa, due to her subtle flirting towards Yoshiki, calling him 'Knight-kun'.
    • Satoshi sometimes gets this to further the Naomi x Seiko ship.
  • Ending Aversion: Overlapping with Broken Base: is the ending of Blood Drive a good ending to the series, or is it out of place and jarring, even for a series that made a romantic comedy canon? Those that find the ending to be fitting of an Utsuge game argue that an Everybody Lives ending wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying, but the fact that the heavily advertised idea of reviving the members of the main cast who died at Heavenly Host is rejected in favor of an obvious attempt at tugging the players' heartstrings is considered the last straw for some fans, who felt like the jumbled plot could have been forgiven if the deceased characters had been revived, as the actual ending reeks of a Shoot The Shaggy Dog Story.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Seiko Shinohara. One of the new students introduced in Blood Covered, who only shows up for one chapter both there and in Book of Shadows before suffering death from hanging or decapitation. Her eccentric cheeriness and love for Naomi has made her one of the most popular characters, easily securing first or second in various popularity polls. She's undeniably a fan-favourite (in fan-art and fanfiction ALSO). Heck, the pairing Naomi x Seiko is one of the two most popular pairings in the fandom, the other being Ayumi x Yoshiki.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Blood Drive's ending for a part of the fans as despite all of the events that happened, the only achievement was to restore the memories of those that died at Heavenly Host (and releasing their souls from their eternal torment), not resurrecting them as some trailers suggested as the main point of the game, and this was at the cost of Ayumi being erased from her friends' memories (except Yoshiki, who chose to stay with her. Fans also argue that despite the fact that the survivors may have found some closure, this ending feels empty for some, as most of the survivors didn't even get to say goodbye to some of their friends(especially in Seiko's case) ends up leaving a sour taste in a ton of the fans' mouths. Not to mention, the fact that the Nirvana was only sealed away, not destroyed, borders on Fridge Horror, as if Ayumi dies, the Nirvana will be unleashed again, making a ton of fans feel the entire efforts rather pointless. Ascended Fridge Horror comes in when Dead Patient reveals that the events in the hospital appear to have been caused by the Nirvana, which only worsens the feeling. The fact that Blood Drive is supposed to be the Grand Finale of the Heavenly Host trilogy and the ending felt disappointing to so many fans reduces the status of this supposed finale.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • X Seed Games's forum has taken to calling Tokiko Tsuji (one of the murdered ghost children) "Gurgles".
    • Satoshi is sometimes jokingly called Satoshit or Gary Stu. Not that most of the fandom really considers him a Gary Stu, they just find him a Vanilla Protagonist.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • There are a TON, but the most popular are NaomixSeiko, AyumixYoshiki and MayuxMorishige. Heck, there are mangas (Corpse Party Coupling x Anthology and Magi4-koma) dedicated to the most popular pairings... that only came out in Japan. A part of the chapters have been fan-translated (but only of Coupling X Anthology), but it's still incomplete at the time of writing this (the project might have been put on hold, but fortunately, in comparison to other No Export for You, at least the raws have been uploaded ). While SatoshixNaomi does have its fans, it isn't nearly as liked as SeikoxNaomi due to between other thingsthe fact that Seiko was killed off so soon, and that most of the fan opinions towards SatoshixNaomi moments are that they feel forced, whereas NaomixSeiko moments feel more natural. Ayushiki, SeikoxNaomi and Mayushige are the most popular in fanart and fanfics.
    • In Japan, apparently the most popular ships are Seiko x Naomi, Ayumi x Yoshiki, Mayu x Morishige, Yuka x Yuuya (no, really) and Yoshiki x Morishige.
  • Fanfic Fuel: or "Fan Game" fuel, as the fans who aren't satisfied with the ending(s) provided by the canon games would go on their way and make their own version of sequel, prequel and What If? scenarios, either in the form of fanfictions or fan games.
  • Fix Fic: As a lot of fans find the endings rather unfulfilling, it's common to have fics that revive the creator's favorite deceased characters or make everybody in class 2-9 get out of Heavenly Host alive. Others center in avoiding to go to Heavenly Host in the first place. Some even take place in AUs where Heavenly Host was never created. Others have a darker take on the trope, killing off characters such as Ayumi and Yuka in favor of characters like Seiko and Mayu.
  • Foe Yay: Some of Sachiko's interactions with Morishige in Book of Shadows can come off as this, as she's clearly taken an interest in him due to his fascination with corpses. Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday takes this even further with the two of them playing the romantic leads in some of the plays in chapter 2.
