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From its early days as an RPG Maker-esque game up to its expanded adaptations, Corpse Party offers numerous heart-pounding soundtracks, most of which are made up of fast beats and rhythm. Some are even composed using Binaural recording.

  • The main theme of the franchise itself, "Corpse Party", which the player becomes easily familiar with. A track of 16-bit chimes serves as dominant tune for the games' menu themes.
    • The Book of Shadows version, however, makes it better with additional instruments included.
    • Several soundtracks of the first game are also composed of altered, or remixed parts of this theme, such as the first and second chapters of Blood Covered.
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    • A remix made up of the themes of the first and fifth chapters of the game produces "Struggling Against Fate (A)" which starts right away with the usual 16-bit chimes playing in a binaural fashion. In the second game, it has a noticeable effect of consistently playing the tunes on both sides of a headphone or an earphone.
    • The background music heard when playing as Mayu, "Escaping Samsara (A)" starts with a catchy retro-style set of beats followed by a violin rendition of a sample from Chapter 1's background music.
    • The background music heard when playing as Morishige is a version of the main theme relying on loud instruments, with trumpets being the main source. The intro of the main theme is made up of electric guitar riffs for this version.
  • The original rendition of "Shangri-La", which serves as the opening theme of Blood Covered and later featured in Book of Shadows.
    • There is even a ballad version.
    • A short music box tune also exists from an in-game item.
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    • Mayu even sings a line of the chorus when the music box is opened in the sequel.
    • The 3DS version was sightly remixed and has Asami Imai raising her octave at the end of the song. It is still awesome.
  • And then there is "Where Flowers Bloom", the opening theme of Book of Shadows. It follows the same pattern as Shangri-La - slow and calm intro gradually progressing to a faster melody at the middle. There is also a choir accompaniment at the start and end of the song.
  • "Soul of Steel", which is available in the PSP remake features faster "chime sounds" from the main theme, but accompanied by electric guitar riffs.
  • Morishige later gets his own music theme (of love), which is a lower-pitched version of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.
  • "Depths of Space and Time", one of the background music that fits the game's horror atmosphere has a repeating piano melody, with various instruments such as chimes, trombones, and sounds of footsteps.
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  • In several scenarios where the atmosphere gets lighter, "Relief" is usually heard in the background. Its Part B is a short but calming piano-only composition different from the series' known usage of "fast" tracks.

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