  • Goddamned Bats: In Blood Drive, the phantoms. They'll pop up frequently, chase you all around the school, and the talismans needed to banish them are rather rare.
  • It Was His Sled: Sachiko is the REAL Big Bad, not Yoshizaku is a well spread fact. Also, Mayu dies (and her body is the one splattered on the wall). Surprisingly, other spoilers tend to be well kept.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Naomi, a snappish, petty girl who embodies some of the worst stereotypes of a Tsundere... and pays dearly for them.
    • The ghost children (you know, the ones who cut out your tongue and stab out your eye if they catch you and killed Mayu by ramming her at high speeds into a wall) become this once you find out how they died. It turns out they aren't so bad once they get their respective body parts back.
    • Sachiko herself counts. She witnessed the principal killing her mother and was killed as a result (plus, the principal later went back and cut out her tongue). On her birthday! To keep her mother from getting lonely, she started killing children to send to her. Eventually, she went crazy and started killing because she enjoyed it. This even applies in-universe; Sachiko spends all of Corpse Party 2U tormenting the cast in horrible ways, but they still can't bring themselves to decline the seven-year-old's request for swimming lessons.
  • Love to Hate: Kizami. Fans are well aware that he's a delusional, murderous sociopath, but he's a very entertaining (and very attractive) one that's voiced by none other than Tomokazu Sugita, so fans also love to have him on-screen.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Seiko's line about buttering her pooper. Try having a discussion that involves her at all without somebody bringing that up. Also from Seiko - "Gotta grab dat ass".
    • Yoshiki's "I LOVE YOU GODDAMNIT!" (to Ayumi).
    • In Blood Drive, we have from the finale:the CG of Ayumi and the Queen kissing, often known as "Lesbian kisses save the world". And Ayushiki (because the pairing was pretty much made official in the ending- in one of the worst possible ways).
    • X should have lived.Explanation 
    • Why did she/he have to die?: like above.
  • Narm:
    • One of Blood Drive's CGs has Magari hold up a scythe against Naho and states that she's always wanted to kill her. In response, Naho holds up...a single spell tag. Once you get past how out of place it is for the series, it's pretty funny for how silly it is, despite the game playing it completely seriously.
    • If Kizami catches up to Yuka in Chapter 5, Kizami says "WOOHOO! I GOTCHU!" The way he says it is hilarious.
    • Sakutaro's revelation of Mayu's fate in the PC release of Blood Covered. As if the screams lacking relative emotion weren't enough, he screams one last time over the chapter title card.
    • Blood Drive loves narrating everything that happens on-screen. It gets hilariously bad during Misuto's death scene, where we clearly see his head being choped off, alongside the narrator describing the whole thing as if the screen went black or something.
  • Nausea Fuel: Nightmare Fuel page for details.
  • Never Live It Down: In Blood Drive, Misuto's death tends to be the most remembered part about the character, due to how unintentionally ridiculous it ends up coming across. He stands around as Satsuki's head opens to reveal her flower "mouth" and she snarls at him, eating his head and leaving his chibi sprite spraying a fountain of blood.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The game's title should clue you in. Has its own page.
  • One True Pairing: For Naomi, she is mostly paired with Seiko. Ayumi gets almost always paired up with Yoshiki. And yes, Mayu tends to be paired with Morishige.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Satoshi/Naomi has Natoshi or Satomi, Ayumi/Yoshiki has Ayushiki, Mayu/Morishige has Mayushige, and Seiko/Naomi has Neiko.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: In Corpse Party Musumewhile Satoshi, in theory, doesn't reciprocate Yuka's feelings, the implications of his death in the manga is disturbingly similar to Brother–Sister Incest.
  • Retroactive Recognition: SACHIKO IS PIKACHU. Nuff said.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Or Scrappy Lack Of A Mechanic, really. Considering that the games encourage you to find other endings and you can die suddenly and for reasons that you don't understand, you'd think Blood Covered would give you the option to skip cutscenes that you've already seen. Instead, be prepared to sit through long dialog mashing the 'next line' button. Book of Shadows mitigates this by including a fast-forward feature. Thankfully averted with the 3DS port, which allows you to skip text by holding X, and was eventually added back to the PC version.
    • Played straight with the phantoms and environmental damage in Blood Drive. Players take less offense at the implementation of these ideas as the quantity. With phantoms in particular, unless the player has a talisman to extinguish them, they can be difficult to shake off as they progress through areas, due to the phantoms being relentless. Not even hiding in a closet to escape from them is completely reliable either.
  • Sequelitis: Comes in a variety of flavors:
    • Book of Shadows marked an increase in supplementary material that wasn't just adaptations of the games. By far most of it is material concerning Naho Saenoki and her supernatural dealings prior to Heavenly Host. While it does a good job at world-building, it's not required material for the games. Even 2U didn't require knowledge of supplementary material. Come Blood Drive, however, and suddenly it is required to be familiar with non-game material. Or at least you'll feel like you're missing something if you're not. This is one thing for the Japanese audience who are poked to pay outside their signed-up-for medium, but pretty much everyone else can't even get the material because it isn't localized (this includes 2U itself). Fan translations have caught the blow somewhat, at least.
    • Another concern is that the tone of the series has changed a lot throughout the games. For one, the sexual content has been lessened and generally separated from the violence. Western fans, at least, consider this an improvement from, say, the Panty Shot CGI of seven-year-old Sachiko being strangled over her mother's corpse in the first game, but there's also fans who signed up for the eroguro. At the same time, and this is generally not appreciated, the violence took a big dive post-Book of Shadows, with a common complaint about Blood Drive being its unimaginative, disappointing, and immediate Wrong Ends.
    • There's also the matter that Blood Drive tried to offer the gameplay of Blood Covered, if "enhanced" with traps, but wanted to keep the narrative control of Book of Shadows, which resulted in a game in which sometimes you'd have half an hour of storytelling, then be put in control to walk maybe two steps, and then have to sit back for another half an hour. That said, Chapter 1 of Dead Patient is more balanced than Blood Drive, so the decline might be due to an investment in wrapping up the story.
    • In general, Blood Drive is considered to be worse than its predecessors. The tone changes massively from a gory horror game to a more conventional plot about saving the world, all of the new character designs are walking anime cliches that look garish compared to the normal-looking main cast, the plot wouldn't even be possible if Ayumi didn't make a series of terrible decisions, and agency is removed from Sachiko as it's revealed that the Heavenly Host dimension wasn't her doing at all, but instead could be traced back to witches from centuries ago. Even the technical design is worse; the audio mixing is haphazard at best, and the BGM isn't always appropriate (for example, a cheerfully ambient BGM plays when Naomi looks like she's about to jump off the school roof).
  • Shocking Swerve: Quite a few of the twists from Blood Drive seem to come from nowhere, and serve only to give the story some higher stakes. For example, Sachiko having an unborn twin sister that was never mentioned in any previous game.
  • Squick: Most of the games are what you'd expect from a horror series that's very explicit with the gore. It also has a rather nasty tendency to bring up female characters' need for the lavatory.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • In one of Blood Covered's Wrong Ends, Ayumi can go Yandere and murder Naomi for her paper scrap after spending a decent chunk of the level Jumping Off the Slippery Slope. Naomi, however, gets the last laugh, leaving Ayumi to receive a very satisfying comeuppance. For those curious, Ayumi crossed the Moral Event Horizon while unaware that Naomi was the only character left, and thus necessary for Ayumi to leave since at least two people are needed to perform the ritual. She then discovers just how much she's screwed herself over, and collapses upon realizing that she'll never be able to leave the school - and the player gets to see the smile Naomi still has on her face.
    • Yuka receives some extremely fitting and satisfying comeuppance for forcing the player to waste so much time finding a proper toilet for her. When Yuka finds Kizami's latest victim still alive, he dropkicks her so hard that she is sent flying across the room. She loses control of her bladder and convulses with pain in a puddle of her own urine. Harsh yes, but considering that Yuka forces Satoshi and Kizami to find a toilet for her to use (outright refusing to just go in the corner) and even bugs Satoshi about needing to go again in the bomb shelternote  players will probably be cheering Kizami rather than pitying Yuka.
      • Later still, when facing Sachiko, she paralyzes the group after they hit her Berserk Button. The first thing Sachiko does is repeatedly stab the shit out of Yuka with scissors.
      • A particularly brutal one can be taken by players during a Wrong End, in which Satoshi can (truthfully) tell Yuka that he doesn't return her feelings. While she's dying.
  • That One Level:
    • Surprisingly, the first chapter of Blood Covered can be this. There is one wrong end that happens at the very end of the chapter that can only be avoided by reading a specific newspaper that the game specifically warns you not to read in a room that the game warns you not to enter. Worse still, the ending itself has no logical connection with the newspaper at all, so there's nothing cluing you in on where you went wrong. And on top of that, every other time the game warns you not to read something, you have to heed the advice to avoid a Wrong End.
    • The chase sequence inside the infirmary is perhaps one of the most difficult in the game, as it takes place in a small room with parts of the floor that give in when approached, causing you to easily get cornered. It's the only sequence where running into your assailant only chips away at your HP rather than causing an instant dead end, but still.
    • The fifth chapter can be this for the same reasons as the first. At one point you find Naho's notebook and the rest of her notes can be found throughout the floors. If you have both parties meet up on the third floor before finding all five notes and confronting Naho in the Reference Room, then you'll end up in a Wrong End. The game doesn't hint at any moment that you need all five notes to progress and Naho's notebook is also pretty easy to miss in the PSP version (The PC version has cutscenes showing where the next page appears after collecting each one, as well as a scene where Naho is entering the Reference Room, all of which were not in the PSP release). And then there's the Kizami chase. You have to run through the Second Wing to lose Kizami and find a key to unlock the entrance. Only the key is on the same spot Sachiko is seen. This can screw over players because the game constantly tells you to avoid Sachiko as soon as she's sighted.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • There are a ton that are considered this, but special mention goes to Seiko and Mayu. Mayu for literally getting killed off with few characterization and Seiko for dying in the first chapter of both Blood Covered and Book of Shadows, as a ton of fans found her more interesting than Yuka (for example). The fact that Seiko has somewhat of an Aborted Arc with her missing mother is a huge point of discussion for the fanbase. Other points of discussion about Seiko is that she sometimes feels like an Advertised Extra in the some game covers or in promotional art doesn't help. A huge part of the fanbase criticize the fact that she dies only because she wasn't on the original PC-98 game (the existence of scrappies like Yuka or Ayumi that do survive don't help) .
    • In Blood Drive, there is a debate of whether killing the Big Bad Misuto at chapter 08 was a good idea. While Misuto is somewhat divisive by his discussed status as a good or bad Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, most agree that he was killed off a little bit too soon (he is killed off at the end of the chapter 08, but the game still has two more chapters to go ) . The appearance of the Ass Pull as Queen, the core of Nirvana, a character with barely any introduction or personality as the final antagonist doesn't help either.
    • From the Musume manga, Miyu Shinohara. A manga-original character with a unique relationship with the core cast could have lead to some new interactions. Unfortunately, Miyu is a Sacrificial Lamb and is killed off in the third chapter, cutting off any further character development.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In Book of Shadows, one of the most common fan complaints is that you couldn't save Seiko, as some would have preferred an alternate version of events.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: One particularly ridiculous sub-plot was Satoshi's and Yuka's quest to find her a bathroom so she could go potty. This takes up far too much time, with some toilets having no stalls, others with big holes in the way, or their stalls being full of hanged girls, to the point that so much time and trouble would have been saved if she had just peed in a corner somewhere. They even pass an empty bucket several times! Even more mortifying: that quest to go potty is what ends up separating her from Satoshi and having her stalked by Kizami. And to top it off, Kizami even front-kicks Yuka in the gut and she loses control of her bladder from the blow. Many people think it serves her right.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: In-universe, Yoshiki is a delinquent who lives alone and has an implied Friendless Background prior to meeting Satoshi and Ayumi. On top of that he's one of Sachiko's favourite chew toys (that she fully admits in 2U) which results in him suffering a lot even outside of Wrong Ends. Out-of-universe, however, he's easily one of the most well-liked characters, and is only really rivaled by Seiko in terms of popularity. Morishige also gets this sometimes, as people in universe find him weird, but in the fandom he is beloved for his personality and the fact that despite suffering sympthoms of the Darkening, he tries to pull himself together as he realizes that it's wrong.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Mayu in "Demise". Being aware of the "Groundhog Day" Loop and that she died when she entered the infirmary, she decides to keep away from it, especially after seeing the ghost children going inside. Later, Mayu notices some weird bruise-like mark on her stomach but keeps it a secret from Yoshiki. She also notices similar markings on Nana's legs. Later, Nana's legs are chopped off at the same area they were marked. Mayu assumes a similar thing will happen to her given the marks on her stomach. After Nana is taken away by Yoshizaku while still alive, Mayu runs away and into Ayumi and Yoshiki, who ask her about what just happened.
      You'd Expect: Mayu to tell them the whole story and about the marks on her stomach. Ayumi is somewhat well-versed in the matters of the occult and even if she doesn't know anything about it, they could stick together while trying to find clues. Particularly after it's been already established that being alone in Heavenly Host is not a good idea.
      Instead: Mayu runs away without telling them anything after she notices a similar marking on her cheek.
      Even worse: Mayu, for some weird reason, is concerned with her personal appearance when she's trapped in a Genius Loci where Everything Is Trying to Kill You, and her reason for running off was that she didn't want anyone to see her like that. So she goes somewhere to try to hide it with make up. And where does she head to? The infirmary.
      The result: She is trapped in the infirmary. And eventually killed by Sachiko and the three children by being torn apart.
    • Yuka. She needs to go to the bathroom at one point in Chapter 3 of Blood Covered. Satoshi and her had previously had no luck with any bathrooms they'd found, as they either had no stalls or the stalls were inaccessible.
      You'd Expect: Yuka to just do it in the corner or in the empty bucket that they passed by many times.
      Instead: Yuka keeps holding it in until they find a working toilet. Eventually, she goes to do it on the covered hallway while Satoshi waits at the Second Wing Entrance.
      Even worse: The same bucket is passed by many other characters in previous chapters, filled with a yellow, congealing liquid.
      The result: Satoshi is spirited away somewhere else and Yuka is now by herself. And eventually she is stalked by Kizami and could potentially die in a Wrong End. Because she couldn't do it in the damn corner.
    • Ayumi in the first chapter of Blood Drive. She wants to go back to Heavenly Host to retrieve the Book of Shadows and try to revive her friends once again. She asks Yoshiki for help and he, after a Declaration of Protection, throws out of the window and under a steamroller the stones that would allow Ayumi to go back, stating that going back without a plan is suicide. Ayumi runs off angrily, finds the stones and Misuto approaches her again, stating he is an ally of hers, an apprentice of her sister, and that he can take her to Heavenly Host. Yoshiki catches up, tries retrieving the stones back from Ayumi after she refuses to give them to him, and promptly gets sent flying to the wall by Misuto's paranormal powers.
      You'd Expect: Ayumi to, if she can't let go of her desire to bring her friends back to life, at least put it on hold and properly think of a plan of action before she sets off to Heavenly Host, as Yoshiki pointed out moments ago. After all, the times she tried to dive into something without properly doing her research turned out badly. And also, of course, not trust the guy that invaded her room twice and severely injured Yoshiki, had no evidence to back up the things he was saying, had an attitude that just screamed Obviously Evil, and did nothing to show Ayumi that he could be trusted.
      Instead: Ayumi goes with a complete stranger to Heavenly Host, believing he'll have her back on this.
      The result: Ayumi finds herself completely alone in Heavenly Host, is immediately chased by Mayu's murderous spirit, and is ambushed by what amounts to Yoshikazu 2.0 while she's unable to run away. If things didn't turn out the way they did, Ayumi would have died right there.
      Even worse: Said stranger turns out to be the Big Bad who, with Ayumi's help, obtains a new Book of Shadows and uses it to murder all of her friends.
  • The Woobie:
    • Yoshikazu. He might be a shambling, murderous horror now, but in life he was a kind teacher who loved children right up to the moment he died. Being cursed into regressing to a child-like state and being under the control of a murderous rage-spirit who forces you to obtain victims for her is a fate he most definitely did not deserve. And all because he was the principal's son.
    • Seiko is also considered to be this for a ton of her fans, as she has lost her mother and has to take care of her siblings, has feelings for Naomi but can't bring herself to confess them. She gets into an argument with her best friend Naomi and when she sees her again, she has been possessed by the darkening and she gets hung while she begs her to stop and that she doesn't want to die.
      • To Kick the Dog further, later a non-brainwashed Naomi finds her hanging and tries to save her, but fails. Even if she confesses her feelings for Naomi in the optional dream scene in the infirmary, she begins to cry, claiming that she doesn't wanna say goodbye, Even after this, she tells her to go on... and then, because she died in Heavenly Host, nobody remembers her. Worse in Book of Shadows, where she confesses her feelings for Naomi, which causes Naomi to run and consequently get possessed and hang her. Even though this time Naomi saves her, when she wakes up she thinks that she's still possessed and runs away, only to get decapitated by a piano wire.
  • Woolseyism: In Hysteric Birthday 2U, Sayaka breaks the fourth wall to complain that no-one will know who Inumaru is unless they read out-of-game supplemental material. The localization adds in "played Blood Drive," since it was released before 2U in the West and not mentioning it would seem odd.


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